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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of York, Maine

Cemeteries & History of York, Maine

South Side Cemetery

The South Side Cemetery is found on South Side Street at the intersection of Bartlett Road in York, Maine. There are currently 125 entries for this cemetery. This project is 80% complete. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: The condition of this cemetery is good. There are some broken stones and landscaping could use some work.

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Ann Maria Alexander d. 1922
Mabel E. Alexander d. 1873
Rufus Stuart Alexander d., inscription
T. Nelson Alexander d. 1869
Abra Langton Lane Bragdon d. 1852
Deacon Jeremiah Bragdon d. 1767
Deacon Joseph Bragdon d. 1819
Lydia Bragdon d. 1852
Marcy Bragdon d. 1797
Mary S. Bragdon d. 1812
Ruth L. Bragdon d. 1850
Capt. Samuel Bragdon d. 1830
Samuel Bragdon d. 1768, heelstone
Sophia Bragdon d. 18??

Tabitha Bragdon d. 1745, rare carving of a pondering grim reaper in flowing robes. heelstone
Theodore Bragdon d. 1847
Theodosia Lyman Bragdon d. 1837
Theodosia Lyman Bragdon d. 1885
Sarah H. Call d. 1899
Mary J. Drew d. 1842
Mrs. ? Duning d. 1771
Abbie A. Fernald d. 1860
Abby A. Fernald d. 1834
Emily Fernald d. 1837, drowned from Sewall's Bridge. Stone 2
John B. Fernald d. 1891
Prudence L. Fernald d. 1857, Stone 2
Mary Eliza Sewall Freeman d. 1886
Henry P. Furbish d. 1869
Daniel B. Harris d. 1905
James Harris d. 1866
Joseph Harris d. 1862
Sally Harris d. 1887
Jerusha Holt d. 1802
Elder Joseph Holt d. 1774, Elder of the First Parish of York for nearly 50 years.
Mary Holt d. 1860
William Moody, heelstone
Capt. George Moulton d. 1870
Mary Moulton d. 1869
Emeline Sewall Parsons d. 1882
Theodore Parsons d. 1882
Charles H. Patch d. 1928, Company H, 17th Infantry Regiment Maine and 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Maine (Civil War.)
Daniel Patch d. 1862, Co. H. 8 Maine Regiment (Civil War), died at Port Royal, South Carolina.
Elizabeth Patch d. 1902, back of monument
George W. Patch d. 1896, back of monument
Lucy A. Patch d. 1922
Sarah A. Patch d. 1874
Harriet L. Philips d. 1891
Annie M. Raynes d. 1883
William P. Raynes d. 1889
Abigail H. R. Gray Sewall d. 1854, stone 2
Charles W. Sewall d. 1883
David Sewall d. 1885
Eliza Jane Trafton Sewall d. 1880
George R. Sewall d. 1845
George R. Sewall d. 1888
Hannah Sewall d. 1834
Joanna Stone Sewall d. 1807
Dea. John Sewall d. 1808
John Henry Sewall d. 1847, Stone 2
Joseph Sewall d. 1782
Joseph Sewall d. 1859, stone 2
Joseph Sewall d. 1892
Joseph Trafton Sewall d. 1852, Stone 2
Lydia Sewall d. 1851
Lydia Sewall d. 1879
Lydia J. Sewall d. 1876
Lydia Storer Sewall d. 1722
Mary G. Sewall d. 1868
Mercy Sewall d. 1812
Elder Samuel Sewall Esq. d. 1769
Major Samuel Sewall d. 1815, prominent architect among other traits in York, among his many creations, he designed the Sayward-Wheeler house, Sewall Bridge (the earliest pile driven draw bridge in America, furiture maker and cabinetry, and the original steeple
Sarah Sewall d. 1836
Sarah B. Titcomb Sewall d. 1790
William H. Sewall d. 1864
Capt. Edward Smith d. 1805, "born at Kingswood near the city of Bristol in Old England, and for many years a resident of Salem Massachusetts."
Elizabeth Smith d. 1804
Hannah Smith d. 1811
Hannah Smith d. 1862, born in Salem, MA.
Israel Orne Smith d. 1840, born in Salem, MA.
Israel Smith d. 1820
Joseph M. Trafton d. 1889
Lavinia Trafton d. 1867
Noah Trafton d. 1881

Paul/Shapleigh Family Cemetery


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Jane Paul d. 1812
Moses Paul d. 1812

Blaisdell Family Cemetery

small gated and stone-walled cemetery located on Rt. 103.

Photos uploaded but not transcribed.
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Libby Family Cemetery

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Mary A. Burt d. 1879
Katie E. Elwell d. 1878
A. A. Libby d. 1877, 5th
N.H. Infantry (Civil War.)

Asa Libby d. 1857
D. W. Libby d. 1862, Co. D
5th N.H. Infantry (Civil War.)

Elizabeth Libby d. 1905
Frank F. Libby d. 1871
George Libby, Capt. Thomas Bragdon's co., Col. Joseph Prime's regt. (Revolutionary War.)
Joseph W. Libbey d. 1912
Theodore Libby d. 1874
John Rogers d. 1901
Lottie B. Rogers d. 1897

Moody Family Cemetery

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