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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Georgetown, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Georgetown, Massachusetts

Georgetown was first settled in 1639 and was officially incorporated into a town in 1828 from portions of Rowley. The first people to make their home in this area was a group of families from Yorkshire, England led by Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. They purchased this tract of land in 1639 which later would become parts of Rowley, Georgetown, Groveland, Byfield and Boxford.

In 1675, several Indian tribes in the area banned together under a leader, King Phillip, and declared war against the settlers. A militia was raised under Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, Capt. Wadsworth of Milton and Lt. Sharp of Brookline. They met in war on April 21, 1676 in Sudbury, MA and the local militia suffered many losses. An obelisk stands in Sudbury Cemetery dedicated to the memory of those who died in that battle.

Residents who were victims of the Throat Distemper epidemic of 1736 are buried here.

Union Cemetery - est. 1732
Located on East Main St. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

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Abraham Adams d. 1791
Abraham Adams d. 1849
Alfarata Dodge Adams d. 1931
Annie M. Adams d. 1870
Benjamin Adams, Esq. d. 1821
Benjamin Adams d. 1852
Charles P. Adams d. 1930
Elizabeth Adams d. 1816
Elmira Foster Adams d. 1907
Fred D. Adams d. 1892
George W. Adams d. 1896
Jesse Adams d. 1816
Jewett P. Adams d. 1889
John Adams d. 1750
Jophanas Adams d. 1913
Joseph Adams d. 1812
Laura A. Adams d. 1867
Louisa Adams d. 1842
Lydia Adams d. 1889
Hon. Samuel Adams d. 1821
Sarah J. Adams d. 1909
Soviah Adams d. 18??
Warren H. Adams d. 1891
Elizabeth Armstrong d. 1789
Charles Henry Atwood d. 1842
Ezra Atwood d. 1854
Abigail Balch d. 1849
Samuel Balch, photo 2, d. 1850
Harriet Boardman d. 1878
Caroline Boynton d. 1825
John Boynton d. 1824
Jonathan Boynton d. 1740, one of the founders of the church in Georgetown
Lucy Boynton d. 1848
Moses Boynton d. 1823
Richard Boynton d. 1732, second person buried here
Richard Boynton d. 1736
Capt. Asa Bradstreet d. 1863
Silena Platts Bradstreet d. 1875
Ann Moody Braman d. 1840
Hannah Braman d. 1835
Rev. Isaac Braman d. 1850, pastor of the Congregational Church & Society in Georgetown.
Sarah Balch Braman d. 1893
Deborah Bridges d. 18??
John Bridges d. 1865
Arthur D. Brocklebank d. 1901
Emma F. Brocklebank d. 1943
Irving M. Brocklebank d. 1923, Co. E, 31st Regiment, died at Manila (World War I).
Job Brocklebank d. 1824, Capt. Eliphalet Spafford's co. of Minute-men. Col. Samuel Gerrish's regt. Revolutionary War
Mercy Brocklebank d. 1821
Wendell C. Brocklebank d. 1951
Bessie A. Brown d. 1919
Edwin Brown d. 1896
Elizabeth Pillsbury Brown d. 1893
Ellen N. Smith Brown d. 19??
Fred Brown d. 1873
Leonard C. S. Brown d. 19??
Luther Brown d. 1917
Noah E. Brown d. 1901
William J. Brown d. 1895
George N. Buckminster d. 1891
Georgeana Buckminster d. 1858
John B. Buckminster d. 1872
Louisa Buckminster d. 1851
Lydia Peabody Buckminster d. 1885
Asa Bunker d. 1902
Elisha G. Bunker d. 1878
Nancy T. Ring Bunker d. 1859
Benjamin Burpee d. 1823
Lt. Ebenezer Burpey d. 1771
Lucy Dodge Carlton d. 1854
Adeline Chandler d. 1830
Rev. James Chandler d. 1789, first pastor of the Second Church of Rowley, side view
James Chandler d. 1820
Mary Chandler d. 1806
Capt. Eliphalet Chaplin d. 1825
Martha Chaplin d. 1857

William Chaplin d. ??
Martha E. Chapman d. 1895
Salome W. Chapman d. 1871
Charles W. Clark d. 1865, member of the 17th unattached Co. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.
Jeremiah Clark d. 1842
Lucy Clark d. 1832
Lucy P. Clark d. 1832
Moses P. Clark, MD d. 1874, doctor who practiced in Georgetown, Rowley and Lawrence
Sophia J. Hardy Clark d. 1895
Daniel Clarke d. 1829
Hannah Curtis Clarke d. 1871
Olive N. Clarke d. 1883
E. Elizabeth Clifton d. 1943
Patrick Cole, Company C, 3rd Cavalry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War.
Sally Perley Cole d. 1910
Maria L. Cross d. 1825
Judith Cummings d. 1863
Sylvester Cummings d. 1860
George Curtis d. 1923
Josephine Curtis d. 1927
Cora A. Dalton d. 1888
Clarence Davis d. 1919
Lizzie Frances Adams Davis d. 1923
Valkert O. Dickey d. 1833
Amos M. Dodge d. 1874
Benjamin Albree Dodge d. 1868
Benjamin Scott Dodge d. 1902
Caroline Chapman Dodge d. 1875
Elizabeth Saunders Dodge d. 1863
Ellen Frances Dodge d. 1856
Fred Forrest Dodge d. 1864
Hannah M. Dodge d. 1865
Lizzie Belle Dodge d. 1873
Lucy J. Dodge d. 1905
Martha S. Dodge d. 1872
Mercy Nelson Dodge d. 1820
Phineas Dodge d. 1840
Phineas N. Dodge d. 1863
Rosie Belle Dodge d. 1864
Solomon Dodge d. 1810
Solomon Dodge d. 1860
Solomon Dodge d. 1861
Artie G. Dole d. 1876
Clarissa M. Dole d. 1835
Dole Family Monument
Aaron Dole d. 1847
Charles L. Dole d. 1849
Cuffee Dole d. 1816, a "respectable man of colour", epitaph: White man turn not away in disgust. Thou art my brother, like me akin to earth and worms."
Edmund Dole d. 1861, Cause of death: suicide
Eliza Chandler Dole d. 1872
Ernest G. Dole d. 1879
Greenleaf Dole d. 1829
Hannah Dole d. 1907
Hannah Scott Dole d. 1850
Lucy H. T. Dole d. 1893
Luke Lincoln Dole d. 1888
Lydia Dole d. 1849
Martha Custis Dole d. 1893
Mary Dole d. 1845
Maj. Paul Dole d. 1860
Rebecca Dole d. 1836
Richmond Dole d. 1876
Sarah E. Dole d. 1756
Silas Dole d. 1828
Sophia Dole d. 1880
Sophia Ann Dole d. 1880
??da Hall Dresser d. 1900
B. Melvin Dresser d. 1911
Benjamin Dresser d. 1947
Elizabeth Dresser d. 1864
Enoch Dresser d. 1800, deid from a fall from horse
Mary E. Hall Dresser d. 1939
Sarah Dresser d. 1912
Louisa W. Elliot d. 1888
Theodore C. Elliot d. 1893
Abraham Elwell d. 1848
George A. Elwell d. 1848
Mary A. Elwell d. 1858
Mary E. Elwell d. 1877
Deacon William Fisk d. 1764
Enoch Floyd d. 1855
Enoch Floyd d. 1872
Julia A. Floyd d. 1860
Sarah Currier Floyd d. 1870
Sally S. Tenney Follansbee d. 1872
Frank M. Foster d. 1863, Member of Co. B 18th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (Civil War). Died of disease at Baton Rouge, La.
Henry A. Foster d. 1866
Martha E. Foster d. 1860
Mary Anna Foster d. 1861
Mary P. Foster d. 18??
Martha Friend d. 1807
Lilian A. George d. 1878
Eliza K. Bunker Giles d. 1918
James Giles d. 1856
James B. Giles d. 1887
Josiah Goodwin d. 1906
Sarah A. Merrill Goodwin d. 1890
E. Scott Greenleaf d. 1913
Lina C. Greenleaf d. 19??
John Dole Griffith d. 1903
Martha H. Hale d. 1852
Al Crosby Hall d. 191?
Ralph Eugene Hall d. 1935
Sarah Jane Hall d. 1918
Charles Harris Hardy d. 1821
Charles W. Hardy d. 1848
Edgar Upton Hardy d. 1851
Eliza B. Andrews Hardy d. 1841
Ellenora Adams Hardy d. 1867
Emeline E. Hardy d. 1846
Emeline Eliza Hardy d. 1839
Hattie Upton Hardy d. 1865
Lucy F. Merrill Hardy d. 1893
Mary A. Hardy d. 1883
Mary Stevens Hardy d. 1855
Deacon Newman B. Hardy d. 1877
Phineas Hardy d. 1876
Submit Cowdry Hardy d. 1824
Susan Woodbury Hardy d. 1869
William Hardy d. 1878
Charles A. Harriman d. 1893
Dudley Harriman d.1736
Elizabeth Harriman d. 1801
Elizabeth Boynton Harriman d. 1829, heelstone
Huldah Harriman d. 1848, at age 100
Jane Harriman d. 1736
Leonard Harriman d. 1736
Martha Harriman d. 1733
Moses Harriman d. 1849
Moses Harriman d. 1866
Olive Harriman d. 1851
Samuel Harriman d. 1803
Annie M. Haskell d. 1936
Arthur B. Haskell d. 1864
David Haskell d. 1885
Hannah L. Haskell d. 1844
Mary Elizabeth Haskell d. 1902
Ruth Ann Haskell d. 1852
Lt. Lewis Hatch d. 1814
Abbie Susan Hazen d. 1887
Josiah O. Hazen d. 1917
Mattie B. Hazen d. 19??
Moody P. Hazen d. 1830
Sarah H. Hazen d. 1908
John T. Hills d. 1899, member of 17th Massachusetts Regiment.
Hannah M. Hills d. 1905
Eunice Hilliard d. 1836
Hannah Hilliard d. 1865
Henry Hilliard d. 1830
Henry P. Hilliard d. 1871
Oliver T. Hilliard d. 1898
Susan A. Hilliard d. 1909
Leonard B. Hinkson d. 1870
Leonard H. Hinkson d. 1883, Private Co. D, 3rd Reg. Mass. H??. (Civil War).
Abigail Holmes d. 1860
Abigail Floyd Holmes d. 1882
Alfred P. Holmes d. 1856
David P. Holmes d. 1868
Martha Ann Holmes d. 1865
Nathaniel Holmes d. 18??
Samuel Holmes d. 1878
Sarah Woodman Holmes d. 1861
Phebe Hood d. 1884
Samuel Hood d. 1848
Samuel Hood d. 1899
Solomon Hood d. 1850
W. Henry Hood d. 1846
Caroline Nelson Hoyt d. 1865
Fred L. Hoyt d. 1851
Jennie M. Hoyt d. 1907

Maria Hoyt d. 1903
Timothy Hoyt d. 1902
Harriet Isley d. 1877
Caleb Jackson d. 1844, A soldier of the revolution.
Charlotte D. Jackson d. 1871
Charles Jackson d. 1857
Daniel K. Jackson d. 1895
Elizabeth Jackson d. 1828
Elizabeth Jackson d. 1905
Eunice C. Jackson d. 1895
Hannah Jackson d. 1831
Hannah Jackson d. 1843
John Foster Jackson d. 1931
Joseph E. Jackson d. 1866
Lucy Richmond Goodwin Jackson d. 1908
Luther H. Jackson d. 1900
Samuel Jackson d. 1843
Sarah C. Jackson d. 1853
Sarah H. Jackson d. 1851
Mary Jaques d. 1760
Ann C. Jewett d. 1891
Caroline Jewett d. 1842, Of Waterford Me., who died in Georgetown while on a visit to her friends.
Caroline E. Jewett d. 1848
Charles E. Jewett d. 1907
Jacob F. Jewett d. 1879
Julia Jewett d. 1836
Milton F. Jewett d. 186?, member of Co. K. 50th Reg. Massachusetts Volunteers (Civil War), buried in Baton Rouge, LA.
David Johnson d. 1836
Hannah Johnson d. 1835
Joseph E. Johnson d. 1914
Mary L. Johnson d. 1924
Agnes B. Kent d. 1911
Linus Fisher Kent d. 1913
Lucy Kent d. 1903
Sewell S. Kent d. 1870, Corporal in Co. C, 19th and 9th Massachusetts Volunteers, Civil War.
Hephzibah Kilbourn d. 1737
Anna Stickney Kimball d. 1921
Belinda Kimball d. 1850
Benjamin M. Kimball d. 1869
Charles A. Kimball d. 1900
Hannah L. Kimball d. 18??
"Little Hattie" Kimball
Col. John Kimball d. 1857
John Kimball d. 1889
Col. Joseph Kimball d. 1881
Joseph H. Kimball d. 1917
Louisa Adams Kimball d. 1891
Louisa M. Kimball d. 1869
Martha B. Kimball d. 1867
Mary N. Kimball d. 1855
Mary S. Kimball d. 1895
Mary Susan Kimball d. 1836
Sally Nelson Kimball d. 1869
Samuel Kimball d. 1855
Sarah Maria Kimball d. 1850
Susan Kimball d. 1875
Susan Thompson Kimball d. 1898
Susanna Kimball d. 1853
Walter L. Kimball d. 1849
William Kimball d. 1831
Arthur J. Kneeland d. 1904
Charles B. Kneeland d. 1887
Edith Kneeland
George C. Kneeland d. 1864, member of Co. C 19th Regt. Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Civil War).
Herbert N. Kneeland d. 1865
Lucy M. Kneeland d. 1871
Margaret Ann Kneeland d. 1920
Nathaniel T. Kneeland d. 1869, stone 2, member of
Co. A. 59th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Civil War.)

Sarah Kneeland d. 1841
Catherine P. Floyd Laricy d. 1904
Maria Louisa Lincoln d. 1821
Preston Lincoln d. 1823
Rooxbe S. Lincoln d. 1856
Apphia Low d. 1839
Eliza L. Brown Low d. 1888
Joseph P. Low d. 1845
Abigail Winter Marsh d. 1858, of Danbury, NH.
Abigail McLaughlin d. 1895
"Little Benny" d. 1834
Benjamin McLaughlin d. 1864
Benjamin L. McLaughlin d. 1864, "Mortally wounded in battle May 30 and died June 23, 1864." Company 1st SS, 1st Co SS Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War), wounded at Cold Harbor, VA, died at David's Island, New York Harbor.
Sophia P. McLawlin d. 1905
Walter McLawlin d. 1894
James R. Merrey d. 1920
Abigail Merrill d. 1784
Alice W. Merrill d. 1909
Apphia Merrill d. 1863
Benjamin Merrill d. 1853
Eunice Merrill d. 1863
H. Eugene Merrill d. 1938
Hannah Merrill d. 1835
Hannah P. Merrill d. 1865
Hannah Coleman Dole Merrill d. 1900
Harriet Boardman Merrill d. 1849
Henry Wilson Merrill d. 1885
Isaac N. Merrill d. 1860
John Merrill 1764
Leonard W. Merrill d. 1860
Dr. Lewis A. Merrill d. 1863
Lois Merrill d. 1788
Martha Friend Merrill d. 1863
Mary Dole Merrill d. 1895
Mary H. Chapman Merrill d. 19??
Rev. Nathaniel Merrill d. 1839
Perley B. Merrill d. 1847
Richmond D. Merrill d. 1863, Company K. 50th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (Civil War). Died of disease in Baton Rouge, LA.
Rosana Ricker Merrill d. 1919
Sarah Merrill d. 1813
Silena S. Chapman Merrill d. 1903
Susan Merrill d. 1844
Sylvanus Merrill d. 1884
Thomas Merrill d. 1774
Dea. Thomas Merrill d. 1820
Dea. Thomas Merrill d. 1851
Thomas Addison Merrill d. 1855
David Mighill d. 1812
Elizabeth Mighill d. 1781
Huldah Mighill d. 1772
Huldah Mighill d. 1812
Molley Mighill d. 1774
Dea. Stephen Mighill d. 1783
Lieut. Stephen Mighill d. 1819
Dr. Stephen Mighill d. 1872, a physician by trade, he died of syphilis & paralysis, in "lunatic hospital" in Boston.
Olive Ann More d. 1838
Abby Maria Morrill d. 1857
Eunice G. Illsley Morrill d. 1856
George Henry Morrill d. 1844
Harriet A. Wood Morrill d. 1846
Olive Susan Morrill d. 1852
Susan Noyes Morrill d. 1855
True George Morrill d. 1865
Albert Franklin Morse d. 1855
Betsey Pierce Morse d. 1905
Elizabeth Morse d. 1844
Eunice P. Morse d. 1888
John Gilman Morse d. 1889
Lilly Morse d. 1855

Lottie A. Morse d. 1883
Martha Chaplin Morse d. 1903
Moses D. Morse d. 1886
Moses K. Morse d. 1846, drowned.
Nathaniel N. Morse d. 1866
Aaron Nelson d. 1804
Aaron Nelson d. 1832
Abigail Nelson d. 1820
Abigail March Nelson d. 1809
Almira N. Nelson d. 1898
Major Asa Nelson, Esq. d. 1815, Private, Capt. Eliphalet Spafford's co., in a detachment from Col. Samuel Gerrish's regt.(Revolutionary War.)
Dea. Asa Nelson d. 1855
Betty Nelson d. 1777
Charles Nelson d. 1874
Edward U. Nelson, Company 17th, Unattached Infantry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Eliza Mary Nelson d. 1863
Elizabeth Nelson d. 1826
Elizabeth Gage Nelson d. 1863
Hannah Nelson d. 1732, "Grand-daughter of Capt. Samuel Brocklebank of Rowley, who was slain by the Indians at Sudbury, April 21, 1676 and the first person buried in this place."
Hannah Perley Nelson d. 1885
Harriet Nelson d. 1820
Henry H. Nelson d. 1907
Joseph Nelson d. 1743
Joseph Nelson d. 1856
Maria A. Nelson d. 1873
Maria Harriet Nelson d. 1848
Martha Jacobs Nelson d. 1860
Mary Nelson d. 1753
Mary Nelson d. 1829
Mary Smith Nelson d. 1888
Mary Spofford Nelson d. 1858
Mehitabel Nelson d. 1842, age 94.
Mercy Nelson d. 1825
Mighill Nelson d. 1856
Moses Nelson d. 1863
Nathaniel Nelson d. 1853
Olive Nelson d. 1836
Phebe Brocklebank Nelson d. 1864
Ruth Perley Nelson d. 1881
Sally Nelson d. 18??
Sally Chaplin Nelson d. 1828
Samuel Nelson d. 1742
Sarah Nelson d. 1826
Sarah Nelson d. 1828
Sarah Symonds Nelson d. 1927
Solomon Nelson d. 1781
Solomon Nelson d. 1821
Solomon A. Nelson d. 18??, 17 Company Massachusetts Militia (Civil War).
Dea. Solomon Nelson d. 1842
Sophia Nelson d. 1833
William Nelson d. 1889
Mary B. Nichols d. 1929
Hannah M. Niles d. 1896
William Niles d. 1892, Co. H 32 Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers (Civil War.)
William E. Straw Niles d. 1831
Elizabeth Noyes d. 1831, "She was a respectable woman."
Polly Noyes d. 1835
Abigail Palmer d. 1805
Daniel Palmer d. 1845
Deborah Poor Palmer d. 1876
Ellen Ross Palmer d. 1860
Hannah S. Palmer d. 1910
John Palmer d. 1833
John Palmer d. 1867
John M. Palmer d. 1873
Martha Palmer d. 1830
Martha F. Palmer d. 1879
Newell A. Palmer d. 1847, drowned.
Sarah Palmer d. 1867
William A. Palmer d. 1858
Hannah H. Parsons d. 1864
Jonathan Parsons d. 1864
Francis Dana Peabody d. 1891, Company M, 4th Heavy Artillery Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Annette Pearson d. 1926
Abigail Perkins d. 1861
Permelia C. Perkins d. 1861
David Mighill Perley d. 1829
Elizabeth Perley d. 1830
Elizabeth Averill Perley d. 1908
Elizabeth Mighill Perley d. 1830
H. Lizzie Perley d. 1889
Hannah Newell Perley d. 1855
Huldah Woodman Perley d. 1862
Rev. Humphrey C. Perley d. 1838, Front of stone
Oliver W. Perley d. 1864
Sally Perley d. 1846, photo 2
Susie A. Perley d. 1863
William P. Perley d. 1847, photo 2
William P. Perley d. 1888, photo 2
Martha Ann Pettengell d. 1832
Benjamin S. Pickett d. 1856
John B. Pickett d. 1894, he and wife Mahalah both died of pneumonia, 2 days apart.
Mahalah Pickett d. 1891
Amos Pillsbury d. 1858
Amos D. Pilsbury d. 1894
Betsey Pike Stickney Pilsbury d. 1830
Lucy Stickney Pilsbury d. 1904
Rebecca Pilsbury d. 1866
Annar Perkins Pingree d. 1853
Asa Pingree d. 1834
Bertha Adams Pingree d. 1941
Benjamin Pingree d. 1890
Benjamin W. Pingree d. 1862, Company H, 32nd Infantry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War). Died at Falmouth, Va.
Clemens Pingry d. 1769
Daniel Pingree d. 1866
Daniel S. Pingree d. 19?0
Dorothy Robinson Dodd Pingry d. 1771
Elizabeth Pingre d. 1747
Elizabeth Pingry d. 1781
Elizabeth Pingrey d. 1818
Elizabeth Bixby Pingree d. 1862
Elizabeth Herrick Pingry d. 1881
Emeline E. Pingry d. 1846
Emeline F. Pickett Pingry d. 1881
George Henry Pingree d. 1933
Hannah W. Pingree d. 1893
Hannah Wheeler Pingree d. 1912
Isaac Pingree d. 1926
Jennie P. Pingree d. 1878
Job Pengry d. 1736, victim of the throat distemper epidemic that also occurred in the surrounding towns at this time, particularly Haverhill.
Job Pingry d. 1785, died at age 96.
John Pingry d. 1778
Ensign John Pingry d. 1796
John Pingry d. 1871
John W. Pingry d. 191?
Martha A. Furbish Pingree d. 1921
Mary F. Colby Pingree d. 1877
Matilda Pingree d. 1862
Parker Perley Pingree d. 1890
Sarah Pickett Pingry d. 1933
Solomon Pingry d. 1773
Walter W. Pingry d. 1864
Colman Platts d. 1853
Dea. John Platts d. 1856, buried here with 2 of his 4 wives.
Louisa S. Platts d. 1855
Mary Platts d. 1816
Sarah Platts d. 1818
B. Richmond Plummer d. 1847
Bethiah Plummer d. 1790
Charlotte B. Wentworth Plummer d. 1847
John S. Plummer d. 1893
Maria A. Plummer d. 1844
Ruth Plumer d. 1736
Sarah B. Plummer d. 1900
Solomon Plumer d. 1766
Ensign Thomas Plumer d. 1762
Thomas Plumer d. 1770
Louisa Price d. 1882
Abbie B. Poor d. 1928
Abigail Carleton Poor d. 1850
Albion L. Poor d. 1928
Daniel Poor d. 1840
David Poor d. 1817
John A. Poor d. 1937
Kate S. Poor d. 1871
L. Belle Poor d. 1947
Maria Bacon Poor d. 1900
Martha Poor d. 1830
Mary Foster Poor d. 1850
Myra Poor d. 1832
Edward Poore d. 1878
Mary S. Poore d. 1917
Myron E. Poore d. 1873
Esther Proctor d. 1848
Allen Robinson d. 18??, Co. I, 28th Massachusetts Regiment (Civil War).
Nathan Rogers d. 1813
Hugh D. Ross d. 1955
Jennie L. Ross d. 1911
Julia A. Ross d. 1864
Elizabeth Pingree Savage d. 1924
William J. Savage d. 1912
William W. Savage d. 1881
Abigail P. Savory d. 18??
Benjamin Savory d. 1850
Charles Lincoln Savory d. 1840
Eleazor Savory d. 1874
Judith Savory d. 1830
Martha J. Sawyer d. 1914
Georgie N. Scates d. 1871
Harry Page Scates d. 1884
Henrietta Scates d. 1868
Joseph R. Scates d. 1879
Lavinia Scrates d. 1838
Mary A. Page Scates d. 1896
Nellie Maud Scates d. 1878

Walter M. Scates d. 1919
Abigail Searl d. 1769
Amelia B. Searle d. 1859
Almira B. Searle d. 1905
Anna Gertrude Searle d. 1865
Benjamin G. Searle d. 1883
Mary J. Searle d. 1851
Dea. Stephen Searle d. 1853
William Searl d. 1798
Sarah Shatswell d. 1833
Agnes M. Smith d. 1910
Catherine A. Smith d. 1848
Elvin Smith d. 1858
Eunice K. Smith d. 1855
Florence B. Smith d. 1898
Frank H. Smith d. 1947
Georgianna E. Smith d. 1853
Grace Smith d. 1912
Josephine K. Smith d. 1924
Judith A. Smith d. 1880
Mary M. Smith d. 1851
Melinda Angeline Smith d. 1938
Susan E. Smith d. 1877
Sylvester G. Smith d. 1870, Member of Company C 30th Reg. Massachusetts Volunteers (Civil War).
W. G. Smith, Company C, 19th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, received a disability discharge (Civil War.)
Walter E. Smith d. 1852
Walter E. Smith d. 1876
Bettey Spafford d. 1784
Daniel K. Spafford d. 1795
Eliphalet Spafford d. 1776
Jonathan Spafford d. 1772
Capt. John Spafford d. 1735
Judith Spafford d. 1779
Lucy Spafford d. 1766
Polly Spafford d. 1790
Samuel Spafford d. 1743
Alfred A. Spaulding d. 1920
Charles C. Spaulding d. 1941
Minnie E. Spaulding d. 1873
Minnie H. Hills Spaulding d. 1940
Sadie E. Spaulding d. 1948
Abel Spofford d. 1868
Abigail Marden Spofford d. 1892
Dea. Abner Spofford d. 1777, a millwright who died from a fall in his mill. He was commissioned captain of the local milita in 1743.
Alfred Spofford d. 1851
Dr. Amos Spofford d. 1805, a local physician and farmer, also one of the original members of the Massachusetts Medical Society.
Amos Spofford d. 1821, died from a fall from his horse.
Benjamin Spofford d. 1836
Charles A. Spofford d. 1863, member of Co. K, 50th Reg. Mass. Volunteers. Was at the seige of Fort Hudson (Civil War).
Col. Daniel Spofford d. 1803, Colonel of the 7th Regiment of militia in Essex County, marched to Cambridge in 1775 ; Representative of the town, 1776; member of the convention that formed the constitution, 1780; Church Deacon and an architect who built several churches.
Edwin Colman Spofford d. 1814
Eliza Ann Spofford d. 1840
Elizabeth Spofford d. 1777
Eliphalet Spofford d. 1830
Eunice Spofford d. 18??
Fred L. Spofford d. 1878
George Lyman Spofford d. 1882
George P. Spofford d. 1877
Hannah Spofford d. 1831
Hannah P. Spofford d. 1875
Helen P. Spofford d. 1896
Irene Spofford d. 1826
Irene Spofford d. 1849
Irene M. Spofford d. 1865
John L. Spofford d. 1863
Joseph Spofford d. 1825
Lewis Tenney Spofford d. 1815
Martha L. Spofford d. 1916
Mary Spofford d. 1803
Mary Ann Spofford d. 18??
Mary Merrill Spofford d. 1869
Mary Nelson Spofford d. 1817
Mehitable Spofford d. 1880
Melvin G. Spofford d. 1900
Mighill Spofford d. 1835
Moody Spofford, Esq. d. 1828, a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War; deacon; justice of peace; representative; architect - Windsor, VT, Andover, Haverhill, and Rock bridges; churches in Andover, Groveland, and others.
Moses Spofford d. 1830
Dr. Moses Spofford, M.M.S.S. d. 1832, a local physician for nearly 40 years.
Moses W. Spofford d. 1872
Pamela Wilkins Spofford d. 1887
Parker Spofford d. 1834
Peabody Spofford d. 1826
Sarah Spofford d. 1823
Sarah Ann Spofford d. 1905
Sarah Palmer Spofford d. 1873
Selena T. Cheney Spofford d. 1893
William P. Spofford d. 1841
William Spofford d. 1824
Martha Stickney d. 1818
Sarah M. Spofford Stickney d. 1906
Paul Stickney d. 1826, Revolutionary War soldier.
William Converse Stickney d. 1846
Amos Stocker d. 1865
Emeline M. Brown Stocker d. 1892
Francis Stocker d. 1932
Amos J. Tenney Esq. d. 1777
David Tenney d. 1830
David Barnard Tenney d. 1829
Elizabeth Tenney d. 1843
George S. Tenney d. 1830
Nabby Tenney d. 1793
Judith S. Thurlow d. 1899
Daniel Thurston d. 1792
Hannah Thurston d. 1791
Jonathan Thurston/Thoston d. 1738
Judith Thurston d. 1788
Mehitable Thurston d. 1789
Dea. Richard Thurston d. 1782
Stephen Thurston d. 1762
Alvah I. Tidd d. 1846
Arthur Laroy Tidd d. 19??, PFC Co. D 321 Machine Gunn BN (World War I).
Charlotte E. Tidd d. 1894
Clara B. Tidd d. 1918
Cyrus Tidd d. 1873, farmer and photographer.
Harriet B. Tidd d. 1843
Jennie Hoyt Tidd d. 1941
Joseph H. Tidd d. 1918, killed in World War I.
Luther P. Tidd d. 1892
Ruthy Mighill Tidd d. 1857
Samuel C. Tidd d. 1857
Sarah M. Tidd d. 1873
Soviah Tidd d. 1850
Belinda Tileston d. 1867
William Tileston d. 1872, of Boston.
Abby A. Tyler d. 1886
George Melvin Tyler d. 1869
Maria Tyler d. 1833
Parker H. Wallace d. 1839
David D. Waugh d. 1905
Elizabeth D. Waugh d. 1898
Gideon P. Wells d. 1853
Susannah Wells d. 1868
John E. West d. 1909
Caroline Weston d. 1880
Capt. Cutler Weston d. 1834, at Cape Mesurade Africa.
Capt. Fitch Weston d. 1844
Flint Weston d. 1898
Harriet Dow Weston d. 1899
John B. Weston d. 18??
Lavina Spofford Weston d. 1894
Mehitabel Weston d. 1827
Capt. Orin Weston d. 1871
Phebe Weston d. 1849
Samuel Weston d. 1791
Samuel Weston d. 1829
Elijah Page White d. 1885
Hannah C. White d. 1844
Lydia White d. 1857

Lydia Coffin White d. 18??
Sarah C. White d. 1851
Sarah C. White d. 1879
Harry E. Wildes d. 1930, 36 Massachusetts Infanty (World War I).
Apphia Nelson Winter d. 1894
Ariel K. Winter d. 1847
Benjamin Winter d. 1865
David M. Winter d. 1871
Elizabeth Webster Winter d. 1866
Francis E. Winter d. 1862, "Fell in the cause of his Country at Fredericksburg, Va."
Rev. Jonathan S. Winter d. 1837, pastor of the Congregational Church in Ossippee as well as other various places.
Prudence S. Winter d. 1861
Samuel W. Winter d. 1849
Silena D. Winter d. 1892


More History in Georgetown

Brocklebank Museum/Georgetown Historical Society
108 East Main Street
Phone: (978) 352-8372

The Brocklebank-Nelson-Beecher house is a First Period structure believed to have been built in the late 1600s. It was owned by Capt. Samuel Brocklebank, Rev. Charles Beecher (brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe), among others and was a used as a tavern by several of them. Open Sundays from 2-5 p.m. from July through Columbus Day in October.

:// Find more museums in Massachusetts

If you know of an historic place to visit in Georgetown, please submit it to

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