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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Quincy, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Quincy, Massachusetts

Hancock Cemetery

Presidents John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams were first buried in this cemetery but later removed to be entombed in the United First Parish Church across the street.

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Bethiah Adams, d. 1758
Ebenezer Adams, d. 17??
Henry Adams, d. 1646, tomb inscription, 5th great grandfather of John Adams and a founder of Braintree/Quincy.
John Quincy Adams, d. 1848, 6th President of the United States.
Joseph Adams Sr., d. 1694
Samuel Bass, d. 1694
John Baxter, d. 1777
Mehitable Baxter, d. 1762
Sarah Baxter, d. 1792
Benjamin Beale, Esq., d. 1813
Sarah Belcher, d. 1761
Polly Brown, d. 1791
Thomas Glover, d. 1758
Elizabeth Hobart, d. 1704
Mary Marshall d. 1718
Hannah Nightengall, d. 1718
Joseph Nightingall, d. 1715
Cotton Pratt, d. 1798
Colonel John Quincy, d. 1767, father of First Lady Abigail Adams (wife of President John Adams.) Major in the British Army, once representative to the Massachusetts General Court and Speaker of the House.
John Ruggles, d. 1779
John Spear, d. 1776
Judith Spear, d. 1787
Samuel Spear, d. 1713
Ann Thayer, d. 1794
Samuel Tompson, d. 1695
Sarah Tompson, d. 1679
Deacon Jonathan Webb, d. 1789

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