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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Lincoln, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Lincoln, Massachusetts

The Old Cemetery was established in 1747 and is located on Bedford Road on the hill behind Bemis Hall. All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

Old Cemetery 1747


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Andrew Adams d. 1840
Anna Adams d. 1849
Bulah Dakin Adams d. 1807, the daughter of "Capt. Samuel Dakin who went as commander of a military company, commissioned by Governor Pownall, and was slain in a battle with the French and Indians at Half Way Brook, near Lake George, July 20, 1758.
Capt. Bulkley Adams d. 1827
Capt. Daniel Adams d. 1780, interesting soul effigy carving.
Delia Adams d. 1815
Dorcas Adams, photo 2, d. 1773
Elizabeth Adams d. 1764, interesting soul effigy carving.
James Adams d. 1803
John Adams d. 1809, in Havana.
John Adams d. 1809
Jonas Adams, photo 2, d. 1812
Joseph Adams, Esq. d. 1807
Kezia Adams d. 1769
Keziah Adams d. 1765, interesting soul effigy carving.
Lovey Adams d. 1776
Lucy Adams d. 1791
Lucy H. Flint Adams d. 1822
Lydia Adams d. 1825
Mary Adams d. 1794
Mary Ann Adams d. 1809
Persus Adams d. 1797
Polly Adams d. 1840
Benjamin Allen, jr. d. 1770
Mary Allen d. 1773
Elizabeth Baker d. 1821
Jacob & James Baker tomb built 1834
Amos Bemis d. 1830
Caroline Bemis d. 1825
Jonathan Bemis d. 1822
Susanna Bemis d. 1827
Anna Billing d. 1777
Anna Billing d. 1815
Timothy Billing d. 1812
Anna Billings d. 1809
Caleb Billings d. 1833, of Bangor, ME.
Joseph Billings d. 1825
Anna Bond d. 1767
Lydia Bond d. 1774
Mary Bond d. 1776
Samuel Bond d. 1763
William Bond d. 1775
Esther Bowman d. 1780
Aaron Brooks d. 1811
Hon. Eleazer Brooks, Esq. d. 1806, "He was intrusted with many important offices, both military and political. In the defence of the rights of his Country, he distinguished himself in the Council and in the Field. As a statesman and Politician, he excelled: He was for 27 years in one or the other of the Branches of the Government of the Commonwealth. In the latter part of his days he accepted the office of Deacon in the Church of Christ: declaring it one of the greatest Honours of his life."
Elizabeth Brooks d. 1796
Elizabeth Brooks d. 1825
Ephraim Brooks d. 1792
Franklin Brooks d. 1869, burned from explosion of gas and died 6 days later.
George F. Brooks d. 1828
George M. Brooks d. 1826, "who died of the consumption, on his passage from thee Havanah to Boston."
Hannah Brooks d. 1773
Hannah Brooks d. 1795
Hannah Brooks d. 1806
Hepzabeth S. Brooks d. 1825
Humphrey Brooks d. 1850, noted in vital records as an "idiot, cause of death - dropsy".
John Brooks d. 1793
Jonas Greenough Brooks d. 1780
Dea. Joshua Brooks d. 1790, Deacon in the Church of Christ for 26 years.
Joshua Brooks, Esq. d. 1825
Joshua F. Brooks d. 1829
Levi Brooks, jr. d. 1820, died on his passage from New Orleans to Boston.
Levi Brooks d. 1833
Lydia Brooks d. 1772
Lydia Brooks d. 1842
Martha Brooks d. 1792, "who died of the smallpox taken in the natural way."
Mary Brooks d. 1769
Mary Brooks d. 1813
Noah Brooks d. 1809, lot's of interesting symbol carvings, most if not all Masonic.
Noah Brooks d. 1820, sweet angel-style soul effigy carving. "His funeral was attended with this mournful circumstance, that his Eldest Dautr., Mrs. BETTY FRIE, who died in a few Hours after her Father, and was carried to the GRAVE at the same time."
Sally Brooks d. 1820
Sarah Brooks d. 1820
Sarah Brooks d. 1858, age 88 1/2 years.
Susan Brooks d. 1836
Timothy Brooks d. 1803
Rebecca Brown d. 1844
Elijah Brown d. 1757
George Brown d. 1757
Lucy Brown d. 1779
Mary Brown d. 1759
Nathan Brown d. 1764
Nathan Brown d. 1781
Capt. Nathan Brown d. 1814, killed by a Cart wheel.
Edith Caldwell d. 1798
William Caldwell d. 1806
Elizabeth Child d. 1824
Elizabeth Child d. 1847
John Child d. 1825
Joshua Child d. 1822, Minuteman during the Revolutionary War, helped fortify Dorchester Heights against the British.
Lydia Child d. 1792
Mary Child d. 1867
Anna Childs d. 1815
Eliza Caroline Colburn d. 1832
Capt. Abraham Cole, photo 2, tomb built 1830
Capt. Ebenezer Cutler d. 1777, Revolutionary War veteran.
Farrar-Munroe tomb
Dea. Samuel Farrar d. 17??, angel-style soul effigy carving.
Polly Fiske Farrar d. 1813
Rebecca Farrar d. 1784
David Fisk d. 1780
David Fisk d. 1800
Rebekah Fisk d. 1792, "who died of the Small Pox taken the natural way."
Thomas Fisk d. 1778
Sukey Fiske d. 1803
Rebecca Foster d. 1815
Solomon Foster d. 1790
Betty Fry d. 1791
Abraham Gearfield d. 1775
Rebecca Gearfield d. 1763, angel-style soul effigy carving.
Thomas Gearfield d. 1774, angel-style soul effigy carving.
Sarah Gerrish d. 1764
Simon Hardy d. 1830
Anna Harrington d. 1846
Capt. Daniel Harrington d. 1818
Elizabeth Hartwell d. 1808
Cornet Ephraim Hartwell d. 1793
Hepzibah Hartwell d. 1837
Dea. John Hartwell d. 1820
Lydia Hartwell d. 1855
William B. Hartwell d. 1815
Charles Hoar d. 1638
Elizabeth Hoar d. 1791
Elizabeth Hoar d. 1791
Elizabeth Hoar d. 1811
Elizabeth Hoar d. 1821
Eunice Hoar d. 1820
Lt. John Hoar d. 1786
John Hoar d. 1831
Leonard Hoar d. 1842
Levina Hoar d. 1876
Nathaniel Pierce Hoar d. 1820
Pamela Hoar d. 1829
Samuel Hoar d. 17??
Samuel Hoar, Esq. d. 1832
Adah Hunt d. 1818
Samuel Hunt d. 1812
Alfred Hurd d. 1821
Thomas Hurd d. 1863
Love Lawrence d. 1820
William Lawrence d. 1780, first minister of the First Congregational Church for 32 years.
Joseph S. Leary d. 1809
Grace Mason d. 1801
Joseph Mason d. 1798, angel-style soul effigy carving.
Mary Mead d. 1780
Emerson Nealy d. 1834
Joseph Nixon d. 18??
Cady Parks d. 1797
Daniel Parks d. 1823
Francis Parks d. 1826
Hannah Parks d. 1778
Lurana Parks d. 1860
Nathan Parks d. 1760, skull-style soul effigy carving.
Dolly Brooks Patch d. 1847
Col. Abijah Pierce d. 1800
Abijah Hoar Pierce d. 1860
Henry Huntington Pierce d. 1867
Maria Bemis Pierce d. 1858
Sarah Hartwell Pierce d. 1830
Thankful Pierce d. 1819
William Hoar Pierce d. 1859
Ward Remsen d. 1867
Charles Russell d. 1809
Daniel Russell d. 1811
Daniel Russell d. 1782
Elizabeth Russell d. 1792, angel-style soul effigy carving. "who died with the small pox."
Elizabeth Russell d. 1838
Mary Russell d. 1821
Dr. Richard Russell d. 1796, "for the space of 18 years Exercised the art of Physic in this Town With good Success, And was a laudable Example of humane attention to the poor. His Wife & numerous Family Were suddenly deprived of his Affections & support And the Public of his Services, By his being accidentally drowned."
Richard Russell d. 1815
Smiths Tomb built 1855
Jonathan Smith d. 1832
Lucy Smith d. 1822
Rev. Charles Sterns, photo 2, d. 1826, graduate of Harvard College, minister of the Congregational Church for 45 years and principal of the Liberal School.
Eliza Frances Sterns d. 1844
George Sterns d. 1910
Leonard Sterns d. 1834
Sarah Sterns d. 1846
Susanna Sterns d. 1832
William H. Stratton d. 1825
Lucretia Tolman d. 1801
Helen Francis Van Voast d. 1859
Hannah Wesson d. 1776
John Wesson d. 1777, Capt. William Smith's co. of Minute-men, Col. Abijah Pierce's regiment, Revolutionary War.
Stephen Wesson d. 1776, Frail man as soon as born decays Like flowr that quickly fade; He counts a few and troublous days, Then passes like a shade.
Nancy Weston d. 1869
Stephen Weston d. 1789
Bathsheba Westy d. 1850
Ebenzer Westy d. 1831
Harriet Esty d. 1863
Oliver W. Westy, photo 2, d. 1868
Abner Wheeler d. 1820
Alonzo Wheeler d. 1818
Charles Wheeler, Esq. d. 1848
Elisha Wheeler d. 1794, interesting portrait style carving.
Elizabeth Wheeler d. 1811
Hannah Hall Wheeler d. 1858
Julia Wheeler d. 1856
Lucretia Wheeler d. 1830
Lucy Wheeler d. 1855
Martha J. Wheeler d. 1905
Mary Wheeler d. 1791
Susan Wheeler d. 1812
William F. Wheeler d. 1890
Abigail Whithed d. 1773
Benjamin Winchup d. 1819
Lydia Winchup d. 1797
George Woods d. 1818
Gideon P. Woods d. 1810
Hannah Wyman d. 1757

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