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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Newbury, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Newbury, Massachusetts

The First Parish Burying Ground is located on High Rd / Route 1A in Newbury just over the Newburyport line. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Check the Newburyport listings at this site also for more Newbury gravestones, since it was part of Newbury until 1764.

Cemetery Status: Horrible! Very little landscaping is done, and there are many broken gravestones. Red listings indicate broken gravestones

First Parish Burying Ground 1635

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Adeline ???tchell d. 1839
Judith ?? d. 17??
Moses ?? d. 1717, photo 2
Nathaniel ?? d. 1761
Silas ?? d. 1753
Benjamin T. Adams d. 1876
Charles E. Adams d. 188?
Daniel Adams d. 1840
Deborah Adams d. 1837
Elizabeth Adams d. 1794
Elizabeth Adams d. 1820
Emily Judson Adams d. 1915
Hannah Mary Little Adams d. 1920
Henrietta Sewall Adams d. 1906
Henry Sewall Adams d. 1831
Henry Sewall Adams d. 1916
Isaac Adams d. 1807
Capt. Israel Adams d. 1812
Jesse Adams d. 1790, drowned at sea.
Liphe Adams d. 1801, Revolutionary War veteran.
M. Ellen Adams d. 1868
Mary C. Adams d. 1886
Mary E. Adams d. 1855
Moody Adams d. 1790, drowned at sea.
Capt. Richard Adams d. 1857
Sarah Adams d. 1838
Sarah Adams d. 1860
Sewall Adams d. 1835
Silas Adams d. 1800, Capt. Gerrish's Company, Revolutionary War.
Wesley Erving Adams d. 1881
William E. Adams d. 1869
Xenophon Adams d. 1836
Abigail Allen d. 1728, at age 16, wife to Jeremiah Allen Jr.
Elizabeth True Gyles Allen d. 1787
Elizabeth Atkinson d. 1755, photo 2
Sarah Atkinson d. 1759, photo 2
Simeon Atkinson d. 1753, photo 2
Susannah Atkinson d. 1754, photo 2
Madam Sarah Barnard d. 1779
Jane Marie Langley Betts d. 1855
Boyd Family
? Boyd d. 1826
? Boyd d. 1826
Abdiel Boyd d. 1802
Apphia Isabella Boyd d. 1826
Ebenezer Little Boyd d. 1841
James Boyd d. 1798
Sarah Boyd d. 1837
Sarah Frazier Boyd d. 1826
Susanna Boyd d. 1788
Susanna Coffin Boyd d. 1824
William Boyd d. 1800
Betsy Bradstreet d. 1815
Aaron Bray d. 1819
Hannah Bray d. 1822
Susanna Bray d. 1792
Elizabeth Brookings d. 1825
Samuel Brookings d. 1801
William Brookings d. 18??
Ann Brown d. 1792
Hannah Brown d. 1787
John Brown, photo 2, 3, d. 1724 heelstone
Madam Sarah Brown d. 1821
William Brown d. 1776
William Brown d. 1784
Deacon William Brown d. 1786, deacon of the Presbyterian Church for 42 years.
Dorothy Carnes d. 1784, photo 2
Samuel L. Caswell d. 18??, US Navy (Civil War.)
Thomas Caswell d. 1878
Thomas Henry Caswell d. 1831
Samuel Chandler d. 1786
Aquila Chase, heelstone d. 1720
Sarah Chase d. 187?
Eunice N. Cheever d. 1847
Frances D. Cheever d. 1857
Frederick Cheever d. 1907
Martha H. Cheever d. 1882
Zeruah Cheever d. 1893
Daniel Chesley, Co. E, 59th Massachusett Infanty (Civil War.) Discharged for wounds.
Daniel Clark d. 1723, photo 2
Abigail Coffin d. 1879
Ann Coffin d. 18??
Aphya Coffin d. 1725
Caroline A. Coffin d. 1898
Dr. Charles Coffin MD d. 1821, Harvard graduate. photo 2
David M. Coffin d. 1869
Ebenezer Coffin A.M.
Edmund Coffin d. 1825
Edmund Coffin jr. d. 1838
Frederic Coffin d. 1794
Frederic Coffin d. 1802
Harriot Coffin d. 1803
Hector Coffin d. 1846
Hephzibah Coffin d. 1796, photo 2
Hephzibah Carnes Coffin d. 1777, photo 2
Lieut. Col. Joseph Coffin d. 1773, 2nd Regiment, Essex County Militia. photo 2
Joseph Coffin d. 1805
Major Joshua Coffin d. 1774
Judith Coffin heelstone d. 1705, wife of Deacon Tristram, she lived in the Coffin House, now a museum located across the street. She also lived to se 177 of her children and grandchildren.
Judith Coffin d. 1801, photo 2
Lucy Coffin d. 1811
Lucy Coffin d. 1858
Lucy Coffin jr. d. 1893
Lydia Coffin d. 1821
Margaret Coffin d. 1775
Mary Coffin d. 1803
Mary Caswell Coffin d. 1863
Molly Coffin d. 1759
Hon. Nathaniel Coffin, Esq. d. 1748, heelstone
Nathaniel Coffin d. 1869
Samuel Coffin d. 1818
Sarah Coffin d. 1750, heelstone
Sarah Coffin d. 1760
Sarah Coffin d. 1798
Susan Coffin d. 1880
Thomas Coffin d. 1783
Thomas Coffin d. 1817, at sea on the brig "Horizon".
Deacon Tristram Coffin, Esq. d. 1703/4, lived in the Coffin House, now a museum located across the street. He was also a deacon for 20 years with the First Church of Newbury.
Tristram Coffin d. 1727
Benjamin Colby d. 1802
Benjamin Colby d. 1831, lost at sea.
George Colby d. 1809
John Colby d. 1796
Joseph L. Colby d. 1797
Joseph L. Colby d. 1810
Capt. Joseph L. Colby d. 1825, stone 2
Nicolas Colby d. 1726, photo 2
Sarah Colby d. 1801
Sarah Foot Colby d. 1811
Charles Edwin Cook d. 1829
Charles Edwin Cook d. 1831
Elizabeth Cook d. 1832
Jeremiah Cook d. 1825
John Cook d. 1823
John Lowell Cook d. 1819
Mary Cook d. 1823
Moses Cook d. 1827
Susan Lowell Cook d. 1819
Hannah Parsons Cross d. 1810
Major Daniel Davison d. 1717, photo 2
Eunice Davison d. 1791
Eben H. Dearborn, Co. B, 48th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War).
Dodge Family Plot, ironwork
Catharine Dodge d. 1852
Stephen Noyes Dodge d. 1841, died in Chile.
Stephen Noyes Dodge jr. d. 1848, also in Chile.
Anna Dole d. 1824
Capt. Friend Dole d. 1801
Rebekah Dole d. 1779
Joseph Eaton d. 1728, heelstone
David Evans d. 1853
Henry Evans d. 1807, died at sea.
Margaret M. Evans d. 1786
Mary G. Evans d. 1839
Prudence Evans d. 1837
Richard S. Evans d. 1788
Samuel T. Evans d. 1801
Samuel T. Evans d. 1802
Thomas Evans d. 1836
Elizabeth Gerrish d. 1771, photo 2
Moses Gerrish d. 1742
Capt. Moses Gerrish d. 1822
Samuel Gerrish d. 1821, at Mayaguez (Puerto Rico).
Abigail Goodwin d. 1795
Hannah Woodwell Goodwin d. 1800
Clarck Cottle Greenleaf d. 1794
Clarck Cottle Greenleaf, 2nd d. 1795
Elizabeth Greenleaf d. 1712, photo 2
John Greenleaf d. 1734
Mary Greenleaf d. 1729
Lydia Frost Peirce Greenleif (Greenleaf) d. 1752
Capt. Stephen Greenleaf d. 1743
Charles H. Hale d. 1897
Enoch Hale d. 1823
Josephine M. Hale d. 1917
Mary W. Hale d. 1807
Polly Hale d. 1787
Sarah J. Hale d. 1903
Mary Stickney Haskell d. 1827
Ruth Haslett d. 1807
Edward Hazzen d. 1723
Sarah Frost Blunt Hill d. 1772, daughter of Hon. John Frost of New Castle, NH.
Capt. Frances Holmes d. 1766, photo 2
Mary Holmes d. 1806
Amose Hale Howard d. 1831
Sarah Hunt d. 1828
Capt. William Hunt d. 1841
Abigail Ilsley d. 1753
Clarissa Ilsley d. 1825
Ruth Ilsley d. 1759
Capt. Stephen Ilsley d. 1832
Wade Ilsley d. 1825
William Ilsley d. 1756
William Henry Ilsley d. 1822
Capt. Micajah Ingalls d. 1796, died at sea.
Charles H. Ireland d. 1886
Deborah Ireland d. 1856
Mary Ireland d. 1876
Nathaniel Ireland d. 1869
Sarah Collins Ireland d. 1898
Charlotte Jackson d. 1867
Polly Jackson d. 1794
Martha Johnson d. 1715
Ann Johnston d. 1827
Ann Johnston jr. d. 1818
Benjamin Johnston d. 1809
Benjamin Johnston d. 1818
Martha Johnston d. 1771
Mary Johnston, photo 2, d. 1809
Sally Johnston d. 1776
Anne Kelly d. 1788
Abigail Kent d. 1728, photo 2
Capt. Moses Kent Jr. d. 1828
Elisabeth Knap d. 1758, photo 2
Abigail L. Knight d. 1888
Anne C. Knight, carving detail
Charles Knight d. 18?7
Daniel Knight d. 1794
Elizabeth Knight d. 1849
James Knight d. 1800
Ensign Joseph Knight d. 1722/23
Richard Knight d. 1723
Sarah Knight d. 1785
Stephen Knight d. 1722
Ellen Noyes Langley d. 1839
Ellen Noyes Langley d. 1839
Ferolin Fox Langley d. 1839
Moses Langley d. 1847
Francis Little d. 1828
Henry Little d. 1848
Phebe Little d. 1862
Sarah A. Little d. 1855
Benjamin Lunt d. 17?4
Benjamin Lunt d. 1810
Ensign Cutting Lunt d. 1796, Captain of Marines on the schooner privateer "Independence", later commander of same ship, and master of the privateer "America". He was also captured by the British on the brigantine "Dalton" and a Master of the "Bon Homme Richard", commanded by John Paul Jones.
Deborah Lunt d. 1788
Ensign Henry Lunt d. 1709
Capt. Joseph Lunt d. 1796
Margaret Lunt d. 1783
Mary Lunt d. 1816
Micajah Lunt d. 1840
Sarah Giddings Lunt d. 1827
Sarah B. Swett Lunt d. 1876


Sarah Mayo d. 1710
Isaac Mirrick d. 173?
Mary Mirrick d. 1710, photo 2
? Moody d. 17??
Ann Moody d. 18??
Ebenezer Moody d. 1787
Eunice Moody d. 1769, photo 2
Hannah Moody d. 1734
Jane Moody d. 1778
John Moody d. 1737
Samuel Moody d. 1789
Col. Samuel Moody, Esq. d. 1790
Sarah Moody d. 1822
Rev. Abraham Moor d. 1801, pastor of the First Church of Newbury for 6 years. "a man of genius as well as goodness."
Isaiah Morrill d. 1830
Capt. Jacob Morrill d. 1825
Margaret Morrill d. 1827
Ensign Anthony Morse d. 1710
Alice Murry d. 1790
Johannah Muzzy d. 1722
Joseph Muzzy d. 1801, photo 2
Lydia Muzzy d. 1790, photo 2
Margaret Muzzy d. 1787
Elizabeth Mycall d. 1849
Ester Newman d. 1800
Harriot Newman d. 1797
Abigail Noyes d. 1787
Daniel Noyes d. 1754
Elizabeth Noyes d. 1708
Elizabeth Noyes d. 1815
Elizabeth Noyes d. 1847
Jane Noyes d. 1802
Judith Noyes d. 1802
Sarah Noyes d. 1808
Sarah Noyes d. 1818
Sarah Noyes d. 1849
Stephen Noyes d. 1794
Stephen Noyes d. 1812
Timothy Noyes d. 1718
Ann Ordway d. 1687
Rev. Thomas Parker d. 1677, "born in Wiltshire, England in 1595, came to New England in 1634, was chosen in 1634 pastor of the church in Newbury."
Infant Parsons d. 1749, photo 2
Ezra Parsons d. 1751, photo 2
Capt. Jonathan Parsons d. 1784, died at sea. Photos 2, 3
Jonathan Parsons d. 1811, died at St. Bartholomews.
Lucia Parsons d. 1826
Mary Parsons d. 1761
Samuel Giles Parsons d. 1769, drowned in the river near the ferry at Newburyport at age 11, but very esteemed for his young age, according to his extensive epitaph.
Samuel Gyles Parsons d. 1799
Hon. William Partridge, Esq. d. 1728/29, the 9th and 12th Governor of New Hampshire.
Jeremiah Pearson d. 1797
Capt. Benjamin Peirce d. 1860
Charles Peirce Esq. d. 1764
Charles Peirce AM d. 1772
Col. Daniel Peirce Esq., d. 1704, photo 2, Deputy of the General Court in 1682-1683, a member of the Council of Safety in the revolution of 1689, a Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for Essex, and a State Representative. His home in Newbury is now a museum called the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm.
Eleazer Peirce d. 1764
Eleazer Peirce d. 1768
Elizabeth Peirce d. 1864
Jane Peirce d. 1816
John Peirce d. 1823
Mary Peirce d. 1769
Mary P. Peirce d. 1826
Sarah C. Peirce d. 1824
Joseph Perkins d. 1882
William Perkins, Jr., Co. D 4th Massachusetts Calvery (Civil War.)
Abigail Pettingell d. 1835
Benjamin Pettingell d. 1837
Charlotte Pettingell d. 1819, photo 2
Judith Pick d. 1747/48
Jonathan Plumer d. 1819
Nancy J. Plummer d. 1824
Phebe L. Plummer d. 1831
John Poore d. 1790, "drowned at sea Lat. 43,31 Long. 63,25".
Katherine Poore d. 1793
Capt. Nathan Poor/Poore d. 1806
Sarah Stickney Prince d. 1845
William Prince d. 1834
Eliphalet Randall d. 1869
George A. Randall d. 1892
Mary Randall d. 1866
Ruth Ann Randall d. 1919
George William Rappell d. 1888, "A great sufferer and helpless from wounds, contracted in the Civil War of 1861 was acting master's mate of the U.S.S. gunboat Chocura, 1862 Mt. Vernon and U.S. Steamer Iroquois 1863."
Margaret J. Rappell d. 1871
Mary Richardson d. 1753, died "a Maiden" at age 73.
Betsey Rogers d. 1858
Mary Rogers d. 1849
Silas Rogers d. 1793
Apphia Rolfe d. 1708
Esther Rolfe d. 1773
Hannah Rolfe d. 1825
Lydia Rolfe d. 1825
Mary Rolfe d. 1806
Mary Rolfe d. 1832
Mary Tucker Rolfe d. 184?, wife of Rev. Benjamin Rolfe, pastor of the Congregational Church in Parsonfield, ME.
Samuel Rolfe d. 1822, at St. Ingo, Cuba.
Capt. Samuel Rolfe d. 1832
Jeremiah Sadler d. 1848, lost at sea.
Amos Sargent d. 1802, Killed by an
accidental discharge of a musket at age 7.

Amos Sargent d. 1814
Dolly Sargent d. 1840
Ebenezer Sargent d. 1723
Ebenezer Sargent d. 1841
Edward Sargent Esq., photo 2 d. 1742
Elizabeth Sargent d. 1718, photo 2
Elizabeth Sargent d. 1790
Ichabod Sargent d. 1723
Mercy Sargent d. 1818
Henry Sewall d. 1700, he sailed from England on the ship Elizabeth & Dorcas and arrived at Boston in 1634. He helped begin this "plantation" Newbury in 1635. photo 2
Hull Sewall d. 1686, son of Chief Justice Samuel Sewell, commissioner of the court that presided over the Salem Witch Trials.
Jane Dummer Sewall d. 1701
John Sewall d. 1699, photo 2
Alice Noyes Smith d. 1819
Richard Smith d. 1821
Henry Somerby d. 1732
Rebekah Somerby d. 1773
Joseph Stanwood, 19th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War), a musician.
Helen Munroe Stevens d. 1887
Moses Stevens d. 1909
Capt. Amos Stickney d. 1756
Amos Stickney d. 1761
Amos Stickney d. 1788
Ann Bootman Stickney d. 1815
Benjamin Stickney d. 1830
Margaret M. Stickney d. 18??
Nancy Stickney d. 1812
William Stickney d. 1790
William Stickney d. 1823
William Stickney d. 1833
Capt. David Stickney d. 1773
John Stickney d. 1727
John Stickney d. 1733
John Stickney d. 1833
Lydia A. Stickney d. 1798
Margaret M. Stickney d. 18??
Mary Stickney d. 1737, photo 2
Mary Stickney d. 17??
Mary Stickney d. 1805
Mary Stickney d. 1827
Moses Stickney, heel stone d. 17??
Nancy Stickney d. 1812
Sarah Tucker Stickney d. 1823
Thomas Stickney d. 1803
Thomas Adams Stickney d. 1833
William Stickney d. 1802
William Stickney d. 1790
William Stickney d. 1823
William Stickney d. 1834
Jacob Stone d. 1805
John Syles d. 1721
Abigail Tappan d. 1771
Ellen Maria Tappan d. 1839
George Tappan d. 1857
Holden Parsons Tappan d. 1793
Infant Tappan d. 1779
Lt. Jacob Tappan/Tappin d. 1717
Capt. Joseph Tappan d. 1814
Lucia Tappan d. 1815
Mercy Scot Tappan d. 1791
Richard Tappan d. 1813, in New York.
Samuel Tappan d. 1750
Samuel Holden Tappan d. 1777
Sarah Tappan d. 1847
Sarah W. Tappan d. 1847
Thomas Parsons Tappan d. 1793, at Point Petre.
Wigglesworth Tappan d. 1781
Abigail Peabody Tarr d. 1823
Nathan Taylor d. 1834
Elizabeth Adams Thurlo d. 1795
? Thurlow d. 1877
Benjamin F. Thurlow d. 1871
Hannah J. Thurlow d. 1898
Harriet B. Thurlow d. 18??
Lucy A. Thurlow d. 1882
Millidge G. Thurlow d. 1882
Benaiah Titcomb d. 1728, photo 2
Rev. Christopher Toppan d. 1747, "fourth Pastor of the First Church in Newbury, a Gentleman of good Learning, conspicuous Piety and Virtue shining both by his Doctrine and his Life, skilled and greatly improved in the Practice of Physics and Surgery..." original stone
Hannah Toppan d. 1699
John Toppan d. 1747
Judith Tappin/Toppan d. 1737
John Torry d. 1850
Sarah Torry d. 1845
Alice Tucker d. 1808
Dr. Barnard Tucker MD d. 1832
Benjamin Tucker d. 1832
Catherine Tucker d. 1849
Charlotte Tucker d. 1816
Elizabeth Tucker d. 1844
Sarah Tucker d. 1814
Mary Anna Waits d. 1850
Mercy T. Waits d. 1869
Sally Watson d. 1821
Isabell S. Watts d. 1816
Parker Webster d. 1753
John Weed d. 1758, heelstone
John Weed d. 1758
Daniel Wells d. 1790, a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church in Newburyport.
Elizabeth Swasey Wells d. 1833
Hannah Wells d. 1889
Lucy Wells d. 1809, photo 2
Nathaniel Wells d. 1794, photo 2
Nathaniel Wells d. 1843
Samuel Williams Wells d. 1851
Sarah Wells d. 1787
Tamson Doyle Wells d. 1838
William Wells 18??
William Wenfort d. 1851
Capt. Paul White d. 1679, built the first wharf in Newburyport in 1655. Inventory taken of his estate showed that he owned a house, a still house, two warehouses, a shop with liquor and goods, and one slave.
Mary Ann Wood d. 1886
Benjamin Woodbridge d. 1738, photo 2 , photo 3
Rev. John Woodbridge d. 1695
Sarah Woodbridge d. 1755, photo 2
Abigail Woodman, photo 2, photo 3 d. 1725
Elizabeth Woodman d. 1841
Jonathan Woodman d. 1730
Joseph Woodman d. 1835
Edward F. Woodwell, Company A, 48th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Elizabeth Woodwell d. 1823
John Woodwell d. 1822
John Titcomb Woodwell d. 1818
Lewis F. Woodwell, Company A, 48th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Marcy Woodwell d. 1782
Mary Woodwell d. 1818
Edmund Worth d. 1723
Idelia J. Wylde d. 1885

Coffin House
14 High Road, Route 1A
Built 1678 by Tristram Coffin. The house chronicles the evolution of domestic life in rural New England over three centuries. The structure, whitch contains the family's furnishings, began as a simple dwelling built in the post-medieval style. Open: June through October
First Saturday of the month, Tours at 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Dole-Little House
289 High Road
Built around 1715, with materials salvaged from an earlier structure, the Dole-Little House was constructed for Richard Dole, a cattleman. The house was built on a two-room, central-chimney plan with a small kitchen shed at the rear. Tours by appointment only.

Hale-Boynton House
Middle St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historical Society of Old Newbury
98 High Street, Newburyport

James Noyes House
7 Parker Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Newbury Historic District Also known as The First Parish;Upper Green
Irregular pattern along High Rd., Green and Hanover Sts.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm
5 Little's Lane
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Open: June 1 through October 15
Thursday through Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Wednesday open for group tours by appointment. Special events throughout the season. See for details.

Swett-Ilsley House
4 High Road
Built c. 1670 by Stephen Swett, the original portion of the house was constructed on a single-room plan with chimney bay and faced south. Open May 21, 12-4pm , and July 29, 1-5pm. Private Heritage Tours available with advanced reservations.

If you know of an historic place to visit in Newbury, please submit it to

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