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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Boxford, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Boxford, Massachusetts

Boxford was first settled in 1645 and was officially incorporated in 1685.

Cemetery Contact Information:
4 Summer St., Haverhill, MA 01830

Mount Vernon Cemetery est. 1702
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

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Daniel Adams d. 1868
Capt. Isaac Adams d. 1797, Revolutionary War veteran.
Israel Adams d. 1834
Marcy Adams d. 1803
Sophia Kimball Adams d. 1868
Abner Ames d. 1745
Jemima Ames d. 1745
Charlotte Austin d. 1837, back of stone
George B.Austin d. 1928
Harriet B. Spofford Austin d. 1893
Mary Cross Austin d. 1935
Nathan R. Austin d. 1862, Co. F, 32nd Regiment Iowa Volunteers, Civil War
Abigail Bacon d. 1807
John Bacon Esq. d. 1825
William Bacon d. 1795
Ann Barker d. 1762
Betsey Barker d. 1831
Elisabeth Barker d. 1788, heelstone
Eliza Barker d. 1836
Hannah Barker d. 1774
Hannah Barker d. 1836
Harriet Barker d. 1820
Isaac Barker d. 1833
Jacob W. Barker d. 1855
Capt. John Barker d. 1722, of Andover
John Barker d. 1764, heelstone
John Barker d. 1792
John Barker d. 1799
John Barker d. 1839
John Barker d. 1861
Jonas Barker d. 1762
Joshua Barker d. 1820
Mary Barker d. 1762
Mary Barker d. 1778
Mary Barker d. 1854
Mehitable Barker d. 1814
Mehitable Barker d. 1861
Lt. Nathan Barker d. 1774
Nathan Barker d. 1821
Phebe Barker d. 1845
Rebecca Barker d. 1830
Ruth Barker d. 1857
Samuel Barker d. 1823
Sarah Barker d. 1753
Sarah Barker d. 1761
Sarah Barker d. 1791
Sarah Barker d. 1797
Sarah Barker d. 1806
Sarah Barker d. 1843
Sarah Holt Barker d. 1790
Stephen Barker d. 1721
Stephen Barker d. 1811
Susanna Barker d. 1822
Timothy Barker d. 1752
William Barker d. 1753
Mary Bridges d. 1818, heelstone
Elisabeth Brown d. 1739
Susannah Brown d. 1734
Amos Carleton Jr. d. 1828
Sarah Carleton d. 1821
Ephraim Chadwick d. 1762
Ephraim Chadwick d. 1778
Isaac Chadwick d. 1802
John Chadwick d. 1755
Mehitable Chadwick d. 1749
Peter Chadwick d. 1781
Samuel Chadwick d. 1801
Sarah Chadwick d. 1806
Susannah Chadwick d. 1794
Thomas Chadwick d. 1788, Dean of the Second Church of Christ
in Boxford
Henry Clement d. 1843
William Henry Clement d. 1833
Abigail Cole d. 1833
Abigail Cole d. 1861
Eliza Cole d. 1832
Lt. Kimball Cole d. 1822
Rebecca Cole d. 1834
Rev. Joshua Cushing d. 1772, Pastor of the Second Church of Boxford for 36 years.
Joan Day d. 1831
Sarah Barker Dodge d. 1857
Jeremiah Eames d. 1744
Rebekah Eams, photo 2, d. 1721
Mary Eaton d. 1797
Abigail Foster d. 1805
Asa Foster d. 1736
Asa Kimball Foster d. 1835
Daniel Foster d. 1841
Deacon Charles Foster d. 1851
Deacon David Foster d. 1759
David Foster d. 1812
Deborah Foster d. 1802
E. Reginald Foster d. 1845
Eliza Augusta Foster d. 1835
Elizabeth Foster d. 1843
Ephraim Foster d. 1835
Ephraim Foster d. 1738, heelstone
Ephraim Foster d. 1746
Fanny Florence Foster d. 1878
Hannah Foster d. 1736
Isaac Foster d. 1748
J. Edwards Foster d. 1867
Jemima Foster d. 1762
John Foster jr. d. 1772
John Foster d. 1778
John Foster d. 1835, died in Knoxville, TN.
John Foster d. 1837
Capt. John Foster d. 1839, veteran of the War of 1812.
Capt. Jonathan Foster d. 1813, Minute-Man and Revolutionary War veteran
Jonathan Foster Esq. d. 1856
Joshua Foster d. 1748
Joshua Foster d. 1752
Joshua Foster d. 1784
Judith Foster d. 1828
Lydia Foster d. 1855
Mary Foster d. 1747
Mary Foster d. 1768
Mary Foster d. 1853
Mary K. Foster d. 1854
Mehitable Foster d. 1826
Mehitable Foster d. 1850
Mehitable C. Foster d. 1853
Nathan Foster d. 1752
Rebecca Foster d. 1862
Ruby Foster d. 1812
Ruth Foster d. 1818
Sarah Foster d. 1767
Sarah Foster d. 1804
Sarah Foster d. 1849
Simeon Foster d. 1831
Dr. Simon Foster d. 1838
Stephen Foster d. 1787
Rev. Stephen Foster d. 1835, died in Knoxville, TN.
Susan Foster d. 1876
Susan Foster d. 1904
Achsah D. French d. 1851
Benjamin French d. 188?
Chester French d. 18??
Mary French d. 1838
Betsey Gage d. 1817
John Gage d. 1865, born in Pelham NH, died in North Andover.
John Calvin Gage d. 1879
Maria Gage d. 1817
Nathaniel Gage d. 1828
Abigail Gragg d. 1851
Rebecca Gragg d. 1853
Elizabeth Hale d. 1785
Rev. Moses Hale d. 1786, beautiful portrait stone, Second pastor of the Second Church of Christ in Boxford.
Richard Hardy d. 1745
Mary Jane Hariman d. 1821
Anna Harriman d. 1791
Jeremiah Harriman d. 1824, heelstone
Lucy Harriman d. 1831
Sarah D. Harriman d. 1824, heelstone
Betsey Hovey d. 1803
Dorcas Hovey d. 1752, heelstone
Ensign Luke Hovey d. 1751
Richard Hovey d. 1818
Sarah Hovey d. 1798
Sarah Hovey d. 1818
Mary C. Hutchinson d. 1859
Asenath T. Kendall d. 1855
Caroline Kendall d. 1810
Amos Kimball d. 1824
Amos Kimball d. 1845
Asa Kimball d. 1901, died in St. Thomas, W.I. (now Virgin Islands).
Deborah Kimball d. 1860
Dorcas Kimball d. 1829
Elisabeth Kimball d.1821, and infant daughter
Eliza Foster Kimball d. 1892
Enoch Kimball d. 1816
Enoch Kimball d. 1849, Revolutionary War veteran
Horatio Kimball d. 1836
Louise Jennette Kimball d. 1827
Lucy Kimball d. 1825
Mary Kimball d. 1791
Mary M. Kimball d. 1836
Moody Kimball d. 1824
Moses Kimball d. 1795
Nathan Kimball d. 1784
Nathan Kimball d. 1802
Ruby Kimball d. 1817
Ruth Kimball d. 1830
Ruth Kimball d. 1834
Stephen Kimball d. 1814
Susan Kimball d. 1837
Sarah Peabody Kinsman d. 1756
Kezia Meriel d. 1783
Stephen Meriel d. 1785
Charlotte Merrill d. 1846
Eunice Merrill d. 1825
Harriet Merrill d. 1847
Richard Merrill d. 1849
Apphia Parker d. 1818
Asa Parker d. 1820
Capt. Enoch Parker d. 1828, Veteran of the War of 1812.
Enoch Parker d. 1828
Mary Parker d. 1828
Abraham Peabody d. 1773
Deborah Peabody d. 1736
Elizabeth Peabody d. 1776
Nathaniel Peabody d. 1778
Savillon Peabody d. 1822
Lt. Thomas Peabody d. 1758
Elizabeth Pearl d. 1744
John Pearl d. 1710
Mary Pearl d. 1819
Ricahrd Pearl jr. d. 1760
Richard Pearl, photo 2, d. 1793, heelstone
Rufus Pearl d. 1797
Sarah Pearl d. 1786
Hannah Plummer d. 1796, heelstone
William Plummer d. 1795
Benjamin Porter d. 1784
Jonathan Porter d. 1760, "whoe remains with her's (Ruth)
lie 17 feet North of this tone"

Jonathan Porter d. 1782
Ruth Porter d. 1760
Daniel Robinson d. 1771
Dorothy Robinson d. 1767
Dorothy Robinson d. 1801
Isaac Robinson d. 1804
Nathan Robinson d. 1762
Asa Runnels d. 1768, heelstone
Hannah Runnels d. 1753
Rebecca Runnels d. 1821
Lt. Samuel Runnels d. 1810, Drummer, Capt. John Cushing's co. of militia, Col. Samuel Johnson's regt., Revolutionary War. Once on a list of deserters, then a gunner under Col. John Allan in Eastern Indian department.
Stephen Runnels d. 1753, heelstone
Azariah Sherwin d. 1762
Aaron Spofford d. 1879, War of 1812 veteran
Aaron Spofford d. 1862, Co. E, 12 Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, Civil War, killed at the battle of Groveton, Virginia and buried on the battlefield.
Abigail Spofford d. 1819
Amos Spofford d. 1813
Betsey Foster Spofford d. 1879
Deborah A. Spofford d. 1848
Elizabeth Spofford d. 1825
Francis Spofford d. 1824
Frederick Spofford d. 1854
Hannah Tyler Spofford d. 1891
Harriet Spofford d. 1874
Harriet Olney Spofford d. 1830
Jonathan Spofford d. 1828
Louisa Augusta Spofford d. 1865
Luezer A. Spofford d. 1851
Phineas Spofford d. 1902, Capt. in the Confederate Army, 8th South Carolina Regiment, Civil War, Sherrif of Chesterfield Co. 18 years.
Richard Spofford d. 1864
Samuel Spofford d. 1833
Sarah Warren Spofford d. 1867
Thomas Spofford d. 1830
Anna Tyler d. 1745
Dean Tyler d. 1802
John Tyler d. 1756
Jonathan Tyler d. 1840
Katy Tyler d. 1796
Mary Tyler d. 1785
Mary Tyler d. 1820
Mary Tyler d. 1833
Mehitable Tyler d. 1777
Mercy W. Tyler d. 1880
Prudence Tyler d. 1804, aged 100
Sally Tyler d. 1856
Stephen Tyler d. 1812
Susan Kittredge Varney d. 1829
George G . Watts d. 1911
Isabella T. Watts d. 1916
Deborah A. Wilkins d. 1849
William R. Wilkins d. 1871
Moses Wilkins d. 1831
? Wood d. 18??
Aaron Wood d. 1868
Abigail S. Wood d. 1879
Daniel Wood d. 1746
Daniel Wood d. 1889
David Wood d. 1762
Deborah Wood d. 1898
Capt. Enoch Wood d. 1891
Francis Wood d. 1844
Irene Wood d. 1753, heelstone
John Tyler Wood d. 1906
Joseph Wood d. 1834
Judith Wood d. 1854
Lemuel Wood Esq. d. 1819
Louisa M. Wood
Maria Wood d. 1824
Mary Wood d. 1785
Mercy Wood d. 1753
Mehetabel Tyler Wood d. 1891
Rebecca Tyler Wood d. 1918
Samuel Wood d. 18??
Sarah Wood d. 18??

Ancient Graveyard est. 1693
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

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Hannah Kimball d. 1748
Richard Kimball d. 1753
Hannah Peabody d. 1718
Deacon Nathan Peabody d. 1733
Lt. Jedediah Stickney d. 1809, Revolutionary War veteran.
Peggy Stickney d. 1786, heelstone
Samuel Symonds d. 1775
Ruth Trask, photo 2, d. 1829, heelstone

More History in Boxford

Boxford Historical Society
PO Box 281
Boxford, MA 01921
Phone: (978) 887-9545

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