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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Dover, New Hampshire

Cemeteries & History of Dover, New Hampshire

Pine Hill Cemetery is located on Central Ave. in Dover. It was started in 1730 and was first used by local Indians. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Very Good. Some broken stones but the landscaping is well kept. Click here to download a Request For Information form to contact the Dover Cemetery Department and request more information about someone buried in this cemetery.

Pine Hill Cemetery

More photos uploaded than transcribed. This is a huge cemetery and will take many more visits to complete.

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Hannah H. ? d. 19??
Little Harriet d. 1861
Lizzie C. ? d. 1932
Charles Abbott d. 1???
Delia A. Abbott d. 1912
Ednah B. Abbott d. 1948
Elisha Abbott d. 1898
Emma C. Abbott d. 18??
Grace Abbott d. 18??
Grace Abbott d. 1892
Harriet A. J. Abbott d. 1876
Major Joseph S. Abbott d. 1901, stone 2, Strafford Guard Regiment New Hampshire (Civil War).
Mae Abbott d. 187?
Mary Eleanor Abbott d. 1873
Moses Abbott d. 188?
Orrin S. Abbott d. 18??, Co. D 9th NH Infantry (Civil War.)
Samuel B. Abbott d. 1912
Walter I. Abbott d. 1868
Amanda J. Adams d. 1849
Charles N. Adams d. 1861
Ella Isadore Adams d. 1903
Delia Adams d. 1882
George Everett Adams d. 1915
Joseph P. Adams d. 1878
Harriet J. Allen d. 1855
Ernest Arthur d. 1869
Phebe Hussey Austin d. 1813
Moses Austin d. 1792
Susan Bailey d. 1871
Alexander Douglas Baker d. 1756
James Baker d. 1810
Sarah Baker d. 1822
Caroline Beach d. 1849
Catherine Beach d. 1887
Content Beach d. 1871
Kezia Beach d. 18??
Laura Beach d. 1897
John F. Bean, a shoemaker from Haverhill. Company I, 60th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War.
Abigail Belknap d. 1816
Joseph Belknap d. 1797, photo 2
Sarah Belknap d. 1784, photo 2
Alonzo F. W. Berry, Company I, 10th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire. He deserted in 1862 and was apprehended a year and a half later.
George W. Bickford d. 1852
Corp. David A. Blake, Company E, 13th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, transferred to US Navy (Civil War.)
Philip J.C.W. Bolduc, MD d. 1873
Irena C. Hayes Brooks d. 1911
John Brooks d. 1893
Ann M.C. Brown d. 1836
Esther Marie Brown d. 1831
Benjamin Bucknell, of Hiram, ME. Company G, 13th Infantry Regiment Maine, Civil War.
T.H. Bunner, US Navy, Civil War.
Nancy Foye Burgess d. 1849
John William Newcomb Burley d. 1827, "promising son" of Josiah and Margaret Burley at age 3.
Josiah Burley d. 1831
Josiah Burley Jr. d. 18??
John I. Burnham, Co. K 3rd New Hampshire Regiment, Civil War. Received a disability discharge at Hilton Head, SC.
Georgie M. Canney d. 1847
Herbert A. Canney d. 1910
Jerome B. Canney d. 1897
Nancy P. Wentworth Canney d. 1903
Deborah Hayes Card d. 1860
Edcil P. Card d. 1929
Elmer Whittier Card d. 1912
Helen A. Card d. 1850
Helen A. Card d. 1939
Marion D. Card d. 1895
Thomas H. Card d. 1866
Mary M. Carlile d. 18??
Nathan Case, a shoemaker from Plaistow, 5th Light Artillery Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Isaac Cate d. 1844
Chamberlain-Vantasse Monument
Abagail Chamberlain d. 1865
Charles Chamberlain d. 1???
Charles H. Chamberlain d. 1???
Edward Boyd Chamberlain d. 1901
Frank H. Chamberlain d. 1???
Hannah Pilsbury Chamberlain d. 1905
Eunice R. Champion d. 1882
John H. Champion d. 1893
Abigail Chandler d. 1862
Joseph Sacrates Chander d. 1816
Philemon Chander d. 18??
George Avery Chase d. 1826
William Chase, US Navy, Civil War.
Richard F. Chesley Sr. d. 1827
Richard F. Chesley Jr. d. 1840
Charles Church, Company D, 5th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire.
Isabella Churchill d. 1854
Martha J. Churchill d. 1895
Nathaniel W. Churchill d. 1908
Benjamin F. Cilley, Company I, 7th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Wounded at Bermuda Hundred, VA (Civil War.)
Adam Clark d. 1804, "after a short and painful illness."
Lydia M. Clark d. 1818
Nathaniel Clark d. 1847
Rev. Joseph Clary d. 1835, minister of the First Church of Dover for 16 years, he died in Cornish, NH where he was minister the previous 5.
Benjamin Clement d. 1888
Sarah E. Clement d. 1873
Eliphalet Coffin d. 1808
Elizabeth Coffin d. 1853
Patience Coffin d. 1825
Polly Coffin d. 1842
Tristram Coffin d. 1824
Col. Amos Cogswell d. 1826, from Haverhill, served in several regiments during the Revolutionary War.
Elisabeth Cogswell d. 1804
Lydia Cogswell d. 1828, wife of Col. Amos Cogswell, daughter of Col. Otis Baker, she died in Sandwich NH. Her first husband's epitaph is also carved on her gravestone: Capt. Samuel Wallingford who was killed on the ship "Ranger" in 1778. This ship was commanded by the Father of the American Navy, John Paul Jones and captured many English ships during the Revolutionary War. Captain Jones led a daring raid on the British port of Whitehaven, 23 April, spiking the guns of the fortress, and burning the ships in the harbor. He then planned to seize the Earl of Selkirk at St. Mary's Isle Scotland and hold him as a hostage to obtain better treatment for American prisoners of war. However, since the Earl was absent, the plan failed. They fought with the HMS Drake where 2 Americans (one being Sam Wallingford) and 40 British were killed.
Daisie Colbath d. 18??
Guy Hamilton Colbath d. 1887
Lafayette Colbath, Company A, 4th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Civil War.
Sadie A. Langley Colbath d. 1893
Betsey Cole d. 1864
Charles H. Crockett d. 1871
Nellie J. Crockett d. 1874
Christopher Cross, US Navy, Civil War.
John C. Currier d. 1871
Caroline Hurd Cushing d. 1911
Elizabeth Cushing d. 1730
Frances F. Pendexter Cushing d. 1945
Hannah Augusta Cushing d. 1850
Rev. Jonathan Cushing d. 1769, minister of the First Parish Church. back photo
Thomas H. Cushing d. 1868, stone 2
Thomas L. Cushing d. 188?
Anna Dame d. 1799
Col. Theophelus Dame d. 1800, fought in the Revolutionary War.
Eliza H. Darling d. 1835, born at Keen NH, lived in Roxbury MA, Died in Dover.
A.A. Davis d. 18??, 17th US Infantry
Charles W. Davis d. 1871
Edwin Clarence Davis d. 1865
Samuel C. Davis, Company I, 10th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Civil War. He deserted at Portsmouth, VA and was gone for over a year and a half. He was discharged 5 months later.
Sarah F. Davis d. 1884
Alfred Demeritt d. 1894
Alfred A. Demeritt d. 1842
Betsey Demeritt d. 1822
Cyrus C. Demeritt d. 1863
Deborah Demeritt d. 1843
Edmund T. Demeritt d. 1822
Elizabeth Y. Demeritt d. 1853
Infant Demeritt d. 1868
James H. Demeritt d. 1933
Jeremy Demeritt d. 1830
Jonathan Demeritt d. 1833
Le??? Demeritt d. 1822
Levi W. Demeritt d. 1842
Lois Demeritt d. 1837
Mary A. Demeritt d. 1815
Mary E. Demeritt d. 1875
S. L. Demeritt d. 1877
Sally T. Demeritt d. 1826
Sally T. Demeritt d. 1847
Cora. Adams Dixon d. 1900
Elizabeth Abigail Dow d. 1830
Betsey Downes d. 1872
Corp. Colin C. Downes d. 18??, Co. E, 2nd Maine Infanty (Civil War.)
Drew Monument
Betsey Drew d. 1894
David L. Drew d. 1889
Fannie Drew d. 1928
Helen F. Drew d. 1855
Isaac Drew d. 1869
Lizzie B. Drew d. 1867
Sarah E. M. McDuffee Drew d. 1910, at age 98.
Hannah Drinkwater d. 1901, born in Yorkshire, England.
James Drinkwater d. 1905, born in Yorkshire, England.
Caroline Cushing Dunnington d. 1933
Mary Z. Dunnington d. 1985
Thomas C. Dunnington d. 1963
Comfort Eastman d. 1861
Abigail Ellis d. 1842
Charles Emerson d. 1849
Charles Emerson d. 1863, born in Boston MA, died in Washington DC.
Nathaniel D. Emerson d. 1855
Sarah Homer Emerson d. 1889, born in Boston MA.
Temperance Emerson d. 1859
Timothy Emerson d. 1858
William E. Emerson d. 1854
Edith E. Emery d. 1943
Frank S. Emery d. 1918
Mary A. Emery d. 1924
Noah Emery d. 1842
Sally Emery d. 1875
Wyatt Emery d. 1877
Anna Farrar d. 1816, wife of Hon. Timothy Farrar of New Ipswich who was a judge of the Court of Common Pleas and vice president and director of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. He also wrote the Review of the Dred Scott Decision, and the Manual of the Constitution of the United States.
Charles Faxon d. 1910
Eben F Faxon d. 1932
Ebenezer Faxon 1875
Ellen A. Ham Faxon d. 1913
Emma F. Faxon d. 1852
George K. Faxon d. 1862, Co. K, 11th NH Infantry. Killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg (Civil War.)
Hannah J. Faxon d. 1852
Hannah Jenkins Faxon 1831
Horace Faxon d. 1846
Lydia A. Faxon d. 1831
Olive Thompson Faxon 1879
Ruby A. Young Faxon d. 1924
Elias R. Felker d. 1844
Hannah A. Felker d. 1858
Isaac G. Felker d. 1908
Mary V. Felker d. 1889
Ann T. Feniker d. 1899
Charles Feniker d. 1889
Dr. Albert G. Fenner d. 1891
Albert William Fenner d. 1845
Ann Louisa Fenner d. 1858
Arabella Winchester Fenner d. 1882
Julia White Fenner d. 18??
Mary Emily Fenner d. 1862
Mary H. Fenner d. 1899
Mary Ann Ferguson d. 1874
John Fernald d. 1798, of Portsmouth, "who was served with a Malignant fever while on a journey and died" at age 20. While traveling from their home in Portsmouth to Campton. John and his step-father caught the Yellow Fever that was plaguing Portsmouth at the time while resting in Dover and died there. The irony is that they were going to Campton to escape the fever.
Augusta Fiske d. 1846
Franklin Hanson Fiske d. 1840
James Herbert Fiske d. 1844
Susan Fiske d. 1846
Abner Flagg d. 18??
Alace M. Flagg d. 1845
Caroline Flagg d. 1838
Cooper Flagg d. 1856
Ellen F. Flagg d. 1916
Emelie Mehldau Flagg d. 1895
Harriet D. Flagg d. 18??
Harriet Heard Flagg d. 1886
Henry I. Flagg d. 1879
Jane Imer Flagg d. 1825
John L. Flagg d. 1847
Phebe G. Flagg d. 1897
Capt. William Flagg d. 1844
Joseph Footman d. 1846
Sarah A. Footman d. 1836
William Footman d. 18??
Eliza J. Foss d. 1897
Foye Monument, featuring a full free-form female scuplture.
Abigail Hall Foye d. 1866
Albert Foye d. 1867, buried in Portsmouth NH.
Andrew Foye d. 1864
Annah H. Foye d. 1859
C. Delmore Foye d. 1851
Edward C. Foye d. 1848
Henry H. Foye d. 1894, buried in Frankfort, KS.
Joanna Foye d. 1876
Richard Foye d. 1854
Roxannah Hayes Foye d. 1909
Samuel Dyer Foye d. 1889, buried in Rio Vista, CA.
Solomon Foye d. 1905
Wilbur H. Foye d. 1861
Ann Eliza Frost d. 1863,free-form sculpture of a reposing child. top view
Ann M. Frost d. 1878
Annie L. Frost d. 1892
David D. Frost d. 1860
Elizabeth N. Frost d. 1835
Frank L. Frost d. 1881
Gracie M. Frost d. 1875
Nathaniel Frost d. 1855
Rachel M. Frost d. 1884
Capt. Samuel B. Frost d. 1863
Ella F. Fuller d. 1852
Jonathan Gage d. 1800
Joseph Gage d. 1802, a local merchant.
Mary Gage d. 1799
Rebecca Gage d. 1806,
James Russell George d. 1851
? D. Gilman, Co. G, 5th Maine Infantry, Civil War.
Jennie B. Goldsmith d. 1882
Nellie F. Goldsmith d. 1864
Thomas J. Goldsmith d. 1864
Elisha Goodwin d. 1880
Ivory Goodwin d. 1865
Jerusha Goodwin d. 1872
John K. Goodwin d. 1887
Julia A. Goodwin d. 1878
Lydia Maria Gordon d. 1888
Corp. Arthur Judson Gould d. 1910, Co. K, 11th NH Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)
Minnie Louise Gould d. 1920
Emily Josephine Gray d. 1891
George W. Gray d. 1907
Dr. Ezra Green, veteran's gravestone, d. 1847, at age 101, Born in Malden, Mass., 4th in descent from James Green, a settler in that town in 1647. Graduated at Harvard College, Surgeon in the army of the Revolution, and in the ship of War Ranger, Capt. John Paul Jones,
Member of the Convention for the adoption of the Constitution of the U.S. Deacon of the Congregational Church in Dover from 1790.

Newton J. Green d. 19??
Susanna Hayes Green d. 1836
Capt. Abner C. Griffin, photo 2, d. 1874
Abner C. Griffin Jr. d. 1918
Cordelia W. Teatherly Griffin d. 1891, extremely large sculptural monument of a grieving woman.
Harriet D. Flagg Griffin, d. 1885
James Frank Griffin d. 1851
Minnie B. Griffin d. 1899
Sarah Griffin d. 1837
Guppy Monument
Capt. James Guppy d. 1878
Jeremy Belknap Guppey d. 1917
Joseph D. Guppey d. 1890
General Joshua J. Guppey d. 1893, died in Portage, Wisconsin. Company S, 23rd Infantry Regiment Wisconsin (Civil War.)
Sophia Guppy d. 1892
2 Haley children, d. 1864 and 1868, front view
Arabella S. Haley d. 1838
Edward Hurd Haley d. 1891
Harrison Haley d. 1906
Jennie Gordon Haley d. 1909
Almira Hall d. 1893
Alphonzo W. Hall d. 1870
Hannah J. Wentworth Hall d. 1918
Henry Hall, Company K, 7th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, disability discharge. (Civil War)
Horace Hall d. 1842
Leonard Hall d. 1892
Leonard K. Hall d. 1877
Abby Jane Ham d. 1853
Edward L. Ham d. 1862
Elizabeth Ham d. 1739, wife of Lt. John Ham who was Lieutenant of the local militia.
Lt. John Ham(?)
John H. Ham d. 18??
Lucy Ham d. 1842
Mo??? Ham d. 1834
Samuel Ham 3rd. d. 1873
Sarah Ham d. 1887
William C. Ham d. 1834
Clarence Hanscom d. 1877
Nahum Hanscom d. 1866
Sarah Hanscom d. 1882
Sarah Amanda Hanscom d. 1845
Caroline A. Hanson d. 1863
Carrie L. Hanson d. 1861
Mary E. Hanson d. 1852
Sophia A. Hanson d. 1869
Caroline E. Hardy d. 1863
Margaret T. Hardy d. 1895
Rebecca J. Hardy d. 1896
Laura A. Harkness d. 1890
Betsy Hartwell d. 1868
Joseph Hartwell d. 18??
Albert E. Haskins d. 1919, US Navy.
John B. Hayes d. 1837
Henderson Monument
Abbie A. Henderson d. 189?
Charles T. Henderson d. 1919
Delia Paul Henderson d. 1837
Emma T. Henderson d. 1868
John E. Henderson d. 1870
Laura E. Henderson d. 1886
Samuel H. Henderson d. 1867
Sarah A. Guppy Henderson d. 1900
Lt. Col. Thomas A. Henderson d. 1864, Graduated at Bowdoin College 1855, Harvard Law School 1861, admitted to the Suffolk Bar Boston, the same year. Lieut. Col. of the 7th Regt. N.H. Volunteers. Died of a wound received in action near James
River, Va. Aug. 16, 1864

William C. Henderson d. 1925
Abram Hill d. 1863
Elizabeth Hill d. 1851
Henry A. Hill d. 1879
Jane Helen Hill d. 1842
Lieut. John B. Hill d. 18??, Co. F, 17th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War). Also a shoemaker from Haverhill, MA.
Lydia Hill d. 1883
Lydia E. Hill d. 187?
Sabbe A. Hill d. 1863
Belinda Hobbs d. 1866
Nathaniel Hobbs d. 1857
Sally Hobbs d. 18??
Benjamin Hodgdon d. 1837
Caroline Hodgdon d. 1878
Sally Hodgdon d. 1867
David Rant Holmes d. 1839
Ephraim E. Holmes d. 1839
Benjamin Horn d. 1756
Carrie Bell Hough d. 1916
Harry Hough d. 1917
Almira C. Hall Houghton d. 1875
Judith E. Howeroft d. 1876
William L. Howeroft d. 1877
Albert W. Hoyt d. 1861
Jane Hoyt d. 1847
Dea. John Hoyt d. 1879
John C. Hoyt d. 1930
Louisa Cater Hoyt d. 1898
Mary A. Hoyt d. 1927
Mary R. Hoyt d. 1848
Sarah Jane Hoyt d. 1836
Catherine A. Hull d. 1893
Elizabeth F. Hanson Hull d. 1918
Samuel H. Hull d. 1907
Alice W. Drew Hurd d. 1936
C. Bell Hurd d. 1919
Eliza B. Hurd d. 1853
Elizabeth C. Hurd d. 1893
Ezekiel Hurd d. 1800
Ezekiel Hurd d. 1870
George Edward Hurd d. 1858, graduated from Yale and the General Episcopal Theology Seminary of New York City.
Isaac Newton Hurd d. 1873, Company I, 1st Cavalry Regiment New Hampshire (Civil War.)
James H. Hurd d. 1873
Joanna Waldron Hurd d. 1840
John Waldron Hurd d. 1860
Mary B. Hurd d. 1859
Mary Elizabeth Hurd d. 1899
Mary P. Hurd d. 1866
Octavia Hurd d. 1852
Samuel F. Hurd d. 1897
Abbie Hussey d. 1894
Caroline Hussey d. 1854
Edith A. Hussey d. 1877
Eliza Hussey d. 1879
Sarah J. Hussey d. 1872
Timothy Hussey d. 1846
Timothy Hussey d. 1922
Mary J. Hutchings d. 1881
Remington P. Hutchings d. 18??

Abbie E. Jewett d. 1873, wife of Dr. Charles Jewett.
John J. Johnson, Company A, 13th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire.
John M. Kelley d. 1844, "a resident of Great Falls, Somersworth, NH."
B.F. Kennard d. 1914
John Kennard d. 1885
Lydia Kennard d. 1888
Sarah Drowne Kennard d. 1901
Adaline Kimball d. 1873
Ezra Kimball, photo 2, d. 1801
Fanny Woodbury Kimball d. 1834
Elsie C. King d. 1968
Leon A. King d. 1969
Lydia Frances Langley d. 1830, of Lee.
Joseph G. Langmaid, Co. K 2nd New Hampshire Infantry Civil War.
Edith Laskey d. 1943
Frank S. Laskey d. 1918
Elsa Way Libby d. 1863, of Newfield, Maine.
Moses Little, Esq. d. 1798, formerly of Campton, late of Portsmouth, "who was stricken with a Malignant Fever while on a journey to Campton." He and his step-son caught the Yellow Fever that was plaguing Portsmouth at the time while resting in Dover and died there. The irony is that they were going to Campton to escape the fever.
Thomas Livermore d. 1874, a once beautiful free-form carving of a cherub which now sadly has no head. Rear view
Abba Locke d. 1858
Joshua Locke d. 1888
Joshua S. Locke d. 1878
O.S. Loomis, a musician with Company Band, 105th Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania, Civil War.
Annie E. Lougeer d. 1877
Matthew Low d. 1868, back of stone
Ellen Lynch d. 1849
John Lynch d. 1849
A.M. d. 17??
E.M. d. 1818
M.M. d. 1759
Douglas Malcolm d. 1921, of Baltimore, MD.
Sarah Abby Cushing Malcolm d. 1945
Georgianna Lee Marston d. 1847
Caroline Matilda Martin d. 1910
Elizabeth Abiah Martin d. 1888
Mary Woodbury Martin d. 1880
Gov. Noah Martin, M.D. d. 1863, Governor of New Hampshire 1852-3.
Annie Hall McDaniel d. 1902
Virgil Homer McDaniel d. 1897
Nahum McFarlin, a shoemaker from Pembroke MA. Company I, 4th Infantry Regiment, Civil War.
Elizabeth Mellen d. 1793
Charles W. Merrill, Company K, 7th Infantry Regiment Maine, Civil War. Received a disability discharge a little over a year after enlisting.
Elodia Merrill d. 1885
B. B. Merritt 4th Michigan Infantry (Civil War.)
Abby Merrow d. 1871
George Edwin Meserve d. 1857
Augustus Miller, Enlisted twice with Company D, 4th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire (Civil War.)
Caroline Mooney d. 1890
Ira Mooney d. 1889
Almira Jane Morrill d. 1908
Caroline Doe Morrill d. 1843
Caroline Frances Morrill d. 1843
James E. Morrill d. 1895, born in Berwick, ME, died in Davenport, IA.
John F. Morrill d. 1918
Jonathan Morrill d. 1872
Lucy A. Morrill d. 1895
Maria Blake Morrill d. 1935
Sarah W. Morrill d. 1895, born in Sanford, ME, died in Davenport, IA.
Wilbur Morrill d. 1859
Woodbury J. Morrill d. 1877
Bertie W. Moulton d. 1867
Edwin A. Moulton d. 1869
Frank H. Moulton d. 1861
William-Pitt Moulton d. 1803
Matilda R. Mu??ay d. 1875
Caroline Neal d. 1857
Rev. Jacob S. Neal d. 1890
James A. Neal d. 1898
Samuel A. Neal d. 1830
Sarah J. Neal d. 1895
Caroline Emma Cushing Neally d. 1928
John H. Neally d. 1928, full monument
Calvin Newcomb d. 1838
Alice Nute d. 1849
Capt. Samuel Nute d. 1828
Sarah Nute d. 1817
Nutter Monument
Charles H. Nutter d. 1866
Margaret Neil Nutter d. 1827, photo 2
Mary A. Nutter d. 1877
Bradley Osgood d. 1864
Martha A. Osgood d. 1915
Mehitable S. Osgood d. 1880
William Otis d. 1862, Co. D, 5th New Hampshire Infantry. Died of disease at Yorktown, VA.
Sgt. Smith C. Page, Company B, 13th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Company B, 13th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, and Company D, 16th Regt Regiment RC, Civil War.
Mary Webster Palmer, photo 2, d. 1819
Maria Palmer d. 1866
William Palmer d. 1869
B. F. Paul d. 1906
Hannah Kennard Paul d. 1916
Bertha T. Payne d. 19??
Charles A. Payne d. 1940
Dea. Benjamin Peirce d. 1825
Daniel Peirce d. 1849
Elizabeth Peirce d. 1856
John Peirce d. 1855
Joseph Peirce d. 1799
Lydia Peirce d. 1801
Mary Peirce d. 1823
Mary Peirce d. 1850
Mehitable Peirce d. 1855
Sarah Peirce d. 1862
Samuel Ham Pendexter d. 1817, son of George Pendexter, a local architect who designed in the Greek Revival style including the Samuel Wyatt House and the First Parish Church.
Amy Perkins d. 1812
Elijah Perkins d. 1816
Eri Perkins d. 1869
Eri Perkins d. 1888
Hannah Perkins d. 1899
Joshua Perkins d. 1819
Margaret Ann Perkins d. 1843
Mary Ann Perkins d. 1867
Rebecca Palmer Perry d. 1883
Richard R. Pettie d. 18??, Co. F, 7th NH Infantry (Civil War).
Annette I. Pinkham d. 1889
Freddie M. Pinkham d. 1879
George H. Pinkham d. 1888, Company I, 8th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire Civil War.
Olive A. Hurd Pinkham d. 1934
Catherine E. Porter d. 1868 Dea. Isaac Porter d. 1860, Born in Boxford Mass.
Lucy Kent Porter d. 1849
Mary Kent Porter d. 1869, Born in Watertown, Mass.
John C. Pray, Co. K 11th NH Infantry (Civil War.)
Hannah B. Prescott d. 1839
Joseph Prescott, Co. C, 5th New Hampshire Infantry (Civil War.)
Ann E. Prime d. 1812
James Prime d. 1842
Elizabeth Rand d. 1892
Hannah Gage Rawson d. 1811
Col. Jonathan Rawson d. 1794, an attorney, originally from Yarmouth MA.
Sgt. Joseph Redmayne, Co. F 174th New York Infantry and Co. B 162 New York Infantry, Civil War.
Jonathan Ricker d. 1862
Sarah Ricker d. 1861
Esther L. Robinson d. 1829
Betsey Roberts d. 1874
Elizabeth Roberts d. 1864
John Roberts d. 187?
Alpheus Rogers d. 1878
Rowe Monument
Emily C. Rowe d. 1848
Isaac Rowe d. 1858
Amos Sargent d. 1848
Charles R. Sargent d. 1835
John P. Sargent d. 1835
Lucy Sargent d. 1835
Joseph A. Sate d. 1903
Mary Leighton Sate d. 1904
Priscilla Savage d. 18??
Hosea Sawyer d. 1858, he built the Sawyer Building at the corner of Portland Ave. and Main St. in 1823 for $9300.
Jonathan Sawyer d. 1891, a wool flannel manufacturer and founder of F.A.B. Sawyer, his company built some of the large old mills downdown, His son Charles was Governor of NH for 2 years.
Laura Ann Sawyer d. 1852
Martha Perkins Sawyer d. 1896
Annie L. Sayles d. 1862
Ruth T. Seavey d. 1824, formerly of Wolfborough.
Marjorie L. Sharpe d. 1931
John Simpson, Company 5th, Unattached Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War.
James F. Smart d. 1892
Charles W. Smith d. 1847
Charles W. Smith d. 1862
Frederic Bell Smith d. 1798, photo 2
George W. Smith d. 1911
Capt. John Smith d. 1881
Leonard Smith d. 1800
Lydia Smith d. 1882
Joseph Bell Smith d. 1850, photo 2
Joseph Smith d. 1857, born in Newburyport MA.
Judith Smith d. 1809
Mary Emerson Smith d. 1868, born in Haverhill MA.
Ella F. Stackpole d. 1833
Col. John Stackpole d. 1873
John S. Stackpole d. 1893
Mary E. Stackpole d. 1882
Rachel A. Stackpole d. 1875
Florence V.T. Steeves d. 1948
Hurd J. Steeves d. 1927
Sarah E. Faxon Stiles d. 1849
John Stinson d. 1826
James Strachan d. 1825, a native of Liverpool, England.
Mary A. Currier Stuart d. 1914
Abby F. Wentworth Swain d. 1937
Frank H. Swain d. 1925
Susan A. Swansey d. 1849, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Swansey of Balk, MI and granddaughter of Hon. John Maher of Dover.
Abigail Tarlton d. 1799
Abigail Tarlton d. 1842, of Portsmouth, NH.
Ann Louisa Tarlton d. 1843
Frances A. Tarlton d. 1788
Capt. James Hill Tarlton d. 1818
Richard Tarlton d. 1812
Capt. Richard Tarlton d. 1814, lost at sea. Of Portsmouth, NH.
William A. Tarlton d. 1825
Josiah Taylor d. 1819
Mary Taylor d. 1835
Teatherly Monument
Alice Nute Teatherly d. 1849
Andrew Teatherly d. 1843
Andrew Teatherly d. 1885
Cordie W. Teatherly d. 1848
Eliza A. Teatherly d. 1885
Emily T. Teatherly d. 1854
Francis A. Teatherly d. 1842
Mary A. Teatherly d. 1853
Mary E. Teatherly d. 1855
Mary E. Teatherly d. 1856
Polly Nute Teatherly d. 1851
Robert B. Teatherly d. 1833
William H. Teatherly d. 1827
Maj. Ebenezer Tebbets d. 1804, major in the New Hampshire Militia, Revolutionary War.
Rebecca Tebbets d. 1810
Samuel Tebbets Esq. d. 1810
Charles A. Thompson d. 1868
John Thompson d. 1847
Sarah Jane Thompson d. 1839
Isaac Tibbetts, Co. D 17th Maine Infantry, Civil War. Prisoner of war and wounded at Chancellorsville, VA.
Capt. James Tibbets d. 1819, photo 2
Col. Benjamin Titcomb d. 1799
Charles Townsend, Company I, 1st Infantry Regiment Massachusetts Civil War.
Eliza Tucker d. 1848, widow of Dr. Seth Tucker of Boston.
Asa Tufts d. 1799, formerly of Charlestown.
Joanna W. Tuttle d. 1829
George H. Twombly d. 1898
Mary A. Twombly d. 1869
Mary E. Twombly d. 1935
Reuben H. Twombly d. 1893
Susan J. Twombly d. 1867
Anna P. Vantasse d. 1881
Emma Louise Vantasse d. 18??
J. Newton Vantasse d. 1894
Lucy Varney d. 1885
Sarah A. Varney d. 18??
Sarah Foye Varney d. 18??
Frank Pierce Vittum d. 1907
Hattie M. Platts Vittum d. 1891
Jeannie Fuller Vittum d. 1881, interesting gravestone carved to look like a treestump with an anchor wound around it.
Mark Walker Jr. d. 1812
Hannah Wallace d. 1838
Capt. Samuel Wallingford d. 1778, killed on the ship Ranger (Revolutionary War).
Annie Neal Watson d. 1931
Isaac Watson d. 1825
Nancy Watson d. 1803
Elizabeth Alice Welch d. 1938
George Gregg Welch d. 1915
John Tapley Welch d. 1919
Abigail Wentworth d. 1863, born in Somersworth NH, died in South Danvers, MA.
Amasa F. Wentworth d. 1869
George M. Wentworth d. 1834
Hannah J. Wentworth d. 1918
Hiram S. Wentworth d. 1871
Matilda Wentworth d. 1850
Elizabeth Wentworth d. 1908
John Wentworth d. 1827
John Wentworth d. 1878
Mary Elizabeth Wentworth d. 1864
William Wentworth, Company K, 3rd Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, Civil War. He deserted 2 months after reenlisting, only to return the next month to be wounded at Drewry's Bluff, VA.
Charlie A. Wheeler d. 1868
Eliza Neil Wheeler d. 1807, wife of William Neal of Portsmouth, she died in childbirth along with the child.
Charles Benjamin Whitehouse d. 1825
Charles ?. Whitehouse d. 1896
John S. Whitehouse d. 18??, Co. I, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War.)
Lusebe Whitehouse d. 18??
Stephen Whitehouse d. 1831
Susan Whitehouse d. 1821
William H. Whitmore, Hospital Steward, Co. L, 5 Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery (Civil War.)
John Whittier d. 1864
Obadiah Whittier d. 1814, stone 2
Sarah Austin Whittier d. 1844, stone 2
Emma J. Wiggin d. 1892
David Willey, Esq. d. 1841
Gustavus I. Williams d. 1806, photo 2
Baby Sally Williams d. 1806
Salley Williams d. 1806, photo 2
Sarah A. Ricker Williams d. 1896
Ann Wingate d. 1836
Ann Mary Wingate d. 1831
Eliza Chandler Wingate d. 1825
Sarah Elizabeth Wingate d. 1841
Simon Wingate d. 1830
Lamson P. Winkley d. 1858
Woodman Monument
Alice M. Woodman d. 1863
Annie E. Woodman d. 1915
Charles Woodman d. 1885
Charles A. Woodman d. 1866
Hannah W. Coffin Woodman d. 1854
Mary A. Woodman d. 1855
Sarah Coffin Woodman d. 1915
William Woodman d. 1884
Samuel Yeaton d. 1829
Lt. Col. Andrew Young d. 1880, enlisted as 1st. Lieutenant Co. S, 7th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire, rose to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel. (Civil War)
Annah R. Young d. 1848
Caroline Young d. 1890
Charlotte Young d. 1823
Ellen F. Young d. 1887
Capt. Joseph Young d. 1868, lost at sea.
Jeremy Young d. 1848
Lydia D. Young d. 1876
Mary R. Young d. 1860
Susan E. Miles Young d. 1915

More History in Dover

First Settlers Burial Ground Est. 1633
Titcomb Family Cemetery
Pinkham Cemetery

Back River Farm Also known as Samuel Emerson Farm
Bay View Rd
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

County Farm Bridge Also known as County Farm Covered Bridge
NW of Dover on County Farm Rd.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Covered Pedestrian Bridge
across Cocheco River in Henry Law Park, Washington St. E. of NH9/108

Dame Tibbetts Tavern
45 Silver Street

First Parish Church
218 Central Ave.
Federal style church. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

First Parish Church Site-Dover Point
Dover Point Rd.
Site of the Dover's first parish church in 1654. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Garrison Hill Park and Tower
Abbie Sawyer Memorial Dr.
The History of Garrison Hill. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Open to the public, closes at dusk.

Michael Reade House Also known as Hughes--Beckingham House
43 Main St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. He was an immigrant from Ireland who became a land speculator and merchant on Dover's waterfront landing.

Mill Museum
100 Main Street

Public Market Also known as Morrill Block
93 Washington St.
Classical Revival style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Religious Society of Friends Meetinghouse
141 Central Ave.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ricker House
50-52 Summer Street

Samuel Wyatt House
7 Church St.
Greek Revival style by architect George Pendexter. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sawyer Building Also known as Flat Iron Building
4--6 Portland St.
Federal style, once operated as the customs house. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sawyer Woolen Mills Also known as Sawyer Mills
1 Mill St.
Second Empire style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church
5 Hale St.
Late Gothic Revival style by Henry Vaughan. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Strafford County Farm
County Farm Rd.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tuttles Red Barn
Dover Point Road

William Hale House Also known as Lafayette House
5 Hale St.
Federal style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1806 and also known as the Lafayette House in memory of General Marquis de Lafayette's stay here during his visit to Dover. It's the oldest of the Federal style houses in Dover. William Hale was a prominent representative to the U.S. Congress for several years and entertained many dignitaries including President Monroe.

Woodman Institute including John Parker Hale House, Woodman House, Damme Garrison House
182 Central Ave.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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