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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

Gravestones & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

North Cemetery was established in 1816 and is located on Salem Road.

North Burial Ground est. 1816
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.


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Margaret Abbot d. 1841
Nathan Abbot d. 1840
Abigail Allen d. 1833
Charles H. Allen d. 1855, died at sea.
Henry Allen d. 1864
Mary J. Allen d. 1840
Jeremiah Allen d. 1837
Charles Baldwin d. 1837
Joel Baldwin d. 1829
Joel Baldwin d. 1850
Mary Baldwin d. 1836
Mary F. Baldwin d. 1882
Aby Bohonan d. 1856
Abby A. Bohonan d. 1886
Ananiah Bohonan d. 1859
Benjamin S. Bohonan d. 1869
Betsey E. Flanders Bohonan d. 1842
Marla L. Bohonan d. 1842
Martha C. Allen Bohonan d. 1853
Elizabeth Brown d. 1850
Emma Brown d. 1855
Hannah Brown d. 1839
Margaret Brown d. 1830
Nancy Brown d. 1851
Nathaniel Brown d. 1839
Samuel Brown d. 1834
Samuel Brown d. 1866
Sarah P. Brown d. 1859
George Carter d. 1841
Joseph Motey Carter d. 1844
Mary Carter d. 1854
Lucy Ann Cowdrey d. 1832
Sargent F. Cowdrey d. 1837
Hiram Dana d. 1850
Mary Dana d. 1850
Samuel Dana d. 1850
Samuel S. Daney d. 1841
Sylvester Danforth d. 1833
Benjamin Davis d. 1836
Eleanor Cobb Davis d. 1818
George G. Davis d. 1891
Joseph Davis d. 1833
Martha Davis d. 1832
Mary Davis d. 1836
Susan S. Davis d. 1831
Timothy Davis d. 1832
Timothy Davis d. 1840
Harriet N. Dows d. 1853
Major Joseph Dows d. 1847, Lieut. John Flint's (also given Capt. Asa Lawrence's) co., Col. Thomas Poor's regt., also Capt. Zebulon King's co., Lieut. Col. John Brooks's (7th) regt., Revolutionary War.
Mary Dows d. 1841
James Emerson d. 1853
Hannah Farmer d. 1852
Oliver Farmer d. 1839
Rebecca Farmer d. 1850
Sally M. Forbush d. 1837
John Foster d. 1851, "interred Chelmsford."
Martha D. Foster d. 1817
Martha D. Foster d. 1825
Ami French d. 1836
Gilbert French d. 1813
Martha French d. 1827
Mehitable French d. 1841
Susan French d. 1827
Joseph Kendall d. 1823
Joseph Kendall d. 1835
Mary Kendall d. 1859
Reuben Kendall d. 1846
Sarah Kendall Kidder d. 1848
Abigail Manning d. 1825
Augustine Manning d. 1825
Eleanor Morgan Manning d. 1893
Elizabeth Jane Manning d. 1819
Jephthah Manning d. 1834
Jerusha Manning d. 1857
Jesse Manning d. 1885
Lucinda Manning d. 1880
Lucretia Manning d. 1838
Luna Manning d. 1825
Martha Manning d. 1825
Mary Manning d. 1822
Mary B. Manning d. 1837
Roxa Manning d. 1821
Sarah Manning d. 1838
Sarah Manning d. 1840
Lieut. William Manning d. 1814, Capt. Solomon Kidder's (3d) co. (West co. in Billerica), Col. Simeon Spaulding's (7th Middlesex Co.) regt. of Massachusetts militia, Revolutionary War.
William Manning d. 1852
Lucy Mears d. 1827
Nathan Mears d. 1828
Caroline Omand d. 1873, born in Scotland.
Elizabeth Patten d. 1818
Hannah Patten d. 1827
Dea. Jeremiah Patten d. 1815
James Rice d. 1833
Susan Rice d. 1833
Abigail Rogers d. 1887
Charles Rogers d. 1799
Elvira Rogers d. 1830
Hannah F. Rogers d. 1856
Jeremiah Rogers d. 1877
Louisa Rogers d. 1850
William Rogers d. 1838
William Rogers d. 1862
William F. Rogers d. 1904
Eliza E. Ruggles d. 1876
Dorothy Smith d. 1831
Capt. Simeon Smith d. 1832
Dea. Amos Spalding d. 1866
Joseph Warren Spalding d. 1817
Mary Warren Spalding d. 1852
Sarah Lucena Spalding d. 1826
Susannah Sprake d. 1829
Lydia Abbot Stevenson d. 1873
Eunice Trask d. 1831
Joseph Trask d. 1832
Lucy Ann Webber d. 1845
Samuel S. Woolfenden d. 1841

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