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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Salem, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Salem, Massachusetts

Old Burying Point or the Charter Street Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Salem, and the second oldest known cemetery in the country, started in 1637. It is located on Charter St. next to the Witch Trials Memorial and contains many famous individuals such as Jonathan Corwin and John Hawthorne, who were Judges in the Salem Witch Trials, Samuel Bradstreet who was a Governor of Massachusetts and many more interesting historical figures. There are currently 347 entries for this cemetery.

For those of you looking for the graves of the Witch Trial Victims, you can view the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. The many of the victims were not given gravestones and were buried in unmarked graves near the site of their hanging. 2 of the victims, Rebecca Nurse and George Jacobs are buried on the Rebecca Nurse Homestead.

Cemetery Status: Excellent. The grounds are well kept, and attempts have been made to restore most of the broken stones. They also provide information and a map detailing where to find the most prominent citizens on a plaque at the entrance.


Old Burying Point (Charter Street Cemetery)

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Mary Abbot d. 1709
Joseph Hillard Adams d. 1785
Mary Adams d. 1785
Mary Allen, d. 1703
Mary Saul Allen d. 1821
Eliza Anderson d. 1801
Jonathan Andrew d. 1781
Jonathan Andrew d. 1844
Mary Andrew d. 1747
Mary Andrew d. 1820
Nathaniel Andrew d. 1762
Nathaniel Andrew d. 1795
Anna Appleton d. 1795
Tamesin Appleton d. 1850
William Appleton d. 1822
William Appleton Jr. d. 1795
Jonathan Archer d. 1800, peruke (wig) maker, tanner, trader, and yeoman; conducted an inn on Union Street in Salem, and in the Revolution an office for shipping seamen on privateers
Judith Archer d. 1801
Mehetable Archer d. 1791
Sally Ashby d. 1796
Priscilla Barr d. 1794, wife of James Barr who was 1st Lieutenant on the brigantine "Oliver Cromwell”, a privateer ship.
John Barton Esq. d. 1771
Mary Willoughby Barton d. 1758
Dr. Thomas Barton d. 1751, physician, apothecary and esquire; town clerk
Lemman Beadle, d. 1717, a carver and furniture maker, he carved a wooden soldier for the top of the new Watch House in 1712 and carved figure heads for the bows of ships
Ruth Beadle d. 1716
Hannah Bethell d. 1733
Aaron Blanchard d. 1799
Charles Ingersoll Bowditch d. 1820
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch d. 1768, a master mariner and merchant
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch d. 1830
Capt. Ebenezer Bowditch Jr. d. 1771
Ebenezer Bowditch Jr. d. 1825, committed suicide while in the alms (poor) house
Elizabeth Bowditch d. 1798
Elizabeth Bowditch d. 1824
Eunice Bowditch d. 1765
Capt. Habakkuk Bowditch d. 1798, a mariner and father of Nathaniel Bowditch, a famed Astronomer, Navigator and Mathematician
Joseph Bowditch d. 1780, clerk of the courts
Mary Bowditch d. 1724
Mary Bowditch d. 1757
Mary Bowditch d. 1819
Sarah Bowditch d. 1797
Sarah Bowditch d. 1764
Sarah Bowditch d. 1808
Capt. Thomas Bowditch d. 1808, mariner
William Bowditch d. 1715
Capt. William Bowditch d. 1728, master-mariner and merchant
William Bowditch d. 1752
Governor Simon Bradstreet d. 1697, born at Lincolnshire, England he worked for the Massachusetts Bay Company for 50 years and twice served as Royal Governor of Massachusetts. He was also the husband of poet Anne Bradstreet. Her burial place is unconfirmed but possibly unmarked in North Andover.
Albert Bray d. 1808
Benjamin Bray d. 1808
Benjamin Bray Jr. d. 1798
Lucy Ann Brooks d. 1840
Abigail Brown d. 1781
Mary Brown d. 1806
Timothy Brown jr d. 1807
Timothy Brown sr. d. 1808
Anna Burrill d. 1792
Elizabeth Burrill d. 1800
Ezra Burrill d. 1796
Elizabeth Butman d. 1798
John Buttolph d. 1713
William Buttolph d. 1720
Dr. John Cabot d. 1749
William Cabot d. 1750
John Camball d. 1840, native of Co. Meath, Ireland.
John Carlton d. 1817
May [Mary] Carroll d. 1728
Elizabeth D. Chandler d. 1837
William Cheever d. 1786
Margaret Cleveland d. 1784
Capt. Stephen Cleveland d. 1801
Christian Conant d. 1680, her father was Richard More (see listed here), a passenger on the Mayflower with an interesting tale and her husband was Joshua Conant who was a character witness for several people who were accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witchcraft Trials to have them released from prison.
James Conkling d. 1807
Capt. Caleb Cook d. 1837
Capt. Caleb Cook Jr. d. 1837, died 3 months before his father at at Pulo Penang, Prince of Wales Island
Elizabeth Cook d. 1799
Rebecca Cook d. 1824
William Cook d. 1803
Capt. John Crowninshield d. 1766
John Crowninshield d. 1777
Mary Crowninshield d. 1794
Sarah Hathorne Crowninshield d. 1829, daughter of a privateer in the Revolutionary War (see Capt. Daniel Hathorne)
Elizabeth Cumbs d. 1773
Elizabeth Cumbs d. 1800
Hannah Cumbs d. 1813
Capt. Benjamin Dean d. 1826, mariner
Edward Dean d. 1713
Hannah Dean d. 1718
Lydia Dean d. 1812
Susanna Dean d. 1818
Susanna Dean d. 1835
Capt. Thomas Dean d. 1759
Capt. Thomas Dean Jr. d. 1802, a merchant and Inspector of the Customs of Salem
Capt. Thomas Elkins d. 1764
John Emerson d. 1711/12, mildly involved with the Salem Witch Trials as jurer and petitioner.
Abigail Felt d. 1748
Benjamin Felt d. 1769
Elisabeth Felt d. 1789
George Felt d. 1729
Sarah Field d. 1803
Richard Flindar d. 1707, constable of Salem in 1684
Elizabeth Forrestor d. 1783, daughter of Capt. Simon Forrestor who was a privateer during the Revolutionary War and commander of the privateer ships "Centurion", "Jason" and "Patty". He was very successful also as a merchant and ship owner and was at one time one of the richest men in Salem. He's mention by Nathaniel Hawthorne in the beginning of "The Scarlett Letter".
Nabby Frye d. 1802
Polly Frye d. 1803
Elizabeth Gardiner d. 1752
Sarah Gardiner d. 1682
Bartholomew Gardner d. 1684
Elizabeth Gardner d. 1818
Hannah Gardner d. 1786
Capt. Jonathan Gardner d. 1783
Jonathan Gardner, Esq. d. 1791
Jonathan Gardner, jr. d. 1795
Lucia Pickering Dodge Gardner d. 1812
Mary Gardner d. 1755
Sally Fairfield Gardner d. 1795
Sarah Gardner d. 1791
Hannah Gedney d. 1702
Margaret Davie Gedney d. 17??
William Gedney d. 1729/30
Benjamin Gerrish d. 1713, clerk of the county court and for the writs of Salem, witnessed a recognizance for Margaret Prince who was accused of witchcraft
Mercy Goodhue d. 1772
John Grafton, sr. d. 1715
John Gray d. 1838
Mary Grove d. 1683
Seeth Hardy d. 1712
Andrew Harridan d. 1794
Mary P. Hart d. 1800
Capt. Daniel Hathorne d. 1796, a famous privateer and Revolutionary War hero. He was commander of the privateer Fair America, and his exploits against the British were written in song. He was also the great grandfather of writer Nathaniel Hawthorne.
Elizabeth Hathorne d. 1836
Eunice Hathorne d. 1827, daughter of a privateer in the Revolutionary War (see Capt. Daniel Hathorne)
Judge (Col.) John Hathorne, d. 1717 "the Witch Hanging Judge" of the Salem Witch Trials, he was part of the court presided over many of the trials and sentenced 19 people to death.
John Hathorne d. 1750
Mary Hathorne d. 1805
Rachel Hathorne d. 1813
Capt. William Hathorne d. 1794, great uncle to Nathaniel Hawthorne, the writer.
Capt. Benjamin Herbert d. 1761
Elizabeth Herbert d. 1772
Abigail Heroe d. 1745
Abigail Heussler d. 1799
Elizabeth Heussler d. 1821
Elizabeth Heussler d. 1825
George Heussler d. 1817, a native of Alsace, Germany
Francis Higginson d. 1705
Henry Higginson d. 1708
Hannah Higginson d. 1713
Margaret Higginson d. 1688
Mary Higginson 1708/09, wife of Rev. John Higginson, a Puritan Minister and one of the leading persecutors in the Salem Witch Trials.
Mehetabel Higginson d. 1846
Sarah Higginson d. 1675, wife of Rev. John Higginson, a Puritan Minister and one of the leading persecutors in the Salem Witch Trials.
Thomas Higginson d. 1678
Margaret Hilliard d. 1826
Mary Hodge d. 1773
John Hodges d. 1797
Gamaliel Hodges d. 1768
Joseph Hodges d. 1826
Priscilla Hodges d. 1807
Ellianor Hollingworth d. 1689, owned a pub (unusual for the 1600's!) and she along with her daughter and son-in-law were accused of witchcraft. Ornate carvings..
William Hollingworth d. 1688
Elizabeth Hood d. 1788
Joseph Hood d. 1709
Sarah Hood d. 1782
Susannah Hood d. 1791
Elizabeth Hunt d. 1787
Eunice Hunt d. 1764
Hannah Hunt d. 1783
Joseph Hunt d. 1808
Deacon Lewis Hunt d. 1797
Mary Hunt d. 1829
Ruth Hunt d. 1792
Sarah Hunt d. 1781
Sarah Hunt d. 1811
William Hunt d. 1769
William Hunt d. 1780
Elisabeth Bray Ingersoll d. 1768
Hannah Ingersoll d. 1791
Phillip Ingersoll d. 1781
Elizabeth Jeffry d. 1797
James Jeffry d. 1775
John Jeffry d. 1812
William Jeffry d. 1772
Peter Jones d. 1772
Sarah G. Kenny d. 1827
Lydia Kehew d. 1814
Turner Kimball d. 1801
Katherine King d. 1718
Capt. Joseph Lambert d. 1798
Nancy Lane d. 1800
Hannah Lang d. 1748
Henry Lawrence d. 1798, killed by being thrown from a horse.
Mary Lawrence d. 1796
Moses W. Lawrence d. 1826
Polly Lawrence d. 1785

Samuel Leech d. 1846
Polly Lefavour d. 1793
Robert Lefavour d. 1795
Mary Lindall d. 1731
Timothy Lindall d. 1698, fantastic carvings of a full skeleton and an angel with a scythe.
Elizabeth Williams Little d. 1808
Dr. Moses Little d. 1811
Caroline Luscomb d. 1833
Sarah Ellen Luscomb d. 1835
Thomas Manning d. 1798
Elizabeth Mansfield d. 1785
Hannah Mansfield d. 1788
Hannah Mansfield d. 1789
Hannah Mansfield d. 1799
Jonathan Mansfield d. 1791
Joseph Mansfield d. 1820
Joseph Mansfield Jr. d. 1798
Lydia W. Mansfield d. 1794
Matthew Mansfield d. 1800
John Marston d. 1681, constable of Salem, his daughter-in-law was one of the accused during the Salem Witch Trials.
Mary Masury d. 1748
Elizabeth McIntire d. 1815
Hannah McIntire d. 1862
Joseph McIntire 1788
Samuel McIntire d. 1811, a famous architect and higly skilled carver, he designed many of Salem's federal style and Adamesque style mansions that you can pass by today.
Jonathan Millet d. 1795
Capt. Nathan Millet d. 1804
Rebecca Millet d. 1798
Sally Millet d. 1830
Sally Leonard Millet d. 1836
Sarah Millet d. 1811
William Millet d. 1836
Caleb More d. 1674
Christian More d. 1676
Jane More d. 1686
Capt. Richard More d. 1694, a passenger aboard the Mayflower, and one of the few non-pilgrims, he was placed aboard ship with his 3 siblings from England by his father when it was discovered that their wealthy mother had an affair with a man who was actually their real father.
Mehetible Mottey d. 1801
Elizabeth Mould d. 1680/1, *rare heart-shaped 3 panel carving for 3 children of Thomas Mould, constable of Salem.
Elizabeth Mould d. 1684, *
Thomas Mould d. 1681, *
Willmet Mould d. 1684
Ebenezer Peel Muckford d. 1802
George Peel Muckford d. 1801
Nancy Mudge d. 1801, beautiful epitaph.
Mary Mugford d. 1804, her husband William Mugford was captain of the ship Ulysses.
Col. Ezra Newhall d. 1798, Lt.-Colonel 4th Massachusetts, Colonel 5th Massachusetts, Revolutionary War veteran.
Abigail Nourse d. 1814
Elizabeth Nutting d. 1785
John Nutting Esq. d. 1790, died of the Flu at age 97.
John Nutting Jr d. 1729
Ruth Nutting d. 1776
Alice Orne d. 1776
Capt. Josiah Orne d. 1789, mariner and merchant. He owned the ship Ulysses, a ship that was built in Haverhill, MA. The ship started off as a merchant vessel but turned privateer in 1802 and had moderate success.
Naomi Orne d. 1718
Hannah Osgood d. 1774
Martha Osgood d. 1769
Deacon Peter Osgood d. 1753
Hephzibah Packer d. 1684, was fined in 1683 for fornication with her husband before marriage.
Elizabeth Page d. 1799
Lois Page d. 1779
Samuel Page, photo 2, d. 1785
Sarah Page d. 1781
Benjamin Palfray d. 1793
Warwick Palfray d. 1797
Deliverance Parkman Sr. d. 1715, merchant, interesting carvings of double soul effigies one in cherub style and one in skull style
Deliverance Parkman Jr. d. 1688
Margaret Parkman d. 1689
Samuel Parkman d. 1688
Susannah Parkman d. 1727/8
Capt. William Patterson d. 1793
Betsy Smith Peele d. 1828
Elizabeth Peele d. 17??
Eunice Peele d. 1780
Jonathan Peele d. 1782
Josiah B. Peele d. 1784
Margaret Bartoll Peele d. 17??
Mary Peele d. 1771, heelstone
Robert Peele d. 1773, heelstone
Robert Peele Jr. d. 1792
Robert Peele d. 1842
Roger Peele d. 1728, born in London, England
Sarah Brown Peele d. 1834
William Peele d. 1845
Peggy Perkins d. 1791
Rachel Phelps d. 1776
Elizabeth Phillips d. 1798
David Phippen d. 1849, a rope maker, housewright and mariner.
Lois Phippen d. 1794
Samuel Phippen Jr. d. 1804
Samuel Phippen d. 1797
Abigail Pickman d. 1737
Abigail Willoughby Pickman d. 1710
Capt. Benjamin Pickman d. 1719, commander of the Province Galley
Col. Benjamin Pickman d. 1819
Caleb Pickman d. 1737, struck by lightning.
Hasket Derby Pickman d. 1815
Capt. Joshua Pickman d. 1750, mariner
Mary Ann Pickman d. 1809
Mary Toppan Pickman d. 1817, a portrait of her painted by John Singleton Copley is on display at Yale University Art Gallery
Mary Pittman d. 1804
Hannah Pratt d. 1765
Maverick Pratt d. 1763
Elizabeth Proctor d. 1834
?? Ramsdall d. 1800
George Ramsdall d. 1800
George Ramsdall II d. 1802
Mary Rand d. 1819
Mary Rantoul d. 1816, her husband Robert commanded privateers and merchantmen and while sailing on a Mediterranean voyage was lost at sea, with all on board, when in command of the ship Iris.
William Rantoul d. 1816, clerk of barque Camel. Died at sea of scurvy.
Elizabeth Holyoke Read d. 1793
Henry Read d. 1810
Mary Reed d. 17??
Paul Reedd. 1799
Betsey Richardson d. 1789
Joshua Richardson d. 1774
Nathaniel Richardson d. 1796, killed by a moving house
Samuel Robinson d. 1699
Elizabeth Rogers d. 1713/14
John Rogers d. 1715
Daniel Ropes d. 1821
Anna Rose d. 1790
Brackley Rose d. 1796
Eliza Rose d. 1791
Hannah Ross d. 1812
Abigail Felt Russell d. 1790
Capt. Edward Russell d. 1815, born in Plymouth, England.
William Ryne d. 1826
Elizabeth Saunders d. 1708
Hannah Saunders d. 1706/07
John Saunders d. 1694
Joseph Saul d. 1825
Mary Saul d. 1845
Sarah Saul d. 1816
Capt. Robert Seldon d. 1797
Capt. Nathaniel Silsbee d. 1791, died aboard ship while entering New York. His son Nathaniel jr. was a US Senator, a Congressman and a jurist.
Sarah Becket Silsbee d. 1750, Her son Nathaniel jr. was a US Senator, a Congressman and a jurist.
Elizabeth Simmons d. 1804
Sarah Sims d. 1767
Franklin Sluman d. 1825
Thomas Smith d. 1771
Hannah Smothers d. 1844
Peter Smothers d. 1821
Mary Stocker d. 1799
Capt. Benjamin Stoone (Stone) d. 1703
Hannah Stone d. 1691
Alexander Storey d. 1795
Elnor Storey d. 1794
Sally Storey d. 1782
Sarah Sumner d. 1839
Hannah Swinnerton d. 1713
Doctor John Swinnerton d. 1690
Elizabeth Symonds d. 1814
Elizabeth Masury Symonds d. 1837
Hannah Symonds d. 1736/37
Sarah Hunt Symonds d. 1852
Sarah Teague d. 1767
Anne Toppan d. 1778
Dr. Bazaleel Toppan d. 1772
Mary Willoughby Barton Toppan d. 1776
Sarah Toppan d. 1759
Thomas Toppan d. 1757
Willoughby Toppan Esq. d. 1760
Hannah Townsend d. 1773, died of smallpox
John Tucker d. 1680
John Herbert Tucker d. 1795
Martha Tucker d. 1850
Betsy Tufts d. 1808
Ivory Tufts sr. d. 1818
Ivory Tufts jr. d. 1819
Isaac Turner d. 1754
John Turner d. 1754
Eunice Vans d. 1790
Abigail Very d. 1792
Abigail Very d. 1838
Capt. James Very d. 1814
Polly Very d. 1804
Elizabeth Vincent d. 1842
Matthew Vincent d. 1821
Sarah Vincent d. 1811
Francis Wainwright d. 1699
Benjamin Ward d. 1806
Mary Ward d. 1796
Rachel Ward d. 1789
Peter Webb d. 1717/18
Elizabeth Wellcome d. 1793
Abigail White d. 1776
Henry White d. 1778
Capt. John White d. 1792
Martha Willard d. 1722
Jane Willard d. 1726
Hannah Williams d. 1756
Capt. George Williams d. 1797
Capt. Henry Williams d. 1750
Abigail Willoughby d. 1702
William Edward Wilson d. 1839
Mary Wright d. 1819

More History in Salem to Visit

Baker's Island Light Station
E of Salem on Baker's Island
Current lighthouse first lit in 1821. Listed on National Register of Historic Places. Not open to the public.

Bessie Monroe House
7 Ash St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bridge Street Neck Historic District
Bridge St., and side Sts. bet. March/Osgood Sts., and Howard/Webb Sts
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Bowker Place
144-156 Essex St
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Charter Street Historic District
Bounded by Liberty, Derby, Central, and Charter Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Chestnut Street District
Bounded roughly by Broad, Flint, Federal, and Summer Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

City Hall
93 Washington St.
Greek Revival, listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Crombie Street District
7-15 and 16-18 Crombie St., and 13 Barton St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Crowninshield-Bentley House

Derby Waterfront District also known as Salem Maritime National Historic Site
Derby St. from Herbert St. to Block House Sq., waterfront sts. between Kosciusko and Blaney Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Derby Wharf Light Station
Derby Wharf
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Downtown Salem District
Roughly bounded by Church, Central, New Derby, and Washington Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Essex County Court Buildings Also known as Old Granite Courthouse
32 Federal St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Essex Insitiute Historic District
134-132, 128, 126 Essex St. and 13 Washington Sq. W.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Federal Street District
Roughly bounded by Bridge, Washington, Federal, and Summer Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

First Universalist Church
6 Rust St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Fort Pickering Also known as Fort William;Fort Anne
Winter Island
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

The Friendship, Salem MA
The Friendship

Gallows Hill Park

Site of the hangings during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Now a playground and park.

Gardiner-Pingree House
128 Essex St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Gedney and Cox Houses
21 High St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Hamilton Hall
9 Cambridge St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Salem, Inc.
Old Town Hall, Derby Square
PO Box 865
Salem, MA 01970
Phone: (617) 552-8458

House of Seven Gables Historic District

Turner, Derby, and Hardy Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places. Open daily, all year long.

John P. Peabody House
15 Summer St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

John Ward House
132 Essex St.
Early colonial building. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Joseph Story House
26 Winter St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Joshua Ward House
148 Washington St.
Federal period building. Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nathaniel Bowditch House
North St
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Old Town Hall Historic District
Derby Sq. and 215-231 Essex, 121-145 Washington, and 6-34 Front Sts.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Peabody Essex Museum
161 Essex St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Peirce-Nichols House
80 Federal St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pickman House
Charter St.
The house may have been built as early as 1664 for Samuel Pickman, and is one of Salem's oldest buildings. The building is now owned by the Peabody Essex Museum.

Ropes Mansion

Rufus Choate House
14 Lynde St
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Salem Common Historic District
Bounded roughly by St. Peter's, Bridge, and Derby Sts. and Collins Cove
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Salem Witch Museum
19 1/2 Washington Square North

Salem Willows Historic District
Roughly, Columbus, Bay View, Beach and Fort Aves.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Shepard Block
298-304 Essex St.
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Stephen Phillips Memorial Trust House


Thomas March Woodbridge House
48 Bridge St.
Private residences. Federal style. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Wesley Methodist Church
8 North St.
Romanesque style church. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

West Cogswell House
5-9 Summer St.
Greek Revival. Private residences. Federal style. Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

The Witch House
310-1/2 Essex Street
Built in 1642, it was once the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges of the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The accused were often brought here to be examined for supposed "Witches' marks".

William Murray House
39 Essex St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

YMCA Building
284-296 Essex St.
Classical Revival. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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