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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Byfield, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Byfield, Massachusetts

Byfield Parish Church Burying Ground was established in 1702 and is located on Warren Street in Byfield (Georgetown), MA, just after the South Byfield Church. The church itself is now a private home and at the time of this visit was for sale. Get directions from Yahoo Maps, or search on "Byfield Parish Church" lat=42.73861, lon=-70.93167 in Google Earth.

The oldest part of the South Byfield Parish Cemetery is in Newbury on the north side of Elm Street at the Georgetown border. Also referred to as the Old Burial Ground, it is bounded by a dry laid stone wall. Within the cemetery are stones of marble and slate and a couple of obelisks. There is a substantial tree cover throughout the burial ground. A newer section is across the street. The inactive part of the cemetery is not well maintained. The meetinghouse at this location generally was referred to as Byfield Parish . The historic meetinghouse, adjacent to this older part of the burying ground, was converted to a residence and a new church building was constructed over the line in Georgetown. (ref.: Newbury Reconnaissance Report, Massachusetts Heritage Landscape Inventory Program)

Cemetery Status: Fair condition. Landscaping needed although it looked like a lot had been cleared recently, there's a small gopher problem and there are several broken stones. There are 404 entries for this project, and it is 85% complete.

Byfield Parish Church Burying Ground


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Transcription of Byfield Parish Church Burying Grounds

James William ?? d. 1842
Joseph ?? d. 18??
Lizzie ?? d. 18??
Mary Stickney ?? d. 1890
Father Samuel ??ll d. 1878
Capt. Abraham Adams d. 1763
Jane Adams d. 1838
Joseph Adams d. 1815, Served in Revolutionary war as a private, clerk, and quartermaster; also a lieutenant in the Mass. Militia.
Josiah Adams d. 1852, 1st Lieutenant Capt. Jacob Gerrish's co., Col. Moses Little's regt., Revolutionary War
Maria Adams d. 1793
Mary Adams d. 1771
Mary Adams d. 1812
Polly Adams d. 1859
Rebekah Adams d. 1830
Robert Adams d. 1682, from Devonshire, England.
Samuel Adams d. 1791
Samuel Adams d. 1842
Sarah Adams d. 1800
Sarah Adams d. 1851
Capt. Stephen Adams d. 1838
Frederick Bartlett d. 1848
Sarah D. Merrill Bartlett d. 1893
Capt. Jonathan Bayley d. 1733
Jonathan Bayley d. 17??
Abigail Boynton d. 1831
Adding Boynton d. 1882
Alice Adams Boynton d. 1811
Enoch Boynton jr. d. 1788
Enoch Boynton d. 1859
Enoch Boynton sr. d. 1805
Enoch T. Boynton d. 1826
Isabella Boynton d. 1810
John Boynton d. 16??, from Scotland, settled on the Boynton Farm, Byfield. Fought in the Indian War against the Narragansetts in 1675.
Joshua Boynton d. 1736
Joshua Boynton, second stone d. 1770
Sarah D. Boynton d. 1861
Elizabeth Cleaveland Channell d. 1828
Mary Cleaveland Channell d. 1830
Araea Chaplin d. 1855
Caleb Chaplin d. 1856
Calvin Chaplin d. 1879
Charles Chaplin d. 180?
Hannah Chaplin d. 1857
Hannah Chaplin d. 1877
Sarah Chaplin d. 1857
Sarah A. Chaplin d. 1855
Calvin G. Chase d. 1844
Philena A. Chase d. 1848
Almira Platts Cheney d. 1840
Rev. Greenleaf Cheney d. 1855
John Pike Cheney d. 1819
Jonathan Cheney d. 1860
Louisa Cheney d. 1858
Mark Cheney d. 1850
Mary Cheney d. 1833
Mary Pike Cheney d. 1805
Moody Cheney d. 1890
Sarah Tenney Cheney d. 1846
Silena Platts Cheney d. 1816
Susan B. Jackman Cheney d. 1880
Capt. Daniel Chute d. 1803
David Chute jr. d. 1833
Hannah Chute d. 1812
Dea. James Chute d. 1769
Mary Chute d. 1760
Abigail Cleaveland d. 1834
Ebenezer Cleaveland d. 1828
Eliza Cleaveland d. 1863
Elizabeth Cleaveland d. 1793
Elizabeth Cleaveland d. 1802
Dr. Parker Cleaveland d. 1826
Rev. John R. Cleaveland d. 1873, reverend for 50 years.
Juliana C. Cleaveland d. 1893
Abigail Clifford d. 1835
Laura T. Colby d. 1929
Martin R. Colby d. 1876
Betty Colman d. 1842
Dorothy Colman d. 1787 second photo
George W. Colman d. 1849
Jeremiah Colman d. 1848
Moses Colman d. 1837
Sarah Colman d. 1793
Sarah Emery Colman d. 1821
Susanna Colman d. 1808
Daniel R. Currier d. 1847
Sarah Currier d. 1802
Sally M. Currier d. 1846
John Davis d. 1832
Mehitable Davis d. 1853
Charlotte A. Dawkins d. 1847
Mary Elizabeth Dawkins d. 1843
William Dawkins Co. C, 59th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War
Sarah C. Dean d. 1827
William C. Dean d. 1826, died at Hawies which was was a missionary settlement in Cherokee Nation, North Carolina.
Moses Dole d. 1848
Sarah Thurlow Dole d. 1834
Susan Hearl Dole d. 1797
George W. Dow d.18??
Jeremiah E. Dow d. 1848
Lucinda Dow d. 1843
Richard Dow d. 1840
Benjamin Dresser d. 1855
Lois Dresser d. 1857
Dorothy Dummer d. 1808
Ezekiel Dummer d. 1826
Hon. John Dummer d. 1735
Mary E. Dummer d. 1893
Moses Dummer d. 1822
William Dummer d. 1768
William Dummer d. 1834
Louisa Lord Ewell d. 1839
Mary Stickney Ewell d. 1890
Perez Ewell d. 1842
Samuel Ewell d. 1878, born in Walden, VT.
Dorcas Ferguson d. 1875
James Ferguson d. 1844
Sarah Ferguson d. 1858
Horace A. Fisher, Co. B, 59th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War. Received a disability discharge after being wounded on 30 June 1862 at Glendale, VA.
Andrew E. Floyd d. 1837
Betsy Floyd d. 1847
Joseph Floyd d. 1847
Martha A. Floyd d. 1843
Sarah Floyd d. 1840
Joshua Gledhill d. 1798
Ann Lees Goodhue d. 1839
Enoch Otis Goodrich d. 1848
Mary B. Goodrich d. 1851
Jenette Gould d. 1847
Florence J. Gra??? d. 1864
Frederick Gray d. 1833
Betsey Hale d.1805
Dea. Daniel Hale d. 1846
Elisabeth Dummer Hale d. 1704
Eunice Chute Hale d. 1868
Capt. Joseph Hale d. 1755
Capt. Joseph Hale d. 1776
Dea. Joseph Hale d. 1818
Joseph Hale d. 1820
Mary Hale d. 1794
Mary Hale d. 1830
Mary Moody Hale d. 1757
Ruth Searle Hale d. 1866
James Hall d. 1825
Elizabeth Ann Hardy d. 1846
Edward Kimball Hathaway d. 1844, was drowned in Medford.
John Henry Hilliard d. 1840
Mary Hilliard d. 1841
William S. Hilliard d. 1851
Amanda M. Hills d. 1837
Charles Hills d. 1846
Charles Hills jr. d. 1844
Cynthia Hills d. 1830
Cynthia P. Hills d. 1838
Joseph P. Hills d. 1846
Luther C. Hills d. 1832
Mehetabel B. Hills d. 1838
Obadiah Hills d. 1825
Sarah Hills d. 1814
Mrs. ?? Howes
Anna Hunter d. 1817
Benjamin Jackman d. 1825
Mary Abigail Jackman d. 1828
Molly Jackman d. 1767
Paul Jackman d. 1842
Ruth Jackman d. 1842
Ruthy Jackman d. 1819
Sally Jackman d. 1805
Sarah Burbank Jackman d. 1862
Capt. Timothy Jackman d. 1795
Sarah Jaques d. 1805
James William Jellison d. 1842
Samuel S. Jellison, private Co. C, 19th Mass. Infantry, Civil War
Jeremiah Jewett d. 1808
Jeremiah Jewett d. 1851
Mary Jewett d. 1802
Mary Jewett d. 1857
Maximillian Jewett d. 1805
Maxmillian Jewett d. 1814
Samuel Jewett d. 1800
Sarah Jewett d. 1830
Sarah Jewett d. 1839
Timothy Jewett d. 1861
Eunice Kent d. 1838
Jacob Kent d. 1838
Jason G. Kent Co. B. Mass Infantry d. ??
Richard Kent d. 1839
Sarah Kent d. 1884
Sarah E. Kent d. 1849
Richard Laiten (Laighton, Layton, Leighton) d. 1749, gravestone carver who carved many of the gravestones in Rowley, Byfield, and Georgetown.
Asenath Larkin d. 1833
Hannah Pearson Larkin d. 1866
Thomas Larkin d. 1850
Thomas Larkin d. 1858
Ursula Larkin d. 1844
Elizabeth Lees d. 1826
James Lees
Abigail Longfellow d. 1750
Anna Longfellow d. 1813
Capt. Edward Longfellow d. 1794
Joanna Longfellow d. 1803
John Longfellow d. 1802
John Longfellow d. 1818, second stone
Martha Longfellow d. 1808
Martha Longfellow d. 1837
Nathan Longfellow d. 1840
Priscilla Longfellow d. 1836
Rebekah Longfellow d. 1788, heelstone
Samuel Longfellow d. 1800
Lt. Stephen Longfellow d. 1764
Stephen Longfellow d. 1819
Sarah J. Loring d. 1859
Anna C. Lull d. 1800
Dudley Lull d. 1832
Hannah Lull d. 1749
Hannah Lull d. 1820
Hannah Lull d. 1837
Martha Lull d. 1837
Mary Lull d. 1837
Lizzia Luella Marshall d. 1837
Lucy Martin d. 1801
Caroline S. Merrill d. 1867
Thomas Merrill d. 1856
The Moody Cross 1831
David Moody d. 1839
Judith Moody d. 1872

Mehetable Sewall Moodey d. 1702 (oldest gravestone & first internment here.)
Daniel Moody d. 1803
Dea. Samuel Moody d. 1767, first preceptor of Dummer Academy in 1763
Sewall Moody d. 1820
Daniel Morison d. 1737
Abigail Nelson d. 1821
David Nelson d. 1807
David Nelson d. 1847, a Revolutionary War soldier
Eunice Nelson d. 1835
Frederick Nelson d. 1822
Isaac Nelson d. 1840
Rachel Spoffard Nelson d. 1813
Sarah Nelson d. 1835
William Nelson d. 1822
Caleb Northend d. 1837
George Northend d. 1864, killed in battle, Civil War.
Anna Northend d. 1848
John Northend d. 1865
Mary Northend d. 1751
Lt. Samuel Northend d. 1778
Susannah Northend d. 1784
Albert A. Noyes d. 1898
Baby Boy Noyes d. 1884
Daniel Noyes d. 1868
Daniel Parker Noyes d. 1888, Presbyterian minister in Byfield. A collection papers mostly consisting of the correspondence of Daniel Parker Noyes and his family is stored with the Massachusetts Historical Society.
Edward Parish Noyes d. 1913
Enos Noyes d. 1784
George Putnam Noyes d. 1834
Helen McGregor Noyes d. 1890
Jesse Porter Noyes d. 1897
Joseph Noyes d. 1823
Joshua Noyes M.A. d. 1773, pastor Elect of the First Church of Christ in Kingston
Joshua Noyes d. 1803
Lemuel Noyes d. 1798
Lemuel Noyes d. 1830
Marion McGregor Noyes d. 1929
Martha Noyes d. 1894
Mary Hale Parish Noyes d. 1871
Mary Parish Noyes d. 1884
Myra Noyes d. 1855
Sarah Noyes d. 1794
Sarah Noyes d. 1809
Ellen M. Nuthall d. 1880
Ariel Foster Parish d. 1800
Rev. Elijah Parish d. 1825
Elizabeth Ann Parish d. 1810
Hannah Standish Parish d. 1868
Mary Parish d. 1851, died in Baltimore, MD.
Mary Parish d. 1851
Moses Parsons Parish d. 1803
Parsons Tomb
Agnes Parsons d. 1866
Eben Parsons d. 1819
George Parsons d. 1820
Moses Parsons d. 1845
Rev. Moses Parsons d.??, a Congregationalist minister, second pastor of Byfield Parish Church
Patience Parsons d. 1856
Susanna Parsons d. 1795
Theodore Parsons d. 1779, Surgeon on a Revolutionary War ship, drowned at sea.
Theophilus Parsons d. 1748
Hannah Chute Peabody d. 1889
Hannah Mary Peabody d. 1831
James Peabody d. 1850
Mary Peabody d. 1831
Abiel Pearson d. 18??
Benjamin Pearson d. 1825
Benjamin Pearson d. 1844
Dolly Pearson d. 1853
Eben Pearson d. 1839
Eben N. Pearson d. 1834
Edward Pearson d. 1882
Elihu Pearson d. 1845
Elizabeth Pearson d. 1816
Elizabeth Jane Pearson d. 1841
Hannah Pearson d. 1815
Hannah Pearson d. 1822
Jane Pearson d. 1773, a rare and intricate carving of a full skeleton, scythe and hour glass. See detail.
Jane Pearson d. 1839
Jeremiah Pearson d. 1816
John Pearson d. 1837
Lois Pearson d. 1835
Lois Noyes Pearson d. 1886
Lois R. Pearson d. 1819
Louisa Pearson d. 1843
Mary Pearson d. 1843
Moses Pearson d. 1845
Nancy Pearson d. 1847
Nathaniel Pearson d. 1851
Noyes Pearson d. 1805, Sgt. with Capt. Timothy Jackman's detachment, Revolutionary War
Noyes Pearson d. 1812
Orin T. Pearson soldier Company 17th, Unattached Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War
Rebecca Pearson d. 18??
Susannah Pearson d. 1787
Belinda Perley d. 1880
Dolly Perley d. 1825
Jacob Perley d. 1832
Mary Perley d. 1829
Mary T. Perley d. 1887
Putnam Perley d. 1833
Dea. Putnam Perley d. 1835
Samuel Perley d. 1817, drowned at Plum Island.
Sarah Ellen Perley d. 1835
Margaret Pierpont d. 1781
Benjamin Pike d. 1833
Joseph Pike, Esq. d 1830
Lois Pike d. 1835
Richard Pike d. 1831
Lydia Rogers Pilsbury d. 1841
Abigail Plummer d. 1759, heelstone
Benjamin Plumer d. 1724
Capt. Jonathan Plumer d. 1733
Nathaniel Plummer d. 1839
Sarah Plumer d. 1735
Sarah Higgins Plummer d. 1852
Eliphalet Poor d. 1813
Eliphalet Poor d. 182?
Eliphalet Poor d. 1871
Elizabeth Poor d. 1823
Elizabeth Poor d. 1826
Elizabeth Poor d. 1827
Elizabeth Poor d. 1830
Gilman Poor d. 1840
Hannah Poor d. 1804
Hannah G. Poor d. 1851
Joseph Poor d. 1843
Lydia J. Poor d. 1865
Susan Poor d. 1826
Hannah Putnam d. 1863, of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.
Margaret Ray d. 1856
Mary Jane Risk d. 1853
Sarah Risk d. 1872
William Risk d. 1885
Almira Hall Rogers d. 1835
Charlotte M. Rogers d. 1839 second photo
Daniel. E. Rogers, Co. B. 19th Mass. Inf. Civil War. Reported missing on 30 June 1862 at Glendale, VA. Received a disability discharge.
Emily Francis Rogers d. 1863
Gideon Rogers d. 1861(?)
Huldah Rogers d. 1849
Sophia Rogers d. 1853
Jerusha Root d. 1890
Lucretia Carter Root d. 1927
Martin Root, MD d. 1880
Martin Nelson Root, MD d. 1893
Mary Root d. 1846
Merrill Sanborn d. 1853
Annette Searle d. 1824
Joseph Searle d. 1834
Ruth Searle d. 1866
Ann Searles d. 1841
Mary Searles d. 1839
Joseph Smith d. 1818
Margaret Ann Smith d. 1851
Margaret Beth Smith d. 1851
Thomas Smith d. 1758
Dorcas Spafard (Spofford, Spoffard, Spafford) d. 1717
Agnes Stickney d. 1866
Benjamin Stickney jr. d. 1756
Dudley Stickney d. 1829
Henry Storer Stickney d. 1854
Moses Stickney
d. 1834
Sarah Pike Stickney d. 1851
Sophia Stickney d. 1822
Spofford Stickney d. 1834
Mary A. Root Swenson d. 1945
Hannah D. Tenney d. 1876
Jane S. Tenney d. 1812
John S. Tenney d. 1869
Judith Tenney d. 1826
Oliver Tenney d. 1826
Samuel W. Tenney d. 1864
Paul Thurla (Thorla, Thurlow) d. 1795
Simon Thurla (Thorla, Thurlow) d. 1778
Simon Thurla (Thorla, Thurlow) d. 1787
John Thurlow d. 1818
John Thurlow d. 1840
Mark Thurlow d. 1823
Martha B. Thurlow d. 1855
Mary Thurlow d. 1807
Mary Thurlow d. 1830
Mary Thurlow d. 1837
Mary W. Thurlow d. 1826
Mercy S. Thurlow d. 185?
Myra Thurlow d. 1866
Moses W. Thurlow d. 1854
Phebe Thurlow d. 1816
Ruhamah Thurlow d. 1836
Samuel Thurlow d. 1855
Simon Thurlow d. 1826
Tristram G. W. Thurlow d. 1826
Caleb Titcomb d. 1829
Enoch Titcomb d. 1802
Hannah Titcomb d. 1801
Dea. Josiah Titcomb d. 1800
Col. Josiah Titcomb d. 1788
Judith Titcomb d. 1819
Maria Adams Titcomb d. 1878
Phebe Titcomb d. 1801
Susan K. Merrill Twombly d. 1855
Jane Wheeler d. 1789
Moses Wheeler d. 1789
Moses Wheeler d. 17??
Elizabeth Whipple d. 1922
George Whipple d. 1856
George Noyes Whipple d. 1940
Edna Jane Wildes d. 1856
Mary Barker Jewett Wildes d. 1845
Samuel Wildes d. 1855
Sarah Wildes d. 1861
Sarah E. Wildes d. 1858
Elizabeth Willett d. 1818
Joshuah Woodman d. 1703, first white male child born in Newbury, Massachusetts and the second person interred here.
Joshua Woodman jr. d. 1706
Lydia Woodman d. 1845
Sarah Woodman d. 1712
Sarah Woodman d. 1855
Sewall Woodman d. 1843
Susannah Worcester d. 1845, Born at South Berwick, Me. 1757 Relick of Thomas Worcester a soldier of the Revolution and one of the early settlers of Sanford, Me. Frugal, industrious, charitable, humble and pious; an exemplary member of the church of Christ for forty-two years.

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