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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of New Castle, New Hampshire

Cemeteries & History of New Castle, New Hampshire

Old Burial Ground/Frost Cemetery
The Old Burial Ground is located on Main Street across from the Town Hall.


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Capt. Meshach Bell d. 1786
Meshach Bell, 35th Regiment, 1st. Brigage, New Hampshire, War of 1812.
Hannah Blunt d. 1803
Rev. John Blunt d. 1748
John Blunt Esq. d. 1798
Joseph Blunt 17??

Abigail Frost
d. 1742, beautiful carving of a portrait of the 23 year old Abigail surrounded by detailed cherubs.
Abigail Frost d. 1810
Charles Louis Frost d. 1836
George Frost Esq. d. 1808
Harriet Frost d. 1855
Henry A. Frost d. 1857
Hon. John Frost Esq., photo 2, d. 1732, a commander in the British Navy.
Joseph Frost Esq., photo 2, d. 1768
Sarah Ann Frost d. 1829
Theodore Frost d. 18??
Thomas Frost d. 18??
William C. Frost d. 1831
William E. Frost d. 1853
Joanna Hollicomb
Capt. John Hollicomb
Capt. John Martin d. 1851
John F. Martin d. 1847
Deborah Marvin d. 1845
Martha B. Marvin d. 1847
Mary A. Marvin d. 1838
Nathaniel B. Marvin d. 1847
Benjamin Oliver, photo 2, 35th New Hampshire, War of 1812.
Dorothy Prescott d. 1766
John Newmarch Prescott d. 1766
Thomas O. Whidden d. 1846
Mehitable White d. 1827

Vennard Cemetery
The Vennard Cemetery is located off of Main Street. There are several smaller burial grounds scattered throughout the island. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Nancy B. Vennard Merrow d. 1888
Dorothy W. Bell Vennard d. 1855
Capt. George Vennard d. 1836
Sarah S. Vennard d. 1882
William Vennard d. 1867

Amazeen/Tarleton Cemetery
The Amazeen/Tarleton Cemetery is located in the woods on Neal Pit Lane or off the Pit Road and Daddy Neal's Lane. The cemetery is not taken care of at all and very little is now legible. A reporter of the conditions said, "I had to move logs, branches etc. in order to even see the stones. Most have sunk deeply into the ground or broken and fallen over".

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Abigail J. Amazeen d. 1812
Jane W. Amazeen d.
? Colby, Co. K, 3rd US Artillery, Civil War.
Pauline P. Frost d. 1886
Ethan Allen Locke d. 1835
Hall Jackson Locke d. 1836
S. Ramsdell, Co. K, 3rd US Artillery, Civil War.
Barney Sweeney d. 1863, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment New Hampshire, Civil War. Died in Portsmouth Harbor.
Jane P. Tarlton d. 1903
Pauline Priest Tarlton d. 1898
Thomas J. Tarlton d. 1868
H. Thompson, Co. K, 3rd US Artillery, Civil War.
Elizabeth J. Trefethen d. 1847

Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery is located on Route 1B.


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Henry T. Amazeen d. 1889
Louisa Amazeen d. 1863
Lucy G. Amazeen d. 1867
William J. Amazeen d. 1872
Benjamin J. Batson d. 1883
Martha A. Batson d. 1877
Seddie A. Beale d. 1871
Hannah Curtis Bell d. 1869
Charles Cole d. 1852
Levi W. Cole d. 1869, Lost at sea near the Georges Banks.
Charles A. Cheever Durgin d. 1878
John Durgin d. 1899
Louise A. Durgin d. 1902
John Simpson Frost d. 1858
Sally Chesley Emerson Frost d. 1902
Sarah White Frost d. 1849
Thomas Bell Frost d. 1856
Dorothy C. Hamilton d. 1910
John Hamilton d. 1864
Abbie B. Hill d. 1873
Eddie Hill d. 1871
Thomas J. Hill d. 1920
Andrew J. Horning, Spanish American War.
Benjamin Kinnear d. 1850
Dorcas Kinnear d. 1872
Fannie A. Lear d. 1900
Keziar Lear d. 1844
Mary Lear d. 1880
Mary J. Lear d. 1895
Nathaniel Lear d. 1824
Nathaniel Lear d. 1868
Martha Martin d. 1864
Mary E. Martin d. 1908
Ralph K. Martin d. 1896
Capt. William W. Martin d. 1880
William W. Martin d. 1882
Sgt. Abraham C. Meloon, NH Heavy Artillery, Civil War.
Hector Me?noth, US Marine Corps, Civil War.

Capt. John Murray d. 1862, served in the Mexican war in 1847 and received a certificate of merit from President Fillmore, Captain of Co. D. 5th N.H. Volunteers, killed at the battle of Fredricksburg. He was shot through the head while holding the regimental colors and "leading a gallant band of the Defenders of the Country". His last words were "That Flag never was and never shall be disgraced!"
Nella Murray d. 1862
Phila Murray d. 1907
Abigail Neal d. 1847
Albert H. Neal d. 1851
Alden E. Neal d. 1856
Dorothy Neal d. 1831
James Neal d. 1832
Abigail Tarlton d. 1868
Capt. John Tarlton d. 1861
Louisa G. Tarlton d. 1831
Oliver H. Tarlton d. 1853
Anna Vennard d. 1865
Capt. Zacheus J. Vennard d. 1857
Adaline B. White d. 1900
Elizabeth White d. 1844
Elizabeth J. White d. 1919
Mary White d. 1855
Nathan White d. 1838
Nathan White d. 1882
Sarah White d. 1869
William White d. 1864
Maria Yeaton d. 1898
Capt. William C. Yeaton d. 1850

More History in New Castle to Visit

Fort Constitution
Historic Site also known as Fort William and Mary Site; Castle William and Mary
Walbach St. ( On Route 1B at U.S. Coast Guard Station)
A fortification site since the early 1600's, this place is the site of the first actual skirmish on land of the Revolutionary War on Dec. 14, 1775. More about the Raid on Fort William and Mary. The history of Fort Constitution. Self-guided walking trail.

Fort Stark
Little Harbor
The site of Fort Stark, on the southeast point of New Castle Island known as Jerry's Point , or Jaffrey's Point , has been fortified in one form or another since 1746, when Battery Cumberland , consisting of nine 32-pounders, was located here to defend against the French.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse also known as New Castle Light, Fort Point Light and Fort Constitution Light
Walbach St. ( On Route 1B at U.S. Coast Guard Station)

Route 1B
The main road through the heart of the island, Route 1B is packed with early colonial houses and scenic views of Portsmouth Harbor.

Wentworth by the Sea Hotel (also known as Marriott Wentworth By The Sea)
Rte. 1B
This beautiful, recently restored hotel is one of the few remaining resort hotels built in the seacoast during the Victorian era.

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