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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of West Newbury, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of West Newbury, Massachusetts

Cemetery Status: Good condition. Landscaping is well kept for the most part. Only a few stones are broken and in need of repair. Lot's of Lichen on the oldest stones.

Bridge Street Cemetery, est. 1724

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Photos uploaded but not transcribed.

Walnut Hill Cemetery, est. 1725
You can note a large number of children are buried here that were victims of a virulent throat distemper epidemic that spread throughout the Essex County (particularly nearby Haverhill) in 1735, 1736 and 1737.

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(*only transcribed up to photo #158)

Barnar?? ? d. 17??
Elizabeth ? d. 17??
John O. ? d. 18??
Rueben ? d. 17??
Betsey Acttiel d. 1831
Sarah Adams d. 17??
Sarah B. Adams d. 18??
Stephen Adams d. 1818
Hannah Bailey d. 1801
Mehitable Bailey d. 1802
? (wife of Capt. Samuel W.) Bartlett d. 18??
? Bartlett d. 1812
Infant Boy Bartlett d. 174?
Infant Boy Bartlett d. 1760
Infant Girl Bartlett d. 17??, heelstone
Infant Girl Bartlett d. 17??
Apphia Bartlett d. 1795
Elizabeth W. Bartlett d. 18?0
Deacon Daniel Bartlett d. 1756
John E. Bartlett d. 1865
Joseph Bartlett d. 1787
Joseph Bartlett d. 1808
Josiah Bartlett d. 1747
Josiah Bartlett d. 1802
Josiah Bartlett d. 1826
Judith Dole Bartlett d. 1808
Lydia Bartlett d. 1766
Nancy Bartlett d. 1829
Capt. Richard Bartlett d. 1749/50
Richard Bartlett d. 1754, heelstone
Capt. Samuel W. Bartlett d. 18??
Sarah Bartlett d. 1819
Sarah Bartlett d. 1820
Sarah Bartlett d. 1900
Stephen Bartlett d. 185?
Susanna Bartlett d. 1705
? Brickett d. 1747
Abigail Brickett d. 1860
Deacon Amos Brickett d. 1851
Anna Brickett d. 1812
John Brickett d. 1736
James Brickett d. 1770
Oliver Albert Brown d. 1816
Lieut. Nathan Brickett d. 1805
Susanna Brickett d. 1788
William Bryant d. 1796
Abel Chase d. 1736
Abel Chase d. 1828
Almira Chase d. 1822
Anna Chase d. 1850
Charles Chase d. 1851
Emey Chase d. 1783
Eunice Chase d. 1857
Hannah Chase d. 1810
Hannah Chase d. 1846
Hannah Johnson Chase d. 1831
Jeremiah Chase d. 183
Judith Chase d. 1813
Lois Chase d. 1857
Mary Chase d. 1725, first burial in this cemetery.
Mary Chase d. 1729
Mary Chase d. 1748
Simeon Chase d. 1829, graduate of Harvard College.
Sombersby Chase d. 1736
Thomas Chase d. 1736
Thomas Chase d. 1765
Thomas Chase d. 1849
Sarah Chase d. 1833
Sarah C. Chase d. 1862
Deacon Thomas Chase d. 1756
William Chase d. 1888
Hannah Colman d. 18??
Mary Adams Dawkins d. 1868
Hannah Dole d. 1843
Capt. Samuel Dole d. 1805
Hannah Eastman d. 1782
Elizabeth Ellis d. 1844
Thomas Elliott d. 1781
Amee Fuller d. 1811
Lucy Fuller d. 1830
Col. Jacob Gerrish d. 1817
Joseph Gerrish, esq. d. 1763
Mary Gerrish d. 1761
Paul Gruen d. 1993, "famous game inventor." A game designer of almost 30 years and published over 40 games including Pay Day and Bonkers!.
Elizabeth Hale d. 1755
Ezekiel Hale d. 1740
Hannah Hale d. 1753
Hannah Hale d. 1755
Hannah Hale d. 1763
Mary Hale d. 17??
Mary Hale d. 1749
Mary Hale d. 1750
Ruth Hale d. 1735
? Heath d. 18??
Elizabeth Holman d. 17??
John Holmon d. 1762
Mary Holmon d. 1736
Solomon Holmon d. 1753
Fanny Chase Howell d. 1810
Infant Ilsley d. 1862
Infant Ilsley d. 1867
Abbie Ilsley d. 18??
Adams Ilsley d. 1798
Alden B. Ilsley d. 1851
Alfred Ilsley d. 1867
Dan C. Ilsley d. 1861
Jonathan Ilsley 185?
Jonathan Ilsley d. 1804
Jonathan Ilsley d. 1861
Jonathan A. Ilsley d. 1898
Mary Ilsley d. 1828
Mehitable Ilsley 1887
Betsey Jaques d. 1870
John Jaques d. 1820
Joseph W. Jaques d. 1863
Lydia Bartlett Jaques d. 1870
Mary Jaques d. 1836
Sidney Jaques d. 1822
Theodore Jaques d. 1863
William Jaques d. 1861
Betty Johnson d. 1756
Rev. Mr. William Johnson, A.M. d. 1772, educated at Harvard College, first Pastor of the 3d Church in Newbury for 40 years.
Abigail Little d. 1863
Anna Little d. 1854
Bettee Little d. 1763
Edmund Little d. 1877
Enoch Little d. 1820
Elizabeth Little d. 1835
John Little d. 1825
Deacon John Little d. 1868
Col. Joseph B. Little d. 1838
Judith Little d. 1838
Mary Little d. 1820
Mary Little d. 1816
Mary S. Little d. 1848
Moses Little d. 1867
Ruth Little d. 1829
Stephen M. Little d. 1805
Anne March d. 1736
Doct. Hugh March d. 1782
Joshua March d. 1767
Martha March d. 1776
William McKinstry d. 1849
Deacon Abel Merrill d. 1759
Deacon Abel Merrill d. 1834
Abelyane Merrill d. 1737, a twin who died on the same day as his brother at age 6.
Abigail Merrill d. 1757
Anna Merrill d. 1840
Elizabeth Merrill d. 1739
Hannah Merrill d. 1736
Deacon John Merrill d. 1704
John Merrill d. 1821
Joshua Merrill d. 17??
Mary Merrill d. 17??
Mary Merrill d. 1773
Mary Merrill d. 1828
Nathan Merrill d. 1785
Nathaniel Merrill d. 1740
Priscilla Merrill d. 1743
Roger Merrill d. 1743
Deacon Roger Merrill d. 1791
Ruth Merrill d. 17??
Ruth Merrill d. 1790
William Merrill d. 1737, a twin who died on the same day as his brother at age 6.
A. M. Moore d. 18??
S. E. Moore d. 19??
Elizabeth Morse d. 1762
Judith Morse d. 1736
Deacon Stephen Morse d. 1758
Anna Newell d. 1843
Joseph Newell, esq. d. 1825
Moses Newell d. 1724
Moses Newell d. 1821
Rebekah Newell d. 1827
Sarah Newell d. 1805
Sarah Elizabeth Newell d. 1827
Abigail Ordway d. 1798
Mary Ordway d. 1803
Rebekah Ordway d. 1825
Stephen Ordway d. 1789
Benjamin Pike d. 1700
Lt. Thomas Pike d. 1753
Lydia Pilsbury d. 1835
Moses Pilsbury d 1833, war veteran.
Sarah Pilsbury d 1830
David Rogers d. 1826
Rhoda Rogers d. 1826
Miriam Sawyer d. 1771
Joseph Silloway d. 1786
Lucy Silloway d. 1853, born in Shelborn, Nova Scotia and died in Boston.
John Smith d. 1830
Mary Smith d. 1827
Elizabeth Tenny d. 1846
Deacon Samuel Tenny d. 1721
Samuel Tenny d. 1788
Col. Samuel Tenny d. 1828
Sarah Tenny d. 1832
Elizabeth Tewksbury d. 1826
Jacob Tewksbury d. 1779
Deacon James Tewksbury d. 1855
Jonathan Tewksbury d. 1827
Mary B. Tewksbury d. 1905
Mehitable Tewksbury d. 1866
Enoch Thurlow d. 1836
Lydia Thurlow d. 1832
Phebee Thurlow d. 1879
Samuel Thurlow d. 1860
Mary A. Todd d. 1852, beautful carving detail of a mourning woman praying at her monument under a willow tree.
Daniel Tuksbury d. 1835


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