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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Lynn, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Lynn, Massachusetts

Western Burial Ground in Lynn was established 1637 and is located at 36 Market Square. There is a large number of Revolutionary War Veterans buried here, including many from the Lynn Minutemen Militia. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Fair, the grass hadn't been mowed in quite a while and there many broken stones.

Western Burial Ground est. 1637


More photos uploaded than transcribed.

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Elizabeth ? d. 17??
James ? d. 1825, 1st Mass Regt. Revolutionary War
Priseller ? d. 1823
Abner Alley d. 1792
Elizabeth Alley d. 1869
George Arton Alley d. 1847
Mary Elizabeth Alley d. 1843
William Alley d. 1853
Morris Amaridge d. 1834
Sarah Amaridge d. 1826
Joanna Attwell d. 1817
Lewis B??? d. ?, Robinson's Massachusetts Regiment Revolutionary War
James Bacheller d. 1837 a member of the Lynn Minutemen in the Revolutionary War
Samuel Bacheller d. 18??
Amos Ballard d. 1798, "deprived of life by the accidental discharge of a musket in a canoe in Lynn River."
Deacon John Ballard d. 1725
Joseph Ballard d. 1796
James Berry d. 1821
Sarah Berry d. 1835
Amos Blanchard d. ? 10th Massachusetts Revolutionary War
Abigail Blaney d. 1765, aged 95.
Jonathan Blaney d. 1757
Joseph Blany d. 1727
Sarah Bowler d. 1793
Abigail Breed d. 1740
Allen Breed d. 1731
Capt. John Breed d. 1723, photo 2
Ensign Joseph Breed d. 1713
Mary Breed Breed d. 1767
Edward Brigham d. 1891
Rebecca Bulfinch d. 1804
Bream Burchstead d. 1732
Dr. Henry Burchsted d. 1755
Dr. John Henry Burchsted d. 1721
Sarah Burchsted d. 1727
Bethiah Burrage d. 1748
Elizabeth Burrage d. 1709
Joanna Burrage d. 1751
Dea. John Burrage d. 1761
Dea. John Burrage d. 1780
Mehitabell Burrage d. 1759
Mehitable Burrage d. 1792, aged 97.
Sarah Burrage d. 1709
Sarah Burrage d. 1749
Sarah Burrage d. 1752
Dea. Thomas Burrage d. 1717
Thomas Burrage d. 1751
Thomas Burrage d. 1759
Sgt. ? Burrill d. 17??, 2d Co., Lynn Minutemen, Revolutionary War.
Anna Burrill d. 17??
Dorcas Burrill d. 1722
Hon. Ebenezer Burrill d. 1761, six times elected Representative, Counsellor, and was entrusted with the settlement of important business with the Indians at Casco Bay.
Ebenezer Burrill Esq. d. 1778
Ebenezer Burrill d. 1839 at New York.
Elizabeth Burrill d. 1716
Francis Burrill d. 1704
Left. John Burrill d. 1703
Hon. John Burrill, esq. d. 1721, "one of His Majesty's Council and one of the Judges of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for the County of Essex, died of the small pox in the 62nd year of his age. He had been for many years Speaker of the House of Representatives"
John Burrill d. 1793
Joseph Burrill d. 1736
Lois Burrill d. 1720
Lois Burrill d. 1736
Lydia Burrill d. 1726
Martha Burrill d. 1760
Samuel Burrill d. 1713
Samuel Burrill d. 1797
George Luther Cate d. 1843
Sarah Chadwell d. 1726
Hannah Cheever d. 1793
Mary Cheever d. 1809
Thomas Cheever d. 1734
Thomas Cheever d. 1823, a soldier of the Revolutionary War
Benjamin Coates d. 1827
Samuel Coates d. 1798
William Collins, Esq. d. 1767
Bridget Cotter d. 1850
Hannah Cotter d. 1853
Patrick Cotter d. 1849
William Curtis d. 1730
Harriet Susan Downing d. 1840
John Downing d. 18??
John Adelbert Downing d. 1840
Sarah Eaton d. 17??
Rebecca Fairfield d. 1765, aged 93 years.
Joseph Farr d. 1727
Rebeckah Farr d. 1727
Elizabeth Farrington d. 1773
John Farrington d. 18??, 2nd Co. Lynn Minute Men during the Revolutionary War
Mary Farrington d. 1755
Matthew Farrington d. 1727, he was admonished once in 1670 for "travelling on the Lord's day, but straightened out after that and was frequently a member of the jury of trials as well as the town Constable.
Theophilus Farrington d. 18??, Revolutionary War veteran
Theophilus Farrington d. 17??
Eliza Ann Fittz d. 1846
Eugene Fittz d. 1846
Dr. John Flagg, Esq. d. 17??, In whom remarkable temperance, uniform prudence, unaffected modeフy, affectionate humanity, and diffuナve benevolence, ドone conパicuous among the Virtues, which graced his character, endeared him to his Family & Friends and テcured him the reパect and love of all who had the happineピ to know him As a PHYSICIAN his ヌill was eminent and his practice extenナve and ブcceャfull To DEATH
Charles Florence d. 1753
Mary Florence d. 175?
Sarah Florence d. 1753
David Goggin d. 1846
Deborah Gould d. 1796
John Gowing d. 1737
Samuel Graves d. 1744
Burrill Hart d. 1786
Sgt. Joseph Hart d. 17??, Capt. Rufus Mansfield's (4th Lynn) co., marched to the alarm to Concord 1775 (Revolutionary War.)
Joseph Hart d. 1786
Joseph Burrill Hart d. 1795
Samuel Hart d. 1802
Deliverance Breed Hascal d. 1764
Adam Hawkes d. 1729
Rebecca Hobby d. 1838
Jerusha Howard d. 1762
Timothy Howard d. 1764
Eliza Hudson d. 1830
Capt. James Hudson d. 1832
Thomas K. Hudson d. 1813 Gerrish's Mass Regt. Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Ingalls d. 1804, 2d. Co. Lynn Minutemen, Revolutionary War. Marched at the Battle of Lexington and Concord.
Mary Ivory d. 1736
Sibella Jaggar d. 1764
Mary Jillson d. 1841
Andrew Johnson d. 1842
Bethiah Johnson d. 1787
Edward Johnson d. 1799, 2nd Lynn Co. Militia, Revolutionary War
Elizabeth Johnson d. 17??
Jonathan Johnson d. 1747
Joseph Johnson d. 182?, seaman on the Brig "Ann" Revolutionary War
Richard Johnson d. 1754
Sarah Johnson d. 1728
Bridget Kenna d. 18?2
Bridget Kenna d. 1843
Daniel Kenna d. 1843
Mary Margaret Kenna d. 1841
Patrick Kenna d. 1851
Horace Lakeman d. 1839
Mary Lakeman d. 1835
Rachel Lakeman d. 1847
Abigail Lindsey d. 1764

Abigail Mansfield d. 1763
Charles Daniel Mansfield d. 1823
Deacon Daniel Mansfield d. 1728
Daniel Mansfield d. 1758
Dolly Mansfield d. 1840
Dorcas Mansfield d. 1806
Edmund Mansfield d. 1851
Edmund G. Mansfied d. 1847
Edmund Garland Mansfield d. 1847
Elizabeth Mansfield d. 17??
Joanna Mansfield d. 1733
Joanna Mansfield d. 1755
John Mansfield d. 1809
Jonathan Mansfield d. 1728
Joseph Mansfield d. 1739
Joseph Mansfield d. 1769
Mary Mansfield d. 1774
Mary Elizabeth Mansfield d. 1810
Mary Garland Mansfield d. 1844
Richard Herbert Mansfield d. 1828
Robert Mansfield d. 1775
Robert Mansfield d. 1825 2nd Co. Lynn Minutemen in the Revolutionary War
Samuel Mansfield d. 17??
Samuel Mansfield d. 1837 Wadsworth's Mass. Regt., Revolutionary War
Sarah Mansfield d. 1763
Sarah Mansfield d. 1780
Thomas Mansfield d. 1758, "fell off his horse between Marblehead and Salem and died immediately."
William Perkins Mansfield d. 1840
Jonathan Blaney Marston d. 1821
Lydia Martin d. 1790
Priseller Moody d. 1823
James W. Morris d. 1821
William Morris d. 1821
Ezekiel Moulton d. 1810 a member of the 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen in the Revolutionary War
Ezra Moulton d. 1816 a member of the 5th Mass. Regt. in the Revolutionary War
John L. Moulton d. 1824
Ezra Mower d. 1756
Mary Mower d. 1738
Shubel Mower d. 1752
Shubel Burril Mower d. 17??
Susanna Mower d. 1727
James Mullen d. 1841, Long's NH Regt. Revolutionary War
Daniel Needham d. 1717
Mary Needham d. 1741/42
Ruth Needham d. 1719
Lois Newell d. 17??
Ruth Newell d. 1754
Abigail Newhall d. 1727
Andrew Newhall, a member of the 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen in the Revolutionary War
Benjamin Newhall jr.
Benjamin Newhall III d. 1759
Daniel A. Breed Newhall d. 1821 a member of the 4th Co. Lynn Minutemen in the Revolutionary War
Easter Newhall d. 1728
Elinor Newhall d. 17?? (very early stone, but no date)
Elizabeth Newhall d. 1760
Capt. Jacob Newhall d. 1759
John Newhall d. 1718
John Newhall d. 1726
John Newhall d. 1738
John Newhall d. 17??, 4th Lynn Massachusetts Regiment, Revolutionary War.
Lieut. Jonathan Newhall d. 1761
Ensign Joseph Newhall d. 1705
Joseph Newhall d. 1742
Joseph Newhall d. 18??, Revolutionary War veteran.
Martha Newhall d. 1759
Mary Newhall d. 1759
Corp. Micajah Newhall d. 1836, Wade's Mass. Regt., Revolutionary War
Nathaniel Newhall d. 1738-9
Nathaniel Newhall d. 17??
Dr. Jonathan Norwood d. 1782
Mary Richards Norwood d. 1736
Susanna Norwood d. 1746
Zacheus Norwood d. 1756
Fanny W. Otis d. 1844
George W. Otis d. 18??
Sally Parsons d. 1777
William Parsons d. 17??
Richard Peppoon d. ??
Richard Peppoon d. ??, Capt. Gerrish's Regt., Revolutionary War.
William Perkins d. 17??
Bethiah Poole d. 1720
Ephraim Potter d. 1745
Mary Potter d. 1738
Mercy Potter d. 1750
Mercy Potter d. 1755
Zebiah Pratt d. 1723
Charles Rhodes Raddin d. 1843
James W. Raddin d. 1846
James Willard Raddin d. 1846
Jesse Rhodes Raddin d. 1842
Hannah Ramsdell d. 1830
John Ramsdell d. 1725
Mary Ramsdell d. 1724
Robert Rand d. 1717
Eleazer Rhoads d. 1727
Jonathan Rhoads d. 1755
Amos Rhodes d. 1822
Charles Rhodes d. 1843
Elizabeth Wigglesworth Rhodes d. 1803
Harriet Rhodes d. 1846
Jesse Rhodes d. 1842
Mary Rhodes d. 1798
Mary Rhodes d. 1863
Capt. John Richard d. 1733
Sarah Breed Richardson d. 1797
Betsey Ripley d. 1825
Elmena S. Ripley d. 1840
Helen Ripley d. 1832
Irene R. Ripley d. 1840
Joseph Ripley d. 1859
Joseph Ripley d. 1827
Lucy Ripley d. 1824
Ellen Amelia Russell d. 1844
Martha C. Russell d. 1838
Martha Robinson Russell d. 1838
Dea. Nathaniel Sargent d. 1798, of the First Church of Christ in Lynn.
Elizabeth Segar d. 1827
Rev. Jeremiah Shepard d. 1720
Jeremiah Shepard d. 1700
Mary Shepard d. 1710
Mehetable Shepard d. 1688
Thomas Shepard d. 1709
Capt. Joseph Stocker d. 1793
Mehetable Stocker d. 1793
Thomas Stocker d. 1770
Ephraim Sweetser d. 1830
Lydia Ann Sweetser d. 1834
Lydia Ann Sweetser d. 1836
Mary Sweetser d. 1802
Mary Sweetser d. 1837
William Harrison Sweetser d. 1818
Elizabeth Tufts d. 1801
Infant Tufts d. 1801
Jenney Tufts d. 1803
Raphael Wheeler d. 1797
Thomas Stocker Wheeler d. 1795
Joseph L. Whitcomb d. 1843
Daniel Witt d. 1755
Ivory Witt d. 1752
Henry Wood d. 1853
David Worthen d. 1854
Mary A. Worthen d. 1843
Sally R. Worthen d. 18??

More History in Lynn to Visit

Broad Street Historic District
Marshall's Wharf
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

Central Square Historic District Also known as See Also:Mowers' Block
Central Sq., Monroe, Union, and Willow Sts.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Charles Lovejoy House
64 Broad St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Diamond Historic District
Roughly bounded by Broad, Lewis, Ocean Sts., Swampscott Line, Lynn Shore Dr., and Wave and Nahant Sts.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Fabens Building
312-314 Union St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

G.A.R. Hall and Museum
58 Andrew St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Grand Army of the Republic Museum
58 Andrew Street
Erected in 1885 with funds raised by local Civil War veterans for what was the largest G.A.R. post in the country. Its crowning glory is the enormous 56' x 46' main hall on the third floor, which retains the original furnishings and has walls filled with photos of Civil War veterans. Six more rooms have memorabilia from the Revolutionary War through the Korean War. The research library has an impressive built-in bookcase, which was designed and built by one of the founding veterans. Open weekdays 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call 781-477-7085 in advance.

Inscriptions From the Old Burying Ground
Lynn, Massachusetts

Newhall, Lucian, House
281 Ocean St
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lynn Bank Block
21--29 Exchange St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lynn Common Historic District
Roughly, N. and S. Common St. from Market Sq. to City Hall
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lynn Heritage State Park
590 Washington Street
Lynn Heritage State Park Visitor Center is also an Essex National Heritage area Visitor Center. As such, in addition to giving information about Lynn's history, the Lynn Heritage State Park Visitor Center also provides information on resources in the towns of Nahant and Swampscott, as well as general information about the Essex National Heritage Area. Lynn Heritage State Park celebrates this remarkable city's past and the people who built it. Explore the downtown Visitor Center exhibits highlighting the people who have made Lynn a lively community through the centuries. Housed in a beautifully restored 19th-century building, the architecture is a testament to Lynn's impressive industrial tradition.

Lynn Masonic Hall
64-68 Market St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lynn Museum & Historical Society
Lynn Heritage State Park, 590 Washington St.
Telephone: 781.592.2465
The city of Lynn was settled in 1629, and early industries included farming, shell fishing, iron work, and leather tanning. In 1897, a group of citizens founded the Lynn Historical Society, concerned that Lynn's historic past was rapidly disappearing. Now known as the Lynn Museum & Historical Society , it is the ONLY organization that collects and preserves Lynn's history. Open for research Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm, and for tours Monday through Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm.

Lynn Woods Historic District
Roughly bounded by Lynnfield St., Bow Ridge, Great Woods Rd., Parkland Ave., Walnut St., Saugus Line
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mary Baker Eddy Historic Home
12 Broad Street
Mary Baker Eddy began her work as an author, publisher, healer, and teacher in Lynn, MA. In 1875, she bought the house at 12 Broad Street (originally number 8) where she finished writing and publishing her major work, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures . While living in Lynn or its environs during the 1860s and 1870s, Mary Baker Eddy was questioning conventional thought about spirituality and medicine. She studied the Bible, worked on manuscripts, taught, and practiced her newly discovered method of healing which, in time, she named, "Christian Science."

Mowers' Block
7 Willow St. and 67-83 Blake St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Munroe Street Historic District
Bounded by Market, Oxford, Washington Sts. and MBTA Commuter Rail
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Lynn High School Also known as Independent Industrial Shoemaking School
50 High St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Old Post Office Building
360 Washington St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

St. Stephen's Memorial Church Also known as St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
74 S. Common St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tapley Building
206 Broad St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Vamp Building Also known as Lynn Realty Building #4
3-15 Liberty Square
Romanesque style building. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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