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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Ipswich, Massachusetts

The Old North Burying Ground is found on Main St. / Rte 133 in Ipswich, MA. It was established in 1634, the same year as the town of Ipswich and is the town's oldest cemetery. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Good, several broken stones that need repairing, some need to be unearthed but no signs of recent vandalism. Cleaning this place up was a WPA project in the 1940's so the stones face all directions and several have been moved.

Old North Burying Ground 1634


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Joseph Abbe d. 1727
Nathaniel Addams d. 1715
Benjamin Appleton d. 1731
Elizabeth Appleton d. 1703
Elizabeth Appleton d. 1785
Isaac Appleton d. 1794
John Appleton d. 1798
Mary Appleton d. 1697
Mary Appleton d. 1712
Prissilla Appleton d. 1697
Priscilla Barker Appleton d. 1731
Col. (Major) Samuel Appleton d. 1696, frequently a judge for the Essex Co. Quarterly Court, he once presided over a complaint against Sarah Cloyce for "Sundry acts of witchcraft", who was later imprisoned in Salem. He also once heard a confession of Arthur Abbott stating he had exaggerated claims of witchcraft against Elizabeth Proctor.
Hon. Col. Samuel Appleton Esq. d. 1725, justice of the court of sessions; commander of a regiment in the expedition against Canada in 1690; representative of the town several years, and of the governor's council, 1713-14.
William Appleton d. 1725
Priscilla Backer d. 1733
Eliza Baker d. 1818
Mary Baker d. 1818
Sarah Baker d. 1722
Rev. Samuel Belcher d. 1714, he was a preacher at the Isles of Shoals in New Hampshire then later moved to Newbury.
Elizabeth Berry d. 1735
Mary Berry d. 1735
Elizabeth Boardman d. 1736
Jacob Boardman d. 1756
Martha Boardman d. 1740
Sarah Bordman d. 1725
Dr. John Bridgham d. 1721
Andrew Burnham d. 1738
James Burnham d. 1736
James Burnham d. 1738
Joshua Burnum d. 1708
Mary Burnam d. 1715, mother of 15 children and 70 grandchildren.
Martha Burnham d. 1737
Samuel Burnham d. 1782, rose from Private to Lieutenant and served in many regiments during the Revolutionary War, but was often sick starting in 1780 and died from sickness while in service.
Sarah Burnham d. 1727
Lydia Burley d. 1736
Capt. Asa Butler d. 1893
Elizabeth Butler d. 1875
Joseph Butman d. 1815
Francis Cagswell d. 1774
Robert Calef d. 1730
Samuel Calef d. 1720
Joseph Capen d. 1704
Elizabeth Chapman d. 1798
Hannah Chapman d. 1878
Joseph Chapman jr. d. 1841
Mary Chase d. 1714/15
Sarah Chase d. 1874
Sarah Cheney d. 1714, of Newbury.
Hon. John Choate, Esq. d. 1765, Judge of Probate for Essex County and one of "his majesties council".
Miriam Choate d. 1769
Polly Choate d. 1840
Benjamin Crocker d. 1767
Mary Crocker d. 1734
Sarah Cross d. 1736
Francis Crumpton d. 1732/33
Mary Staniford Dana d. 1772, wife of Rev. Joseph Dana.
Aaron Day d. 1790
Elisabeth Day d. 1772
Nathaniel Day d. 1740
Dr. Philemon Deane d. 1716, constable of Ipswich and served under Maj. Samuel Appleton in King Philips War.
Major General Daniel Denison d. 1682, Speaker of the House in 1649 and 1651-2, Secretary of the Colony in 1653, Justice of the Quarterly Court in 1658, Commissioner of the United Colonies in 1655-62, Assistant in 1653-82, and Commander-in-Chief of Massachusetts's troops in 1675
John Denison jr. d. 1747, the Denison family crest is carved on his gravestone.
John Denison d. 1761
Rebecca Denison d. 1752
Eunice Dennis d. 1865, she outlived her husband by 50 years and never remarried.
Grace Dennis d. 1686
Thomas Dennis d. 1702/03
Thomas Dennis d. 1706
Thomas Dennis d. 1862
William Dennis d. 1808
Elizabeth Dodge d. 1785, died just under 3 months after her husband Col. Isaac.
Hannah Staniford Dodge d. 1773
Col. Isaac Dodge d. 1785, he on the Committee of Correspondence and Inspection in the
Revolutionary war.

Abigail Dutch d. 1713
John Edwards d. 1723
Nathaniel Emerson d. 1712, his gravestone features completely unique carvings, possibly his family crest, that I've not seen anywhere else.
Daniel Emmons
Daniel Emmons jr.
Capt. Nathaniel Emmons d. 1880
Sarah Hodgkins Emmons
Capt. Daniel Epes d. 1692, he cared for a local group of Indians that lived on his land, giving them food, clothing and chopped firewood. When a young Indian boy of the tribe named Lyonel was sold as an indentured servant to Henry Bennett by his brother who owed him a debt, Capt. Epes took him to court to have the boy released, claiming that the boy's mother had given him to him when he was just under a year old.
Elizabeth Epes d. 1685
Marie Anne Rogers Ehrlacher d. 1868
Elisabeth Farley d. 1837
Elisabeth Choate Farley d. 1795
Jabez Farley d. 1836, Sergeant in many regiments of Minutemen during the Revolutionary War.
Lucy Farley & infant daughter d. 1788
Mary Ann Farley d. 1840
Major General Michael Farley d. 1789, active in the General Court, a delegate to the Provincal Congress of Massachusetts, and a member of the House of
Representatives. Appointed to first Major General of the Militia of Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War.

Michael Farley d. 1839
Susanna S. Farley d. 1843
Abraham Fits d. 1714
Deacon Jacob Foster d. 1710
Rev. Levi Frisbie d. 1806, This stone has a beautiful eagle motif with an olive branch in one talon, and a US shield but is unfortunately made of limestone/marble and is eroding. He was pastor of the First Church & Congregation in Ipswich for 30 years.
Mehetable Frisbie d. 1822
Mehetable Frisbee d. 1828
Zerviah Frisbie d. 1778
Elizabeth Gage d. 1839
Anne Gedney d. 1697, wife of Bartholomew who was a judge at the Court of Essex County.
David Goodheu d. 1713
Dorothy Goodhue d. 1725
Richard Goss d. 1714/15
Capt. Daniel Gould d. 1811
Abigail Gould d. 1797
Mager Gould d. 1809
Elizabeth Staniford Harris, photo 2 d. 1873
James Harris d. 1790
Nathaniel Harris, photo 2 d. 1831
Remember Harris d. 1735
Sarah Harris d. 1838
Thomas Harris d. 1815
Alice Hart d. 1682
Eunice Hart d. 1785
Thomas Hart d. 1673/74, He was a tanner, businessman, the first selectman and town clerk of Ipswich and member of the town militia. His home, now referred to as the Hart House, is still standing in Ipswich and is a private residence.
Daniel Haskell d. 1872
Hannah Haskell d. 1783
Lois Haskell d. 1878
Mark Haskell d. 1783
Deacon Mark Haskell d. 1785
Mark Haskell d. 1825
Martha Haskell d. 1843
Mary Haskell d. 1840
Nehemiah Haskell d. 1833
Sarah Haskell d. 1841
Annah Heard d. 1709
Deborah Heard d. 1723
Elizabeth Anna Storey Heard d. 1775
William Heard d. 1720
Abigail Hodgkins d. 1837
George Hodgkins d. 1726
Colonel Joseph Hodgkins d. 1829, He started his career as a cobbler, later rising to Lieutenant in Capt. Wade's Company and fought at the Battle of Bunker's Hill during the Revolutionary War. He was also in the Battle at Long Island, Haerlem Heights, the White Plains and Princeton;
and at the Capture of Gen. Burgoyne and his Army. After the war he served as a Colonel in the Militia and in some of the most important Town Offices for Ipswich including a Member of the Legislature.

Mary Hodgkins d. 1794
Sarah Hodgkins d. 1795
Sarah Hodgkins d. 1803
Capt. Thomas Hodgkins d. 1797
William Houeard d. 1709
Elisha Treadwell How, photo 2, d. 1732
Elizabeth Berry How d. 1759
Joseph How d. 1725
Hannah Ingersoll d. 1779
Jonathan Ingersoll d. 1811
Jonathan Ingersoll jr. d. 1776
Caroline Jaques d. 1839
Mary Jaques d. 1843
Nathan Jaques d. 1818
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1752
Elizabeth Jewett d. 1835
Elizabeth Ann Jewett d. 1826
Jedediah Jewett d. 1766
Jedediah Jewett d. 1771
Jedediah Jewett d. 1773
Mark Jewett d. 1826
Susan Dole Jewett d. 1864
Sarah Killam d. 1736
Aaron Kimball d. 1728
Lucy Kimball d. 1714
Abigail Kinsman d. 1772
Hannah Kinsman d. 1859
Priscilla Kinsman d. 1786
Quartermaster Robert Kinsman d. 1712
Samuel Kinsman d. 1860
Sarah Kinsman d. 1782
Susanna Kinsman d. 1734
Joseph Knight d. 1798

Martha Laighton d. 1710
Susanna Lakeman d. 1716/17
Sarah Lakeman d. 1728
William Leatherland d. 1870
Isaac Litelehale d. 1718
Daniel Lord d. 1780
Daniel Gould Lord d. 1802
Ebenezer Lord d. 1843
Elisabeth Lord d. 1798
Elizabeth Lord d. 1802
Elizabeth C. Gage Lord d. 1835, wife of Capt. John Lord Esq., and daughter Major Thomas Gage of Rowley.
Elizabeth Gould Lord d. 1802
Elizabeth Treadwell Lord d. 1829
Lydia Lord d. 1808
Mary Lord d. 1847
Mary Elizabeth Lord d. 1826
Mary Manning Lord d. 1776, daughter of Dr. Joseph Manning and wife of Dr. Josiah Lord. Regardless of having two doctors in the family, she still died at only age 26.
Nathaniel Lord d. 1800
Ruth Lord d. 1832
Susan Lord d. 1798
Thomas Lull d. 1719, heelstone
Daniel Lummus d. 1843
Elizabeth Lummus d. 1846
Elizabeth Manning d. 1779
Doctor Joseph Manning d. 1782
Priscilla Manning d. 1730
Thomas Manning d. 1737, a gunsmith.
Susannah Mayhew d. 1734
Sarah McKean d. 1776, beautiful portrait stone of Sarah with a baby under her arm.
Sarah McKean d. 1775
G. W. Mobley, 48th Massachusetts Infantry, Civil War.
Charles Eugene Newman d. 1845
Marcy Norton d. 1728
Deacon Thomas Norton d. 1744
Daniel Noyes d. 1789
Joseph Noyes d. 1775
Sarah Noyes d. 1792
Mary Peabody d. 1736
Enoch Pearson d. 1843
Eunice Pearson d. 1840
Joanna Pearson d. 1825
Capt. Stephen Pearson jr. d. 1849
Ensign John Pengry d. 1732
Abraham Perkins d. 1849
Elizabeth Lakeman Perkins d. 1799
Warren Perkins d. 1849
Abigail Pickard d. 1786
David Pickerd d. 1713/14
Elizabeth Potter d. 1712
Eliza Dunnells Pulsifer d. 1846
Mary Frances Pulsifer d. 1846
Daniel Rindge d. 1738
Daniel Rindge d. 1800
John Rindge d. 1801
John Rindge d. 1817, died at sea.
Mary Kimball Rindge d. 1801
Sarah Baker Rindge d. 1824
Daniel Rogers d. 1722
Daniel Rogers Esq. d. 1816
Elizabeth Rogers d. 1713/14
Elizabeth Denison Rogers d. 1723
Elizabeth Rogers Rogers d. 1774, wife of Daniel Rogers and daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers.
Elizabeth Simkins Rogers d. 1765
Henry Rogers d. 1721
Henry Rogers d. 1723
Margaret Rogers d. 1819
Martha Rogers d. 1849
Mary Rogers d. 1723
Mary Rogers d. 1832
Mary Leverett Rogers d. 1757
Rev. Nathaniel Rogers d. 1775, ninth pastor of the First Church & Congregation in Ipswich, son of Rev. John Rogers. His gravestone was one of author Nathaniel Hawthorne's favorites to visit.
Richard Rogers d. 1742
Sarah Rogers d. 1772
William Rogers d. 1817
Anne Roper d. 1721
John Ropper d. 1709
Caroline Augusta Russell d. 1841
Daniel Russell d. 1824
Daniel Russell d. 1837
Daniel Russell d. 1849
Daniel A. Russell d. 1824
Ebenezer Russell d. 1822
Ebenezer Russell d. 1839
Harriet Russell d. 1853
James Monroe Russell d. 1830
Sarah Russell d. 1841
Hannah P. Haskell Rust d. 1827
Mary J. Pettengill Rust d. 1839
Elizabeth Safford d. 1777
Sara Safford d. 1712
Moses Shatswell d. 1845
Sarah Shatswell d. 1821
Sarah Shatswell d. 1838
Ammi R. Smith, Esq. d. 1836, he was a drummerboy during the Revolutionary War for Capt. Charles Smith's company.
Andrew Smith d. 1838
Deacon Charles Smith d. 1867
Daniel Smith d. 1870
Elizabeth Smith d. 1863
Hannah Smith d. 1781
Jacob Smith d. 1789
John Smith d. 1713
Capt. John Smith d. 1768
Lydia Smith d. 1772
Lydia Smith d. 1772
Moses Smith d. 1829
Nathaniel Smith d. 1762
Ruth Smith d. 1844
Sarah Smith d. 1714
Sarah Smith d. 1849
Charles Souther d. 1825
Mary Souther d. 1826
Nathaniel Souther d. 1768
Elizabeth Stalker d. 1832
Robert Stalker d. 1838
Hannah Stanford d. 1729
Mary Stanford, photo 2, d. 1729
Abigail Staniford d. 1880
Ebenezer Staniford d. 1817
Capt. James Staniford d. 1781
Capt. Jeremiah Staniford d. 1801, Private in Capt. Nathaniel Waide's Company, Revolutionary War.
Jeremiah Staniford d. 1816
Deacon John Staniford d. 1730
John Staniford d. 1849
Mary Staniford d. 1836
Mary Staniford d. 1850
Sarah Staniford d. 1778, survived her husband by 5 weeks.
Thomas Staniford d. 1740
Capt. Thomas Staniford d. 1778
Thomas Staniford d. 1843
Hephzibah Steel d. 1784
William Stewart d. 1693
Elisabeth Sutton d. 1805
Richard Sutton d. 1825
Aaron Sweet d. 1829
Sarah Sweet d. 1848
David Symonds d. 1714
Eunice Symonds d. 1712
Rebeckah Symonds d. 1695
Eunice Thornton d. 1784
Elizabeth Treadwell d. 1872
Jabez Treadwell d. 1781
John Treadwell d. 1782
Mary Treadwell d. 1832
Martha Treadwell, photo 2 d. 1727
Mehitable Treadwell d. 1786, wife of the Hon. John Treadwell Esq.
Capt. Nathaniel Treadwell d. 1777
Nathaniel Treadwell d. 1821, lost at sea.
Nathaniel Treadwell d. 1822
Priscilla Treadwell d. 1803
Elisha Tredwell d. 1732
John Tredwell d. 1727
Mary Uran d. 1718
Lt. Col. Thomas Wade d. 1696
John Waite d. 1717
Thomas Waite d. 1854
Anna Wallis d. 1728
Eunice Wallis d. 1813
Hannah Wallis d. 1792
Mary Wallis d. 1727
Robert Wallis d. 1775
Dr. Samuel Wallis d. 1728, died one month after his wife.
Theresa Wallis d. 1851, died 2 months after her husband William.
William Wallis d. 1851
John Ward d. 1733
Caleb Warner d. 1774
Elisabeth Warner d. 1787
Capt. Nathaniel Wells d. 179
Sarah Wells d. 1772
Susan Wells d. 1854
Katharine Whipple d. 1702
Sarah Willcomb d. 1829
Mary Wise d. 1725
Haselelpony Wood d. 1714
Mary Wood, photo 2, d. 1726

More History in Ipswich to Visit

Appleton Farms
219 County Road, Entrance at Lamson Field on Highland Street
Established in 1638 as a land grant to Samuel Appleton, Appleton Farms is one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the United States. Scenic views of rolling grasslands, grazing livestock, ancient stone walls, tree-lined carriage paths, and historic farm buildings are all part of the legacy of nine generations of Appleton family members kept alive through the work of The Trustees of Reservations. Open year round from dawn until dusk.

Bailey House
40 Market St
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Benjamin Grant House
47 County St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Brown's Manor
115 High St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Brown Stocking Mill Historic District
24--32 Broadway Ave., 3--41 Brownville Ave., 10 Burleigh Ave., 3--5 Burleigh Pl., and 35--47 Topsfield Rd
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Burnham-Patch House
1 Turkey Shore Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Caldwell Block
S. Main St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Choate Bridge
MA 133/1A over the Ipswich River (S. Main St.)
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dr. John Calef House
7 Poplar St
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

East End Historic District
East St.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Giddings--Burnham House
37 Argilla Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Great House at Castle Hill, The Crane Estate
Argilla Road
Centuries before becoming a grand summer estate owned by one of America's wealthiest families, Castle Hill was well known by Native Americans who called the area Agawam, referring to its rich fishery. John Winthrop, Jr., son of the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, lay claim to Castle Hill in 1637. For more than two centuries, a succession of owners farmed the land. Beginning in the 1880s, J.B. Brown transformed Castle Hill Farm from an agricultural holding into a gentleman's farm. He improved roadways and plantings and renovated his modest farmhouse into a rambling, shingle-style cottage that is now The Inn at Castle Hill. Open June 1-Oct. 28, Wed/Thurs 10am-4pm, Friday 9am-12pm; Open Columbus Day. Fees: Trustees members: free. Nonmembers: adult $10, child (6-12) and senior $8. Special Group Tours (minimum 15 people): $10 per person. Tour prices includes admission to grounds.

Greenwood Farm
Jeffrey's Neck Road
Located on a peninsula on the Ipswich River Estuary, Greenwood Farm comprises pastures, meadow, woodlands, salt marsh, and three tidal islands: Diamond Stage, Widow's, and Homestead. A trail meanders through an upland field before opening onto a broad vista of the Paine House at the edge of the marsh. The design, construction, materials, and craftsmanship of this late First Period (1694) house represent the unique style of the era. Recent archaeological investigations revealed a rare survival of an eighteenth-century milk room or dairy inside the house. In the 1640s, Robert Paine Sr. received a land grant from the Town of Ipswich for the Paine Farm. There he began a 250-year-old tradition of raising cattle, harvesting salt hay, and fishing. Grounds open year-round, daily, sunrise to sunset. Paine House tours : June to September, Sundays, 1-5pm

Hall-Haskell House
30 South Main Street, next to Ipswich Town Hall
The Hall-Haskell House is officially designated an Essex National Heritage Area Visitor Center. As such, in addition to giving information about Ipswich's history, the Hall-Haskell House also provides information on resources in the towns of Essex, Hamilton, Wenham, Topsfield, and Boxford, as well as general information about the Essex National Heritage Area. Open May 1 - Memorial Day: Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5. Memorial Day - October 31: Mon - Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5. November & December: Sat 9-5, Sun 12-5. January - April: Closed.

Heard House
54 South Main Street
John Heard (1744-1834) was a prominent Ipswich resident. He was a typical merchant with large holdings in the West Indies. In addition to a distillery, he owned a controlling interest in the Ipswich Mills. During the Revolution, he had interests in many privateering ships, and he also equipped and owned the privateer brig John.The family dwelling was built by John Heard in 1795 and was lived in by his descendants until 1953. Today, the house mingles Western and Asian cultures in an atmosphere of the China trade years. Treasures from the trade include: chests, tea-wood cabinets, chairs and tables, a beautifully gilded Buddha, and an elaborate lacquered Japanese cabinet. The Heard House Museum is the headquarters of the Ipswich Historical Society. Tours are provided from May 25 through October 22, Wednesdays through Saturdays, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Sunday, 1:00-4:00 p.m. (Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only) Tours begin on the hour. Last tour at 3:00 p.m.

Heard-Lakeman House
2 Turkey Shore Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

High Street Historic District
High St.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

House on Labor-in-Vain Road Also known as Belosellsky House;Bellosellski House
Labor in Vain Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Howe Barn
403 Linebrook Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ipswich Historical Society
54 South Main Street
Ipswich, MA 01938-2322
Phone: (978) 356-2811
Fax: (978) 356-2817

Ipswich Mills Historic District
Roughly bounded by Union St., Boston and Maine RR tracks, and the Ipswich River
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Isaac Goodale House
141 Argilla Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

James Burnham House
37 Heartbreak Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

John Whipple House
53 S. Main St.
Museum. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Meetinghouse Green Historic District
N. Main St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Merrifield House
7 Woods Lane
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Nathaniel Rust Mansion
83 County St.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Paine--Dodge House
49 Jeffrey's Neck Rd.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ross Tavern
52 Jeffrey's Neck Rd.
Private residences. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Shoreborne Wilson House
4 S. Main St.
Private residence. Colonial house. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

South Green Historic District
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Thomas Low House
36 Heartbreak Rd.
Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Turner Hill Also known as LaSalette Seminary & Shrine
315 Topsfield Rd.
Tudor Revival. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wade House
5 Woods Lane
Federal style building. Private residence. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Whipple House
1 South Village Green
The Whipple House is one of the finest examples of “first period” American architecture (1625-1725) in existence. Its original form was called a "half house," and followed the typical East Anglian house plan -- timber framed buildings that were typically built in the English region from which the Whipples originated. John Whipple (1596-1669), the patriarch of the family, arrived in America with his wife and children shortly before 1638. He became a wealthy textile merchant and a man of considerable standing in Ipswich. The oldest part of the house dates to 1677, when John Whipple's son, the military officer and wealthy entrepreneur Captain John Whipple (1625-83) constructed a single-cell, two-and-one-half-story structure with a single gable; his son, Major John Whipple (1657-1722), added twenty-four feet in length and a second gable to the house in 1690, possibly constructing the eastern part of the lean-to at that time. The lean-to was later extended to the west and raised to two stories. Tours are provided from May 25 through October 22, Wednesdays through Saturdays, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Sunday, 1:00-4:00 p.m. (Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only)
Tours begin on the hour. Last tour at 3:00 p.m.

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