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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Billerica, Massachusetts

South Burying Ground was established in 1663 and is located on Concord Road at French Street.

South Burying Ground
All photos donated by and copyright © of Bill Boyington.

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Elizabeth ?? d. 16??
Little Johnnie d. 18?
Sarah Hi?? d. 18??
David Abbot d. 1801
Dorcas Abbot d. 1810
Dorcas Whiting Abbot d. 1765
Hannah Abbot d. 1767
Huldah Abbot d. 1797
Jeremiah Abbot d. 1748
Joanna Abbot d. 1768, Heelstone
Joshua Abbot d. 1752
Dea. Joshua Abbot d. 1769
Joshua Abbot d. 1795, died in Hispaniola.
Lydia Abbot d. 1748
Lydia Abbot d. 1788, Heelstone
Oliver Abbot d. 1796
Sarah Abbot d. 1803
Mary Bates Alley d. 1851
Benjamin Bacon d. 1727
George Bacon d. 1880
Sophronia Bacon d. 1877
John Baker d. 1844
Sarah Baker d. 1861
Susanna Baldwin d. 1803
Susanna Baldwin d. 1873
Susanna Wilson Baldwin d. 1801
Ens. Thomas Baldwin d. 1747
William Baldwin Jr. d. 1798
William Baldwin d. 1802
Ann Blanchard d. 1834
Catharine Blanchard d. 1846
Emma A. Blanchard d. 1840
Maria Blanchard d. 1848
Martha Blanchard d. 1874
Mary Blanchard d. 1811
Rhoda Blanchard d. 1817
Lieut. Samuel Blanchard d. 1807
Sarah Blanchard d. 1846
Sophia Blanchard d. 1816
Matthew Bogue d. 1844
Benjamin Bowers d. 1835
Elizabeth Bowers d. 1740
Fanny Bowers d. 1871
Hannah Bowers d. 1753
Hannah Weatherbee Bowers d. 1851
Jeremiah Bowers d. 1796
Jonathan Bowers d. 1829
Jonathan Stickney Bowers d. 1855
Joseph Bowers d. 1772
Lucretia Hill Bowers d. 1874
Martha Bowers d. 1797
Mary Bowers d. 1870
Nancy Bowers d. 1824
Priscilla Bowers d. 1834
Samuel Bowers d. 1828
Sarah Bowers d. 1766
Sarah Bowers d. 1838
Silence Stickney Bowers d. 1803
Capt. William Bowers d. 1799
Dr. William Bowers d. 1820
Lieut. Samuel Brown d. 1779
Sarah Brown d. 1795
Susan Brown d. 1793
Susan C. Brown d. 1845
Dr. Thaddeus Brown d. 1839
Thaddeus Howe Brown d. 1838
John Chandler d. 1760
Rev. John Chandler d. 1762, a portrait of Rev. Chandler is carved on the stone.
Mary White Chander d. 1757
William Chandler d. 1760
Emma J. Cobb d. 1924
Franque Mason Cobb d. 1906
Abigail Cook d. 1836
Abigail Crosby d. 1748
Jeremiah Crosby d. 1872
John Crosby d. 1743
Josiah Crosby d. 1819
Rachel Crosby d. 1796
Ruth Crosby d. 1830
Samuel Crosby d. 1745
Sarah Crosby d. 1823
Simon Crosby d. 1725
Anna Cumings d. 1793
Margaret Cumings d. 1790, her gravestone features an angel blowing a cornet with the words "Arise ye dead" written backwards flowing out of it.
Sarah Cutter d. 1840
Solomon Cutter d. 1846, a farmer who's death was "occasioned by a Fall in his barn."
Benjamin Daland d. 1826
Hannah Daland d. 1834
Dorcas Danforth d. 1841
Elizabeth Poulter Danforth d. 1689
Esther Danforth d. 1713, Photo 2
Capt. Jacob Danforth d. 1754
Ens. Jonathan Danforth d. 1710/11
Capt. Jonathan Danforth d. 1712, land surveyor and town clerk of Billerica for 20 years. Photo 2
Joseph Danforth d. 1805
Joseph Danforth d. 1823
Josiah Danforth d. 1822
Nicolas Danforth d. 1693/94
Nicholas Danforth d. 1748
Oliver Danforth d. 1849
Hannah Davis d. 1800
Dea. Joseph Davis d. 1747
Joseph Davis d. 1777
Dea. Joshua Davis d. 1777
Rebeckah Davis d. 1750
Ella Ray Derickson
Samuel D. Derickson d. 1917
Bertram Dickinson d. 1891, lost in the Arizona desert.
Frederick Dickinson d. 1885
Mary L. Richardson Dickinson d. 1899
Hugh Ditson d. 1759
Elizabeth A. Winter Dodge d. 1845
Lydia Dyer d. 1775, "of Boston the Place of her Nativity where She left a good Estate & came into ye Country May 22, 1775 to escape abuce of ye Ministeral Troops sent by GEORGE ye 3d. to subject North America to Slavery."
Ichabod Everett d. 1851
Martha Everett d. 1848
Ebenezer Farley d. 1722
Rebeckah Farley d. 1727/28
Hannah Farmer d. 1787
Lieut. John Farmer d. 1806
Mary Ann Farmer d. 1831
Patrick Fasset d. 1713
Alice Foster d. 1719
Anna Foster d. 1857
Daniel Whitney Foster d. 1815
Dorcas Foster d. 1850
Elizabeth Foster d. 1816
Elizabeth Foster d. 1834
Elizabeth Foster d. 1892
Elmira Foster d. 1809
John Foster d. 1841
Deacon Joseph Foster d. 1721, Photo 2
Joseph Foster d. 1802
Joseph Herbert Foster d. 1884
Samuel Foster d. 1857
Sarah Foster d. 1925
Thomas Whitney Foster d. 1804
Whitney Foster d. 1927
Ebenezer French d. 1791
Elizabeth French d. 1737, Photo 2
Elizabeth French d. 1748
Elizabeth French d. 1786
Esther French d. 1736
Hannah French d. 1793
Jacob French d. 17??
Jacob French d. 1713
Jacob French d. 1775
Joanna French d. 1769, Heelstone
Joel French d. 1775
Jonas French d. 1775, Heelstone
Jonas French d. 1801
Jonathan French d. 1727/28
Joseph French d. 1730
Mary French d. 1769
Moody French d. 1796, Heelstone
Rachel French d. 1774
Sarah French d. 1750
Sarah French d. 1765
Deacon William French d. 1723
Lieut. William French d. 1776
William French d. 1793, Heelstone
Mary Ann Gleason d. 1891
Sarah Bacon Gleason d. 1852
Dea. William Gleason d. 1844
Mary N. Winter Goodwin d. 1848
Sarah Hamblet d. 1688/89

Franklin Hannaford d. 1864, A member of the 13th
Massachusetts Battery (Civil War).
John Hannaford d. 1843
John N. Hannaford d. 1860
Mary Ann Hannaford d. 1829
Mary Ann Hannaford d. 1831
William Hannaford d. 1836
Edward Judkins Hill d. 1897
Esther Hill d. 1736
Capt. John Hill d. 1742, photo 2
Jonathan Hill d. 1743
Lieut. Joseph Hill d. 1752
Joseph Hill d. 1781
Joseph Hill d. 1789
Dr. Joseph Hill d. 1848
Mary Hill d. 1772
Nathaniel Hill d. 1737
Peter Hill d. 1774
Ralph Hill d. 1743
Samuel Hill d. 1762
Samuel Hill d. 1775, Killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, Revolutionary War.
Sarah Hill d. 18??
Josephine Holton
Thomas Hosly, Jr. d. 1763
Thomas Hosly d. 1773
Zadok Howe d. 1851, "Distinguished Physician, The Town of Billerica, in token of their regard for his long and Skillful Services, and their Gratitude for his Munificient Legacy for the Endowment of a High School, Erected this Monument." full monument
Sarah Hurd d. 1789
Harriet H. Hutchins d. 1932
John C. Hutchins d. 1897
Richard Hutchins d. 1852
Susan E. Richardson Hutchins d. 1898
Carrie Maude Hutchinson d. 1864
Nathaniel Hutchinson d. 1734, of Charlestown.
Henry Jeftts d. 1738
Ephraim Kidder d. 1724
Rachel Kidder d. 1721
Major John Lane d. 1714/15
Susannah Lane d. 1713
George Leslie d. 1874
Isabella Leslie d. 1875
James Leslie d. 1878
George Lyman d. 1869
George W. Lyman d. 1848
Susan Lyman d. 1843
Nancy Goodwin MacKay d. 1857
William Mann d. 1869, photo 2
Sophronia Mann d. 1872
Ens. Samuel Manning d. 1710/11
Edward Mansfield d. 1846
Mary Foster Mansfield d. 1846
Isaac Marshall, Sr. d. 1797
Sgt. John Marshall d. 1702
Rebecca Marshall d. 1789
Abigail Archer McKee d. 1880, died at age 99.
Alexander McKee d. 1856
Cerena McKee d. 1840
James McKee d. 1858
Joseph McKee d. 1836
Mary McMonagle d. 1837
Patrick McMonagle d. 1848, of St. Johnson, Co. Donegal, Ireland and a distiller.
Abbie Miller
Mary Miller d. 1754
Stephen Miller
Timothy Minot d. 1837
Rebeckah Muzzy d. 1809
John Needham d. 1743
Rebecca Needham d. 1787
Hannah Nehew d. 1734
Catherine H. Newell d. 1927
Ethel Newell d. 19??
Howard E. Newell d. 1930
Isaac Newell d. 19??
Isaac O, Newell d. 1919
Lucy Newell d. 19??
Raleigh Newell d. 19??
Abigail Parker d. 1777
Alice Parker d. 1768
Ann Parker d. 1861
Charles Henry Parker d. 1899
Col. John Parker d. 1832
Mary L. Parker d. 1845
Susan Parker d. 1841
Asa Patten d. 1817
Hannah Patten d. 1742
Hannah Patten d. 1784
Jane Patten d. 1786
John Patten d. 1785
John Patten d. 1815
Nathaniel Patten d. 1718
Sarah Patten d. 1778
Sarah Patten d. 1822
Thomas Patten d. 1689/90
Thomas Patten Jr. d. 1733
Thomas Patten d. 1752
William Patten d. 1732
Washington Irving Porter d. 1836
Maria Parker Preston d. 1868
Marshall Preston d. 1874
Susan B. Preston d. 1851
Albert J. Randall d. 1847
Enoch Randall d. 1846
Abigail Richardson d. 1775
Andrew Richardson d. 1752
Hannah Richardson d. 1749
Hannah Richardson d. 1851
Joel Richardson d. 1849, he was a gunsmith.
Jonathan Richardson d. 1720
Josiah Richardson d. 1753
Louisa Richardson d. 1815
Lucy Richardson d. 1775
Mary Richardson d. 1814
Mary A. Richardson d. 1832
Rhoda Crosby Richardson d. 1862
Sarah Richardson d. 1863
Sarah B. Richardson d. 1890
Col. Silas Richardson d. 1850
Stephen Richardson d. 1798
Stephen Richardson d. 1839
Thomas Richardson d. 1717/18
Thomas Richardson d. 1721, a soldier in 1690 expedition; Deputy to the General Court 1703 and 1704.
Capt. William Richardson d. 1826
Callie Rivers d. 1904
John Rogers d. 1686
Mary Rogers d. 1686
Seath (Seth) Roos d. 1695, "Slain by ye Indian Enemy."
Abigail Bowers Rowe d. 1835
Joseph Richardson Rowe d. 1834
Elizabeth Ruggles d. 1727
Rev. Samuel Ruggles d. 1749, gravestone features a carved portrait of him and an entirely Latin inscription.
Thomas Saunders d. 1843
Mary Augustea Shattuck d. 1828
John Sheldon d. 1690
Annie F. Smith d. 1915
Herbert E. Smith d. 1918
Harriet M. Sprowl d. 1857
Charles Stearns d. 1864
Elizabeth Stearns d. 1778
John Shelton d. 1690
Capt. John Stearns d. 1728
Mary Stearns d. 1815
Dr. Obed Stearns d. 1800 at Hampton, NH.
Onslow Stearns d. 1808
Salla (Sally) Stearns d. 1793
Sarah Stearns d. 1800
Sarah Stearns d. 1849
Sewall Stearns d. 1849
Timothy Stearns d. 1791
Timothy Stearns d. 1795
Timothy Stearns d. 1816
Samuel Stickney d. 1748
Deacon William Stickney d. 1781
Fostina C. Stone d. 1869
Lucy Maria Stone d. 1863
Sarah E. Stone d. 1894
Alice Tomson d. 1785
Benjamin Tompson, Esq. d. 1753
William Tompson, Esq. d. 1796
John White Esq., d. 17??, Heelstone
Rebecca White d. 1782, "late of Boston, when the British troops took possession of the Town of Boston She went to her son JOHN WHITE Esqr. of Charlestown and continued in his Family till she died at Billerica" at age 94.
Anna Whiting d. 1737
Benjamin Whiting d. 1737
Dorcas Whiting d. 1712
Oliver Whiting, Esq. d. 1736
Rev. Samuel Whiting d. 1712
Samuel Whiting d. 1714
Rachel Wilkinson
Joseph Wilson d. 1806
Hannah Humphrey Winter d. 1870
Sarah F. Winter d. 1845, died of inflamation of the brain from a blow to the head.
Stephen Winter d. 1876

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