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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Marblehead, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Marblehead, Massachusetts

Marblehead was first settled as a plantation of Salem in 1629 by John Peach Sr., then set off and incorporated in 1639.

Old Burial Hill, est. 1638

Some amazing carvings here, including the famous Susanna Jayne stone, d. 1776. It was carved by Henry Christian Geyer. The hourglass stands for the passing of time, the cross-bones represent mortality. The serpent in a circle with its tail in its mouth is a symbol of eternity and immortality. The skeletal figure has a crown of laurel on his head, denoting victory, and holds in each hand the earth and the sun representing the new heaven and the new earth. Beneath him are two bats signifying the evils of the world which by Death has been conquered, while above there are two happy, winged cherubs as all is better in Heaven.

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Photos uploaded but not transcribed.

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Green Street Cemetery, est. 1790
Located on the corner of Elm, Cressey and Green Streets. See it's location and get directions at Google Maps.

Cemetery Status: Poor. Many broken stones.

Photos uploaded but not all transcribed.

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Benjamin Abbot d. 1844
Marcy Abbot d. 1802
Joseph Barker d. 1804
Mehitable (Mehetabeal) Bartlett d. 1809
Hannah Blanchard d. 1807
Isaac Blanchard d. 1800
Jesse Blanchard d. 18??
Joseph Blanchard d. 1811
Sarah Blanchard d. 1822
Sarah P. Blanchard d. 18?8
William Blanchard d. 1820
Ruth Bowden d. 1837
Ruth Bowden d. 1849
James Bowler d. 18??
Lydia Bowler d. 1825
Mary Bowler d. 1806
Mary Bowler d. 1872
William Bowler d. 1873
J. Cass d. 1828
Joseph Church d. 1799
Nancy Abbot Cole d. 1869
Mary Collins d. 1815
Anna Dodd d. 1840
A.E. Graves d. 1857
Deborah Griffin d. 1803
Elizabeth Phillips Griste d. 1835
Capt. John Griste d. 1804
John Ingram d. 1848
Capt. William Le Craw d. 1802
Benjamin Lindsey d. 1874
Hannah Lindsey d. 1864
John M. Lindsey d. 18?6
Nathaniel Lindsey d. 1866
Marcy Abbot Martin d. 1833
Marcy Abbot Pain d. 1831
Deborah Phillips d. 1838
Elizabeth Phillips d. 1803
Joseph Phillips d. 1856
Polley Phillips d. 1804
Dea. Stephen Phillips d. 1804
Sarah Phillips d. 1832
Mary Quiner d. 1827
Mary Quiner d. 1906
Samuel Quiner d. 1898
William B. Quiner d. 1864
Frank H. Rathsun d. 1863
Mary Rathsun d. 186?
Sarah D. Roundy Rathsun d. 1868
Ellen Roads d. 1821
Mehitable Roads d. 1837
Samuel Roads d. 1836
Eveline Roundry d. 1848
Nathaniel J. Roundry d. 1848
Dr. Elisha Story, M.M.S. d. 1804
William Story, Esq. d. 1799
Ann Stuart d. 1864
Capt. ? Stuart d. 1864
John Thompson d. 18??

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