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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Rollinsford, New Hampshire

Cemeteries & History of Rollinsford, New Hampshire

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Cemetery Status: good, well landscaped with few broken stones.

Rollinsford - Old Town Cemetery

Photos uploaded but not all transcribed.

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Alice Belle ?? d. 18??
Caroline A. ?? d. 1838
Annie R. Abbott d. 1870
Charles C. Abbott d. 1897
Charles C. Abbott d. 18??, Co. I, Maine Infantry, Civil War.
Charles F. Abbott d. 1901
Esther Abbott d. 1887
Infant Abbott d. 187?
Jennie L. Abbott d. 1899
Julia C. Abbott d. 1887
Levena Abbott d. 1897
Lizzie B. Abbott d. 1904
Walter Abbott d. 1869
Lillie T. Linscott Abrams d. 1873
James Anderson d. 1834
Mary A. Anderson d. 1850
Edgar A. Bradbury d. 1852
Leonidas E. Bradbury d. 1835
Vienna I. Carr d. 1869
Edith E. Chapman d. 1934
Mary E. Rowe Chapman d. 1908
Mary J. Gardner Chapman d. 1866
Lieut. Nathan Chapman d. 1905, Co. B, 13 New Hampshire Volunteers (Civil War).
Lelar May Carpenter d. 1892
Michael J. Conner (O'Connor) d. 191?
Elizabeth S. Rollins Drew d. 1836
Hannah F. English d. 1935
Lizzie K. Garnett d. 1880
Mary A. Garnett d. 1883
Betty Garvin d. 1840
Thomas Garvin d. 1823
Lydia ?. Philpot Gilman d. 1892
George W. Gray d. 1911
Hannah A. Gray d. 1899
Benjamin F. Guptill d. 1847
Betsey Guptill d. 1888
Moses Guptill d. 1878
Rachel Hall d. 17??
Bartholomew Hall d. 17??
Mary A. Hill d. 1904
Nathan Hyde Hill d. 1891
Nellie E. Hill d. 1875
William N. Hill d. 1929
Annie Hussey d. 1870
Capt. Charles Kenney d. 1873
Mehitable Kenney d. 1898
Abigail Leighton
Amos Leighton
John Leighton d. 1857
Louisa Leighton
Mary Leighton d. 1854
Almira B. Linscott d. 1879, photo 2
Jeremiah B. Linscott d. 1885, photo 2
Joseph Livingston d. 1874
Margaret Livingston d. 1908
Sally Lord d. 1849
Charles W. B. Marden d. 1850
Eliza A. Marden d. 1889
George N. Marden d. 1861
Charles W. McDonald d. 1900
Stella Morse d. 1889
Albert Morton d. 18??, full view
Annie N. Morton d. 1891
Armine L. Morton d. 1866
Cynthia Morton d. 18??
Fred H. Morton d. 1867
Georgiana Morton d. 1844
Josephine Maria Morton d. 1844
Mary H. Morton d. 1845
Mary S. Morton d. 1917
Sara J. Morton d. 1937
Sarah P. Morton d. 1849
William H. Morton d. 1904
Mary O'Connor d. 1902
Michael O'Connor d. 1873
Martha Perley d. 1876
Abigail Philpot d. 18??
Clarence W. Philpot d. 1838
Edward F. Philpot d. 18??
Hiram Philpot d. 1835
James Philpot d. 1897, Co. K, 27th Regiment Iowa Volunteers (Civil War).
Lorana Philpot d. 1892
Mary A. Philpot d. 1853
Patience Philpot d. 1875
Samuel Philpot d. 18??
Amos W. Pike d. 1898
Elizabeth M. Pike d. 1880
John E. Pike d. 1873
Martha Pike d. 1881
Robert Gordon Pike d. 1917, Chief Justice of the Superior
Court of the State of New Hampshire

Benjamin F. Ricker d. 1864
Daniel Ricker d. 1874
Harriet Ricker d. 1820
Jeremiah C. Ricker d. 1871
John Ricker d. 1838
Mary J. Ricker d. 1829
Phebe Ricker d. 1879
Ruth Ricker d. 1837
Tammy Ricker d. 1842
Polley Roberts d. 1872
Abigail Rollins d. 1858
Dorothy Rollins d. 1818
Eliza Rollins d. 1815
Hiram Rollins, Esq. d. 1843
James Rollins d. 1854
Joanna Rollins d. 1802
John Rollins, Esq. d. 1821
Mary Rollins d. 1823
Mary H. Rollins d. 18?8
Paul Rollins d. 1797
Sarah Rollins d. 1827
Luke R. Russell d. 1881
Maria C. McClure Russell d. 1904
Frances Sawyer d. 1933
Capt. Hugh Allen Sawyer d. 1892
John E. Sias d. 1901
Pearl A. Sias d. 18??
Ruth R. Sias d. 18??
Moses Stackpole d. 1867
Nancy Stackpole d. 1891
Baby Tucker d. 18??
Nahum N. Tucker d. 1890
Sarah Tucker d. 1867
Annie A. Butler Varney d. 1941
Everline Varney d. 1882
Frank R. Varney d. 1900
John Varney d. 1882
John N. Varney d. 1839
John S. Varney d. 1907
Joseph E. Varney d. 1844
M. Ellen Varney d. 1880
M. Isabel Varney d. 1908
Sarah A. Varney d. 1929
Polly Wallingford d. 1881
Delia Warren d. 1906
George Warren d. 1854
Harriett Warren d. 1880
Herbert Warren d. 1873
Moses B. Warren d. 1880
Anna B. Weeks d. 1940
Hiram P. Weeks d. 1924
Margaret I. Weeks d. 1886
Sarah Stuart Weeks d. 1893
?? Wentworth d. 1865
Capt. ??? Wentworth d. 18??
Andrew Wentworth, Esq. d. 1849
Anna M. Wentworth d. 1845
Calvin Wentworth d. 1871
Dolly Wentworth d. 1813
Elizabeth D. Wentworth d. 1845
Estel Wentworth d. 1867
George Wentworth d. 1888
George E. Wentworth d. 1845
Grace A.P. Wentworth d. 1891
Harry Nelson Wentworth d. 1878
Henry Wentworth d. 1902, Co. B, 27th Maine Volunteers (Civil War).
Herbert T. Wentworth d. 1930
Infant Wentworth d. 1855
James E. Wentworth d. 1924
Jane S. Wentworth d. 1884
Joanna Wentworth d. 1866
John Wentworth d. 1855
Major John B. Wentworth d. 1869
John H. Wentworth d. 1903
Lavina Wentworth d. 1891
Lucina P. Wentworth d. 1915
Maria Wentworth d. 1858
Mary A. Wentworth d. 1914
Mary J. Wentworth d. 1888
Neddie E. Wentworth d. 1861
Paula Wentworth d. 1887
Sallie B. Wentworth d. 1934
Samuel H. Wentworth d. 1870
Stacy H. Wentworth d. 1892
Statira Wentworth d. 1856
Statira Wentworth d. 1880
Wyman W. Wentworth d. 1854

More History in Rollinsford to Visit

Col. Paul Wentworth House
Water St.
One of the oldest surviving dwellings constructed in New Hampshire. Originally built in Rollinsford c. 1701, it was removed from town in 1936 and rebuilt in Dover, Massachusetts and has been missing from the town's landscape for almost 70 years. The home's owner donated the building to the town and it was dismantled, moved back to Rollinsford, and reassembled.

Rollins Farm Bridge
Ham Rd. over the Guilford (B & M) Main Line RR tracks
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Rollinsford Garrison Houses

Rollinsford Town Hall
667 Main St.
Queen Anne style. Architect Alvah Thurston Ramsdell. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Also the home of the Association for Rollinsford Culture and History.

Salmon Falls Mill Historic District
Front St.
Greek Revival, Italianate. Tour the Salmon Falls Mills, many of which have been converted to artist studios. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

White House Covered Bridge
Broadway (becomes Rollins Rd.) NE

If you know of an historic place to visit in Rollinsford, please submit it to

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