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Burying Grounds, Cemeteries, Gravestones & History of Amesbury, Massachusetts

Cemeteries & History of Amesbury, Massachusetts

Salisbury Point Cemetery is listed as being established in 1788 and is located on Clark's Road (behind Burger King on Rte 110) in Amesbury. The location the cemetery is on was formerly part of Salisbury. The town of Salisbury was incorporated in 1638. Amesbury was incorporated in 1668 but settled in 1642. This area was called Salisbury Point and was part of Salisbury until it was incorporated into Amesbury 1886. See it's location and get directions at Yahoo Maps.

Cemetery Status: The cemetery is in good condition, very few broken stones.

Cemetery Management Contact:
Amesbury Cemetery Advisory Commission
c/o Mayor's Office
62 Friend Street
Amesbury, MA 01913
ph: 978.388.8121
fx: 978.388.6727

Salisbury Point Cemetery est. 1788

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Anna Adams d. 1794
Polley Adams d. 1789
Betty Barnard d. 1825
Ann O. Bartlett d. 1872
Enoch Bartlett Jr. d. 1834
Enoch Bartlett Sr. d. 1877
Jane G. Bartlett d. 1888
John Bartlett d. 1831, Capt. Jonathan Evans's co., Col. James Frye's regiment (Revolutionary War.)
Selina J. Bartlett d. 1892
Clarissa Nye Batchelder d. 1809
Israel Batchelder d. 1811, "died on his passage from the West Indies."
Nancy Boardman d. 1817
Eliza Ann Bodwell, second photo d. 1831
Harriet Odin Carpenter d. 1896
Major James Edward Carpenter d. 1901
William Dorr Carpenter d. 1958
Sally Coffin d. 1798
Ann E. Colby d. 1902
Annah Edwards Colby d. 1910
Dolly Colby d. 1879
Dolly Osgood Colby d. 1846
Lt. Col. Ebenezer T. Colby, back of stone, d. 1891, Company B, 4th Infantry Regiment Massachusetts (Civil War.)
Edward Russell Colby d. 1862
Capt. Elbridge G. Colby d. 1860
Frances "Frankie" Colby, back of stone, d. 1880
Capt. Gee Colby d. 1822, Master of at least 3 ships: "Belisarius", built Amesbury, 1796; "Joseph", built Cohasset, 1795; "Martha", built Newburyport, 1791
Hannah Colby d. 1820
John Colby, second photo d. 1839, "was instantly killed by the falling of a heavy stick of timber"
John Bagley Colby d. 1850
Clarissa Croker (Crocker), second photo d. 1832
John Sewall Crocker d. 18??
Lowell Crocker d. 1856
Richard Crocker d. 1836, Revolutionary War soldier.
Charles Warren Currier d. 1849
Dea. Jacob R. Currier d. 1845
Lavinia Currier d. 1849
Polly Currier d. 1813
Susan Currier d. 1871
Susan F. Currier d. 1852
Sarah Curtis d. 1840
Jonathan W. Dean d. 1813
Abigail Dorr d. 1820
Abigail Dorr d. 1869
Benjamin Dorr d. 1793
Benjamin Dorr d. 1825
Edward Dorr Sr. d. 1768, buried in Roxbury, MA.
Edward Dorr Jr. d. 1844
John Dorr d. 1802
Nancy Dorr d. 1853
Ruth Dorr d. 1802
Ruth Ann Dorr d. 1812
Ruth Ann Dorr d. 1833
Samuel Dorr d. 1848
Ednah Eastman d. 1832
Elizabeth Chase Eastman d. 1882
Harriet Eastman d. 1900
Jeremiah Eastman d. 1828
Jonathan Eastman d. 1861
Joseph Eastman d. 1828
Abby E. Eaton d. 1858
Mary J. Morrill Eaton d. 1859
? Edwards d. 18??
Betsey Edwards d. 1854
Lois Edwards d. 1803
Lois Edwards d. 1889
Reuben Edwards d. 1809, Capt. Jonathan Evans's co. of Minute-men, Col. James Frye's regiment and another time Col. Samuel Johnson's regiment. (Revolutionary War.)
Rice Edwards d. 1814, lost at sea on the brig Mars.
True Edwards d. 1868
Ralph C. Flanders d. 1800
Sally Flanders d. 1813
Mary Fogg d. 1860
Corp. John S. Follert, Co. E, 24th Massachusetts Infantry (Civil War).
Lewis Follert d. 1870
? Fowler
Ann Maria Fowler d. 1846
Elizabeth Fowler d. 1840
Enoch Fowler, photo 2, d. 1856
Everett Fowler d. 1887
Frank Edwards Fowler, stone 2 d. 1847
Helen T. Fowler d. 1914
Jonathan Fowler d. 1865
Jonathan Warren Fowler d. 18??
M. Frances Fowler
Mary Fowler d. 1796
Mary A. Fowler d. 1885
Mary O. Colby Fowler d. 1875
Mary Pecker Fowler d. 1859
Molly Fowler d. 1814
Robert Fowler d. 1842
Robert Fowler d. 1876
Ruth P. Fowler d. 1891
Capt. Samuel Fowler d. 1814
Susan Edwards Fowler d. 1863
Mary Gilman d. 1825
Elizabeth Gordon, photo 2 d. 1846
Allen Greely d. 1872
Asa W. Greely d. 1884
Emma J. Collins Greely d. 1870
George W. Greely d. 1869
Jeremiah T. Greely d. 1864
Jonathan Greely d. 1818, Capt. Jonathan Evans's co. of Minute-men (Revolutionary War).
Louisa M. Greely d. 1917
Phebe Harriman Greely d. 1867
Rhoda Greely
Samuel Greely d. 1873
Sarah S. Greely d. 1870
Anna Hackett d. 1794
James Hackett d. 1795, who died by being thrown from a horse at age 18.
John Hackett, photo 2, d. 1802
John Hackett d. 1815
John Hackett
Nancy Hackett d. 1821
Peter Hackett d. 1797
Dr. Phillips W. Hackett d. 1861
Capt. Richard Hackett d. 1814
Richard Hackett d. 1794
Timothy Hackett d. 180?, died on his passage from Havanna to Hamburg.
Deacon William Hackett d. 1808
William O. Hackett d. 1782, at Guadeloupe.
Nancy Hackit d. 1860
Ruth Harcourt d. 1832
Mary B. Merrill Kendal d. 1821
Henry Kingsbury, heelstone, d. 1754, his stone was removed from the Old Burying Hill in Newburyport in 1877.
Rebekah Kingsbury, heelstone, d. 1753, her stone was removed from the Old Burying Hill in Newburyport in 1877.
Georgiann Morrill Lewis d. 1873
Josephine M. Lewis d. 18??
Tabitha Locke d. 1802
Anna Lowell d. 1819
Annie Stevens Lowell, photo 2 d. 186?
Annie Stevens Lowell d. 1862
Elizabeth A. Lowell d. 1862
John Lowell d. 1825
Simeon Lowell d. 1830, Simeon Lowell opened a boat building shop in 1793 on Salisbury Point. It continues to operate today as the oldest boat building shop in the nation. History has it that Simeon Lowell invented, if not perfected the fisherman's dory.
Stephen Lowell d. 1845, a boat builder who drowned in the nearby Merrimack River.
Hannah Lurvey d. 1788
James Lurvey d. 1827
Capt. James T. Lurvey d. 1904, Co. A 40th Massachusetts Voluneers (Civil War).
Abraham Mann d. 1885
John Mansfield, photo 2 d. 1825, Capt. John Peabody's co., Col. Ebenezer Francis's reg. militia and Continental Army soldier (Revolutionary War).
John B. Mansfield, photo 2 d. 1862, wounded in the Battle of Chantilly and died of diptheria in the U.S. General Hospital at Philadelphia.
George A. Manson
George Louis Manson d. 1857
Lucy Roby Manson, photo 2, d. 1896
Sarah E. Penel Manson d. 1884
Anna Merrill d. 1809
Israel Baltch Merrill, photo 2, d. 1822
Sarah S. Merrill d. 1895
William H. Merrill d. 1902
Ebenezer P. Miner d. 1829
Mary Miner d. 1830


Affia Morrill d. 1796
Amos Morrill d. 18??
Amos O. Morrill d. 1872
Apphia Ann Morrill d. 1825
Arthur Morrill d. 18??
Benjamin F. Morrill d. 1822
Daniel Morrill d. 1864, Co. E 1st. Reg. Mass. Heavy Artillery, distiguished service. (Civil War.)
Dorothy Morrill d. 1832
Elijah Morrill d. 1816
Elwyn Morrill d. 18??
Ezra Morrill d. 1797
Ezra Morrill Jr.
Fred H. Morrill d. 1856
George E. Morrill d. 1836
Hannah T. Morrill d. 1890
Mary Lurvey Morrill d. 1823
Robert Morrill d. 1883
Robert Morrill d. 1809, died of the dropsy after losing 102 pounds.
Ruth Morrill d. 1858
Sally J. Morrill d. 1836
Sarah Morrill d. 1839
Abraham Norwood d. 1847
Penson Norwood d. 1834, in Brewster, MA.
Achsah Mansfield Nutter d. 1885
Abigial Nye d. 1848
Caroline Nye d. 1825
Dolly Nye d. 1857
James Nye d. 1793
John P. Nye d. 1842
John P. Nye Jr. d. 1822
Joseph Nye d. 1819
Joseph Nye d. 1822
Mary Ann Nye d. 1794
Sally Pearson Jenness Nye d. 1832
Dr. Samuel Nye d. 1811
Samuel Nye Jr. d. 1816
Samuel P. Nye d. 1822
Capt. Benjamin Osgood, photo 2 d. 1848
Betsey Osgood, photo 2 d. 1857
Daniel Osgood d. 1798
Ebenezer Osgood d. 1813, lost at sea.
Enoch Osgood d. 1832
Hannah Osgood d. 1810
Capt. Jacob Osgood d. 1817
Jacob Osgood Jr., photo 2, d. 1815
James Osgood
Jonathan Osgood d. 1816
Jonathan S. Osgood d. 1809
Lucy Sellers Osgood d. 1860
Mary Ann Osgood d. 1817
Molley Osgood d. 1803
Moses Osgood d. 1788, Capt. Joseph Page's Minutemen (Revolutionary War).
Nancy Osgood d. 1838
Capt. Oliver Osgood d. 1833
Polly Osgood d. 1810
Reuben Osgood d. 1868
Rhoda Osgood d. 1828
Ruth Osgood d. 1830
Sally Osgood d. 1837
Sarah Morrill Osgood, photo 2 d. 1874
Stephen Osgood d. 1824
Tabitha Osgood d. 1841
Dorothy Page d. 1817
Major Joseph Page d. 1795, commanded six regiments during the Revolutionary War.
Suky Parley d. 1800
Ebenezer Pearson d. 1876
Ebenezer Pearson Jr. d. 1837
Lydia Pearson d. 1840
Thomas Edwin Pearson d. 1867
Lydia Robinson Penel d. 1865
Betsey Penson d. 1859
Eliza Penson d. 1802
Capt. John Penson d. 1842
Huldah Pettingell, photo 2 d. 1841
John Pettingell, photo 2 d. 1847
Sally Pettingell, photo 2 d. 1821
Amos Pettingill, photo 2 d. 1837
Sarah Pettingill, photo 2 d. 1825
Capt. Harrison Poole d. 1892, born at
Rockport Mass., died at Cincinnati Ohio
Mary F. Poole d. 1879
Eleanor Poor d. 1828
Baby Roby
??? Rowe, photo 2 d. 1861
Frank Rowe, photo 2 d. 1837
Jabez Rowe, photo 2 d. 1862
Major Theodore Rowe, photo 2 d. 1868
Nelson Smith d. 1811
Capt. Larance Spitzenfiel d. 1804, a native of Michelin, Germany.
Nicholas Spitzenfiel d. 1795, a native of Michelin, Germany.
Abigail Stevens d. 1810
Eleanor Stevens d. 1850
Elisabeth Stevens
Elisabeth Osgood Stevens d. 1809
Hannah Stevens d. 1839
Hannah Stevens d. 1814
Jacob Stevens d. 1791, Capt. Stephen Merrill's co., Col. Caleb Cushing's regt. (Revolutionary War)
Jacob Stevens Jr. d. 1829, in New Orleans
James Stevens
John Stevens d. 1805, Private, Capt. Jonathan Evans's co. of Minute-men, Col. James Frye's regt. (Revolutionary War).
Ruth A. Stevens d. 1803
Ruthy Stevens d. 1806
Hannah Stickney d. 1848
Joseph Stickney d. 1842
Enola S. Strout d. 1891
Anne Swett d. 1798
Ebenezer True d. 1799
Fanny C. True d. 1831
Ruth True d. 1798
Sally Sanborn True d. 1893
Winthrop True d. 1835
Adams Wadleigh d. 1822
Elijah Wadleigh d. 182?
Elizabeth Wadleigh d. 1822
Capt. Joseph Wadleigh d. 1808
Deacon Joseph Wadleigh d. 1829
Joseph Wadleigh d. 1790
Rhoda Wadleigh d. 1867
William Wadleigh d. 1852
Hannah Walsh d. 1803
Anna Webster d. 1868
Anna Webster Jr.
Azor O. Webster d. 1905
Betsey Webster d. 1800
Betsey F. Webster d. 1852
Daniel Webster, stone 2, d. 1801
Daniel Webster d. 1812
Daniel Webster d. 1848
Daniel Webster d. 1876
Idaletta L. M. Webster d. 1933
Jonathan Webster d. 1811
Jonathan Webster jr. d. 1799
Lydia Webster d. 1817
Lydia Webster d. 1874
Mary Webster d. 1794
Nathaniel Webster d. 1820
Polly Webster
Sally Webster d. 1800
Sally Webster d. 1848
Capt. Stephen Webster d. 1814, died at sea.
Hannah Whicher, photo 2 d. 1843
Capt. William Whicher, photo 2 d. 1842
Julia A. Currier Whitmore d. 1861
James T. Williams d. 18??, Co. D 1st Maine Cavalry (Civil War).

Amesbury History Committee
Lion's Mouth Road
Phone: (978) 388-1420

Amesbury Public Library
149 Main St.
Designed by architect Penn Varney in 1900 in the Romanesque Revival style. It was listed in 2004 as one of the Ten Most Endangered Resources in Massachusetts due to the fact that portions of the building are in danger of being destroyed in favor of expansion.

Amesbury and Salisbury Mills Village Historic District
Market Sq. roughly bounded by Boardman, Water, Main and Pond Sts

Bartlett Museum
270 Main St.
Victorian-style schoolhouse built in 1870. Contains memorabilia of Amesbury's history including indian artifacts, natural science items, and carriages. Open between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, Fridays through Sundays form 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. (The Museum is also open 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM on holidays.) To see the Museum during other times, or to make arrangements for group tours, call 918-388-4528 or 978-388-7950.

The Captain's Well
Main St. (in front of the Middle School)
Original well was dug by Capt. Valentine Bagley and made famous by the John Greenleaf Whittier poem, "The Captain's Well", which tells the story of the shipwreck of Captain Valentine Bagley, on the coast of Arabia, and his sufferings in the desert where he vowed to dig a well so that no man should suffer from thirst as he did.

Friends Meeting House
120 Friend St
The building was constructed in 1850, with poet John Greenleaf Whittier serving on the building committee. From 1851 to 1962 , the meetinghouse hosted the Salem Quarterly meeting. The Amesbury Monthly Meeting of Friends is a current thriving congregation, with Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10 AM. The facing bench displays a small plaque that reads, "Whittier's Bench."

Harriet Prescott Spofford Home
Deer Island
Harriet Prescott Spofford was an American writer whose Gothic romances are set apart by luxuriant description and her unconventional handling of the female stereotypes of her day. The house was first used as a local tavern and later converted to a fine dining restaurant. During Mrs. Prescott's lifetime, the house was host to prominant American litarary figures including Emerson, Holmes, Whittier, Lowell, and Higgenson. The house is now a private residence.

John Greenleaf Whittier Home
86 Friend Street
May 1 through October 31, Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Last tour at 3:15 p.m. Visit the home of John Greenleaf Whittier, one of America's greatest poets and abolitionists. The house and the furnishings remain nearly the same as when the Whittier family lived in Amesbury from 1836 until 1892. Whittier wrote most of his poetry and prose including his classic "Snow Bound" in the Garden Room.

Lowell's Boat Shop
459 Main Street
Founded by Simeon Lowell in 1793, the boat shop designed and produced some of the finest small fishing vessels used by American mariners. The shop is a "working museum" where visitors can see boats under construction.

Macy/Colby House
257 Main Street (found at the entrance to Union/Bartlett Cemetery from Main St.) The home of Thomas Macy until his departure to Nantucket island in 1659. Macy was one of the original negotiators for Nantucket island, which was bought for thirty pounds and two beaver hats. He also was featured as the hero of Whittier's poem The Exiles.

Mary Baker Eddy Historic House
277 Main Street
Open Saturdays, 10 am - 3 pm
from May to October and by appointment.
The home of Squire Lowell Bagley and then his daughter Sarah. Mary Baker Eddy was a guest in Sarah Bagley's home during the summer and early fall of 1868 and again briefly in 1870. She did some of her earliest writing on Christian Science in this house. Of particular interest are the furnishings, which have remained substantially unchanged since the time Mrs. Eddy and the Bagley family lived there. The history of the house

Merrimac Hat Company Mills Also known as Towle Manufacturing Company Building
Merrimac St. at Bailey Pond
Listed on National Register of Historic Places. Amesbury was once one of the nation's biggest hat producers. The Merrimac Hat Collection is a collection of Merrimac Hats and memorabilia on display at 9 Water St. by appointment only. (978) 388-0091

Michael Walsh Home
421 Main Street
Michael Walsh, an outstanding mathematician of early America, lived in a foursquare colonial house on Main Street. His book, "A New System of Mercantile Arithmetic", was used well into the nineteenth century in all American schools for boys.

Old Powder House
Monroe & Madison Street
The Powder House was used for the storage of arms and ammunition during the War of 1812 and is believed to have been built in 1810. It has been preserved to its present condition by the Amesbury Improvement Association.

Rocky Hill Meeting House
4 Portsmouth Road (off Elm Street)
Open May 15, 12-4pm , and July 2, 12-4 pm. Private Heritage Tours available with advanced reservations. Please call 617-227-3956, June 1 through October 15.
the best preserved example of an original 18th century meeting house interior in New England. It was built in 1785, replacing a c. 1715 meeting house for the West Parish of Salisbury, the Rocky Hill Meeting House was built in 1785. It was strategically placed along the only road that crossed (via ferry) the swift Powow River and led travelers to the Salisbury Point area and onward towards Portsmouth. In fact, George Washington paused here to greet the townspeople on his northward journey in 1789.

Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society
9 Water Street.
The Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society is a non-profit dedicated to railways, railway modelling and all things trains in particular the preservation of Boston and Maine (B&M) artifacts and memorabillia. Open to members and visitors Wed 7:00-9:00 PM

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