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Quick Tidbits

A summary of interesting facts about the people in these burying grounds. (Due to restructuring of the website many links have been removed and will be replaced with their correct links.)

Oldest Stones & Graves:
1647, 1655, 1671, 1678, 1678, 1682, 1683, 1705, 1717

Best way of saying "Died":

  • John Goodhue "Exchang'd Worlds"
  • Hannah Adams "made her Exit from this to the World of Spirits"
  • Dea. Joseph Chaplin "food for worms till the glorious resurrection morning"

Most unfortunate names: Love Tripe, Dolle Head

Colonial Fortune Telling: Judge David Sewall was predicted to be a healer.

Mayflower Passengers: Richard More

People involved in the Salem Witch Trials:

Interesting People: Lord Timothy Dexter, First Lord in America (self proclaimed) and famous Newburyport eccentric

Slaves and Free People of Color:
African-American Burying Ground, in Portsmouth, established sometime in the 1800's, it recently rediscovered under Court St. after two hundred years.
Cuffee Dole, of Georgetown, MA
Fortune, of Newburyport, MA
Prince Whipple, of Portsmouth, NH

Unusual Deaths:


  • Crew of the Hattie Eaton
  • Capt. William Boardman of Newburyport, was lost with all his crew
    on his passage from Barbadoes to Newburyport in a severe Hurricane among the West India Islands, in 1793
  • John Poor drowned at sea "Lat. 43,31 Long. 63,25", but has a gravestone in Newbury.

People Killed in Early Indian Raids:


Politicians · Privateers / Merchant Captains · Military Officers · Pre-Revolutionary War Officers and Soldiers · French and Indian War Officers and Soldiers · Officers and Soldiers of the American Revolution · Officers and Soldiers of the War of 1812 · Officers of the Civil War · Clergy · Town Elders · Doctors · Tradesmen · Famous People of the 16th, 17th, and 18th century · Poets/Writers · Artists & Artisans · Actors · Scientists

Col. (Major) Samuel Appleton, d. 1696, of Ipswich Massachusetts, Representative in 1668, commanded all the Massachusetts forces on the Connecticut River, and fought in the expedition against Narraganset where he was imprisoned. Also a judge who presided at the Essex County Quarterly Courts.

Joshua Brackett, was Judge of the court presiding over Privateers and their captured prizes of Portsmouth. He was also the President of the New Hampshire Medical Society.

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Hon. Theophilus Bradbury of Newburyport, Massachusetts Senator, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, Justice of Massachusetts state supreme court, Presidential Elector for Massachusetts.

Royal Governor Simon Bradstreet, Royal Governor of Massachusetts Colony, Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts Colony, Senator of Massachusetts Colony.

Wentworth Cheswell of Newmarket New Hampshire, Justice of the Peace, helped start the first library in Newmarket, assessor, town auditor, coroner.

Hon. John Choate, Esq., d. 1765, of Ipswich Massachusetts, Judge of Probate for Essex County, and one of "his Majesties Council."

Hon. Nathaniel Coffin, d. 1748, of Newbury Massachusetts.

Tristram Dalton, Esq., 1817, of Newburyport Massachusetts, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Member of the Senate of Massachusetts, and a Senator in the 1st Congress.

Dr. Levi Dearborn of North Hampton New Hampshire, Delegate of to the Constitutional Convention of 1778.

Major General Daniel Denison, d. 1682, of Ipswich Massachusetts, Speaker of the House in 1649 and 1651-2, Secretary of the Colony in 1653, Justice of the Quarterly Court in 1658, Commissioner of the United Colonies in 1655-62, Assistant in 1653-82, and Commander-in-Chief of Massachusetts's troops in 1675.

Abraham Drake of North Hampton New Hampshire, Delegate of to the Constitutional Convention of 1781.

Major General Michael Farley, d. 1789, of Ipswich Massachusetts, who was active in the General Court, a delegate to the Provincal Congress of Massachusetts, and a member of the House of Representatives.

Hon. Benjamin Gambling Esq., d. 1757, Portsmouth New Hampshire.

John Taylor Gilman, d. 1828, of Exeter New Hampshire, Governor of New Hampshire 1794-1805.

Major General Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick Maine, member of the provincial congress, Revolutionary War General

Hon. Benjamin Green of Berwick, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives

Hon. John Greenland, d. 1784, of Newburyport Massachusetts, Member of the General Court and the Governor's Council.

Col. Joseph Hodgkins, d. 1829, of Ipswich Massachusetts, member of the Legislature

Samuel Hale, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for Rockingham County

Judge John Hathorne
, d. 1717, the infamous "Witch Hanging Judge" of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Hon. John Hill, Seated on the Board of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, First Justice of the Inferiour Courts and Judge of Probate for York County

Governor John Langdon
, President of New Hampshire 1785-86, Governor of New Hampshire 1805-1812

Tobias Lear, of Portsmouth New Hampshire, father to Tobias Lear who was Secretary to George Washington, consul to Saint Domingue

Rev. John Murray, Member of and at one time President of the Provincial Congress during the Revolutionary War, the British placed a price of 500 guineas on his head

Lieutenant Governor William Partridge, 9th and 12th Governor of New Hampshire who now rests in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Hon. Col. Daniel Peirce Esq., Deputy of the General Court in 1682-1683, a member of the Council of Safety in the revolution of 1689, a Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for Essex, 1698-1703 , and a Representative 1692-1703

Hon. Hunking Penhallow, member of New Hampshire state senate 1st District, 1821-22

John Phillips, President of the Senate of Massachusetts and first Mayor of Boston

Samuel Phillips, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

William Phillips, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts

Hon. John Pickering, Chief Justice and District Judge of New Hampshire

Major Robert Pike

Capt. Abraham Preble, York

Capt. Abraham Preble Jr., York

Thomas Roberts, Colonial Governor of Dover, NH 1640 - 1643

Judge Nathaniel Ropes, a Supreme Court Judge of Massachusetts and a Loyalist.

Eleazer Russell, Sheriff and Representative of Portsmouth to the Provincial Assembly

Hon. Nathaniel Saltonstall of Haverhill Massachusetts, a judge of the Court of Oyer and Terminer which was assembled to try the persons accused of practicing witchcraft in Salem. After he resigned from the court in June 1692, shortly after the trial of Bridget Bishop, and became a prominent critic of the Salem proceedings and was himself accused of witchcraft. He was replaced by Judge Corwin.

Jonathan Sayward, York

Judge David Sewall, lawyer, jurist, justice of the supreme court of the state of Massachusetts, judge of the supreme judicial court, judge of the U.S. district court of Maine.

Colonel Joseph Smith, Served as representative of Hampton during King William's War 1689-98. Probate judge 1703-1708, Selectman for Hampton for seven years, Representative in the Assembly 1692, 1708-09, and 1716. Colonel in the militia, treasurer of the province 1696, councilor 1698-99, Assistant Justice of the Superior Court from 1693-96, and Chief Justice until 1699.

Hon. George Sullivan, member of New Hampshire State House of Representatives in 1805 and 1813, New Hampshire state attorney general 1805-06 and 1815-35, U.S. Representative from New Hampshire 1811-13, Member of New Hampshire State Senate 1814-16, and Presidential Elector for New Hampshire in 1828.

Hon. Samuel Tenney, Delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1788, Judge of the Probate of Wills for the county of Rockingham NH, a Congressman, and secretary of the New Hampshire Medical Society.

Hon. Enoch Titcomb, of Newburyport Massachusetts.

General Jonathan Titcomb of Newburyport, Member of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts, 1774; Colonel of a Massachusetts Regiment in the Rhode Island expedition, 1778; Member of the State Convention of Massachusetts in 1780; and Brigadier-General of Militia

Lieutenant Governor George Vaughan

William Vaughan, Chief Justice of the Superior Court & Justice of the court Common Pleas

Hon. Richard Wibird, Judge of the Probate Court

William Whipple, of Portsmouth Massachusetts, Supreme Court Judge, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate of the Continental Congress during the Revolution, Brigadeer General in the Revolutionary War.

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Privateers/Merchant Sea Captains
With the east coast of New England having a seafaring tradition that spans back 400 years, it was a popular and dangerous career.

Capt. Israel Adams of Newbury
Capt. Philip Attwood of Bradford
Capt. George Archer, lost at sea of Salem
Capt. Valentine Bagley of Amesbury
Benjamin Balch of Newburyport
Capt. John Baker of Wenham
Capt. Christopher Bassett of Newburyport
Capt. James Bayley of Newburyport
Capt. Matthew Bell of New Castle/Portsmouth
Capt. Daniel Billings of Kittery
Capt. Richard Billings of Portsmouth
Capt. Robert Billings of Kittery
Capt. Abner Blaisdell of Portsmouth
Capt. William Boardman of Newburyport, lost at sea with his entire crew in a Hurricane
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch jr. of Salem
Capt. Habakkuk Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Joseph Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Joseph Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Thomas Bowditch of Salem
Capt. William Bowditch of Salem
Capt. Samuel Briard of Portsmouth
Capt. Charles Briard of Greenland, died at sea
Capt. Samuel Bragdon of York
Capt. Jacob Brown of Hampton Falls
Capt. John Brown of Kittery, lost at sea.
Privateer Capt. Moses Brown of Newburyport, privateers Diligent and Intrepid. Died at sea.
Privateer Capt. Moses Brown, jr of Newburyport, drowned at sea.
Privateer Capt. William Brown of Newburyport, lost at sea.
Capt. Asa Butler of Ipswich
Capt. William Butman of Salem
Capt. John Chamberlain of Portsmouth
Capt. Seth Clarke, privateer Congress of Salisbury
Capt. Stephen Cleveland of Salem
Capt. Thomas Clouston, privateers Raleigh, Dalton, Antelope of Newburyport
Capt. Abel Coffin of Newburyport, died at Point Petre
Capt. Nathaniel Coffin of Newburyport, died at Port au Paix
Capt. Samuel Coffin of Newburyport
Capt. Gee Colby of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Elbridge G. Colby of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Caleb Cook of Salem
Capt. Caleb Cook Jr. of Salem
Capt. John Couch of Newburyport
Stephen Crosby, privateer brig Venus, died aboard ship at sea.
Capt. Clifford Crowninshield of Salem
Capt. John Crowninshield of Salem
Capt. Joseph Cutts
Capt. Samuel Dalling of Portsmouth
Capt. William Davenport of Newburyport
Capt. Benjamin Dean of Salem
Capt. Thomas Dean Sr. of Salem
Capt. Thomas Dean Jr. of Salem
Capt. John S. D. Dennett of Portsmouth, Died at Sea.
Capt. Thomas Sims Dennett of Portsmouth
Capt. John Dole of Newburyport, Lost at Sea
Capt. Henry Donnell
Capt. Thomas Eden of Salem
Capt. Jeremiah Elliot of Newburyport
Capt. Nathaniel Emmons of Ipswich
Capt. Daniel Epes of Ipswich
Capt. Thomas Fisk of Wenham
Capt. William Flagg of Dover
Capt. Robert Follett of Kittery
Capt. John Follett of Kittery
Nathaniel Folsom, ship General Sullivan
Simon Forrester of Salem
Capt. Samuel Fowler of Salem
Capt. Asa Frisbee of Kittery
Capt. Leo Frost of Portsmouth
Capt. Peter Frye of Salem
Capt. Jethro Furber of Portsmouth
Capt. Theodore Furber of Portsmouth
Capt. Nathaniel Gage of Bradford
Capt. Jonathan Gardner of Salem
Capt. Samuel Gerrish of Kittery
Capt. Hezekiah Goodhue of Newburyport
Capt. John Goodhue
Capt. Daniel Gould of Ipswich
Capt. Stephen Greenleaf of Newbury
Capt. Tristram Greenleaf of Newbury
Capt. William Grow of Kittery
Capt. Micajah Ingalls of Newbury, died at sea
Capt. Oliver Hale of Newburyport
Capt. Ephraim Ham of Portsmouth
Capt. S. C. Handy of Portsmouth
Capt. Joseph Harrold of Portsmouth
Capt. Thomas Harmon of Kittery
Capt. Zebulon Harmon of Kittery
Privateer Capt. Daniel Hathorne, privateer Fair America
Capt. Benjamin Herbert of Salem
Capt. Elisha Hill of South Berwick
Capt. Gilbert Horney of Portsmouth
Capt. Michael Hodge of Newburyport
Capt. John Hodge of Salem
Capt. John Sewall Hodge of Newburyport, lost at sea.
Capt. Frances Holmes of Newbury

Capt. Joshua Lang Huntress of Portsmouth
Capt. Stephen Ilsley of Newbury
Capt. Christopher Jeffares of Portsmouth
Capt. Samuel Jenkins of Portsmouth
Capt. Samuel Jewett of South Berwick, lost at sea with 17 others in the Ship Berwick
Capt. Eleazer Johnson of Newburyport, privateer Dalton
Capt. David Jones of Newburyport
Capt. Moses Kent Jr. of Newbury
Capt. Paul Kent, of Newburyport
Capt. James Kettell of Newburyport
Capt. Nathaniel Kennard of Portsmouth
Capt. Jonathan Kimball of Bradford
Capt. Richard Kimball of Bradford
Eliphalet Ladd of Portsmouth
Capt. Joseph Lambert of Salem
Capt. Abel Lawrence of Salem
Capt. Tobias Lear of Portsmouth
Capt. Joseph Little of Newburyport
Capt. George Lowe of Portsmouth
Capt. Abner Lowell of Amesbury
Capt. Abner Lowell jr., lost at sea of Amesbury
Capt. Archibald Macpheadris of Portsmouth
Capt. John Martin of New Castle
Capt. William McHard of Newburyport
Capt. John Mendum
Capt. Nathan Millet of Salem
Capt. Benjamin Mitchell
Capt. Cutting Moody of Newburyport
Capt. Jacob Morrill of Newbury
Capt. Daniel Moulton of Portsmouth
Capt. George Moulton of York
Capt. Joseph Mudge of Salem
Capt. Joshua Neal
Capt. Samuel Newhall of Newburyport
Capt. John Newman of Newburyport, died at Guadaloupe
Capt. Joseph Newman of Newburport died at sea
Capt. Samuel Nute of Dover
Capt. Josiah Orne of Salem
Capt. William Orne of Newburyport
Capt. William Orne, jr., lost at sea of Newburyport
Capt. Benajmin Osgood of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Jacob Osgood of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Oliver Osgood of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Matthew Parke of Portsmouth
Capt. Jonathan Parsons of Newbury, died at Sea.
Capt. James Pearson of Haverhill
Capt. Jeremiah Pearson of Newburyport
Capt. Stephen Pearson of Ipswich
Capt. William Pearson of Newburyport
Capt. John Pecker of Haverhill
Capt. John Penson of Amesbury/Salisbury
Capt. Benjamin Perkins of Newburyport
Privateer Capt. William Picket of Newburyport & Marblehead
Capt. Joshua Pickman of Salem
Capt. Benjamin Pickman, commander of the Province Galley of Salem
Capt. James Pike of Salisbury
Capt. Adonijah Pike of Newburyport
Capt. Nathan Poor of Newbury
Capt. Theophilus Poor of Newbury
Capt. Abraham Preble of York
Capt. Abraham Preble, jr. of York
Capt. Caleb Preble of York
Capt. Isaac Randall of Amesbury
Capt. Edmund Roberts
Capt. Charles Cornelius Raboteau of Newburyport
Capt. Edward Russell of Salem
Capt. Joseph P. Russell of Newburyport
Capt. William Russell of Newburyport and Marblehead
Capt. Richard Salter of Portsmouth
Capt. Richard Saunders of Portsmouth
Capt. Robert Seldon of Salem
Capt. James Shores of Portsmouth
Capt. Timothy Simpson
Capt. Nathaniel Silsbee of Salem
Capt. John Smith of Ipswich
Capt. William Starkey of Newburyport
Capt. William Stickney of Newburyport
Capt. David Stickney of Newbury
Capt. Benjamin Stoone of Salem
Capt. Alexander Storey of Salem
Capt. James Tarleton of Portsmouth, Drowned at Sea.
Capt. Nathaniel Thurston of Bradford
Capt. James Tibbets of Dover
Capt. Joseph Titcomb of Newburyport
Capt. Joshua Titcomb of Newburyport
Capt. Thomas Thomas of Newburyport
Capt. William Tobey of Kittery
Capt. Daniel Toppan of Newburyport
Nathaniel Tracy of Newburyport
Capt. Henry Treadick of Portsmouth
Capt. Nathaniel Treadwell of Ipswich
Capt. William Tucker of Newburyport, lost at sea
Capt. Joseph Tyler of Newburyport
Capt. Stephen Webster, died at sea of Salisbury
Capt. Nathaniel Wells of Ipswich
Capt. William Whicher of Salisbury
Capt. Henry White of Salem
Capt. John White of Salem
Capt. Paul White of Newbury
Capt. Caleb Williams of Bradford
Capt. Washington Wilson of Kittery
Capt. Moses Woodward of Portsmouth
Capt. Hopely Yeaton of Portsmouth

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Military Officers
Major John Avery of Greenland
Lieutenant Walter Brown (possibly in Revolutionary War)
Lieut. Leonard Carleton of Bradford
Lieut. Asa Gage of Bradford
Lieut. Benjamin Kimball of Bradford
Major John Meed of Exeter
Col. Stephen Pickering of Greenland
Col. Jonathan Rawson of Dover
Capt. Nathaniel Thurston of Bradford

Pre-Revolutionary War Officers, Soldiers and Sailors
(Major) Colonel Samuel Appleton of Ipswich, an officer of the British Colonial Army, and was commander in chief of the forces protecting the towns along the Connecticut River.
Hon. Colonel Samuel Appleton Esq. of Ipswich
Sergeant Samuel Clough of Amesbury/Salisbury
Colonel Joshua Bayley of Haverhill
Ensign Joseph Breed of Lynn
Major Joshua Coffin of Newbury
Ensign Samuel Cott of Wenham
Major Daniel Davison of Newbury
Major General Daniel Denison of Ipswich, Major General of the Colonial Forces for 10 years
Lieut. John Emery of Newbury
Ens. Stephen Emery of Newbury
Hon. John Frost of New Castle, Commander in the British Navy
Sergeant Nathaniel Gage of Bradford
Sargent Samuel Gill of Salisbury
Colonel Samuel Gilman of Exeter
Capt. Edmund Greenleaf of Newbury
Capt. Daniel Hale of Newbury, Killed at the seige of Louisburg, Cape Breton in 1745
Capt. Thomas Hale Esq. of Newbury, Essex Co. Militia and Justice of the Peace
Colonel John Hart of Portsmouth
Lieut. Richard Hazen of Haverhill
Cornet Richard Hubbard of Salisbury
Colonel Richard Kent, Esq., commander of the Second Regiment, Essex Co. Massachusetts Militia.
Lieutenant Richard Kimball of Bradford
Lieutenant Joseph Little of Newbury
Ens. Henry Lunt of Newbury
Ens. Cutting Lunt of Newbury
Colonel Nathaniel Meserve of Portsmouth
Ens. Anthony Morse of Newbury
Captain Jeremiah Moulton, famed "Indian Fighter".
Ensign Joseph Newhall of Lynn
Ensign Abraham Parker of Bradford
Col. Daniel Peirce Esq. of Newbury
Ensign John Pengry of Ipswich
Left. Ebenezer Pearson of Bradford
Major Robert Pike of Salisbury
Eleazer Russell, Naval officer for the Port of Portsmouth under the British Government (and later the US Federal Government)
Left. Nathaniel Sanders of Haverhill
Ensign Benjamin Smith of Newbury
Colonel Joseph Smith, “known to have been in the service of the country during the two years, 1675 and 1676” during King Philip's War of Hampton
Rev. Samuel Spring of Newburyport, once saved the life of Aaron Burr
Ensign William Titcomb of Newbury
Lieutenant Colonel William Vaughan of Portsmouth
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Wade of the Ipswich Militia
Captain Simon Wainwright of the Haverhill Militia, Killed in a raid on Haverhill of French and Indians in 1708.
Captain Nathaniel Walker of Bradford

French and Indian War
Capt. Daniel Hale of Newbury
Jacob Sheafe of Portsmouth, Commissary of the New-Hampshire forces at the capture of Louisburgh
James Stoodly of Portsmouth, also served in the Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Officers, Soldiers and Sailors
Silas Adams of Newbury, Capt. Gerrish's Co.
James Bacheller of Lynn, Lynn Minutemen
Capt. John Barnard of Amesbury
Capt. Timothy Barnard of Amesbury
John Bartlett of Amesbury/Salisbury
Ensign Simeon Bartlet of Amesbury
John Batchelder of North Hampton
Amos Blanchard of Lynn, 10th Massachusetts
Capt. Meshach Bell of New Castle
Capt. Benjamin Boardman of Exeter
Jeremiah Brown of North Hampton
Lieu. Walter Brown of Portsmouth
Private Samuel Burnham of Ipswich
Col. Daniel Carleton of Bradford
Thomas Cheever
Wentworth Cheswell of Newmarket, made an all-night ride back from Boston to warn Newmarket, NH that the British were coming.
Major Joshua Coffin of Newbury
Private Lemuel Coffin of Newburport, Capt. Moses Nowell's co., Capt. Benjamin Perkins's co, Gen. Washington's Life Guard; also, Lieut. Col. William Washington's (3d) regt. of light dragoons
Col. Amos Cogswell of Dover
Benjamin Connor of Exeter
Private Elias Cook of Newburyport, Capt. Stephen Kent's co, Capt. Richard Titcomb's co., Col. Nathaniel Wade's (Essex Co.) regt
Thomas Cotton of North Hampton
Richard Crocker of Amesbury/Salisbury
Maj. William Cross of Newburyport
Major Nathaniel Currier of Amesbury
Col. Theophelus Dame of Dover
Capt. Elias Davis of Newburyport, Col. Jonathan Titcomb's (2d Essex Co.) regt
Capt. John Dearborn of North Hampton, Captain of the New Hampshire Militia, 1777–1778
Dr. Levi Dearborn of North Hampton, Surgeon with the New Hampshire Militia
Colonel Isaac Dodge of Ipswich
Private Belcher Dole of Salisbury
Edward Dorr of Roxbury and Salisbury
Private Samuel Dutch of Exeter
Jeremiah Eastman of Salisbury/Amesbury
Sergeant Noah Emery Jr. of Exeter
Col. Jonathan Evans of Amesbury/Salisbury
Lieut. Reuben Evans of Amesbury/Salisbury
Sgt. Jabez Farley of Ipswich
Hon. Michael Farley of Ipswich, Major General and Sheriff of Essex County
John Farrington 2nd Co. Lynn Minute Men
Theophilus Farrington of Lynn
Sergt. Jarvis Flanders of Amesbury
Capt. Robert Follett of Kittery
Capt. Robert Follett of Kittery
Theophilus Foot of Amesbury
John Foss of Rye
Robert Fowler of Salisbury/Amesbury
Lieutenant William Frost of Kittery
William Gage of Rowley, Capt. Payson's M
John Taylor Gilman of Exeter
Lieutenant John Ward Gilman Esq. of Exeter
Lieut. Ezekiel Goodridge of Amesbury. Killed at the Battle of Saratoga
Private Hezekiah Goodhue of Newburyport, Capt. Moses Nowell's co., Capt. Kent's co. raised for defence of seacoast in Essex Co.
Timothy Gordon of Newburyport, fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Major Andrew Goodwin of Berwick
Major General Ichabod Goodwin of Berwick
Private Jonathan Greely of Amesbury/Salisbury
Samuel Greeley of Salisbury, was with George Washington's Army at Valley Forge
Ens. Edmund Greenleaf, of Newbury
Capt. William Grow of York
Jude Hall, former slave and fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill of Exeter
Col. Samuel Ham of Portsmouth
Private Amos Haselton of Bradford
Lieutenant Michael Hodge of Newburyport, chosen as Naval Officer for the port of Newburyport
Col. Joseph Hodgkins of Ipswich, fought at the Battle of Bunker's Hill He was also in the Battle at Long Island, Haerlem Heights, the White Plains and Princeton; and was at the capture of Gen. Burgoyne and his Army
Lieutenant William Hook of Salisbury
Lieutenant Willebee Hoyt of Amesbury
Thomas K. Hudson of Lynn, Gerrish's Mass Regt. Revolutionary War
Ebenezer Jacobs of Danvers, Capt. Page's Co.
Capt. Eleazer Johnson of Newburyport, privateer "Dalton" and later captured prisoner and held for 4 months by the British
Joseph Johnson of Lynn, seaman on the Brig "Ann" Revolutionary War
Corp. John Josselyn of Danvers, Continental Line
Private Samuel Joy of South Berwick
Lieut. Daniel Kimball of Bradford, 4th Essex Co. regt. of Mass. Militia
Benjamin Leavitt of Exeter
Col. Moses Little of Newbury,
Private Ebenzer Lovering of North Hampton
Col. Thomas Lovering of North Hampton
Capt. Abner Lowell of Amesbury, Captain of a company of matrosses stationed at Falmouth.
Private Jabez Lurvey of Gloucester and Newburyport
John Mansfield of Salisbury
Robert Mansfield of Lynn, 2nd Co. Lynn Minutemen
Samuel Mansfield of Lynn, Wadsworth's Mass. Regt.
David Marston of North Hampton
Melatiah Merrill of Salisbury
Lieut. Caleb Moody of Newburyport
Ezekiel Moulton of Lynn, 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen
Ezra Moulton of Lynn, 5th Mass. Regt
James Mullen of Lynn, Long's NH Regt. Revolutionary War
Andrew Newhall, of Lynn, 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen
Daniel A. Breed Newhall of Lynn, 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen
Lieutenant-Colonel Ezra Newhall of Salem
Corp. Micajah Newhall of Lynn, Wade's Mass. Regt
Moses Osgood of Amesbury
Lt. Col. Jeremiah Page, Alarm List Co. of Danvers
Capt. Matthew Parke
Dr. William Parker of Exeter
Capt. Edward Payson of Rowley, capt. of the Rowley Militia
Lt. Eliot Payson bur. Rowley, Col. Daniel Spafford's (7th Essex Co.) regt. of Mass. militia Revolutionary War
Capt. William Pearson
Elias Pike of Salisbury
David Plumer of Newbury
Colonel Enoch Plummer of Newburyport
Mark Plumer of Newbury Capt. Jonathan Poor's co. of militia, Col. Samuel Gerrish's regt.,
Stephen Poor of Newbury, Capt. Jonathan Poor's co. of militia, Col. Samuel Gerrish's regt.,
Private Jonathan Porter, Col. Nathan Tyler's regt of Danvers
Lieutenant Samuel Porter of Wenham
Capt. Edmund Putnam, Danvers Alarm Company of Danvers
Lt. Col. Enoch Putnam of Danvers
Capt. Jeremiah Putnam of Danvers
Private Matthew Putnam of Danvers
Private Timothy Putnam of Danvers, Continental Line
Lieutenant Daniel Quinby of Amesbury
Lieutenant Robert Quinby of Amesbury
Private Jacob Reed of Peabody
Capt. Addison Richardson of Salem
Corp. Seth Richardson of Danvers, 15 Mass Inf.
Moses Rogers of Newburyport
Capt. James Sellers of Portsmouth
Richard Skidmore Sr. of Danvers
Richard Skidmore Jr. of Danvers
Ammi R. Smith of Ipswich, drummerboy in Capt. Charles Smith's co.
Rev. Hezekiah Smith of Haverhill, chaplain of the American Army, friend of George Washington and present at the battles of Bunker Hill, Long Island, Stillwater, and Saratoga.
Rev. Samuel Spring of Newburyport
Capt. James Staniford of Ipswich
Capt. Jeremiah Staniford of Ipswich
Capt. Thomas Staniford of Ipswich
John Stevens of Salisbury
James Stoodly of Portsmouth, First Regiment of Militia in the Province of New Hampshire to guard Fort William and Mary for the King of England.
Capt. Joseph Taylor of North Hampton
Major Ebenezer Tebbets of Dover
Capt. Moses Tenney of Newburyport
Capt. Thomas Thompson, captain in the Continental Navy and Colonel of Artillery.
Benjamin Thurston of Newbury, taken prisoner by the British and exchanged for British prisoners
John Thurston of Newbury, Newbury Militia and Continental Army
Colonel Benjamin Titcomb of Dover
General Jonathan Titcomb of Newburyport
Capt. Oliver Titcomb of Amesbury
Andrew Tombs, a British officer who died in service.
Capt. Samuel Wallingford of Dover, died aboard John Paul Jones' ship The Ranger April 1778
Nathaniel Webster of Salisbury
Nathaniel Webb, Capt. Putnam's Co. of Danvers
Prince Whipple, a slave owned by William Whipple who fought in the war. He was given his freedom but not until much later.

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War of 1812 Officers and Soldiers
Ezra Batchelder, Danvers Artillery of Danvers MA.
Meshach Bell, 35 Regiment (1st Brigade) New Hampshire Mil. of New Castle
Tristram Dalton of North Hampton
Corp. Abraham Drake of North Hampton
Benjamin Oliver, 35 Regiment (1st Brigade) New Hampshire Mil. of New Castle

Civil War Officers and Soldiers
Franklin A. Batchelder of Danvers, 3 Regt RI Heavy Artillery
Capt. Asa Butler of Ipswich
Charles W. Carleton of Amesbury, 3rd US Artillery, missing at the Battle of Olustee FL
Sgt. David Casey, Co. C 2nd Mass Inf. of Danvers
John K. Caswell, 9th NH INF. of Exeter
Capt. James H. Chick of York
Lieutenant Colonel Ebenezer T. Colby of Amesbury, Company B, 4th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
Ord. Sgt. Daniel M. Curtis of Amesbury, 40th NY Inf.
Arthur Forrester Devereux of Salem, Colonel 19th Mass Vol, led them against Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.
Private Rueben Ellis, 32 Mass Inf. of Danvers
Corp. John S. Follert of Amesbury/Salisbury, Company E, 24th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
John Freeland of Greenland, Co. B, 1st Reg. NHV
Robert Goodwin of South Berwick
Maj. Edmund Haggens of South Berwick
David Hinkley of Newburyport member of Co. B. 35 Regt. Mass. Vol. killed at the Battle of Antietam
Colonel Harlon P. Hodgdon of Portsmouth
Freeman E. Hodge, Co. K 3rd Vermont Regt.
Private Seth Huntress of Portsmouth
Samuel S. Jellison of Byfield Co. C, 19th Mass. Infantry
Private Joseph H. Jewett Jr. of Newburyport, Company A, 8th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Company I, 30th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
George S. Joy of South Berwick, died as a prisoner at Andersonville.
Moses A. Kent of Danvers, CO. A 23 Regt. Mass Inf.
Albert Kingsbury of Amesbury, Co. D 22nd Regt. Mass. Vols, died from wounds at age 17 at the battle of Gaines' Mill, Va
Joseph Warren Kingsbury of Amesbury, Co. A 15th Regt. Mass Vols
William D. Lee of Newburyport
Capt. James T. Lurvey of Amesbury
Abraham Mann of Amesbury/Salisbury
John B. Mansfield of Amesbury, Company B, 40th Infantry Regiment New York, wounded in the
Battle of Chantilly
Charles Marston of North Hampton, Co. F 1st Regt. Mass. Vols
Col. John Meserve of South Berwick
G. W. Mobley, 48 Mass. Infantry of Ipswich
Daniel Morrill of Amesbury/Salisbury, Company E, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Massachusetts
Sgt. D.W. Moulton of Portsmouth
Joseph Myers of Bradford, Co. K, 50th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
Augustus Nason of South Berwick
Corporal Preston Newhall of Newburyport, Company 3rd, Unattached Infantry Regiment Massachusetts
Nathan Burnham Osgood of Amesbury, Co. H. 58 Mass. Vols.
Isaac S. Parker of Newburyport, Co. B 40th NY Infantry
Charles Patch of York, Company H, 17th Infantry Regiment Maine, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Maine
Daniel Patch of York, Co. H 8th ME. Reg., died at Port Royal S.C.
George William Rappell of Newbury, acting master's mate of the U.S.S. gunboat Chocura, 1862 Mt. Vernon and U.S. Steamer Iroquois 1863
Major Theodore Rowe of Salisbury/Amesbury
Charles H. Stewart of Bradford, Co. A 19 Mass. Inf.
Barney Sweeney of Columbia/New Castle
Daniel D. Tuttle of Greenland, Co. C 18th NH Inf.
James T. Williams of Amesbury/Salisbury, Company D, 1st Cavalry Regiment Maine
Edward F. Woodwell of Newbury, Co. A 48 Mass Inf.
Lewis F. Woodwell of Newbury, Co. A 48 Mass Inf.

Spanish American War
William Boneau, Co C 9 Massachussets Infantry of Danvers

World War I
Cpl. Frank L. Lougee of Danvers, 46 US Vol Inf
Private Arthur H. Lee of Danvers, 3 Mass Inf. N.C.

Famous People of the 16th, 17th, and 18th century
Samuel McIntire, architect during the Federal Period and carver of Salem.
John Phillips gravestone in Rowley, founder of Phillips Exeter Academy
Samuel Phillips gravestone in Rowley, one of the founders of Phillips Academy, Andover
Nathaniel Tracy, merchant, funder of the Revolutionary War, and one of the richest men in the country during his era.
Capt. Valentine Bagley, the subject of a poem by John Greenleaf Whitter entitled "The Captain's Well".
Major Samuel Sewall of York, architect, engineer, furniture craftsman and more.

Artists & Artisans
Daniel Balch of Newburyport, master clock maker
Jonathan Bradbury, Silversmith
Capt. Elias Davis, Silversmith
Thomas Savage, Silversmith, noted as being Bermuda's first recorded silversmith

Sarah Orne Jewett
John Greenleaf Whittier
Hon. Samuel Tenney
Tabitha Tenney

Levi Thaxter

Roland Thaxter, a Microbiologist. He was the first person to isolate the Myxobacteria and recognize them as a distinct group of Bacteria
Nathaniel Bowditch, Astronomer, Navigator and Mathematician just to name a few.

Rev. James Allen of Salisbury
Rev. William Allen of Greenland
Rev. Henry Alline of North Hampton, leader of the New Light Movement, a religious movement, from 1776 - 1783.
Dea. David Bailey bur. Rowley
Deacon John Ballard of Lynn
Deacon Stephen Bartlett of Amesbury
Deacon Abner Bayley of Newburyport
Deacon Edmund Bayley of Newburyport
Rev. Samuel Belcher of Ipswich, preached at the Isles of Shoals, Kittery, Newbury and Ipswich.
Elder John Berrey of Newburyport
Rev. Ebenezer Bradford bur. Rowley, sixth minister of Rowley
Deacon Joseph Bragdon of York
Deacon Joshua Brown of Newbury
Dea. William Brown of Newbury
Rev. John Blunt of New Castle
Rev. Thomas Cary of Newburyport
Dea. Joseph Chaplin Bur. Rowley
Elder Moses Chase of Amesbury
Rev. Plummer Chase of Newburyport, Pastor of Congregational Church of Carver, MA
Rev. Peter Clark of Danvers
Dea. Tristram Coffin of Newbury
Dea. Moses Cooper of Newburyport
Rev. John Cotton of Hampton, colonial puritan minister
Rev. Seaborn Cotton of Hampton, colonial puritan minister
Dea. Jacob R. Currier of Salisbury/Amesbury
Rev. Caleb Cushing of Salisbury
Dea. Benjamin Davis of Newburyport
Dea. Nathaniel Dearborn of North Hampton
Dea. Charles Duncan of Kittery
Rev. John Emerson of Portsmouth
Dea. Jacob Foster of Ipswich
Dea. John Friend of Wenham
Rev. Levi Frisbee of Ipswich
Rev. Joshua Gardner of Haverhill
Rev. Joseph Gerrish of Wenham, involved in the Salem Witch Trials
Rev. Nicholas Gilman of Durham and Exeter
Rev. Nathaniel Gookin of Hampton
Rev. Nathaniel Gookin of North Hampton
Dea. William Hackett of Salisbury/Amesbury
Dea. Daniel Hale of Newbury
Dea. Timothy Harris bur. Rowley
Dea. Mark Haskell of Ipswich
Rev. John Higginson, Puritan minister involved with the Salem Witch Trials.
Dea. Peter Hobart of Braintree and Salem
Dea. Morris Hobbs of North Hampton
Elder Joseph Holt of First Parish Church, York
Rev. Nathan Holt, AM, minister of the 2nd Church in Danvers
Deacon Lewis Hunt of Salem
Dea. Ezekiel Jewett bur. Rowley
Rev. Jedediah Jewett bur. Rowley, fifth minister of Rowley
Deacon Benjamin Kent of Danvers
Deacon John Kent of Newburyport
Rev. Moses Kimball of Haverhill
Dea. Obadiah Kimball of Bradford
Deacon Richard Lang of Salem
Deacon John Marsh of Haverhill
Rev. Samuel McClintock of Greenland
Rev. Alfred Medcalf of Greenland
Dea. David Merrill of Amesbury
Deacon Henry Merrill of Newburyport
Dea. Thomas Mighill Esq. bur. Rowley
Deacon Caleb Moody of Newbury
Rev. Abraham Moor of Newbury
Rev. John Murray of Newburyport paster of the old South Church (and Revolutionary War Patriot)
Elder Robert Murray of Newburyport
Dea. Thomas Norton of Ipswich
Rev. Edmund Noyes of Salisbury
Dea. Peter Osgood of Salem
Dea. Samuel Palmer bur. Rowley
Rev. Thomas Parker of Newbury
Rev. Joseph Parsons AM, Pastor of the First Church of Bradford
Rev. Edward Payson bur. Rowley, fourth minister of Rowley
Dea. Edward Payson bur. Rowley
Rev. George Phillips gravestone in Rowley, minister of Brook Haven, L. I., New York
Rev. Samuel Phillips bur. Rowley, second pastor of the Church in Rowley, b. in Boxford, England
Rev. Samuel Phillips gravestone in Rowley, minister at Andover, Mass.
Dea. Francis Pickard bur. Rowley
Rev. Matthias Plant of Newbury (/Newburyport)
Capt. Abraham Preble, York
Elder Jonathan Plumer of Newbury
Rev. Benjamin Rolfe of Haverhill, murdered by Indians along with his wife and daughter in 1708.
Rev. Ezekiel Rogers bur. Rowley, first minister of Rowley, b. in Wethersfield, Essex Co. England
Rev. Nathaniel Rogers of Portsmouth
Rev. Nathaniel Rogers of Ipswich
Dea. John Sewall of York
Elder Samuel Sewall of York
Rev. Jeremiah Shepard of Lynn
Rev. Samuel Shepard bur. Rowley, third minister of Rowley
Rev. Hezekiah Smith of Haverhill, first pastor of the Baptist Church of Haverhill
Deacon Charles Smith of Ipswich
Deacon John Stanford of Ipswich
Rev. Sebastian Streeter of Portsmouth
Rev. Joseph Swain of Wenham
Thomas Symmes, second minister of First Church of Christ in Bradford
Zechariah Symmes, first minister of First Church of Christ in Bradford
Deacon Thomas Thompson of Newburyport
Elder Enoch Titcomb of Newburyport
Rev. John Tompson of South Berwick
Rev. Christopher Toppan of Newbury
Dea. Isaac Tuxbury of Amesbury
Deacon Joseph Wadleigh of Salisbury/Amesbury
Deacon David Walker of Bradford
Deacon Richard Walker of Bradford
Rev. Samuel Walker, bur. Peabody, minister of the Second Church in Danvers
Rev. John Ward of Ipswich and first Minister of Haverhill
Rev. Robert Ward of Wenham
Rev. John Warren of Wenham
Rev. Samuel Webster of Salisbury
Rev. Thomas Wells of Amesbury
Rev. John Wheelwright of Salisbury
Rev. John Woodbridge, Newbury, also first minister of Andover
Dea. Archelaus Woodman of Newbury
Rev. William Worcester of Salisbury

Town Elders (One of the governing officers of a church often having pastoral or teaching functions.)
Elder Moses Chase, Amesbury
Abiel Goodin, York
Elder Nehemiah Haskell of Newburyport
Elder Robert Murray of Newburyport
Elder Joseph Sayward, York
Elder Daniel Smith, Portsmouth
Elder Jabez True of Salisbury
Rev. John Woodbridge of Newbury

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John Barton, apothecary of Salem
Col. Thomas Barton, physician, apothecary and esquire of Salem
Dr. David Bennet bur. Rowley
Dr. William Bennet bur. Rowley
Dr. Samuel Blagdon of Portsmouth
Dr. Joshua Brackett, Portsmouth
Dr. John Bridgham of Ipswich
Dr. Daniel Broadstreet, of Newbury
Dr. John Henry Burchsted of Lynn
Dr. Henry Burchsted of Lynn
Dr. John Cabot of Salem
Charles Coffin MD of Newbury
Dr. Nathan Cogswell bur. Rowley
Dr. Levi Dearborn of North Hampton
Dr. Philemon Deane of Ipswich
Dr. Amos Dresser bur. Rowley
Dr. Eliphalet Emery of Newbury
Capt. Robert Follett
Nathan Hale Esq. of Newburyport
Dr. William Hale bur. Rowley
Dr. Rufus Hills of Amesbury
Dr. Ivory Hovey of South Berwick
Dr. Clement Jackson of Portsmouth
Dr. Hall Jackson of Portsmouth
Dr. Eliphalet Kilborn bur. Rowley
Dr. Moses Little of Salem
Dr. Joseph Manning of Ipswich
Dr. Clement March
Dr. Benjamin Mussey of Bradford
Dr. Samuel Nye of Amesbury
Dr. William Parker
Dr. John Parsons of South Berwick
Dr. Robert Pike
Dr. Tyler Porter of Wenham
Dr. Archelaus Putnam of Danvers
Dr. Enoch Sawyer of Newburyport
Dr. John Swinnerton of Salem
Dr. Joseph Tilton of Exeter
Dr. Charles Trafton of South Berwick
Dr. Samuel Wallis of Ipswich

Colonial Tradesman
Jonathan Archer, peruke maker (wig maker), tanner, trader, taught navigation, and yeoman
Lemman Beadle, a cabinet maker, carver
Joseph Brewster, a cordwainer
John Ward Gilman Esq., a silversmith
Robert Holbrook, a sailmaker
John Jackson, a cooper
Simeon Lowell, master boat builder, inventor/perfector of the Fisherman's Dory
Jonathan Muliken, a clockmaker
Samuel Muliken, a clockmaker
David Phippen, a rope maker, housewright and mariner
Thomas Savage, a silversmith
Henry Sewall, a bricklayer.

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