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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Greenland, New Hampshire

Cemeteries & History of Greenland, New Hampshire

Greenland Cemetery
This cemetery is located on Winnicut Road in Greenland, NH. I found it driving through Greenland, and haven't been able to find the name yet. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Poor. Many broken stones in need of repair.

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?? d. 1838
?? d. 1851
Eleanor Allen d. 17??
Mary Allen d. 1720
Rev. William Allen d. 1760, first pastor of the
Congregational church in Greenland, was the fifth minister ordained in the state in 1707 and pastor 53 years.

Charles Avery d. 1825
John Avery d. 1854
Major John Avery d. 1830
Joshua Avery d. 1852
Martha Avery d. 1881
Mary Ayers d. 1865
Joanna Barker d. 1841
Philip Barker d. 1811
Elizabeth Stoddley Bartlet d. 1782, born in Newington NH, died in Newburyport MA.
Thomas Beck, Jr. d. 1828
Caroline Spencer Benton d. 1883
Joshua C. Berry d. 1839
Adelia Bickford d. 1848
Thomas Brackett d. 1755
Capt. Charles F. Briard d. 1871
Lydia Briard d. 1883
Hannah B. R. Brooks d. 1847
Comfort W. Coleman Burleigh d. 1887
James Oliver Burleigh d. 18??
Maryann Burleigh d. 1846
Theodore Burleigh d. 1848
Theodore A. Burleigh d. 1878
Benjamin Cate d. 1869
Benjamin Cate Jr. d. 1854
Charles W. Cate d. 1859
Elizabeth Cate d. 1841
Hannah Cate d. 1876
James S. Cate d. 1847
John H. Cate d. 1887
Joseph E. Cate d. 1847
Margery Cate d. 1874
Martha Cate d. 1838
Mary Cate d. 1861
Ebenezer Chadwick d. 18??, of Portsmouth, NH.
Elizabeth Clark d. 18??
Emily Clark d. 1831
Enoch Clark d. 1759
Enoch Clark d. 1844
Enoch Clark d. 1774
Hannah Clark d. 1746
Mary Clark d. 18??
Stephen Clark d. 1823
Benjamin Connor d. 1835, an officer in the Revolutionary War.
Thomas Dalling d. 17?? or 18??
Benjamin Dearborn d. 1835
Sarah Dearborn
David Durgin d. 1841
Martha Durgin d. 1865
Martha Ann Durgin d. 1844
Abba Jane Foss d. 1865
Mary Foss d. 1838
John Freeland d. 1863, died in camp at Concord, NH. A member of Co. B, 1st Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers (Civil War).
John Gookin d. 18??
Mary Gookin d. 18??
Capt. Nathaniel Gookin d. 1808
Dorothy Grant d. 1769
Ann F. Hart d. 1835
Ann S. Hatch d. 1839
Ann Simes Hatch d. 1854
Caroline Hannah Hatch d. 18??
Hon. John K. Hatch d. 18??
Mary Hatch d. 1843
Samuel Hatch d. 1843
Sarah Augusta Hatch d. 1852
Olive Hearsey d. 1857
Daniel Hicks d. 1820
Joshua L. Hicks d. 1854, lost at sea from a ship in Central America.
Joshua R. Hicks d. 1811
Mary Anna Hatch Hoit d. 1848
Enoch Holmes d. 1863
Enoch Walter Holmes d. 1852
Hannah R. Holmes d. 1891
Joseph Holmes d. 1853
Joseph William Holmes d. 1843
Mary Holmes d. 1851
Polly Huse d. 1800
Sargent Huse d. 1818
Stephen Huse d. 1812
Sally Kingsbury d. 1808
John Knight Esq. d. 1721
Abner Littlefield d. 1859
Dudley C. Littlefield d. 1899
Mary Jane Littlefield d. 1856
Sarah Ann Littlefield d. 1880
Sarah E. Littlefield d. 1850
Sarah L. Littlefield d. 1869
Elijah Marston d. 1839
Elizabeth Marston d. 1865
Lucinda Marston d. 1836
Mary Marston d. 1853
Nathaniel Marston d. 1852
Mary McClintock d. 1785
Samuel McClintock d. 1804, a minister for 48 years and veteran of the Revolutionary War.
John Meader d. 1808
May Meader
Rev. Alfred Medcalf d. 18??
Ann Medcalf d. 1859
John A. Medcalf d. 1806
John A. Medcalf d. 1826
Mary R. Medcalf d. 1847
Sarah Medcalf d. 1871
Sarah P. Messer d. 1855
W. W. Messer d. 1821
Helen A. Burleigh Moore d. 1861
John P. Neal d. 1806
Joseph Neal d. 1872
Mary Neal d. 1847
Rev. Matthew Newhall d. 1875
Ruth M. Newhall d. 1843
Abigail Pearson d. 1863
Moses Pearson d. 1870
Simeon Pearson d. 1863
Thomas N. Pearson d. 1855
Derias Perkins d. 1870
Walter Philbrock d. 1732
Charles Thompson Pickering d. 1856
Eliza Perkins Pickering d. 1833
Georgianna Tuscan Pickering d. 18??
Susan Walker Pickering d. 1839
Col. Stephen Pickering d. 1844
Stephen Hale Pickering d. 1857
Thomas Pickering d. 1872
Mary Pickman d. 1757
Sarah Poor d. 1781
Anna C. Robinson d. 1847
John F. Robinson d. 1857
Elisabeth Stone d. 1834
Mary McClintock Stoodley d. 1786
Ernest Howard Sweat d. 1831
Daniel D. Tuttle d. 18/19??, Company C, 18th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Distiguished Service (Civil War.)
Anna Wedgwood d. 1838
David Wedgwood d. 1857
Fanny N. Wedgwood d. 1842
James Wedgwood d. 1826
Sarah O. Wedgwood d. 1837
Harriet Barker Weeks d. 1864
Olive Wiggin d. 1822
George W. Yeaton d. 18??
Samuel Yeaton d. 1853

Brackett Family Cemetery

Photos uploaded but not transcribed.
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More History in Greenland

Greenland Historical Society
459 Portsmouth Avenue
Greenland, NH 03840

Weeks Brick House & Gardens
Weeks Ave. off NH 101
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Weeks Brick House and Gardens are not open to the general public. Individuals or groups may inquire about viewing the House by appointment.

If you know of an historic place to visit in Greenland, please submit it to


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