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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

Gravestones & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

The Old Corner Burying Gound (aka Old North Cemetery) was established in 1706 and is located on Pollard Steet between Floyd and Salem streets.

Read the copyright notice before copying any photos or information off this site.

Old Corner Burying Ground est. 1706
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Anna Barron d. 1815
Moses Barron d. 1778
Elijah Danforth d. 1772
Elizabeth Danforth d. 1756
Elizabeth Danforth d. 1779
Hannah Danforth d. 1775
Isaac Danforth d. 1756
James Danforth d. 1758
Jonathan Danforth d. 1738
Lieut. Jonathan Danforth d. 1762
Samuel Danforth d. 1742
Samuel Danforth d. 1750
Sarah Danforth d. 1762
John Dutton d. 1760
Rebeckah Dutton d. 1760
Edward Farmer d. 1802
Hannah Abbott Farmer d. 1849
John Farmer d. 1808, Capt. Edward Farmer's co., Col. Green's regiment, also, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Edward Farmer's 2d (East Billerica) co., Col. Simeon Spaulding's (7th Middlesex Co.) regiment of Mass. militia; also, Lieutenant, Capt. Simon Hunt's co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's regiment, Revolutionary War.
Oliver Farmer d. 1761
Oliver Farmer d. 1844
Rachel Farmer d. 1764
Rebeckah Farmer d. 1792
Jacob Foster d. 1760
Sarah Foster d. 1771
Elisabeth Barron Fowle d. 1807
Ebenezer French d. 1802
Anna Danforth Gray d. 1757
Bethiah Gray d. 1754
Elizabeth Jefts d. 1735
Hannah Danforth Kidder d. 1752
Sgt. John Levestone d. 1755
Ruth Levestone d. 1756
3 children of Ebenezer and Martha Manning d. 17??
Allice Manning d. 1787
Elizabeth Manning d. 1736
Elizabeth Manning d. 1790
Jacob Manning d. 1762
Martha Manning d. 1798
Samuel Manning d. 1772
Ensign William Manning d. 1764
Lieut. William Manning d. 1776
Christopher Osgood d. 1739
Christopher Osgood d. 1748
David Osgood d. 1768
Hannah Osgood d. 1747/48
Hannah Osgood d. 1773
Rebecca Patten d. 1815
William Patten d. 1801
Abigail Richardson d. 1790
Jonathan Richardson d. 1791
Abigail Rogers d. 1754
Cyrus Rogers d. 1857
Grace Rogers d. 1706
John Rogers d. 1731
John Rogers d. 1736
John Rogers d. 1738/39
John Rogers d. 1850
Josiah Rogers d. 1756
Lot Rogers d. 1823
Olive Rogers d. 1787
Rebeckah Rogers d. 1803
Rizpiah Rogers d. 1841
Rhoda Shed Rogers d. 1797
Sally Rogers d. 1830
Samuel Rogers d. 1789
Sarah Rogers d. 1823
Sibbel Rogers d. 1770
Thomas Rogers d. 1796
Thomas Rogers d. 1804
Zebediah Rogers d. 1839
Lieut. John Shed d. 1754
John Shed d. 1797
Martha Shed d. 1797
Lucy Sheed d. 1781
Isaac Sprague d. 1799
Betsey Tarbell d. 1805
Corp. Jason S. Toothaker d. 18??, Co. E, 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Civil War.
Dr. Roger Toothaker d. 17??, heelstone
Samuel Toothaker d. 18??, Co. E, 4th Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Civil War.
Sarah Toothaker d. 1717/18
Unknown Soldiers of the American Revolution
John Wyer d. 1787
Martha Wyer d. 1804
Rebecca Wyer d. 1822
Elizabeth Wyman d. 1746

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