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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Topsfield, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Topsfield, Massachusetts

Pine Hill Burying Ground is located at 8 Haverhill Road Topsfield near the village center and was established in 1717. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Excellent! Nicely maintained and no broken stones. Great care is taken at this cemetery to preserve it, including many metal caps that have been constructed to protect the older carvings. Just be careful if lifting these caps as many of them are now homes to hornets and other stinging insects.

Cemetery Management Contact:
Park and Cemetery Department Office
Haverill Road
(978) 887-1525

Pine Grove Cemetery, est. 1717

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Index of Names
Dorothy Averill d. 1769
Sgt. Ebenezer Averill d. 1717
Elijah Averell d. 1813
Hannah Averell d. 1785
Isaac Averell d. 1800, Photo 2
Lt. Luke Averell d. 1776
Moses Averell d. 1798, Photo 2
Moses Averell d. 1848
Capt. Nathaniel Averell d. 1781, Capt. Stephen Perkin's co. (Revolutionary War)
Sarah Averell d. 1842
Ebenezer Baker d. 1776
Maj. John Baker d. 1814, "served and was commissioned in the French (& Indian) war which commenced in 1755, and commanded a company in 1775 and 1776 of the Revolutionary war." Photo 2
John Baker d. 1814
Mary Baker d. 1816, Photo 2
Sarah Baker d. 1780, Photo 2
Capt. Thomas Baker d. 1717/18, the oldest gravestone in this cemetery. Photo 2
Capt. Thomas Baker d. 1777, Photo 2
? Balch d. 17??
David Balch d. 1812, who "bid adieu to the delusive and transitory scenes of this world" by cutting his own throat.
Dolley Balch d. 1819
Elizabeth Balch d. 1743
Joseph Balch d. 1750
Thomas Balch d. 1830
Caroline Elisabeth Batchelder d. 1832
Benjamin Bixby d. 1795
Daniel Bixby d. 1773
Dea. Daniel Bixby d. 1825
Elizabeth Bixby d. 1776, heelstone
Ruth Bixby d. 1834
Capt. John Boardman d. 1780
Dudley Bradstreet d. 1832
Capt. Dudley Bradstreet d. 1833
Elizabeth Bradstreet d. 1801
Henry Bradstreet d. 1774
John Bradstreet d. 1807
Moses Bradstreet d. 1830
Moses Cornelius Bradstreet d. 1832
Polly Bradstreet d. 1815
Rev. Joseph Capen d. 17??, The graves of the Rev Joseph Capen and his wife Priscilla lie on the exact spot where the pulpit of the Topsfield Meeting House was. They lived in the Parson Capen House, which was built in 1683 and is still standing.
Priscilla Capen d. 1743
Aaron Conant d. 1816
Eunice Conant d. 1823
Eunice Conant d. 1868
Anna Cummings d. 1792
Cyrus Cummings d. 1827
Humphrey Cummings d. 1874
Mehitable Dexter d. 1801
Dr. Richard Dexter d. 1785, after a course of endearing services of painful sufferings supported by the hope which christianity inspires; chearfully departed this Life.
Daniel Dodge d. 1807, Capt. Robert Dodge's co., Col. Ebenezer Francis's regt (Revolutionary War)
Hannah Dodge d. 1788
Dea. Solomon Dodge d. 1812
Nathaniel Dorman d. 1776, Sergeant, Capt. Stephen Perkins's co. of Minute-men (Revolutionary War)
Esther Dwinell d. 1847, age 101.
John Dwinell d. 1818, Capt. Joseph Gould's co. of Minute-men, Col. John Backer's (Baker's) regt. (Revolutionary War.)
Kezia Dwinell d. 1798
Sally Dwinell d. 1813, "a few hours after the birth of a stillborn infant."
Elizabeth Emerson d. 1790
Joseph Emerson d. 1826
Lydia Emerson d. 1825
Lydia Emerson d. 1865
Thomas Emerson d. 1843
Lydia Fisk d. 1809
Nathaniel Fisk d. 17??
Lucy Friend d. 1819
Andrew Gould d. 1844
Anna Gould d. 1819
Dea. Daniel Gould d. 1766
Elizabeth Gould d. 1843
Esther Gould d. 1788
Eunice Gould d. 1821
Humphrey Gould d. 1795
Dea. John Gould d. 1778, at Watertown of the small pox.
John Gould d. 1820, Capt. Joseph Gould's co. of Minute-men, Col. John Backer's (Baker's) regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 (Revolutionary War)
John Gould 1st
Capt. Joseph Gould d. 1753
Mary Gould d. 1785
Molly Gould d. 1757
Pamela Gould d. 18??
Priscilla Gould d. 1753
Rebeckah Gould d. 1790
Ruth Gould d. 1838
Zacheus Gould d. 1793
Zacheus Gould d. 1823
Zaccheus Gould 1st
Zaccheus Gould 2nd
Zaccheus Gould 3rd
Sarah Hobbs d. 1824
Anne Kimball Hood d. 1789
Edward Hood d. 1852
Elisha Hood d. 1839
Jacob Hood d. 1789
Aaron Hovey d. 1759
Dea. Ivory Hovey d. 1759
Thomas Howlett d. 1746, heelstone
Humphrey G. Hubbard d. 1817
John B. Hubbard d. 1817
Mary A. Hubbard d. 1843
Rebeckah Hubbard d. 1818
Lieut. William Hubbard d. 1868
Phebe Ann Janes Ingalls d. 1847
Eunice Jackson d. 1813
Benjamin Kimball d. 1773, student of Harvard College.
David Kimball d. 1796
Jacob Kimball d. 1710
Jacob Kimball d. 1???
Lydia Kimball d. 1795
Mehitable Kimball d. 1790
Phebe Willes Kimball d. 1808
Priscilla Kimball d. 1792
Priscilla Kimball d. 1792
Samuel Kimball d. 1775
Anna Lake d. 1809
Ruth Lamson d. 1825
John Lefavour d. 1798
Mary Lefavour d. 1797
Adeline Marsh Merriam d. 1887
Almira Merriam d. 18??
Hannah Merriam d. 18?6
Dr. R. Merriam d. 1864
Sidney A. Merriam d. 1876
Susannah Northey d. 1827
Cyrus Peabody d. 1814
Esther Peabody d. 1843
John Peabody d. 1846
Lydia Peabody d. 1813
Amos Perkins d. 1814
Anna Perkins d. 1851
Annar Perkins d. 1805
Betty Perkins d. 1794
Daniel Perkins d. 1800, at sea.
David Perkins d. 1827
Dinah Perkins d. 1???
Elijah Perkins d. 1806
Elisha Perkins d. 1802, Revolutionary war veteran, marched with Capt. Stephen Perkins' Co.
Elizabeth Perkins d. 1822
Elizabeth Perkins d. 1840
Ephraim Perkins d. 18?3
Ezra Perkins d. 1824
Jacob Perkins d. 1841
Kezia Perkins d. 1782
Kezia Perkins d. 1814
Mary Perkins d. 1839, age 94.
Martha Perkins d. 1776
Mercy Perkins d. 1848
Moses Perkins d. 1807
Nabby Perkins d. 1842
Peony Perkins d. 1822
Capt. Stephen Perkins d. 1790
Stephen Perkins d. 1832
Thomas Perkins d. 1801
Thomas Perkins d. 1830, a wealthy merchant with an extensive epitaph: "His industry, Temperance & Enterprise Raised him From Poverty to Immense Wealth, which he enjoyed without Pride or Ostentation and dispensed with Justice And Benevolence. He was diligent and Faithful in business, pure in his life and Conversation; of a sound & vigorous mind, And of an Integrity and Fortitude which Neither Prosperity or Adversity could Shake or corrupt."
Zebulon Perkins d. 1810, Capt. Stephen Perkins's co. Revolutionary War.
Betsy Perley d. 1819
Elizabeth Perley
Fanny Perley d. 1800
Huldah Perley
Lucy Perley d. 1798
Lucy Kimball Perley d. 1790
Gen. Nathaniel Perley d. 1842
Sally Perley d. 1795
Phebe Phillips d. 1828
Samuel Phillips d. 1827
Annar Perkins Pingree d. 1853
Asa Pingree d. 1834
Elijah Porter, esq. d. 1775, "suddenly".
Priscilla Gould Smith d. 1785
Samuel Smith d. 1785
Elizabeth Towne d. 1800
Jacob Towne d. 1807, Capt. Stephen Perkins's co. Revolutionary War.
Jacob Towne d. 1836
Mary Towne d. 1845
Moses Wildes d. 1810
Susanna Wildes d. 1837

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