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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of South Berwick, Maine

Cemeteries & History of South Berwick, Maine

Portland Street Cemetery

The Portland Street Cemetery is on Agamenticus Road in South Berwick, Maine. This is the burial place of the famous 19th century writer Sarah Orne Jewett and her family. Several of the people here were used as the basis for characters in her books. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Very Good Condition. Landscaping is very good, but there are several broken stones in need of repair.


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Bowen G. Abbott d. 1861, Co. B. 12 Reg. Maine Volunteers, Civil War. Died at New Orleans.
George W. Abbott d. 1832
Infant Abbott d. 1837
Jane S. Abbott d. 1867
John H. Abbott d. 1861
Parker W. Abbott d. 1851
Rebecca Abbott d. 1868
Sally Abbott d. 1849
Salvina T. Abbott d. 1834
Sarah E. Abbott d. 1832
Sylvester Abbott d. 1889, served in the Army and Navy during the Civil War.
Elizabeth Ann Andrews d. 1827
Olive Ann Andrews d. 1837
Sarah L. Andrews d. 1833
Albert E. Bachelder d. 1881
Mary Ballard d. 1832, "after a distressing illness of 5 weeks."
Ezra Bartlett d. 1892
Sarah Bartlett d. 1846
Sarah Caler Bartlett d. 1847
Charles Parker Beal d. 1845
Lyman P. Beal d. 1854
Mary O. Beal d. 1874
Sarah J. Beal d. 1872
Charles Bedell d. 1868
Harriet W. Bedell d. 1863
Timothy A. Bedell d. 1865, Civil War veteran.
Daniel A. Bennett d. 1864, Company F, 32nd Infantry Regiment Maine, Civil War, killed in Petersburg, VA, two months after he joined.
Sophia Bennett d. 1874
Asa Brown d. 1855
Hon. John H. Burleigh d. 1877, a member of Maine state house of representatives, delegate to Republican National Convention from Maine, and U.S. Representative from Maine 1st District.
Betsey Butler d. 1852
H. Gracie Butler d. 1883
Pelatiah Butler d. 1855
Sadie M. Butler d. 1885
Mary Jane Calef d. 1860
Samuel Cate d. 1812
Harriet Chadbourne d. 18??
James W. Chadbourne d. 1862
Oliver Chadbourne d. 1852
Oliver B. Chadbourne d. 1869
Abigail Chadwick d. 1876
Dorcas Chadwick d. 1853
James Chadwick
Mary Chadwick d. 1850
Samuel Chadwick d. 1826
William Chadwick d. 1827
Olive Chaney d. 1848
Sophia Chaney d. 1838
Enoch G. Chase d. 1858
Maria Chase d. 1883
Catherine Clark d. 1846
?? Cogswell d. 1830
Arthur Lambert Cogswell d. 1870
Hon. Charles N. Cogswell d. 1843, served 3 terms in the Maine state legislature.
Charles Cogswell d. 1825
Charles Northend Cogswell d. 184?
Elizabeth Cogswell d. 1828
Elizabeth W. Cogswell d. 1837
Frederick Cogswell d. 1870
Margarett Elizabeth Cogswell d. 1869
Maria D. Cogswell d. 1826
Northend Cogswell Esq. d. 1837
Theodotia Conant d. 1828
William Cromwell d. 1855
Elizabeth A. Curtis d. 1864
Thomas J. Curtis d. 1867
John Cushing d. 1822
Olive Cushing d. 1853, at age 95.
Caroline Augusta Jewett Eastman d. 1897, sister of Sarah Orne Jewett.
Edwin Calvin Eastman d. 1892
Theodore Jewett Eastman M.D. d. 1931
Charles Russell Evans d. 1812
Cyrus Ferguson d. 1848
Eliza Goodwin Ferguson d. 1849
John Ferguson d. 1826
John Ferguson d. 1859
Jordan G. Ferguson d. 1851
Timothy Ferguson d. 1839
Aphia Fernald d. 1867
Robert Fernald d. 1887
Charles Chancy Frost d. 1826
George Frost d. 1847
John Frost d. 1861
Sarah Frost d. 1848
Martha Garland d. 1827
Nathaniel Garland d. 1841
Levinn Gilman d. 1871
Abby Goodwin d. 1931, age 97.
Benjamin F. Goodwin d. 1891
Isabel M. Goodwin d. 1879
L. Woodbury Goodwin d. 1867
Mark E. Goodwin d. 1863
Mary Goodwin d. 1829
Mary A. Goodwin d. 1883
Stephen Goodwin d. 1880
Thomas Goodwin d. 1862
Daniel Haggens d. 1824
Maj. Edmund Haggens d. 1827, Revolutionary War veteran.
John Haggens d. 1821
Mary A. Haggens d. 1844
Nancy Gilman Haggens d. 1846
Susan Haggens d. 1826
Samuel Harding d. 1844
Freeman M. Hardison d. 1866
Job Harris d. 1869
Mary P. Harris d. 1860
Lucy J. Keays Hayward d. 1917
Elizabeth How d. 1838
Mary P. How d. 1821
Oliver How d. 1818
John Hubbard d. 1848
George Huntress d. 1820
Jane Huntress d. 1843
Statira Huntress d. 1845
Judith Hutchins d. 1873
Jedediah Jenkins d. 1852
Jerusha Jenkins d. 1855
Augusta M.W. Jewett d. 1857
Caroline Perry Jewett, mother of Sarah Orne Jewett.
Dearborn Jewett d. 1854
Eliza S. Jewett d. 1870
George Jewett d. 1826
Henry M. Jewett d. 1842
Mary Jewett d. 1837
Mary Rice Jewett d. 1854
Mary Rice Jewett d. 1880
Olive Jewett d. 1826
Olive Maria Jewett d. 1832
Capt. Samuel Jewett d. 1846, side 2, side 3
Sarah Orne Jewett d. 1909, a famous american novelist and short story writer. Many of her works were set in South Berwick.
Theodore F. Jewett d. 1860
Dr. Theodore H. Jewett d. 1878
William D. Jewett d. 1887
George S. Joy, d. 1864, Co. F 8th Maine Infantry, Civil War. He died as a captured prisoner in Andersonville Prison.
Samuel Joy, Scammon's Regiment, Revolutionary War.
Daniel G. Keays d. 1872
Elizabeth A. Lord Snow Keays d. 1911
Hannah J. Goodwin Keays d. 1889
Love Keays d. 1853
Mary A. Keays d. 1862
Eliza G. Lee d. 1858
Betsey Lord d. 1840
Elizabeth Lord d. 1856
John Lord d. 1872
William Lord d. 1844
Catherine S. Lyons d. 1869
David Malony d. 1847
Sarah E. McDuffee d. 1853
George A. McIntire d. 1874, Co. B 17th Maine Infantry, Civil War.
Martha A. McIntire d. 1874
Martha S. McIntire d. 1897
William A. McIntire d. 1881
Hannah Merrow d. 1837
Isaac Merrow d. 1832
Nancy W. Merrow d. 1832
? Meserve d. 18?4
Col. John Meserve d. 1871
Lewis Hayes Meserve d. 1844
Ann Moulton d. 1854
Louisa M. Moulton d. 1851
Augustus Nason d. 1864, 32 Maine Infantry, Civil War.
Bartholomew Nason d. 1822
Charles Nason d. 1863
Daniel Nason d. 1872
Dudley Hubbard Nason d. 1864
Elizabeth Nason d. 1821
Hannah Nason d. 1872
Hope Nason d. 1842
Raymond Lee Nason d. 1863
Sarah Elizabeth Nason d. 1845
Benjamin Nealley d. 1859
Salley Nealley d. 1849
Bathsheba Norton d. 1834
Charles E. Norton d. 1873
Clarissa Norton d. 18??
Elizabeth A. Norton d. 1832
Maria Cogswell Norton d. 1825
Maria D. Cogswell Norton d. 1826
Maria Cogswell Norton d. 1828
Mary Ann Norton d. 1825
Mary Ann Cogswell Norton d. 1847
Mary H. Norton d. 1878
Moses Y. Norton d. 1832
Oliver Norton d. 1819
Oliver Norton d. 1875
Oliver K. Norton d. 1860
Sally Norton d. 1823
Abigail Parks d. 1844
Eley Parks d. 1820
Marianne C. Parks d. 1875
Samuel Parks d. 1865
Charlotte Pierce d. 1853
Ebenezer Pierce d. 1847
George W. Pierce 1862
Hannah Pierce d. 1843
Hannah Pierce d. 1869
John Pierce d. 1851
Mary E. Pierce d. 1866
Sarah E. Pierce d. 1854
Sarah R. Pierce d. 1875
William Pierce d. 1826
William Pierce Jr. d. 1834
Betsey Plaisted d. 1870
George Plaisted d. 1861
Elizabeth Plumer d. 1842
Elizabeth M. Plumer d. 1887
John Plumer d. 1873
Katherine Plumer d. 1833
Lucy Plumer d. 1874
Nahum Y. Plumer d. 1837
Charlotte Pray d. 1846
David G. Pray d. 1887
George H. Pray d. 1866
Joseph Pray d. 1846
Joseph Pray d. 1873
Mary Pray d. 1861
Mary C. Pray d. 1848
Oliver Pray d. 1846
Samuel Rice d. 1858
Mary Russell d. 1827
John Ryan d. 1854
Asenath Smith d. 1838
Mary Asenath Smith d. 1839
Dorcas Staples d. 1869
James A. Stone d. 185?
Olive G. Stone d. 1853
George Strout d. 1837
Augustus E. Trafton d. 1852
Charles Trafton d. 1855
Elizabeth Trafton d. 1843
Sarah Trask d. 1866
Lucy J. Watson d. 1834
David Webster d. 1836
Mary Wentworth d. 1841
Samuel Witham d. 1872
Rebecca F. Wilkinson d. 1859
Patience Wiley d. 1840
Robert Wiley d. 1820
Thomas Willey d. 1849
Adeline Cutts Wyman d. 1887
Hartly A. Wyman d. 1850
Olive C. Hodgdon Wyman d. 1881
Samuel R. Wyman d. 1902
Annah K. Young d. 1851
Charlotte Young d. 1846
Dorcas N. Young d. 1874
John W. Young d. 1883
Rebecca O. Young d. 1927
William A. Young d. 1883

Free Will Baptist Church

Located at 340 Main St., South Berwick, ME. This cemetery is in absolutely horrible condition and was recently severely vandalized with many of the stones being shattered.


More photos uploaded than transcribed.

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Elmir F. ?? d. 1851
Abner Boston d. 1906
Gracie N. Boston d. 1870
Susan W. Boston d. 1856
??? C. Brackett d. 1863
Joanna Brackett d. 1868
Lorenzo Brackett d. 1853
Louisa J. Brackett d. 1856
Mary C. Brackett d. 1851
Nathaniel Brackett d. 1850
Samuel Brackett d. 1832
Martha C. Butler d. 1896
Abbie Mary Coffin d. 1915
Edmund Coffin d. 1887, stone 2
Frank C. Coffin d. 1857, stone 2
George E. Coffin d. 1888
Olive T. Coffin d. 1867, stone 2
Sarah R. Coffin d. 1850, stone 2, stone 3
Comfort Davis d. 1849
Jacob Davis d. 1843
Charles Durgin d. 1876
George W. Durgin d. 1910, Company B, 27th Infantry Regiment Maine, Civil War, distinguished service.
Jane Durgin d. 1879
Carrie B. Earl d. 1900
Nancy W. Folsom d. 1885
Sarah M. Folsom d. 1882
Jessie Grant d. 1886
Mary N. Grant d. 1851
Moses C. Grant d. 1881
Olive M. Grant d. 1885
?? Hanscom, Civil War veteran.
Ellen M. Hanscom d. 1867
Sarah W. Hanscom
Susan Hanscom d. 1863
Willie P. Hanscom
Hamlin Hart d. 1895
George W. Keays d. 1884
Sarah B. Keays d. 18??
Lydia F. Littlefield d. 18??
Charles McDaniel d. 1859
Georgie H. McDaniel d. 1869
?? Morrison d. 1883
Lucius Q. C. Nason d. 1872
Sarah W. Nason d. 1884
Hannah J. Pray d. 1916
Charles E. Scammon d. 1878
Horace Almon Scammon d. 1863
John F. Scammon d. 1875
Sarah A. Scammon d. 1904
Alzade E. Shaw d. 1894
Lyman Shaw d. 1911
Edith Grace Smith, front of stone, d. 1871
Rozilla Butler Smith d. 1919


Goodwin Family Cemetery

The Goodwin Family Cemetery is on Vaughan's Lane, in the field to the Hamilton House Museum. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.


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Alpheus Goodwin d. 1875
Alvin W. Goodwin d. 1881
Anne E. Goodwin d. 1917
Betsey Goodwin d. 1888
Calvin W. Goodwin d. 1911
Ella M. Goodwin d. 1882
True C. Goodwin d. 1918
Willie J. Goodwin d. 1882

More History in South Berwick

Berwick Academy
Academy St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Conway Junction Railroad Turntable Site
Fife Ln. and Rt. 236
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cummings Shoe Factory Also known as South Berwick Shoe Company
2 Railroad Ave.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jewett-Eastman House
37 Portland St.
Greek Revival style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hamilton House

Vaughan's Lane and Old South Rd.
Georgian style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Berwick Historical Society
Corner of Main and Liberty Street
PO Box 396
South Berwick, ME 03908
(207) 384-8041; (207) 384-5162; (207) 384-0000

Portsmouth Company Cotton Mills: Counting House Also known as Counting House
ME 4 at Salmon Falls River
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sarah Orne Jewett House
ME 4 and 236
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you know of an historic place to visit in South Berwick, please submit it to

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