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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Salisbury, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Salisbury, Massachusetts

The Salisbury Colonial Burial Ground was established in 1639 and is located at the corner of Beach Road and Ferry Road. This is the resting place of Salisbury's earliest settlers, clergy, and most notably Major Robert Pike who was a local leader and somewhat participant in the Salem Witch Trials. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Good. Grounds are pretty well kept. Some stones in need of repair. There are a few monuments for the more prominent citizens whose gravestones have been long gone.

Cemetery Management Contact:
Town Cemeteries Dept.
39 Lafayette Rd, Salisbury MA
978) 462-7611

Colonial Burial Ground 1639

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1st Ministers of Salisbury monument
Hannah Allen d. 1736
Rev. James Allen d. 1695/96, photo 2
Samuel Baker d. 1800
Sarah Baker d. 1800
Sally Barnard d. 1853
Offin Boardman d. 1750
Sarah Boardman d. 1720
Jacob Bradbury d. 1718
Mary Bradbury d. 1723
Ensign Thomas Bradbury d. 1718/1719
Jemima Buswell d. 1802
Moses Buswell d. 1807
Moses Buswell d. 1819
Sarah Buswell d. 1708
Capt. William Buswell d. 1699, signed a deposition for the good character of Mary Bradbury, who was hung as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. photo 2
William Buswell Jr. d. 1742
Elizabeth Chase d. 1805
Rev. Caleb Cushing d. 1752
David Deal d. 1851
Elizabeth Deal d. 1863
Harriet Deal d. 1883
Mary Deal d. 1857
John Doole d. 1720
Rachel E. Dow d. 1854
Abigail Eaton d. 1830
Clarissa Eaton d. 1851
Jonathan D. Eaton d. 1831, lost at sea.
Lydia Eaton d. 1827
Samuel Eaton d. 1854
Hannah Fellows d. 1803
Hannah Fellows d. 1814
John Fellows d. 1824
John Fellows, Jr. d. 1843, at New Orleans.
Samuel Fellows d. 1810
Samuel Fellows d. 1811
Susannah Fellows d. 1848
Abbie R. Fitts d. 1854
Almeria E. Fitts d. 1850
Elizabeth A. Fitts d. 1851
Lois E. Fitts d. 1823
Louisa B. Fitts d. 1832
Maria F. Fitts d. 1832
Moses Fitts d. 1820
Sarah Fitts d. 1817
Amos French d. 1814, Revolutionary War Veteran.
Benjamin French d. 1810
Betsy A. French d. 1832
Elizabeth French d. 1824
Hannah French d. 1880, photo 2
Joshua French d. 1816
Josiah French d. 1838
Josiah French d. 1862
Judith French d. 1834
Mary Davis French d. 1842
Molly French d. 1799
Sarah French d. 1836
Silas French d. 1862
Franklin Gerrish d. 1852
Elizabeth Gerrish d. 1849
Elizabeth Gerrish d. 1881
Joseph Gerrish d. 1837
Joseph H. Gerrish d. 18??
Sargent Samuel Gill d. 1709
Elizabeth Grant d. 1819
Abigail Graves d. 1821
Mark Graves d. 1802
Mary Graves d. 1817
David Greeley d. 1773
Mary Greeley d. 1798
Phillip Greely d. 1717/18, his and his wife Sarah's are the oldest Greely/Greeley/Greele gravestones in existence.
Samuel Greeley d. 1803, a cabinet-maker and Revolutionary War veteran who served at Valley Forge.
Sarah Greely d. 1710

Martha Hastings d. 1830
Anna Hook d. 1840, heelstone
Elisabeth Hook d. 1773
Jacob Hook d. 1773
James Hook d. 1793, his two brothers Josiah and Moses died two weeks later.
Josiah Hook d. 1793
Moses Hook d. 1787
Moses Hook d. 1788
Moses Hook d. 1793
William Hook d. 1796, stone 2
Martha Hubbard d. 17??
Cornet Richard Hubbard photo 2, d. 1719, a Cornet is the lowest grade of commissioned officer in a British cavalry troop, who carried the standard.
Adeline Jackman d. 1836
Elizabeth Jackman d. 1776
Lydia Jackman d. 1838
Richard Long d. 1736
Sarah Long d. 1736
Elizabeth March d. 1766
Joseph March d. 1797
Lydia March d. 1811
Mary March d. 1804
Samuel March d. 1845
Ann Jewell Merrill d. 1831
Jane Merrill d. 1826
John Merrill d. 1826
Ann Moody d. 1858
Daniel Moody d. 1717/18
Daniel Moody d. 1815
Eunice Moody d. 1840
Henry Moody d. 1798
Jemima Moody d. 1796
Mary Moody d. 1823
Moses Moody d. 1825
Samuel Moodey d. 1756
William Moody d. 1844
Betsey J. Moulton d. 1846
Elizabeth J. Moulton d. 1863
John M. Noyes d. 1836
Rev. Edmund Noyes d. 1809
Abigail Pike d. 1777, photo 2
Anna Pike d. 1854
Elias Pike d. 1777
Elias Pike d. 1790, drafted from the Essex Co. Militia into Capt. Morrel's Company. He was drafted to another company at first but failed to join.
Elias Pike d. 1840, a volunteer at the Battle of Bunker Hill according to his gravestone, but other sources say he was drafted into Capt. Morrel's Company after failing to join another he was assigned to. Later his pension was rejected due to no proof of service. (Revolutionary War)
Elizabeth Pike d. 1830
Hannah Pike d. 1777
Hannah Pike d. 1793
Hannah Pike d. 1812
Harriot Pike d. 1806
Jacob Pike d. 1781
Capt. James Pike d. 1793
John Pike d. 1832
Josiah Pike d. 1880
Judith Noyes Pike d. 1840
Lydia March Pike d. 1833
Mary Pike d. 1821
Mary Pike d. 1829
Mary Pike d. 1836
Major Robert Pike d. 1706, one of the first settlers and first ministers of Salisbury. He was also a town leader and a judge who sat with the Essex County Quarterly Courts. photo 2
Sally Pike d. 1817, died a day after her young infant.
Samuel Pike d. 1821, in St. Domingo.
Silas Pike d. 1858
Hannah Sawyer d. 1846
Bette Fellows Shaw d. 1803,
Benjamin Stevens jr. d. 1709/1710
Sarah Pike Bradbury Stockman d. 1718, once sued Ephraim Eaton for "endeavouring to draw away the affections" of her daughter Ann while she was engaged to another. Photo 2
Sargent Joseph True d. 1718
Lois Wadleigh d. 1838
George Walton d. 1817
Sally Coffin Walton stone 2, d. 1831
Rev. John Wheelwright d. 1679, Was once vicar of Bilsby, England, but became a Puritan, and in 1636 emigrated to Boston to escape persecution. Later minister in Braintree, he was tried and found guilty of sedition and contempt for his sermons and was banished. Later pastor in Exeter NH, Wells ME, Hampton NH. He returned to England for 3 years and was received by Oliver Cromwell, who had been his fellow-student and friend.
Rev. William Worcester stone 2, d. 1662, First minister of Salisbury, came from England about 1639.

More History in Salisbury

Salisbury Historical Commission
PO Box 5464
Salisbury, MA 01950
Phone: (617) 465-5546

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