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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Beverly, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Beverly, Massachusetts

Old Cemetery, est. 1681 (First Parish Church Cemetery)

This is located on both sides of Abbott Street and is in horrible condition. Many gravestones here are broken, or sunken deep into the ground. There was an effort to conserve some stones by encasing them in granite and cement. The stones face every direction, which leads me to suspect that gravestones have been moved. There is also a property abutter at 9 Hale St. (currently a bar called The White Whale) that has sunk posts directly into the 277 year old graves of 3 month old Susanna Hardy and her mother Hannah Hardy.

Cemetery Status: Horrible :(

Photos uploaded but not transcribed.
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Robert ? d. 17??
David Allen d. 17??
Benjamin Balch d. 1736, heelstone
Elizabeth Balch d. 1730
Joseph Balch d. 17??
Betsy Barrett d. 1796
Lois Barrett d. 1789
Anna Bartlett d. 1791
Benjamin Bartlett, A.B. d. 1795
John Bartlett, A.B. d. 1787
John Batchelder d. 1800
? Beckford d. 1783
Benjamin Beckford d. 1799
Elizabeth Beckford d. 1808
John Beckford d. 1795
Lucy Beckford d. 1803
Ruth Beckford d. 1782
Elizabeth Biles d. 1782
Abigail Black d. 1790
Benjamin W. Black d. 1803
Nathaniel W. Black d. 1789
Nathaniel W. Black d. 1792
John Blowers d. 1748
Reverend Thomas Blowers d. 1729
Abigail Brisco d. 1724
Lydia Bowles d. 1766
Prudence Bowles d. 1778
Elizabeth Champney d. 17??
Reverend Joseph Champney d. 1778
Elizabeth Chapman d. 1787
Emma Charnock d. 17??
Anna Cleaves d. 17??
Capt. Benjamin Cleaves d. 1775
Deacon Benjamin Cleaves d. 1808
John Cleaves d. 17??
Rebecca Cleaves d. 1770
Susanna Cleaves d. 17??
William Cleaves d. 1774
Caleb Coye d. 1754
Joannah Coye d. 1745
Abigail Davis d. 1773
John Davis d. 1781
Capt. Thomas Davis d. 1801
Infant Dike d. 17??
Mary Dodge d. 1730
Capt. William Dodge d. 1720
Deacon William Dodge d. 1747
Sarah Edmonds d. 1791
Andrew Elliot d. 1743
Andrew Elliot d. 1790
Elizabeth Elliot d. 17??
Elisabeth Elliot d. 1791
Mary Elliot d. 1737
Baby Boy Ellinwood d. 17??
David Ellinwood d. 1721
Desire Ellinwood d. 17??
Ebenezer Ellinwood d. 1771
Ebenezer Ellinwood d. 1783
Elizabeth Ellinwood d. 1782
Elizabeth Ellinwood d. 1799
Joanna Ellinwood d. 1723
Joanna Ellinwood d. 17??
William Ellinwood d. 1766
Ezra Trask Foster d. 1789
Hannah Foster d. 1778
James Foster d. 1782
Deacon Joseph Foster d. 1767
Thomas Foster d. 1794
Capt. Edmund Giles d. 1786
Esther Giles d. 1786
Isaac Gray d. 1760
Elizabeth Gilman Hale d. 1762, stone two (which is an exact duplicate of the first, but located within the stone wall enclosed portion while the other is just outside it. Pretty strange.)
Reverend John Hale d. 17??
Rebecca Hale d. 1681
Rebecca Hale d. 1683
Colonel Robert Hale d. 1767, "Eminent physician, a citizen whose high character and commanding abilities gave him wide influence in church and state. Representative of the town of Beverly during 13 years. Sherrif of Essex County. Colonel of the Essex Regiment in the Expedition against Louisburg in 1745."
Robert Hale, Esq. d. 17??
Sarah Hale d. 1697
Hannah Hardey d. 1737,
Susannah Hardey d. 1735
Abigail Baker Hartt d. 1768
Elizabeth Haskell d. 1765
Abigail Herrick d. 1781
Capt. Henry Herrick d. 1755
Joanna Herrick d. 1738
Capt. Joseph Herrick d. 17??
Joshua Herrick d. 1782
Mary Herrick d. 17??
Deacon John Hill d. 1707/08
Richard Homan d. 1783
Elizabeth Hood d. 174?
Benjamin Ives d. 1763
Benjamin Lovett d. 17??
Capt. Benjamin Lovett d. 1805
Charlotte Lovett d. 1787
Charlotte Lovett d. 1796
E.? Lovett d. 1787
Ebezer Lovett d. 1778
Capt. Edmunds Lovett d. 1821, drowned on his passage from Antwerp to Ratavia.
Eleanor Lovett d. 17??
Elizabeth Lovett d. 1825
Hannah Lovett d. 1788
Capt. James Lovett d. 17??
Capt. John Lovett d. 1792
Josiah Lovett d. 17??
Josiah Lovett jr. d. 1773
Josiah Lovett d. 1774
Rebecca Lovett d. 1787
Sally Low d. 1786
Rebecca Mansfield d. 1790
Anna Morgan d. 1702
Nicholas Morgan d. 1731
William Morgan d. 17??
Zachariah Morgan d. 1752
Anna Obear d. 1793
Capt. James Obear d. 1790
3 children of John and Hannah Ober
Hepzibah Ober d. 17??
Israel Ober d. 1734
Joanna Ober d. 1786
Peter Ober d. 17??
Richard Ober d. 17??
William Ober d. 17??
Elizabeth Patch d. 1715
William Phelps d. 1778
Abigail Pierce d. 1727
Mary Presson d. 1752
Mary Presson d. 17??
Stephen Presson d. 1758
Hannah Pride d. 1796
Joanna Pride d. 1796
Peter Pride d. 1796
Hannah Raymond d. 17??
Anna Rea d. 1751
John Rea d. 1750
Joseph Rea d. 1793
William Rea d. 177?
Benjamin Roundey d. 17?3
Sarah Roundey d. 1748
Anna Smith d. 176?
Elizabeth Smith d. 1745
Elizabeth Smith d. 1782
Eunice Smith d. 1781
Jonathan Smith d. 1773, heelstone
Lydia Smith d. 17??, heelstone
Samuel Smith d. 1744
?y Spofford d. 1781
Isaac Spofford d. 1786, "Practitioner in Physic and Surgery", this gravestone is artfully unique with the borders featuring laurel branches, a harp with a bird's head, another bird eating berries with an arrow through his heart and a hand pointing to it, Masonic symbols and 2 inscriptions in latin. Created by Thomas Park of Groton.
J. Chandler Spofford d. 1783
Mary Spofford d. 1784
Ruth Spofford d. 1790
Abigail Stephens d. 1770
John Stephens d. 1778
Jane Stone d. 1718
John Stone d. 17??
Robert Stone d. 1743
Zachariah Stone d. 1734
Abigail Thistile d. 1783
James Thissel d. 17??
Abigail Thorndike d. 1795
Betty Thorndike d. 1765
Eleanor Thorndike d. 1805
Elisabeth Thorndike d. 1759
Huldah Leach Thorndike d. 1790
Israel Thorndike d. 1782
Capt. John Thorndike d. 1760
John Thorndike d. 1769
Mercy Thorndike d. 17??
Nancy Thorndike d. 1790
Nicholas Thorndike d. 1788
Osmond Thorndike d. 1796
Ruth Thorndike d. 1775
Elizabeth Trask d. 1804
Manasseh Trask d. 1761
John Trask d. 1760?
John Tuck d. 17??
Anne Wallace d. 1786
Caleb Wallis d. 1714
Deacon Caleb Wallis d. 1780
Rebecca Wallis d. 1796
William Wallis d. 1786
? West d. 17??
Elizabeth West d. 17??
Hannah West d. 1703
Mary West d. 1762
Samuel West d. 1723, heelstone
Capt. Thomas Haskell d. 1723
Thomas West d. 1745
Daniel Whittridge d. 1799
Lieut. Livermore Whittridge d. 1773
Mary Whittridge d. 1795
Anthony Wood d. 1774
Edith Wood d. 1743
Elisabeth Wood d. 1777
Deacon Israel Wood d. 17??
Deacon Israel Wood d. 1743
Joseph Wood d. 1718/19
Judith Wood d. 1814
William Wood d. 1737/38
? Woodbury d. 17??
? Woodbury d. 17??
Abigail Woodbury d. 1736
Abigail Woodbury d. 1808
Ann Woodbury d. 1701
Anna Woodbury d. 1737
Deliverance Woodbury d. 1683
Elizabeth Woodbury d. 1688
Elizabeth Woodbury d. 1728
Elizabeth Woodbury d. 1790
Erer Woodbury d. 1688/89
Isaac Woodbury d. 1737
Isaac Woodbury d. 1741
James Woodbury d. 1750
James Woodbury d. 1786
Joanna Woodberry d. 17??
John Woodbury d. 1795
Joseph Woodbury d. 17??
Josiah Woodbury d. 1789
Lois Woodbury d. 17??
Lydia Woodbury d. 1738
Mary Woodbury d. 17??
Mary Woodbury d. 1702
Nicholas Woodbury d. 16??
Robert Woodbury d. 175?
Sarah Woodberry d. 17??
Thomas Woodbury d. 1751
William Woodbury d. 17??
William Woodbury d. 1788
William Woodbury d. 1789

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Central Cemetery
This is a very large cemetery spanning several acres. Whats been photographed is only a very small portion of the gravestones here.

Cemetery Status: Poor. Many broken stones.

Photos uploaded but not all transcribed.

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Vital Records of Beverly, MA

Beverly Historical Society

City of Beverly Cemetery Department
978-921-600 x2355
City Hall
191 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915

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