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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Burlington, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Burlington, Massachusetts

Bradford is a former town in Essex County, Massachusetts on the banks of the Merrimack River. It included land that was originally part of Rowley, Massachusetts . It was known as "Merrimac Lands," and "Rowley Village by the Merrimack" and "Merrimack." The name was changed to Bradford at a town meeting held January 7, 1672. It was named in memory of Bradford in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Some of the settlers emigrated from there. The town first paid colonial tax on October 13, 1675.

Part of Bradford was incorporated as the town of Groveland, Massachusetts on March 8, 1850. The town of Bradford was annexed to the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1897. (Wikipedia)

Cemetery Contact Information:
4 Summer St., Haverhill, MA 01830

Efforts are underway to place a commemorative gravestone in this burying ground for Thomas Tenney. Read more about it at The Tenney Family Association,

Bradford Burial Ground
Bradford Burial Ground is located on Salem Street in Bradford and was established in 1665. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: Poor. Grounds are not kept and there are many broken stones. 171 individuals listed. This project is about 60% complete.

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Susan Allice d. 1844
Capt. Philip Attwood d. 1722
Sarah Attwood d. 1739
Meheteball Badger d. 1746
Charles Berg d. 1858, born in Kirn Prussia on the Rhine.
Isaac Buswell d. 1837
John Buswell d. 1784
John Buswell d. 1785
Phebe Buswell d. 1864
Abigail Carelton d. 1726
Bezaleel Carlton d. 1771
Col. Daniel Carleton d. 1821, Capt. Joseph Eaton's co., Col. Samuel Johnson's reg, Revolutionary War
Edward Carlton d. 1708
Elisabeth Carlton, heelstone d. 1727
Mehitabel Carleton d. 1835
Walter Carr d. 1848
Hannah Chadwick d. 1863
John Chadwick d. 1707
Mary Chadwick, photo 2 d. 1724
Samuel Chadwick Esq. d. 1833
William Conkey d. 1807
Sarah Cross d. 1772
Abraham Day d. 1794
Abraham Day d. 1819
Bailey Day d. 1825
Benjamin Day d. 1822
Elizabeth Day d. 1777
Frederic Day d. 1834
Hannah Day d. 1819
Hannah P. Day
Joseph Day
Mary Day d. 1780
Mary Day d. 1829
Moses Day d. 1796
Patty Day d. 1797
Sarah Day d. 1819
Sophia S. Day d. 1848
Thomas Day d. 1770
Thomas Day d. 1820
Louisa C. Doyle d. 1876
Priscilla Kimball Eames d. 1782
Hannah Emery d. 1796
Frederick Foot d. 17??
Lieut. Asa Gage d. 1807
Hannah Gage d. 1837
Mary Gage d. 1841
Sgt. Nathaniel Gage d. 1728
Capt. Nathaniel Gage d. 1797
Richard Gage d. 1770
Uriah Gage d. 1837
Lydia Greffen, photo 2 d. 1729
Mary Griffin d. 1728
Nathaniel Griffin Jr., photo 2 d. 1760
Sophronia C. Griffin d. 1837
Obadiah Hall d. 1783
Eveline K. Hardy d. 1888
Abigail Haseltine d. 1834
Amos Haselton d. 1821
Dorcas Haseltine d. 1726
Hannah Haseltine d. 1729
Hannah Hasseltine d. 1829
Dolle Head d. 1775
Sarah Head & son d. 1717
James Roger Heath d. 1838
Abigail Jaques d. 1741
Susannah Jaques d. 1725
Jesse Johnson d. 1830
Abigail Kimball d. 1804
Abigail B. Kimball d. 1846
Abraham Kimball d. 1707/08
Ann Kembell/Kimball, photo 2 d. 1726
Anna Kimball d. 1820
Anne Toppan Kimball d. 1859
Lt. Benjamin Kimball d. 1825
Betsy Kimball d. 1820
Betsy Kimball d. 1846
Daniel Kimball d. 1813

Lt. Daniel Kimball d. 1800, Capt. Nathaniel Gage's 3d (Bradford) co., 4th Essex Co. regt. of Mass. militia, Revolutionary War.
Elizabeth Kimball d. 1830
Francis Kimball d. 1822
Hezekiah Kimball d. 1833
Capt. Jonathan Kimball d. 1856
Mary Kimball d. 1772
Mary Kimball d. 1823
Mercy Kembell/Kimball d. 1707/08
Nathaniel Kimball d. 1778
Nathaniel Kimball d. 1804
Dea. Obadiah Kimball d. 1804
Peter Kimball d. 1829
Phineas Kimball d. 1747
Lt. Richard Kimball d. 1769
Capt. Richard Kembell/Kimball d. 1733
Royal Kimball d. 1832
Sarah Kembell/Kimball d. 1713
Susanna Kimball d. 1814
Susanna Kimball d. 1821
Joseph Merrill d. 1798
Richard Merrill d. 1799
Sarah Morse d. 1787
Mary Mulicken d. 1728
Robert Mulicken d. 1741
Dr. Benjamin Mussey d. 1799, heelstone
Charles Mussey d. 1799
Edward Mussey d. 1797
Eliza Mussey d. 1797
Sarah Mussey d. 1821
Joseph Myers d. 18??, Company K, 50th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts, Civil War.
Ensign Abraham Parker, photo 2 d. 1732
Daniel Parker, photo 2 d. 1740
Martha Parker, photo 2 d. 1740
Elisabeth Parsons d. 1715
Elisabeth Parsons d. 1733/34
Frances Parsons d. 1747
Rev. Joseph Parsons d. 1765
William Parsons d. 1742
Sarah Partridge d. 1844
Alice Peabody d. 1821
Eliza Peabody ? d. 1833
John Peabody d. 1836
Martha Peabody d. 1821
Mary Peabody d. 1825
Left. Ebenezer Pearson, photo 2 d. 1734
Abigail Pettengill d. 1834
Sarah Carlton Rollins d. 1804
Elisabeth Savory
Josiah Sessions d. 1724
John Spofford d. 1697
Samuel Steckman d. 1714
John Stevens d. 1856
Charles H. Stewart d. 18??, Co. A 19 Mass. Inf. , Civil War
Elizabeth Symmes, photo 2 d. 1714
Hannah Symmes, photo 2 d. 1718
Susannah Symmes, photo 2 d. 1681
Thomas Symmes, photo 2 d. 1725
Zechariah (Zachariah) Symmes (original stone), replacement stone, photo 2 d. 1707/08
Hannah Hall Tenney d. 1811
Sarah Tenny d. 1709
Susannah Tenny d. 1718
Abigail Thurston d. 1829
Daniel Thurston d. 1831
Daniel Thurston d. 1855
Eliza Ann Thurston d. 1830
Capt. Nathaniel Thurston d. 1838
Susan Thurston d. 1843
Benjamin Walker d. 1732
Deacon David Walker d. 1783
Mehetabel Walker d. 1779
Capt. Nathaniel Walker d. 1721
Dea. Richard Walker d. 1806
John Weast d. 1733
Asa Webster d. 1775
Benjamin Webster d. 1775
Ebenezer Webster d. 1768
Mary Webster d. 1762
Mary Webster d. 1770
Baby Williams d. 1774
Capt. Caleb Williams d. 1820
Sally Williams d. 1854
Ann Woodman d. 1754
Elizabeth Woodman d. 1759
Hannah Woodman d. 1728
Mary B. Woodman d. 1837
Richard Woodman d. 18??
Sarah Woodman d. 1736
Sarah Woodman d. 1745
Sarah Woodman d. 1746
Stephen Woodman d. 1781
Francis Worcester d. 1717

More History in Bradford to Visit

Bradford Common Historic District
Also known as Bradford Common Area
S. Main St., Haverhill
Listed on National Register of Historic Places.

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