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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Revere, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Revere, Massachusetts

The Rumney Marsh Burying ground was established in 1693 and is located on Butler Street in Revere. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Revere's first inhabitants were Native Americans who belonged to the Pawtucket Tribe and were known as the Rumney Marsh Indians. The leader, or sachem, of the Pawtuckets was Nanepashemet of Lynn. Three sons succeeded him in his reign. One of them, Wonohaquaham, also called Sagamore John, had jurisdiction over the Indians at Winnisemmit (later Chelsea ) and Rumney Marsh.

Rumney Marsh was originally divided and allotted to twenty-one of Boston's most prominent citizens. On September 25, 1634, Rumney Marsh was annexed to Boston , which had received its name only four years earlier. In 1739, Rumney Marsh, Winnisemmet and Pullen Point were set off from Boston and established as the Town of Chelsea . Revere was the largest of the three settlements, and therefore was selected as the Town Centre.

Revere played a role in the American Revolution as the site of the first naval battle in 1775 at Rumney Marsh. (Source: Wikipedia)

Rumney Marsh Burying Ground est. 1693

All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington. Photos uploaded but not transcribed.

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Veterans Memorial Plaque
Eliah Adams d. 1697
Priscilla Adams d. 1702
David Belcher d. 1794, drowned.
Eliza Belcher d. 1837
James Belcher d. 1723
James Belcher d. 1816, at Gettysburg, PA.
John Belcher d. 1837
Joseph Belcher d. 1739
Julian Belcher d. 1832
Martha Belcher d. 1834
Nathaniel Belcher d. 1797, drowned in Boston Harbor.
Nathaniel Belcher d. 1812
Nathaniel Belcher d. 1822
Nathaniel Berry d. 1854
Henry Better d. 1879
Sophia Better d. 1875
Charles James Bibber d. 1883, US Navy medal of honor recipient. He served on board the U.S.S. Agawam, as one of a volunteer crew of a powder boat which was exploded near Fort Fisher 23 December 1864 (Civil War).
James Bill d. 1717/18
Lt. Jonathan Bill d. 1729
Jonathan Bill d. 1731
Jonathan Bill d. 1761
Sarah Bill d. 1731
Edward Billingham d. 1844
Joanna Green Blanchard d. 1824
?? Brintnall d. 1702, stone 2
Sgt. Lewis L. Bullard d. 18??, Company K, 23 Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War).
Martha Burrill d. 1814
Mary Butman d. 1792
Corp. William M. Carr d. 18??, Company E, 39th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, disability discharge (Civil War).
Anne Montague Cary d. 1882
Charles Paine Cary d. 1851
Charles Spooner Cary d. 1854
Charles Spooner Cary d. 1866
George B. Cary d. 1846
Harriet Cary d. 1852
Harriet Cary d. 1873
Henry Cary d. 1857
Henry Cary d. 1885
Lucius Cary d. 1825
Margaret Graves Cary d. 1868
Robert H. Cary d. 1867
Samuel Cary d. 1812
Sarah Cary d. 1825
Hellen B. Carter d. 18??
Ensign John Center d. 1706, interesting early puritan-style carving.
Stephen Kent Chadwick d. 1777
Hannah Chamberlain, heelstone
Jacob Chamberlain d. 1734
Jacob Chamberlain d. 1736, heelstone
John Chamberlain d. 1721
Deacon John Chamberlain d. 1753
Lydia Chamberlain d. 1722
Lois Chamberlain d. 1725
John Chambling d. 1717
Rachel Chambling d. 1718
Cheever & Harris Tomb
Anna Cheever d. 1740
Hannah Cheever d. 1724, heelstone
Joseph Cheever d. 1751
Deacon Joshua Cheever d. 1786
Nathan Cheever d. 1751
Nathan Cheever d. 1774, heelstone
Sally Cheever d. 1786
Sally Cheever d. 1790
Sarah Cheever d. 1704/5
Jeff Cole d. 1???, Company H, 50th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)
Moses Collins d. 1810
Daniel Conn d. 18??, Company E, 28th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts. Received disability discharge. (Civil War)
William P. Cook d. 1910, Company A, 1st Cavalry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War)
Isaac O. Cooley d. 1837
David Cozens d. 1836
Crooker Tomb
Abigail Eustes d. 1798, heelstone
Sarah Eustes d. 1748
Thomas Eustes d. 1752
William Eustes d. 1736
William Eustis d. 1757
Aaron Floyd d. 1817
Eunice Floyd d. 1825
George W. Floyd d. 1817, heelstone
Hugh Floyd, heelstone
Deacon James Floyd d. 1851
Lt. John Floyd d. 1723/24, heelstone
Mary Floyd d. 1732, heelstone
Nancy Floyd d. 1817, heelstone. "Tis o'er the parting scene of death is o'er.
Fair Nancy has clos'd her beaming eyes; Her spotless soul has sought that blissful shore, Where tear is shed, and sigh is breath'd no more, In those celestial realms beyond the skies."

Sarah Floyd d. 1717
James Forrest d. 1831
Mary Forrest d. 1864
Samuel Fuller d. 1743
Isabella Gay d. 1862
Lydia Gay d. 1832
Joseph Green d. 1801
Joseph Green d. 1825
Levi Green d. 1851
Martha Green d. 1822
Samuel Green d. 1835
Susanna Green d. 1843
Margaret Grover d. 1695
Prudence Grover d. 1731
Asa Hacy d. 1725
Polley Hall d. 1781
Abigail Hasey d. 1731
Elizabeth Hasey d. 1708
Hannah Hasey d. 1728
Deacon Jacob Hasey d. 1753
Lt. Joseph Hasey d. 1707
Joseph Hasey d. 1712
Judah Hasey d. 1718, photo 2
Sarah Hasey d. 17??
Sarah Hasey d. 1735/36
William Hasey d. 1695, photo 2
William Hasey d. 1753
Marcy Haugh d. 1702
Benjamin Kent d. 1747
Chariessa Kent d. 1747
Jacob Kent d. 1742
Rebeckah Kent d. 1743
Thomas Kirwan d. 18??, Company K, 17th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts. Received disability discharge. (Civil War)
Charlotte Low d. 1825
Lydia Oakes Low d. 1825
Martha Low d. 1846
Samuel Low, Esq. d. 1823
William Low d. 1787
William Low d. 1789
Amos Lyon d. 1826
Hannah Lyon d. 1829
Louisa Nelson d. 1856
Mary F. Nelson d. 1846
Sarah Newhall d. 1814
Tabitha Nickoals, heelstone
Cornelius Nye d. 18??, US Soldier (Civil War)
Hepzibah Oliver d. 1769
Joanna T. Oliver d. 1865
John P. Oliver d. 1837
John Sale Oliver d. 1769
Sarah Oliver d. 1760, Fresh in ye Morn ye Summer Rose, Hangs wither'd ere 'tis Noon, We scarce enjoy ye balmy Gift, But mourn ye Pleasure gone.
Sarah Sigourney Oliver d. 1814
William Oliver d. 1831
Elizabeth Payson d. 1829, daughter of Rev. Phillips Payson, a zealous patriot during the Revolutionary War.
Emily Payson d. 1810
Rebecca Poor d. 1837
Pratt & Woods Tomb
Abigail Pratt d. 1837
Caleb Pratt d. 1838
Charles Pratt d. 1848 in Augusta, ME.
Daniel Pratt d. 1841
Elizabeth Pratt d. 1784
J. R. Pratt d. 18??, 32nd US Infantry (Civil War)
John Pratt d. 1790
Lydia Pratt d. 1837
Mary Pratt d. 1853
Lt. Samuel Pratt d. 1773, heelstone
Lt. Samuel Pratt d. 1809
Samuel Pratt jr. d. 1797
Susannah Pratt d. 1789
Lt. Thomas Pratt d. 1780
William Pratt d. 1822
Harrison T. Reed d. 18??, Co. E, 44th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)
Caleb Russell d. 18??, Co. C, 30th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War)
Deborah Sales d. 1804
Elisha Sigourney d. 1811, "of Boston, a merchant."
Capt. John Smith d. 1706, a military leader and inn keeper; interesting early puritan-style carving.
Lydia Sprague d. 1777, heelstone
Capt. Samuel Sprague d. 1783, heelstone, led three companies of Minutemen during the Revolutionary War.
James Stowers d. 1780
Anna Tewksbury d. 1829
Bill Tewksbury d. 1816
Elizabeth Tewkesbury d. 1841
Lydia Tewksbury d. 1831
Martha Tewksbury d. 1811
Mary Tewksbury d. 1833
Mary Tewksbury d. 1839
William Tewsbury d. 1856
Susannah Tippin d. 1852
Elizabeth Calder Towle d. 1891
Frances Ellen Towle d. 1849
Frank Tewksbury Towle d. 1858
William B. Towle d. 1896
William R. Towle d. 1898
Grace Tucker d. 1730, of Marblehead.
James Tukesbury d. 1788
James Tuksbury d. 1799
James Tukesbury d. 1800
Sarah Tukesbury d. 1802
Abigail Tuttle d. 1723
Damaris Tuttle d. 1723, heelstone
Edward Tuttle d. 1727, heelstone
Edward Tuttle d. 1730
Elijah Tuttle d. 1736
Eunice Tuttle d. 1728
Joanna Tuttle d. 1728
John Tuttle d. 1708
Joseph Tuttle d. 1718
Mary Tuttle d. 1718
Phebe Tuttle d. 1713, photo 2
Samuel Tuttle d. 1742
Edward Watts d. 1714
Elizabeth Watts d. 1721
Elizabeth Watts d. 1730
Rebeckah Watts d. 1715
Jemima Weare d. 1719
Joshua White d. 18??, US Navy (Civil War.)
Joseph Whittemore d. 1735, heelstone
Sarah Williams d. 1789, beautiful portrait stone with the Angel of Death beside her with his scythe pointing to her with a spear.
Deane Winthrop d. 1703/4, of "Pullen Point".
Capt. Joseph Winthrop d. 1702
Eleanor Worcester d. 1843
John H. Worcester d. 1812
Naomi Wyeth d. 1842
Eleanor Yelland d. 1834

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