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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Arlington, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Arlington, Massachusetts

Old Burying Ground

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Elmira Fiske Adams d. 1854
Hannah Adams d. 1803
Hannah Adams d. 1821
Dea. Joseph Adams d. 1794, his home was raided by British soldiers returning from Concord, and set his house on fire.
Martha Adams d. 1740
Capt. William Adams d. 1787, Captain in the Revolutionary War, Col. Thatcher's Regiment; marched to Dorchester heights on Washington's orders; was a selectman in West Cambridge.
Elijah Allen d. 1835
Elizabeth Griffin Allen d. 1833
Ruth Belknap d. 1814
Abigail Bowman d. 1799
Anna Bradshaw d. 1869
Theodore G. Buckman d. 1884
Jonathan Butterfield d. 1736
Jonathan Butterfield d. 1744
Mary Butterfield d. 1736
Samuel Butterfield d. 1838
Sarah Butterfield d. 1738
William Clark d. 1839
Enos Collins d. 1831, of Springfield, NH and drowned.
Enos Collins d. 1833
Ephraim Cook d. 1824
John J. Crafts d. 1837
Betsey Crosby d. 1832
Baby Girl Cutter d. 1798
Ammi Cutter d. 1840
Anna Cutter d. 1797
Anna Cutter d. 1806
Benjamin Cutter d. 1802
Debby Cutter d. 1802
Ephraim Cutter d. 1826
Ester Cutter d. 1772
Esther Cutter & Infant Son d. 1830
Fanny Cutter d. 1795
Hannah Cutter d. 1799
James Cutter d. 1738
Joel Cutter d. 1795
Dea. John Cutter d. 1776
John Cutter d. 1797
Joseph Cutter d. 1811
Lucy Cutter d. 17??
Lucy Cutter d. 1810
Martha Cutter d. 1790
Mary Cutter d. 1793
Mehitable Cutter d. 1809
Nancy Cutter d. 1799
Nehemiah Cutter d. 1798
Ruhamah Cutter d. 1737
Samuel Cutter d. 1737
Samuel Locke Cutter d. 1802
William Cutter d. 1757
Thomas Davis d. 1809
John de Neufville Esqr. d. 1796, "Formerly an eminent Merchant of Amsterdam."
Rebeckah Dunster d. 1753
John Eastabrook d. 1802
Rebeckah Eastabrook d. 1865
Joseph L. Eaton d. 1839
Louisa Eaton d. 18??
Horatio Hancock Fiske d. 1829, His remains rest in Mt. Auburn.
Lucy Fiske d. 1855
Rev. Thaddeus Fiske, D.D. d. 1855
Walter Fletcher family tomb 1832
Anne Francis d. 1777
Abigail Frost d. 1825
Benjamin Frost d. 1838
Daniel Frost d. 1822, a soldier in the War of 1812 for which he was granted 160 acres of land in Arkansas.
Capt. Ephraim Frost d. 1799, Capt. William Adams's co., Col. Thatcher's regt., Revolutionary War.
Ephraim Frost d. 18??
John Frost d. 1852
Jonathan Frost, A.M. d. 1791
Lydia Frost d. 1766
Mary Frost d. 1805
Phebe Frost d. 1811
Sarah Frost d. 1753
Seth Frost d. 1835
Stephen Frost d. 1810
Susannah Frost d. 1804
Charles Goodwin d. 1875
Charles Goodwin jr. d. 1891
Susan Lane Goodwin d. 1902
Ammi Hall d. 1794
Oliver Hall d. 1796
Sarah Harrington d. 1740
Sarah Harrington d. 1759
James Hill d. 1838
John Hill d. 1798, killed by a cart.
Oliver Hill d. 1822
Rebeckah Hill d. 1770
Thomas Hill d. 1831, a faithful SOLDIER of the REVOLUTION. And the last Revolutionary Pensioner of the Town. He lived esteemed and died encircled by pleasant memories among all that knew him & by some of whom this monument has been placed over his grave.
Elizabeth Holdin d. 1737
George Rice How d. 1807
Baby Girl Jarvis d. 184?
Adeline Jarvis
d. 1843
Adeline M. Jarvis d. 1843
John Jarvis d. 1855
Helen M. Jarvis d. 1911
Lucy Keating d. 1803, stone features a beautifully carved angel-style soul effigy.
Cynthia Clark Lane d. 1864
Cynthia P. Lane d. 1904
Ebenezer Lane d. 1846, a card maker who died in New York city of Marasmus.
Ebenezer Lane d. 1873
Hannah C. Lane d. 1812, of Balltown, ME.
W.J. Lane d. 1864
John K. Learned d. 1807
Elizabeth Lock d. 1758
Amos C. Locke d. 1889
Deborah Locke d. 1769
Isaac Locke d. 1838
John Locke d. 1784
Joseph Locke d. 1801, stone features an extremely long epitaph.
Josiah Locke d. 1811
Leanard Locke d. 1791
Martha H. Locke d. 1847, "Passed to the Summer Land"
Sarah C. Locke d. 1846
Thomas Locke d. 1838
Israel Mead d. 1809
Abigail Nutting d. 1749
Abner Pierce d. 1838
Amity Fessenden Pierce d. 1811
Solomon Pierce d. 1821, a soldier of the Revolution, wounded at Lexington, fought at the Battles of Bunker Hill and Bennington, VT.
Benjamin Prentice d. 1795
Ebenezer Prentice d. 1790
Rebecca Prentice d. 1782
Sarah Prentice d. 1772
Sarah Prentice d. 1773
Zechariah Prentice d. 1782
Zechariah Prentice d. 1784
Elizabeth Prentiss d. 1839
George Prentiss d. 1819
Lydia Prentiss d. 1822
Anthony J.B. Rebola d. 1817
Daniel Reed d. 1740
Hannah Reeves d. 1838
Jonathan M. Robbins d. 1814
William Robbins d. 1773
Elizabeth Russell d. 1801
Elizabeth Russell d. 1825
Marcy Russell d. 1813
Philemon Russell d. 1797
Thomas Russell d. 1795
Walter Russell d. 1782
William Russell d. 1744
Anna Putnam Smith d. 1912
George Albert Smith d. 1952
Maria Edes Smith d. 1904
Robert Smith d. 1740
Samuel Smith d. 1740
Sarah Smith d. 1832
Ellen W. Stanwood d. 1922
Mary W. Stanwood d. 1870
Theodore Stanwood d. 1889
Ann Margaret Stoughton d. 1837
John Stoughton, Esq. d. 1820, Spanish Consul.
Bradlee V. Swan d. 1805
Mary Swan d. 1797
Sarah Swan d. 1737
Sarah Swan d. 1756
Roxann Swan d. 1800
Benjamin Teel, photo 2, d. 1777
Lydia Teel d. 1831
Rhoda Thompson d. 1802
Lucy Frost Thorp Tufts d. 1861
Otis Tufts d. 1804
Lucy H. Wait d. 1830
Lucy H. Wait d. 1833
Reuben Wait d. 1851
Reuben W. Wait d. 1833
Luisa C.M. Stoughton Watson d. 1832
Annette S. Wellington d. 1910
Annie D. Wellington d. 1932
Charles Wellington d. 1838
Francis E. Wellington d. 1863, died in Brooklyn, NY.
George Y. Wellington d. 1913
Henry Alfred Wellington d. 1829
Joseph Wellington d. 1777
Lydia Wellington d. 1883, of Addison, ME.
Maria Eunice Wellington d. 1816, of South Berwick, ME.
Susan A. Wellington d. 1906
Dr. Timothy Wellington d. 1853, Harvard College graduate and physician for 44 years.
Thomas Wellington d. 1759
Aaron Whittemore d. 1796
Elizabeth Whittemore d. 1764
Hariot Whittemore d. 1802
Joseph Whittemore d. 1841
Lewis Whittemore d. 1806
Lucy Whittemore d. 1814
Mary Whittemore d. 1802
Nancy Whittemore d. 1802
Capt. Samuel Whittemore d. 1793
Susannah Whittemore d. 1818
Thomas Whittemore d. 1805
Martha Williams d. 1803
Samuel Williams d. 1805
Dorcas Willington d. 1770
Dorcas Willington d. 1801
Mary Willington d. 1799
Susannah Willington d. 1802
Thomas Willington d. 17??
John Wilson d. 1822
Lydia Wilson d. 1736
Elizabeth Winshipp d. 1759
John Winshipp d. 1740
Dea. John Winshipp d. 1759
Noah Winshipp d. 1759
Addiline Wyman d. 1805
Joseph B. Wyman d. 1811
Lucy Wyman d. 1805

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