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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Exeter, New Hampshire

Cemeteries & History of Exeter, New Hampshire

Winter Street Burial Ground is located on Winter St. in Exeter, NH. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Poor. Many, many broken stones in need of repair. Red entries indicate broken gravestones.

Exeter - Dudley Gravesite

Dudley Marker (this is the only marker here.)

Exeter - Winter Street Burial Ground


More photos uploaded than transcribed.

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Unknown d. 1829
Caroline G. d. 18??
Caroline S. ??? d. 1855
James W. H. ???????? d. 1841
Jonathan ?? d. 18??
Mehitable ??ure d. 1843
Benning Adams
Elizabeth Adams d. 1845
Elizabeth M.J. Adams
Nathaniel S. Adams
Sarah Adams
E.L. Ayerold
Ephraim Dennet Bartlett
Mary Bartlett
Ann E. Bell
Charles Wells Bell
Mary Ann Bell
Robert Bell
Hetty Bennett d. 1847
Mary F. Bennett d. 1871
Shackford Bennett d. 1805
William Bennett d. 182?
William Augustus Bennett d. 1818
Ivory Bragdon d. 1875
Mary Bragdon d. 1849
George W. Bickford d. 1853
Susan H. Bickford d. 1902
William S. Bickford d. 1850
Ann Eleanor Brickett d. 1829
Capt. Benjamin Boardman Esq. d. 1807, 22 New Hampshire Militia (Revolutionary War).
Angeline Bragdon d. 1847
Ivory Bragdon d. 1875
Mary Bragdon d. 1849
Henry O. Burleigh d. 1825
Nathan Burnham d. 1821, his students erected this gravestone for beloved teacher.
Eunice Carr d. 1846
John K. Caswell, 9th New Hampshire Infanty, 5th Veterans Reserve Corps (Civil War)
Chamberlain Family
Rebekah Chamberlain d. 178?
George Chapman d. 1836
Hannah Chapman d. 1842
J. Burleigh Chapman d. 1864, photo 2
Sally B. Chapman d. 1847, photo 2
Mary G. Cogswell d. 1813
Edward Colcord d. 1793
Eliphalet Colcord d. 1854
George Colcord d. 1825
Hannah Colcord
Hannah Colcord d. 1793
Harvey Colcord d. 1814
Joanna E. Colcord d. 1823
Judith W. Colcord d. 1861
Martha Anner Colcord d. 1853
Mary Colcord d. 1794
Samuel Colcord d. 1804
Sophia Colcord d. 1839
Thomas Colcord d. 1860
Lydia Ann Coles d. 1846
Lyman W. Coles d. 1846
Charles Conner d. 1801
Elizabeth G. Conner d. 1828
Jewett Conner d. 1810
Mary Conner d. 1820
William T. Conner d. 1844
Julia Constantine d. 1909
Izetta P. Cotton d. 1850
Elizabeth Creighton d. 1828, "after having lived thirty years a faithful and affectionate friend in the family of (Benjamin) B. Abbot, who erects this stone In memory of her worth"
Dorothy Cutler d. 1835
Tobias Cutler d. 1834
John Dean d. 1764
Lucretia Dean d. 1828
Margaret Dean d. 1843
Margaret Ann Dean d. 1802
Nathaniel Dean d. 1829
Thomas Dean d. 1824
Ward Clark Dean d. 1828
William Henry Dean d. 1800
Freeman Dearborn d. 1814
Alexander Dodge d. 1830
Elizabeth Hurd Dodge d. 1836
Jabez Dodge d. 1806
Lydia Dodge d. 1826
Abner Dolloff d. 1839
Irene Dolloff d. 1846
Francis Duran d. 1863
Abbey Dutch d. 1841
George Dutch d. 1819
Permelia G. Dutch d. 1857
Samuel Dutch d. 1817
Sarah Dutch d. 1816
Mary W. Janvrin Ellsworth d. 1870
Oliver Ellsworth
Orah Almira Janvrin Ellsworth d. 1882
Jane Emery d. 1813
Jane E. Emery d. 1801
Joanna Emery d. 1815
Margaret Emery d. 1862
Mary H. Emery d. 1856
Noah Emery Esq. d. 1788
Noah Emery Esq. d. 1817
Sergt. Noah Emery Jr., member of the New Hampshire Militia (Revolutionary War).
Elizabeth Flood d. 1837, photo 2
George Flood d. 18??, heelstone
Anna Folsom d. 1779
Elizabeth Folsom d. 1805
Elizabeth W. Folsom d. 1847
Major General Nathaniel Folsom d. 1790, commander of a company in the French and Indian War; granted a colonel of the 4th NH Militia under the Royal Governor but removed when he became a participant in the Raid on Fort William & Mary against the British; delegate to the first Provicial Congress; one time commander of the NH Militia under the Continental Army; Brigadier General of NH Troops at the Siege of Boston; member of the New Hampshire Committee of Safety; Justice in the Court of Common Pleas for Rockingham County; attended many State Constitutional Conventions.
Col. Samuel Folsom d. 1790, NH Militia (Revolutionary War.)
Sophia Rundlett Folsom
Deborah Colcord Foss
Henrietta Maria Fouquet d. 1810
Daniel Fowler d. 1780
Abba H. Pierson d. 1837
Dorothy G. Fuller d. 1835
Elizabeth Fuller d. 1854
Harriet Fuller d. 1856
Harriet L. Fuller d. 1854
James Fuller d. 1858
Mary Jane Fuller d. 1843
Mary W. Fuller d. 1856
Richard Fuller d. 1829
Abigail Gilman d. 1748
Abigail Gilman d. 1796
Adaline Gilman d. 1840
Ann Gilman d. 1783, wife of Nicholas Gilman (first Treasurer of NH) and lived in the Ladd-Gilman house, now part of the American Independance Museum in Exeter.
Charles Wm. Gilman d. 1870
Deborah Gilman d. 1791
Deborah Gilman d. 1864
Elizabeth Gilman d. 1858
Elizabeth Gilman d. 1791
Elizabeth R. Gilman d. 1858
Hannah Gilman d. 1850
Jane Gilman d. 1865
John Taylor Gilman d. 1828, gravestone 2, served with the Continentals during the Revolutionary War; named to a committee charged with resolving claims made against the colony; a commissioner at meetings of all the New England states where mutual defense and other policies were discussed; State Representative; State Senator; member of the state's Committee of Safety; delegate to the Constitutional Convention, held at Philadelphia; State Treasurer; Governor of New Hampshire for 11 years; Owned the Ladd-Gilman house.
John Taylor Gilman, jr d. 1808 in Charleston, VA.
John Ward Gilman Esq. d. 1823, a silversmith who created the state seal for New Hampshire used during his time.
Capt. John Gilman d. 1822, died at New Orleans, also in the 2nd New Hampshire Militia (Revolutionary War.)
Joseph Gilman d. 18??
Joseph S. Gilman d. 1826
Martha Gilman d. 1809
Mary Gilman d. 1735
Mary Gilman d. 1791
Mary Gilman d. 1812
Rev. Nicholas Gilman d. 1748, pastor of the Church of Durham.
Hon. Nicholas Gilman Esq. d. 1783, first Treasurer of the State of New Hampshire, also a shipbuilder and merchant and once owner of the Ladd-Gilman House.
Nicholas Gilman d. 1854
Priscilla Gilman d. 1745
Samuel Gilman d. 1791
Col. Samuel Gilman d. 1785
Samuel Gilman d. 1838, captain in the New Hampshire Militia (Revolutionary War.)
Sarah Gilman d. 1741
Selene Gilman d. 1881
Stephen Gilman d. 1849
Thomas Gilman d. 1823
Ward Gilman d. 1821
William H. Gilman d. 1860
Caroline E. G. Gordon d. 1850
Stephen L. Gordon d. 1843
David Griffith d. 1779
Dorothy Hale d. 1804
Eliphalet Hale, Esq. d. 1801, elected by the town of Exeter in 1777 "to regulate and affix the prices of goods and other articles."
Mary Parker Hale d. 1850
Abigail Haley d. 1828, photo 2
John Haley d. 1822, photo 2
Capt. George Haliburton d. 1814
Josiah Hall d. 1876
Rachel Hall d. 1889
Clarissa Maria Hill d. 1836
Elizabeth M. Hill d. 1828
Capt. James Hill d. 1875
James Augustus Hill d. 1824
Jonathan Hill, 2nd New Hampshire Militia (Revolutionary War.)
Edward Hoitt d. 1842
Sarah Hugo d. 1879
Elizabeth M. Hunnewell d. 1837
Jonathan Hunnewell d. 1831, photo 2
Mary Hunnewell d. 1881
Anna Janvrin d. 1880
Beatrice Louise Janvrin d. 1880
Howard Janvrin d. 1842
Joanna J. Janvrin d. 1847
Joseph Janvrin d. 1886
Louis A. Janvrin d. 1877
Lydia Ann Janvrin d. 1860

Nathan Johnson d. 1796
Daniel Jones d. 1809
Lydia Jones d. 1820
Mary W. Jones d. 1854
Hannah Kimball d. 1825
Nathaniel Kimball d. 1820
Abigail Leavitt d. 1832
Abigail Kimball Leavitt d. 1868
Benjamin Leavitt d. 1826, Massachusetts Army (Revolutionary War.)
Benjamin D. Leavitt d. 1855
Betsey Leavitt
Hannah Leavitt
Isaac Leavitt
Jeremiah Leavitt d. 1818
Mary Leavitt d. 1813
Mary S. Leavitt d. 1844
Samuel Leavitt d. 1855
Ebenezer Light d. 1757
John Light d. 1745
Mary Light d. 1745
Elizabeth Lodge d. 1747
Elizabeth Lodge
Hannah Lodge
M Lodge d. 1765
Moses Lodge
Elizabeth Lord d. 1762
Samuel Loud d. 1851
Anna Lougee d. 1852
Serena Denison Lovering d. 1847
Elodia C. Lowell d. 1850
John S. Lowell d. 1838
Catharine T. March d. 1828
Mary Frances Marsh d. 1832
Major John Meed d. 1824, photo 2
Mary Meed d. 1827, photo 2
Mary Meed d. 1837, photo 2
Olive Meed d. 1874, photo 2
William Meed d. 1816, photo 2
Richard Mery d. 1758, photo 2
William Miles d. 1830
Harriet J. Mitchell d. 1873
Alexander Morrison d. 1800
Anna Morrison d. 1800
Deborah Moses d. 1846
Theodore Moses d. 1862
Easter Moulton d. 1827
Benjamin Moulton d. 1835
John Moulton d. 1835
Thomas Moulton d. 1850
Thomas H. Moulton d. 1835
Ann Moore T. Odiorne d. 1852
Dolly Tufts Odiorne d. 1793, of Newburyport.
John Odiorne d. 182?
Deacon Thomas Odiorne d. 1819
Alice Odlin d. 1787
Elizabeth Odlin d. 1756
Joanna O. Odlin d. 1842
Theresa Orne d. 1843
Joseph Douglass Osb??? d. 1803
Lydia Osgood
Phillip Osgood d. 1810
Charlotte Page d. 1813
Elizabeth Page d. 1787
Mary A. Page d. 1855
Mary A. Robinson Page d. 1862
Catharine Parker d. 1825
Elizabeth Fogg Parker d. 1816, of Kensington.
Nathaniel Parker Esq. d. 1812
Hon. William Parker d. 1813, Surgeon's Mate 8th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776; Surgeon 2d New Hampshire (Revolutionary War).
Dr. William Parker d. 1898
Richard Parshley d. 1838, photo 2
Dr. Joseph M. Patch d. 1848
Dorethy Pearson d. 1859
Abigail A. Janvrin Pierson d. 1900
Cora B. Pierson d. 1904
Sophia P. Pierson d. 1832
??? Philbrick d. 1840
Betsey Philbrick d. 1850
Hannah Philbrick d. 1840
Sarah Lyford Philbrick d. 1879
William Philbrick d. 1877
Henry Phillips d. 1812, born in Charlestown, late of Newfoundland.
Eleanor Prescott d. 1867
John Rice d. 1766
Mary Rindge d. 1850
Anne Robinson
Charles Robinson
George Washington Robinson
Sarah E. Rundlett Robinson
Abigail Rundlet d. 1934
David Rundlet d. 1826
Dolly Rundlet d. 1795
Dolly Rundlet d. 1852
Elizabeth Rundlet d. 1812
George Rundlet d. 1825
Henrietta P. Rundlet d. 1835
John Rundlet d. 1805
Joseph Rundlett, Stone 2
Nathaniel Rundlet d. 1846
Priscilla Rundlett, Stone 2
Shephard Rundlet d. 1830
Ruth Rust d. 18??
Samuel Rust d. 1827
Anna Safford d. 1848
Benjamin Safford d. 1827
Dudley Safford d. 1822
Elizabeth Gilman Safford d. 1865
Susan Safford d. 1798
Susan Safford d. 1843
Jacob Sanborn d. 1855
Anna E. Sawyer d. 18??
S. S. Sawyer d. 18??
Nancy Sorrell d. 1846
Catharine Shackford
Martha Sherriff d. 1823
Sarah Sherriff d. 1832
Dorothy Sleeper
Abigail Smith d. 1834
Abigail Smith
David Smith d. 1838
Dorothy G. Smith d. 1808
George Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith d. 1831
Lydia Smith d. 1772
Richard Smith d. 1713
Sarah Smith
Shephard Smith
Theophilus Smith Esq.
Theophilus Smith Jr. Esq.
Olive Steele d. 1836
Robert Steele d. 1846
Sarah Lyford Stevens d. 1830
William Stevens d. 1842
Clarissa Sullivan Sr.
Clarissa Sullivan Jr.
Edward Sullivan
Hon. George Sullivan
George F. Sullivan Jr.
Margaret W. Sullivan
Martha L. Sullivan
Mary F. Sullivan
Elizabeth Swasey
Hon. Samuel Tenney d. 1816, Harvard Graduate, a surgeon for the American Revolution, a delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1788, Judge of the Probate of Wills, a Congressman, secretary of the New Hampshire Medical Society, and a writer of several papers for societies and publications.
Tabitha Tenney
Catherine O. Thayer
Sarah Thayer
Harriet Thing d. 1832
Samuel Stevens Thing d. 18??
Anne Thompson
Mary Thompson
Samuel Thomson
Capt. James Thurston
Caleb Thurston
Mary Thurston
Nancy Thurston
Catharine Tilton
Elizabeth Tilton
Gilbert Tilton
Dr. John Tilton d. 1828
Dr. Joseph Tilton
Joseph Tilton
John Towle
John Towle
Mary Towle
G. Hezron Van Duzee
John Van Duzee
Martha Varnum
Winthrop Varnum
Mary T. Warren
Elizabeth S. Weeks d. 1833
J. Weeks, 9th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War.)
Amos Edgar Whitley d. 1928
Sarah Whitley d. 1937
Elizabeth Williams
Deacon Isaac Williams
Marea T. Williams
Eliza O. Winkley d. 1832

More History in Exeter

Other Burial Sites

American Independence Museum

Dudley House Also known as Perry--Dudley House
14 Front St.
Federal style. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Edward Sewall Garrison
16 Epping Rd.
Early garrison for defense against attacks. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Exeter Historical Society
47 Front Street
PO Box 924
Exeter, NH 03833
(603) 778-2335

Exeter Waterfront Commercial Historic District
Chestnut Hill Ave., Water, Franklin, Pleasant, High and Chestnut Sts.
Federal, Greek Revival, Late Victorian styles. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

First Church Also known as Congregational Church;United Church of Christ
21 Front St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Front Street Historic District
Front St. to the jct. of Spring and Water Sts.
Federal, Greek Revival styles. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Gilman Garrison House
12 Water St.
Built 1709 and is now a museum. Listed on National Register of Historic Places. Open June 3, 11am-5pm, and August 19, 11am-5pm. Private Heritage Tours available with advanced reservations. Please call 617-227-3956, June 1 through October 15. More information.

Maj. John Gilman House Also known as Deacon Thomas Odiorne House
25 Cass St.
Georgian style. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ladd--Gilman House
Governors Lane and Water St.
Once home of Nicholas Gilman, a colonial Governor of New Hampshire. Now part of the American Independance Museum. Open to the public May 1 - October 31, Wed. - Sat., 10a.m. - 4 p.m. (last tour at 3 p.m.).

Moses--Kent House
1 Pine St.
Italianate, Second Empire style. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Samuel Tenney House
65 High St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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