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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of South Berwick, Maine

Cemeteries & History of South Berwick, Maine

The Old Fields Burying Ground is located on Vine Street in South Berwick Maine. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Fair Condition. There are some broken stones but mostly needs landscaping.

Old Fields Burying Ground

Not all photos have been transcribed.

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Daniel Bo??e d. 1832
Hannah Jane Bo??e d. 1823
Infant Bradford d. 1851
Deborah Brock d. 1883
Judith Brock d. 1865
Judith Brock d. 188?
Martha Brock d. 1865
Sally Brock d. 1822
Simeon Brock d. 1861
Col. Simeon Brock d. 186?
Simeon Brock d. 1874
Sophia Brock d. 1864
Elizabeth Abbott Butler d. 1728
Thomas Butler d. about 1747, emigrant from Ireland, first ancestor in America to many Butler descendants.
? Chadbourne d. 18??
James Chadbourn d. 1852
Olive Chadbourn d. 1831
Sarah Chadbourn
Susan Chadbourn d. 1858
Elizabeth Sparry Chadbourne, photo 2, d. about 1623, wife of William Chadbourne.
Sarah Phipps Chadbourne d. 1814
William Chadbourne, photo 2, d. about 1652, the first generation ancestor for many Chadbourne descendants in America.
Betsy Hamilton Clarke d. 1793, photo 2
Mary Clements d. 1844
Ebenezer Crosbey d. 1744
Eunice Cutts, photo 2, d. 1795, wife of Hon. Richard Cutts Esq. of Kittery, she died at age 97.
Susan Hayes Doe
Charles Francis Frost d. 1814
Charlotte Abby Frost d. 1843
William Edwin Frost d. 1844
William Nathaniel Frost d. 1845
Abigail L. Gerrish d. 1866
Capt. Benjamin H. Gerrish d. 1861
Bridget Gerrish d. 1743
Elizabeth Gerrish d. 1841
Miriam Gerrish d. 1832
Nathaniel Gerrish Esq. d. 1729
?? Goodwin d. 1821
Baby Girl Goodwin d. 1884
Andrew J. Goodwin 1850
Major Andrew Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1843
Anna Goodwin d. 1818
Betsey Goodwin d. 1827
Charles Goodwin d. 1806
Dominicus Goodwin d. 1807
Dominicus Goodwin d. 1814, photo 2
Elizabeth Thompson Goodwin d. 1817
Elizabeth Wallingford Goodwin d. 1874
George Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1861
Humphrey Goodwin d. 1736
Ichabod Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1793
General Ichabod Goodwin d. 1829, member of the provincial congress in 1775 and 1777; lieutenant-colonel of Gerrish's York county regiment; major-general of militia from 1783 to 1815; member of the general court in 1792 and sheriff of York county.
Ichabod Goodwin d. 1869
Ichabod Goodwin Jr. Esq. d. 1814
John T. Goodwin d. 1821
Jordan Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1842
Mary Goodwin d. 17??
Mary Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1831
Mary E. Goodwin d. 1879
Mary Jane Goodwin d. 1811
Mehitable Goodwin, heelstone d. 17??
Madam Molly Goodwin d. 1825
Robert Goodwin, Co. B, 12 Maine Infantry, Civil War.
Sally Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1848
Sarah Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1870
Sophia Elizabeth Hayes Goodwin d. 1905
Thomas W. Goodwin, photo 2, d. 1822
Elizabeth Gookin d. 1825
Lucretia Gookin d. 1824
Dr. J.B.M. Gray
Benjamin Greene Jr. d. 1826
Hon. Benjamin Greene, photo 2, d. 1837, Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives in 1824.
Lydia Greene, photo 2, 3, d. 1830
Lucy R. Guptill d. 1887
Sally Ham, photo 2, d. 1799
Hon. Jonathan Hamilton Esq. d. 1802, 8th and or 7th (4th Berwick) co., 2d York Co. regt. of Mass. militia; Captain, Col. John Frost's regt., Revolutionary War. He was also a successful shipbuilder and merchant, and owner of the now Hamilton House Museum.
Joseph Hamilton d. 1788
Mary Hamilton d. 1800
Annah Hanscom d. 1860, photo from 2004 when the stone was unbroken.
Charlotte Hanscom d. 1848
Joanna Hanscom d. 1848
Louisa P. Hanscom d. 1834
Mary Ann Hanscom d. 1851
Rosanna Hanscom d. 1850
Tobias Almon Hanscom d. 1851
Major General Joseph Hayes d. 1912, a Major in the 18th Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War where he was wounded many times including once shot in the head. The bullet remained there the rest of his life. He's also credited with introducing hydraulic mining technology to Columbia.
Susan Hayes d. 1850
Charles C. Hayman, photo 2, d. 1844
Edward Hayman, photo 2, d. 1871
Edward B. Hayman, photo 2, d. 1831
Sarah Hayman, photo 2, d. 1836
Sarah Hayman d. 1895, photo 2
William Augustus Hayes d. 1814
Abigail Goodwin Hight, photo 2, d. 1851
Elizabeth Hight, photo 2, 3, d. 1776
William Hight, photo 2, d. 1782
William Hight Esq., photo 2, d. 1847
Capt. Elisha Hill d. 1764
Elizabeth Hill d. 1822
Hannah Hill d. 1841
Hon. John Hill d. 17??, Member of His Majesty's Council, Massachusetts Bay, and court justice. Owned mill rights at Great Works, and lived in what is probably the oldest house in South Berwick today, the Hill-Goodwin House. He was one of the town's wealthiest men at the time of his death.
Deacon John Hill d. 1810

Sarah Frost Blunt Hill d. 1772
Mattie J. Hodgdon d. 1863
Willie A. Hodgdon d. 1870
Lydia Hodsdon d. 1819
Matilda N. Hodsdon, photo 2, d. 1838
Richard Hodsdon d. 1851
Dominicus Hovey, photo 2, 3,d. 1783
Dominicus Hovey, photo 2, 3, d. 1790
Fanny Hovey, photo 2, 3, d. 1799
Frances Hovey d. 1816
Doctor Ivory Hovey d. 1818
Mary Hovey, photo 2, d. 1770
Samuel Hovey, photo 2,3, d. 1790
Temple Hovey d. 1811
Mary Jane Hussey d. 1831
Nancy Elizabeth Jenkins d. 18??
Louis Joy d. 1862
Nathaniel Joy d. 1833
Rhoda Lambert d. 1806
Thomas Lambert d. 18??
Betsy Lord d. 1842
Esther Lord, photo 2, d. 1811
Eunice Lord
Eunice Lord, photo 2, d. 1849
George Lord d. 1848
Hannah Lord
J. Buckminster Lord d. 1839
Lydia Lord d. 1834
Mark Lord d. 1822
Mary Lord, photo 2, d. 1836
Mollie Lord, photo 2, d. 1822
Nathan Lord Esq., photo 2, d. 1792
Nathan Lord, photo 2, d. 1852
Olive Lord d. 1822
Paulina Lord d. 1809
Richard Lord, photo 2, d. 1833
Sabina Lord d. 1822
Capt. Samuel Lord d. 1762, Capt. John Goodwin's co., Maj. Daniel Littlefield's detachment of York Co. militia, Revolutionary War.
Sarah Noble Lord d. 1897
Sophia Ladd Lord d. 1830
William Lord
Joseph McManus d. 1828
Henry Monroe d. 1851
Ida Monroe d. 1865
Ann Moore, heelstone, d. 1732
Abigail Nason d. 1845
Daniel Nason d. 1793, at sea.
Daniel G. Nason, photo 2, d. 1838
Mary Nason, photo 2, d. 1821
Major Nathan Nason d. 1826
Susan Elizabeth Nason d. 1853
Charlotte Norman d. 1866
Elisabeth Norton, photo 2, d. 1846
Mercy Rust Norton d. 1818
Meriel Norton d. 1841
Deacon Nathaniel Norton d. 1820
Sarah Norton, photo 2, d. 1862
Nancy Parks d. 1814
Oliver Parsons d. 1863
Dr. John Parsons d. 1775
Charles Pierce d. 1829
Laura E. Peirce d. 1869
Martha Peirce, photo 2, d. 1847
John J. Robins d. 1887
M. Celestia Robbins d. 1888
James C. Sargent d. 1852
Selendia Sargent d. 1798
Hannah K. Seaver, photo 2, d. 1826
Ichabod G. Seaver, photo 2, d. 1816
Abraham Shorey d. 1914
Celestia Shorey d. 18??
Eliza J. Shorey d. 1880
Fred H. Shorey d. 1899
Hannah P. Shorey d. 18??
Henry W. Shorey d. 1869, Company B, 27th Infantry Regiment Maine, Civil War.
John W. Shorey d. 1872
Benjamin Franklin Smith d. 1834
Rev. John Tompson d. 1828
Mary Tompson d. 1808
Sarah Tompson d. 1788
William A. Tompson d. 1835
James W. Wadleigh d. 1849
Mary A. Wadleigh d. 1811
Sarah J. Wadleigh d. 18??
Lydia Walkinson(?) d. 1831
William Hayes Ward d. 1916, an clergyman, editor, and Orientalist, served as pastor of a church at Oskaloosa, Kans., professor of Latin at Ripon College in Wisconsin. He joined the editorial staff of the New York Independent and later editor in chief, twice president of the American Oriental Society. He was the father of Herbert D. Ward, who was an author.
Rev. Jeremiah Wise d. 1756
Mary Wise d. 1742

More History in South Berwick

Berwick Academy
Academy St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Conway Junction Railroad Turntable Site
Fife Ln. and Rt. 236
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cummings Shoe Factory Also known as South Berwick Shoe Company
2 Railroad Ave.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jewett-Eastman House
37 Portland St.
Greek Revival style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Hamilton House

Vaughan's Lane and Old South Rd.
Georgian style. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Berwick Historical Society
Corner of Main and Liberty Street
PO Box 396
South Berwick, ME 03908
(207) 384-8041; (207) 384-5162; (207) 384-0000

Portsmouth Company Cotton Mills: Counting House Also known as Counting House
ME 4 at Salmon Falls River
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sarah Orne Jewett House
ME 4 and 236
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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