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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Rowley, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Rowley, Massachusetts

Cemetery Management Contact:
Rowley Town Cemetery Department
139 Main St, Rowley MA
(978) 948-2885

Metcalf Rock Pasture Burial Ground
The Metcalf Rock Burial Ground was a smallpox cemetery established in 1775. It is located about a half mile off Rte. 133 in Rowley on Longmeadow Drive. There was a so-called Pest House, designed for the care of those with small pox, nearby.
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington

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Linebrook Parish Burying Ground
The Linebrook Parish Burying Ground was established in 1747 and is located on Leslie Road near the Ipswich town line. There are no headstones here, just a memorial to the 100 people buried here.
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington

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Old Burying Ground, est. 1639

Old Burying Ground is located on Main Street next to the Town Hall in Rowley and was established in 1639. Cemetery Status: good, nicely maintained and few broken stones. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

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Henry Boynton Appleton
Dea. David Bailey d. 1769
James Bailey d. 1714/15
Sarah Bailey d. 1799
Grace Barker d. 1665/66
James Barker d. 1678, came to Rowley in 1639 from Low Suffolk, England.
Nathaniel Bayley d. 1722
Sarah Bayley, photo 2, d. 1730
Dr. David Bennet d. 1718/19
Dr. William Bennet d. 1724
Mary Bishop d. 1801
Abigail Pickard Blackington d. 1839
Mary S. Blackington d. 1890
Oliver Blackington d. 1877
Paulina Blackington d. 1845
A. Bennett Boynton d. 1923
Albert Lewis Boynton d. 1872
S. Augustus Boynton d. 1912, stone 2
Bennett Boynton
Charles Boynton d. 1922
Charles Edwin Boynton d. 1907
Daniel Boynton d. 1891
Daniel P. Boynton d. 1850
Eben Boynton d. 1854
Ebenezer Boynton d. 1850
Elizabeth W. Chamberlain Boynton d. 1897, photo 2
Ella Frances Boynton d. 1887
Fanny Boynton d. 1886
Georgianna Claxton Boynton d. 1960, stone 2
Hannah G. Boynton d. 1853
Henry Boynton d. 1917, stone 2, Co. A 1st Battalion Massachusetts Heavy Artillery Volunteers (Civil War).
Henry Boynton d. 1888, photo 2
John Boynton d. 1714
John Boynton, photo 2, d. 1718
John Boynton d. 1888
John Edward Boynton d. 1846
Joseph Boynton d. 1717/18
Joseph Boynton d. 1730
Mary A. Boynton d. 1901
Mary Lizzie Boynton d. 1875, stone 2
Maria Boynton
Ruth A. Bishop Boynton d. 1906
Sarah M. Boynton d. 1920
Dorothy Bradford d. 1792
Rev. Ebenezer Bradford d. 1801, sixth minister of Rowley.
Elizabeth Green Bradford d. 1825
Abigail Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1773
Angie E. Bradstreet d. 1867
Bridget Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1718
Dorothy Northend Bradstreet d. 1752
Elizabeth Bradstreet d. 1827
Hannah Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1737
Hannah Bradstreet d. 1739
John Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1724
Lucy Bradstreet d. 1816
Mary Ann Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1864
Capt. Moses Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1690
Moses Bradstreet d. 1727
Moses Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1737
Moses Bradstreet d. 1811
Moses Bradstreet d. 1829, veteran of the Revolutionary War.
Lt. Nathaniel Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1752
Nathaniel Bradstreet d. 1806, Capt. Thomas Mighill's co., Col. Loammi Baldwin's (26th) regiment (Revolutionary War).
Nathaniel Bradstreet d. 1844
Phebe Bradstreet d. 1815
Sarah Bradstreet d. 1851
Sarah Bradstreet d. 1865
Thomas Bradstreet, photo 2, d. 1800
Thomas Bradstreet d. 1813
David Burpe, photo 2, d. 1728
Esther Burpe d. 1722
Hannah Burpe, photo 2, d. 1729
Jeremiah Burpe d. 1723
Johanna Burpe, photo 2, d. 1748
Mary Burpe d. 1721
Nathan Burpe, photo 2, d. 1729
Joseph Burpey d. 1776
Dea. Joseph Chaplin d. 1813, "food for worms till the glorious resurrection morning." Veteran of the Revolutionary War.
Ruth Chaplin d. 1843
John Choate d. 1718
Aron Clark d. 1743
Aaron Clark, jr. d. 1879
Ebenezer Clark, photo 2, d. 1716
Mary N. Clark d. 1836
Matilda J. Clark d. 1893
Sarah M. Clark d. 1870
Dorothy Cogswell d. 1805
Lois Cogswell d. 1825
Dr. Nathan Cogswell d. 1822
Sarah Northen Cogswell d. 1773
Wade Cogswell Esq. d. 1855
Mary Cooper d. 1815
Lt. Mark Cresey d. 1816
Michael Cresey Jr. d. 1720
Hannah Hale Cressey d. 1843
John Pemberton Cressey d. 1843
Sarah J. Cressey d. 1842
Susan Elizabeth Cressey d. 1843
Tamar Cresey d. 1716
William Cresey, photo 2, d. 1717/18
Ednah J. Cushing d. 1815
Jacob Davis d. 1729
Mary Davis d. 1729
Moses Davis d. 1729
Capt. Moses Davis d. 1753
James Dickenson, photo 2, d. 1705
Henry C. Dickey d. 1874
Lucy Dodge, photo 2, d. 1837
Phineas Dodge d. 1824
Levi Dole d. 1830
Dr. Amos Dresser d. 1741
Elizabeth Dresser, photo 2, d. 1736
David Edgerly d. 1816, drowned in Rowley River.
Mary Ellsworth d. 1742
Nathan Frazer d. 1741
Apphia Gage d. 1804
Ednah Gage d. 1811
Hannah Gage d. 1834
Jane Gage d. 1801
Lucy Gage d. 1870
Lucy M. Gage d. 1820
Mary Gage d. 1798
Mary Gage d. 1812
Mary Gage d. 1820
Mary Gage d. 1852
Mary E. Gage d. 1819
Mercy Gage, photo 2, d. 1775
Nathaniel Gage, photo 2, d. 1807
Sarah Gage d. 1713
Col. Thomas Gage d. 1788
Thomas Gage jr. d. 1822
Thomas Gage jr. d. 1842, Author of the History of Rowley.
William Gage, photo 2, d. 1730
William Gage d. 1777 a member of Capt. Payson's Militia during the Revolutionary War.
William Gage d. 1817
William Gage d. 1820
Mehetabel Payson Hobson Gibson d. 1773
John Goodhue d. 1848
Lucy J. Goodhue d. 1851
Charles Hale d. 1889
Charles W. Hale d. 1933
Daniel Hale d. 1827
Daniel J. Hale d. 1878
Dolly J. Hale d. 1879
Ednah Hale d. 1860
Elizabeth Hale, photo 2, d. 1833
Elizabeth Hale d. 1834
Elizabeth J. Hale d. 1837
Hannah J. Hale d. 1833
Irene Hale d. 1823
Jane Hale d. 1799
Lucy J. Hale d. 1830
Moses Hale, photo 2, d. 1822
Nathan Hale d. 1811
Nathan Hale d. 1873
Pemberton Hale d. 1820
Phebe H. Hale d. 1854
Ruth Jewett Hale d. 1839, stone 2
Sarah Hale d. 1732
Sarah Hale d. 1865
Sarah M. Hale d. 1847
Sarah Thurlow Hale d. 1896
Susannah Hale d. 1831
Hon. Thomas Hale Esq., photo 2, d. 1730
Dr. William Hale d. 1784
Oliver Hammond d. 1758
Sarah Hammond d. 1712/13
Thomas Hammond d. 1724
Leonard Harriman d. 1691
Margaret Harriman d. 1676
Daniel Harris d. 1846, of the small pox.
Elizabeth Harris d. 1843
Eunice Harris, photo 2, d. 1775
Eunice Harris d. 1829
Mary Harris d. 1795
Lt. John Harris, photo 2, d. 1805
John Harris d. 1808
Nathaniel Harris d. 1842
Stephen Harris d. 1838
Dea. Timothy Harris d. 1723
Timothy Harris d. 1818
Thomas Hart d. 1722
Mary Hartshorn d. 1719, heelstone, wife of John Hartshorne, the area's first gravestone carver, who carved her gravestone.Unfortunately, the headstone was broken or lost and only the footstone survives.
Elizabeth Hobson, photo 2, d. 1773
Hannah Hobson d. 1757
Humphrey Hobson d. 1742
Humphrey Hobson Esq. d. 1773
Humphrey Hobson d. 1849
Jeremiah Hobson d. 1741
Mary P. Hobson d. 1870
Mehetabel Hobson, photo 2, d. 1773
Mehetabel Hobson d. 1845
Nathan Hobson d. 1839
Nathaniel Hobson d. 1845
William Hobson d. 1725
William Hobson jr. d. 1727
Jane Holt d. 1818
Mercy Holt d. 1832
Elisabeth Hopkinson d. 1718
Jonathan Hopkinson d. 1719
Susanna Hoskins, photo 2, d. 1775, from Boston, MA.
Deborah Howe d. 1861
George Howe d. 1842
Susan Howe d. 1845
Susan Howe d. 1865
Thomas Howe d. 185?
John Francis Jamin d. 1870
Abigail Jewett d. 1794
Anne Jewett, photo 2, d. 1723
Benjamin Jewett, photo 2, d. 1715/16
David Jewett d. 1799, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia (Revolutionary War).
Eliphalet Jewett, photo 2, d. 1789
Eliphalet Jewett d. 1837
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1737
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1741
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1764
Elisabeth Jewett d. 1773
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1824
Elizabeth Dummer Jewett
Elizabeth Parsons Jewett
Ephraim Jewett d. 1739
Dea. Ezekiel Jewett d. 1723
Faith Jewett, photo 2, d. 1715
Capt. George Jewett d. 1776, Captain of a troop of horse, Col. John Baker's (3d Essex Co.) regiment (Revolutionary War).
Hannah Jewett, photo 2, d. 1799
Hannah Jewett d. 1826
Jacob Jewett d. 1774
Jane Jewett d. 1811
Rev. Jedediah Jewett d. 1774, fifth minister of Rowley.
Jeremiah Jewett d. 1714
Jonathan Jewett d. 1824
Joseph Jewett d. 1660/61, a "distinguished" merchant, served in the town on important committees, representative in the general court for 5 years.
Joseph Jewett d. 1774
Joseph Jewett d. 1819
Lydia Jewett d. 1754
Mary Jewett, photo 2, d. 1732
Mary Jewett d. 1794
Mary Jewett d. 1796
Maxmillian Jewett d. 1684, Deacon of the church for 45 years, selectman, moderator at town meetings, representative in the general court for 20 years.
Moses Jewett d. 1715
Capt. Moses Jewett d. 1796
Nehemiah Jewett d. 1719/20
Paul Jewett d. 1828
Paul Jewett jr. d. 1777
Rev. Paul Jewett d. 1840, died at Hamilton, MA.
Priscilla Jewett, photo 2 d. 1722
Priscilla Jewett d. 1805
Prudence N. Jewett d. 1844
Rebekah Jewett, photo 2, photo 3, d. 1729
Ruth Jewett, photo 2, d. 1750
Ruth Jewett d. 1774
Sarah Jewett, photo 2, photo 3, d. 1724
Sarah Jewett d. 1828
Solomon Jewett, photo 2
Cornet Stephen Jewett d. 1771
Thomas Jewett d. 1742
William Jewett d. 1809
Abigah Johnson d. 1756
Elizabeth Johnson photo 2, d. 1740
Elizabeth Johnson d. 1817
Elizabeth Johnson d. 1851
Elizabeth A. Johnson d. 1825
Francis Johnson d. 1737
Hannah Johnson, photo 2, d. 1717
Hannah Johnson, photo 2, d. 1723
Hannah Johnson, photo 2, d. 1740
Isaiah Johnson d. 1736
Judah Johnson d. 1736
Nathaniel Johnson d. 1851
Obadiah Johnson d. 1736, the first of this family of 4 young sons to die within just over 1 year.
Sarah S. Johnson d. 1841
Meriah Kill d. 1710
Dorothy Kilborn d. 1793
Dr. Eliphalet Kilborn d. 1752
Joseph Kilburn, photo 2, d. 1723
Abigail Kimball d. 1838
Abigail Kimball d. 1858
Richard Kimball d. 1812
William Kimball d. 18??
Rev. Henry Knight d. 1835
Ezekiel Laiten (Laighton, Leighton) d. 1716
Ezekiel Laiton (Laighton, Leighton) d. 1723
Abigail P. Lambert d. 1814
Alfred Lambert d. 1807
Anna Lambert d. 1806
Apphia Gage Lambert, stone 2, d. 1825
Deborah Lambert d. 1754
Ednah Lambert d. 1729
Elizabeth Lambert d. 1749
Hannah B. Lambert d. 1842
John Lambert d. 1827, photo 2
Jonathan Lambert d. 1724/25
Lucy Lambert d. 1736
Nathan Lambert d. 1831, marker 2
Sarah Lambert d. 1759
Sarah B. Lambert d. 1865
Thomas Lambert, Esq. d. 1755
Cornet Thomas Lambert d. 1775
Thomas Lambert, Esq., photo 2, d. 1793, Lieut. James Todd's detachment (Revolutionary War). stone 2
Thomas Lambert d. 1825
William Lambert d. 1824
Anna Lancaster d. 1793
Dorothy Lancaster d. 1752
Lydia Lancaster d. 1829
Thomas Lancaster d. 1792
John Manning d. 1736
Lucy Ann Merrill d. 1844
Baby Boy Mighill d. 1761
Anna Mighill, photo 2, d. 1796
Elisabeth Mighill d. 1796
Elizabeth Mighill d. 1816
Hannah Mighill, photo 2, d. 1748
J. Mighill
Jeremiah Mighill d. 1793
Jeremiah Mighill d. 1834
Mary Mighill, photo 2, d. 1824
Capt. Nathaniel Mighill d. 1761
Nathaniel Mighill d. 1773
Nathaniel Mighill Esq., photo 2, d. 1788
Nathaniel Mighill d. 1793, heelstone
Priscilla Mighill d. 1776
Rachel Mighill d. 1824
Sarah Mighill, photo 2, d. 1778
Sarah Mighill d. 1799
Dea. Thomas Mighill Esq. d. 1807, Captain of a Rowley co. of Minute-men (Revolutionary War).
Thomas Mighill, photo 2, d. 1821
Abigail Nelson d. 1716
Mary Sophia Nelson d. 1805
Thomas Nelson, photo 2, d. 1712
Bethiah Northend, photo 2, d. 1767
Edner Northend Stickney d. 1722
Elizabeth Northend d. 1787
Capt. Ezekiel Northend d. 1732
Ezekiel Northend d. 1742
John Northend d. 1736
Capt. John Northend, photo 2, d. 1768, Captain of the first foot company, the Rowley Miltary Company (Revolutionary War).
Moses Northend d. 1736
Samuel Northend d. 1749
Jane Osborn d. 1749
Clarissa H. Osgood d. 1841, died in Boston.
Mary Palmer, photo 2, d. 1716
Patience Palmer d. 1730
Dea. Samuel Palmer d. 1719
Abby Newell Parker d. 1860
Edward Parker d. 18??, Co. C, 19th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Co. H 3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery (Civil War).
Elizabeth J. Boynton Parker d. 1875
David Payson d. 1734
Deborah Gage Payson d. 1833
Capt. Edward Payson d. 1797, capt. of Rowley Militia during the Revolutionary War.
Rev. Edward Payson d. 1732, fourth minister of Rowley.
Dea. Edward Payson d. 1769
Lt. Eliot Payson d. 1774, Col. Daniel Spafford's (7th Essex Co.) regt. of Mass. militia Revolutionary War.
Eliphalet Payson d. 1736
Elisabeth Payson d. 1724
Elisabeth Appleton Payson
Elisabeth Phillips Payson
Fanny Nourse Payson d. 1808
Hannah Payson d. 1725
Hannah Payson, photo 2, d. 1784
Jane Payson d. 1722
Jane Payson d. 1736
Mark Payson d. 1736
Mary Payson d. 1758
Mary Payson d. 1801
Moses P. Payson d. 1822
Phebe Payson d. 1765
Dolly J. Peabody d. 1871
E. C. Peabody, jr. d. 1871
Amasa Pearson d. 1826
Elizabeth Pearson d. 1762
Harriet Pearson d. 1838
Capt. John Pearson d. 1723
John Pearson d. 1736
John Pearson d. 1819
Joseph Pearson d. 1736
Joseph Pearson d. 1753
Mary Pearson d. 1728, photo 2
Richard Pearson d. 1736
Sally Pearson d. 1830
Sophia Pearson d. 1825
Stephen Pearson d. 1831
Aaron Pengry d. 1714
Capt. Francis Perley d. 1810
Hannah Perley d. 1812, inscription
Hannah Perley d. 1814
Nathaniel Perley d. 1819
Sally Bradstreet Perley d. 1839
Rev. George Phillips d. 1739 minister of Brook Haven, L. I., New York.
John Phillips d. 1795, founder of Phillips Exeter Academy.
John Phillips d. 1823, President of the Senate of Mass. and first Mayor of Boston.
Rev. Samuel Phillips d. 1696, second pastor of the Church in Rowley, b. in Boxford, England.
Rev. Samuel Phillips d. 1771, minister at Andover, Mass.
Samuel Phillips d. 1790, one of the founders of Phillips Academy, Andover.
Samuel Phillips d. 1802, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.
Sarah Appleton Phillips d. 1714
William Phillips d. 1804, A Distinguished Merchant And Patriotic Citizen, died in Boston.
William Phillips d. 1827, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.
Abigail Pickard d. 1839
Ednah Pickard d. 1769
Ednah Lizzie Pickard d. 1853
Elisabeth Pickard d. 1730
Francis Pickard d. 1718
Dea. Francis Pickard d. 1778
Isaac Pickard d. 1855
Jacob Pickard d. 1839, Clerk, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia and Capt. Thomas Mighill's co., Col. Nathaniel Wade's regt. (Revolutionary War).
Jean Pickard d. 1715/16
Left. Jonathan Pickard d. 1735
Jonathan Pickard d. 1765
Joshua Pickard Esq. d. 1814
Lavinia D. Pickard d. 18??
Luther C. Pickard d. 1869
Mary Pickard, photo 2, d. 1748
Mary Pickard d. 1782
Capt. Samuel Pickard, photo 2, d. 1751
Sarah Pickard, photo 2, d. 1722
Sarah Pickard d. 1783
Susanna Pickard d. 1821
Tabitha Pickard d. 1854
Ann Pingre (Pingrey) d. 1740
Mary Plats, photo 2, d. 1726
Samuel Plats, photo 2, d. 1726
Hannah Plummer d. 1832
Samuel Plumer d. 1817
Sylvia Plumer d. 1815, Ensign, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia (Revolutionary War).
A. Thomas Potter d. 1877
Abigail Prime d. 1814
Mark Prime d. 1722
Mary Nelson Prime d. 1815
Samuel Prime d. 1717/18
Thomas Prime d. 1793
Emily L. Richards d. 1868
Humphrey H. Richards d. 1783
Jane Richards, photo 2, d. 1793
Moses Richards d. 1808, Revolutionary War veteran.
Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, photo 2, d. 1660, first minister of Rowley, b. in Wethersfield, Essex Co. England.
Henry Rylee d. 1710, the village blacksmith.
Amos Saunders d. 1865
Daniel Saunders d. 1870
John Saunders d. 1840
Lucy Saunders d. 1842
Phebe R. Saunders d. 1860
Rachel B. Saunders d. 1842
Ezekiel Sawyer, photo 2, d. 1766
Capt. John Scott d. 1828, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia (Revolutionary War).
Susanna Scott, photo 2, d. 1719
Dorothy Flint Shepard d. 1668
Rev. Samuel Shepard d. 1668, third minister of Rowley.
Infant boy Smith d. 1836
David Smith d. 1801
Edward Smith d. 1795
Elizabeth Smith d. 1784
Elizabeth Smith d. 1832
Elizabeth B. Bradstreet Smith d. 1828
Isaac Smith d. 1816
Isaac Smith d. 1832
Joseph Stacy d. 1809
Andrew Stickney d. 1727
Edner (Ednah) Northend Stickney d. 1722
Elizabeth Stickney d. 16??
Josiah Stickney jr., photo 2, d. 1798
Josiah Stickney d. 1825
Martha Stickney d. 1815
William Stickney, side 2, d. 1665
Anna Syle, photo 2, d. 1715
Elizabeth Taylor d. 1796
Jonathan Taylor d. 1825
David Tenny d. 1747
Ruth Thurlow d. 1861
Elizabeth H. Tibbets d. 1845
Elizabeth Jane Tibbets d. 1854
Jane F. Saunders Tibbets d. 1876
Apphia Todd d. 1818
Daniel Todd d. 1839, Sergeant, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia (Revolutionary War).
Ednah Todd, photo 2, d. 1810
Elisabeth Todd d. 1725
Elizabeth Todd d. 1813
Elizabeth Gage Todd d. 1776
Ezekiel Todd d. 1838
George Todd Esq. d. 1801
George Todd d. 1830
Hannah Todd d. 1774
Hannah Todd d. 1850
James Todd d. 1734
Lt. James Todd d. 1808, Lieutenant, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co. of militia (Revolutionary War).
Jeremiah Todd d. 1826
Jonathan Todd d. 1775
Jonathan Todd d. 1801, Lieut. James Todd's detachment (Revolutionary War).
Lucy Todd d. 1801
Lucy Ann Todd d. 1868
Lydia Todd d. 1720
Mary Todd d. 1749
Priscilla Todd d. 1725
Tabitha Todd d. 1845
Thomas Mighill Todd d. 18??, Company F, 2nd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Western Gunboats Regiment U.S. Navy, Company D, 48th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts where he was promoted to Full Corporal then Full Sergeant (Civil War).
William Todd d. 1815
Sophia Torrey d. 1797
Ellen Trumble d. 1648/49
John Trumble d. 1657
Mehitable Webster d. 1815
Anna White, photo 2, d. 1821
Daniel Wicom d. 1700, Capt. of militia company, quartermaster in King Philip's War.
Lydia Wicom d. 1722
Sarah Wicom, photo 2, d. 1705
Abigail Williams d. 1866
Eunice Williams d. 1859
Julia H. Williams d. 1856
William Williams d. 1868
Jeremiah Wood d. 1737
Moses Wood d. 1736
Hannah Woodberry d. 1722
Dorothy Woodman d. 1710 heelstone
Hannah Woodman, photo 2, d. 1741/42
Joshua Woodman d. 1745



More History in Rowley

Agawam Diner
Route 1
Constructed in 1954, the diner is a prefabricated structure built by the Fodero Dining Car Company in Bloomfield, New Jersey. It's the only prefabricated diner in Massachusetts and one of only four Fodero-built diners in that State. The Diner still operates as a full service restaurant.

Bradstreet Farm
located to the east of Main Street
Private residence. A King Grant property and believed to be one of the oldest continuously family-operated farms in America. The Town of Ipswich granted the land to Humphrey Bradstreet in 1635 and in 1785 it was annexed to Rowley. The other original King Grant property, the Cross-Hammond-Harris-Savage farm, also continues to exist in Town. These farms still remain in the same families that received the original King Grant.

Chaplin-Clarke House
109 Haverhill St
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Built in 1671, is Rowley’s oldest dwelling. This building has a central chimney built on a stone foundation. There is a slight overhang on
both the first and second stories on the east end, but none in front. The building also has a lean-to, a very early addition, and the house is the only one in Rowley that has both an overhang and a lean-to. Richard Clarke and one of his children died of smallpox in 1730, and their unmarked graves lie west of the house by the stonewall.

Jewel Mill / Glenn Mills Historic Districs
Route 1

The Jewel Mill was once known as the Pearson Mill and was the first Fulling Mill in America built ca. 1643. Open during the summer months.

Mighill - Perley House
Private residence. See the owner's website on the home's restoration. Built in 1737 by Capt. Nathaniel Mighill. The "Country's Wonder," a ship of about 100 tons was built in front of the house in 1814.

Old Nancy
The Revolutionary War cannon, “Old Nancy,” is one of the town’s most prized possessions. Rowley soldiers took the cannon from the British ship “Nancy,” captured off Gloucester. Left by Revolutionary War major Eben Boynton to his two sons, one a Rowley resident and the other a New Rowley (Georgetown) resident, the cannon has spent time in both Towns. Both Towns claim to have Old Nancy in their possession. Old Nancy makes appearances at special events and exhibits in Rowley.

Old Stone Arch Bridge
Built in 1643, by Richard Homes, millwright and early settler, this stone arch bridge spanned a section of the Mill River, and is still in use today.

Platts-Bradstreet House
223 Main St.
Built in 1677 by Samuel Platts, it's now a museum owned by the Rowley Historical Society. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Platts family owned the house until 1771, when the Bradstreet family took ownership, which they maintained until 1906. Tours by appointment only.

Pulpit Rock
off Route 133 and Leslie Road.
A sign directs you to the site, but
there is no marker. Said to have been the site of a 1770 sermon conducted by the Reverend George Whitfield and attended by 2,000 people.

Rowley Central Historic District
Downtown area, Main St., Central St. Wethersfield St., Bradford St. Summer St.

150 properties in and around the town
center. The district is generally bounded by Main Street on the southeast, Central Street on the east, Wethersfield Street on the north, Bradford Street on the west, and Summer Street on the southwest. The
district includes the Rowley Common (the original training field known as “The Training Place”) and numerous sites of activities dating from the 17th century, including the 1639 Burial Ground and the site of the First Parish House. The district also includes downtown churches and business establishments as well as many significant 17th, 18th, and 19th century homes surrounding the Common.

Rowley Historic Society
PO Box 41
Rowley, MA 01969

Thomas Lambert House
142 Main St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Across from the Town Hall, the house was constructed by the Hon. Thomas Lambert in 1699, the Lambert family owned the home for nearly 300 years.

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