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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Dedham, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Dedham, Massachusetts

The Old Village Cemetery was established in 1640. It is located behind the Episcopal Church at the corner of Common St. and Village Ave.

All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

Cemetery Status: Excellent. The grounds are well kept, and attempts have been made to restore most of the broken stones.

Old Village Cemetery

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Margaret ?? d. 17??
Rev. William Adams d. 1685
Rev. John Allin d. 1671, first pastor of Dedham, came from England in 1637.
Fisher Ames d. 1808, panel 2
Frances Ames d. 1837
Hannah Ames d. 1829
Jeremiah Ames d. 1829
Jonathan W. Ames d. 1833
Nathaniel Ames d. 1835
Seth Ames d. 1881
William Ames d. 1880
Charlotte Arbonne d. 1800
Elizabeth Avery d. 1746
Mary Avery d. 1681 footstone
Ens. Robart Avery d. 1722
Robart Avery, Jr. d. 1723
Dea. William Avery d. 1708
Capt. William Avery d. 1750
Rev. Samuel Brazer Babcock d. 1873, rector of St. Paul's Church, Dedham MA.
Abigail Baker d. 1724
Elizabeth Baker d. 1803
Hannah Baker d. 1763
Lt. John Baker d. 1719
Joseph Baker d. 1720
Joseph Baker d. 1765
Nathaniel Baker d. 1743
Rev. Joshua Bates d. 1854
Samuel Bates d. 1800
Lucy E. Bedell d. 1851
Rev. Joseph Belcher d. 1723
Caroline Berry d. 1800
John Berry d. 1800
Abigail Boynton d. 1846
Jesse P. Boynton d. 1825
John Boynton d. 1824
Luther Boynton d. 1849
Nathaniel Brackett d. 1748 photo 2
Eliza Ann Brown d. 1843
Eliza Ann Brown d. 1844
George Brown d. 1840
Sarah Brown d. 1827
William F. Brown d. 1830
Abba Bullard d. 1848
Elizabeth Bullard d. 1746
Isaac Bullard d. 1808
John Bullard d. 1809
John Bullard d. 1852
Lucy Bullard d. 1860
Mary Bullard d. 1745
William Bullard, Jr. d. 1737
William Bullard d. 1746
Oliver Capen d. 1865
Sarah Ann Capen d. 1888
Josiah Cobham d. 1701
Alvin Coburn d. 1832 photo 2
Alvin Coburn d. 1856
Charles Coburn d. 1866
Hannah Coburn d. 1867
Henry A. Coburn d. 1846
Hiram Coburn d. 1830 photo 2
Hiram Coburn d. 1856
Laura A. Coburn d. 1833
Marinda Coburn d. 1850
Theodore A. Coburn d. 1845
William A. Coburn d. 1852
Annah Colburn d. 1721
Benjamin Colburn d. 1747 footstone
Jesse Colburn d. 1723
John Colburn d. 1724
Rebecca Colburn d. 1723
Abigail Cole d. 1859
Francis Cole d. 1860
Benjamin Colman d. 1731 photo 2
Hopestill Damon d. 1770
Mary Damon
Washington Davis d. 1788
Mary Dean d. 1756
Margaret Dewin d. 1811
Dexter tomb, photo 2
Rev. Samuel Dexter d. 1755
Samuel Doggett d. 1794
Abigail Draper d. 1767
Abijah Draper d. 1774
Maj. Abijah Draper d. 1780
Alice Draper d. 1777
Desire Draper d. 1815
Capt. James Draper d. 1768
Lucy Chickering Draper d. 1800
Lydia Draper d. 1790
Faith Durant d. 1775
Rachel Durant d. 1776
Mary Dwight d. 1689
Timothy Dwight, Esq. d. 1718
Hannah Dyar d. 1678
Calvin Eaton d. 1809
Isaac Eaton d. 1822, Revolutionary War veteran.
Isaac Eaton, Jr. d. 1838
John Eaton d. 1777
Sarah Eaton d. 1844
Sophia Elliott d. 1851
Betsey Ellis d. 1855
Ensign Joseph Ellis d. 1721
Samuel Ellis d. 1755
Calvin Fairbanks d. 1800
Calvin Fairbanks d. 1837
Ebenezer Fairbanks d. 1812
Jason Fairbanks d. 1801
Prudence Fairbanks d. 1815
Elizabeth Fales d. 1801
Nehemiah Fales d. 1806
Sarah Fales d. 1845
Abby Maria Farrington d. 1842
Lucy Farrington d. 1842
Mehitable Farrington d. 1803
Oscar Ellis Farrington d. 1838
Stephen Farrington d. 1831
William Farrington d. 1801
Charles C. Felton d. 1864
Horace Felton d. 1865
Mary W. Felton d. 1867
Alvan Fisher d. 1863, Perhaps the greatest recognition of his skill as a landscape artist came one hundred years later when First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chose his painting,The Remnant of the Tribe, to hang in the Green Room of the White House. The Dedham Historical Society has a collection of his paintings, sketches and biographical material. His largest oil painting, Washington at Dorchester Heights, a nine-by-six foot copy of Gilbert Stuart's painting of the same title, hangs in the Dedham Town Hall, a testimonial to the town's most illustrious painter. (Wikipedia)
Daniel Fisher d. 1713, photo 2
Joseph Fisher d. 1759
Capt. Josiah Fisher d. 1763
Josiah Fisher, Jr. d. 1794
Josiah Fisher d. 1812
Mary Fisher d. 1749
Nathaniel Fisher d. 1715 photo 2
Rebecca Fisher d. 1797
Thomas Fox d. 1699
Hezekiah Fuller d. 1756
Judith Fuller d. 1718
Capt. Daniel Gay d. 1798
Daniel Gay d. 1801
Ebenezer Gay d. 1824
Joseph Gay d. 1814 footstone
Josiah Gay d. 1804
Lusher Gay d. 1769
Lydia Gay d. 1756
Mary Gay d. 1777
Mary Gay d. 1780
Mary Gay d. 1813
Moses Gay d. 1804
Phebe Gay d. 1782
Sarah Gay d. 1732
Sarah Gay d. 1773
Sarah Gay d. 1808
Sarah Gay d. 1843
Caleb Grant d. 1731
Rev. Alexander V. Griswold d. 1843, photo 2, photo3, Biship of the eastern diocese, rector of St. Michael's Church, Bristol RI and St. Peter's Church, Salem MA.
Amelia Griswold d. 1862
George Griswold d. 1842
Catherine Guild d. 1795
John Guild d. 1817
Joseph Guild, Esq. d. 1794
Oscar S. Guild d. 1862, Died of disease Company H, 18th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts on 21 Feb 1862 at Hall's Hill, VA (Civil War).
Rebecca Eaton Guild d. 1819
Adeline R. Hapgood d. 1846
Catherine A. Hapgood d. 1834
Catherine Conant Hapgood d. 1859
Henry Hapgood d. 1864
Henry M. Hapgood d. 1844
Lucy Ann Hapgood d. 1845
Rev. Jason Haven d. 1803
Mary Hayward d. 1684
Ann Herring d. 1718
Sarah Hering d. 1721
Polly Howe d. 1864 photo 2
Sarah Humphrey d. 1794
Lucy Jackson d. 1856
Mott Johnson d. 1850
Sally Johnson d. 1855
Elizabeth Kingsbery d. 1751
Sgt. Nathaniel Kingsbery d. 1724/25 photo 2
Abigail Kingsbury d. 1764
Hannah Kingsbury d. 1775
Dea. Nathaniel Kingsbury d. 1775
Ens. Noah Kingsbury d. 1740
Abigail Lewis d. 1777
Anna Lewis d. 1869
Anna Lewis d. 1895
Asa Lewis d. 1808
Eunice Lewis d. 1828
Joseph Lewis d. 1804
Paul Lewis d. 1834
Sally Lewis d. 1797
Capt. Samuel Lewis d. 1854
Eleazer Lusher d. 1672, pioneer of Dedham, magistrate of the colony.
Hannah Mackerwethy d. 1771
Abigail Mason d. 1796, photo 2
Anne Mason d. 1828
John Mason d. 1836
Rhoda Mason d. 1781, photo 2
Thaddeus Mason d. 1832
Thaddeus Harris Mason d. 1843
Henry Messenger d. 1827
Olive Messenger d. 1837
Elias Metcalf
Elizabeth Metcalf d. 1765
Grace Metcalf d. 1749
John Metcalf d. 1749
Jonathan Metcalf d. 1727
Jonathan Metcalf d. 1749
Joseph Metcalf d. 1785
Joseph Metcalf d. 1799
Joseph Metcalf d. 1857
Katherine Metcalf d. 1746
Rebecca Metcalf d. 1848
Ruth Metcalf d. 1803
Samuel Metcalf d. 1713
Sarah Metcalf d. 1749
Dea. Thomas Metcalf d. 1702
Thomas Metcalf d. 1704
Thomas Metcalf d. 1726
Timothy Metcalf d. 1727
Elizer Moody d. 1720
Ebenezer Newell d. 1821
Ebenezer Newell d. 1837
Lt. Abel Nichols d. 1778
Eunice Nickerson d. 1843
Alaxander A. Parker d. 1804
Catherine Parker d. 1800
Abigail Paul/Pawl d. 1781
Ebenezer Paul d. 1804
Hannah Paul d. 1748
Mary Paul d. 1791
Samuel Paul d. 1775
William Paul d. 1791
Rev. Jacob Pearson d. 1850
Col. Jonathan Pollard d. 1802
Arrabella Pomeroy d. 1801
George Pomeroy d. 1801
Elizabeth Pond d. 1789
Rebecca Pond d. 1776
Abiathar Richards d. 1803
Alvin Richards d. 1844
Dea. Ebenezer Richards d. 1796
Edward Richards d. 1751
Eliphalet Richards d. 1792
Hannah Richards d. 1770
James Richards d. 1760
Jonathan Richards d. 1759
Dea. Jonathan Richards d. 1837
Joseph Richards, Esq. d. 1761 photo 2
Dea. Luther Richards d. 1832
Mary Richards d. 1746 photo 2
Nathaniel Richards d. 1727
Polly Richards d. 1861
Rebecca Richards d. 1740
Sarah Richards d. 1732
Sarah Richards d. 1830
Thaddeus Richards d. 1747
Thankfull Richards d. 1796
Nancy Whiting Roberts d. 1826
Ahira Small d. 1826
Betsy Small d. 1838
Ellen Maria Small d. 1833
Jane Elizabeth Small d. 1833
Thomas Small d. 1854
Benjamin Franklin Smith d. 1812
George W. Smith d. 1864
Grace Smith d. 1825
John Smith d. 1801, a native of England.
Josiah Smith d. 1765
O. C. Smith d. 18??, 24th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War).
Thomas Smith d. 1799
Margaret L. Sprague d. 1850
Mary Sprague d. 1853
Samuel M. Sprague d. 1841
James Stevens d. 1786
Maryann Stevens d. 1794
William Stevens d. 1777
Betsey Stow d. 1814
Nathaniel Stow d. 1762
Ann Eliza Strong d. 1842
Robert Swan d. 1773
Abigail Smith Talbot
James Talbot
Theodore Upton d. 1847
Comfort Weatherbee d. 1875
Lucy M. Weatherbee d. 1854
Unity Weatherbee d. 1847
Submit Weatherby d. 1789
Aaron Whiteen d. 1792
Calvin Whiting d. 1840
Elizabeth Whiting d. 1776 photo 2
Elizabeth Fuller Whiting d. 1844
Esther Whiting d. 1790
Fisher Whiting d. 1797
Isaac Whiting d. 1785
Isaac Whiting d. 1793
Jonathan Whiting d. 1728
Joshua Whiting d. 1780
Lydia Whiting d. 1802
Rebecca Whiting d. 1766
Ruth Whiting d. 1770
Samuel Whiteing d. 1721/22
Samuel Whiting d. 1727
Samuel Whiting d. 1808
Samuel C. Whiting d. 1887
Sarah Whiting d. 1747
Sarah Whiting d. 1775
Solomon Whiting d. 1803
Timothy Whiting d. 1723
Timothy Whiting d. 1828
Dea. Joseph Wight d. 1729
Mary Wight d. 1733
Sarah Wight d. 1748
Anna Willson d. 1737
Ebenezer Willson d. 1737
Ephraim Wilson d. 1733
Ephraim Willson d. 1739
Ephraim Willson d. 1769
Hannah Willson d. 1776
John Willson d. 1736
Lydia Willson d. 1740
Ephraim Wilson d. 1733
John Woodcock d. 1718
Sarah Woodcock d. 1718
Caroline A. Woods d. 1862
Mary A. Woods d. 1852
Mary Isabella Woods d. 1842
William Woods d. 1863

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